Ghost with So Ji Sub and Lee Yeon Hee Release First Teaser and More Stills

I feel like I can’t turn around without tripping over a new K-drama waiting to premiere. I can count 8 new dramas waiting to drop on my lap, and at which point I’m sure I’ll drop most of them like a hot potato. I’m pretty content if even one of them turns out awesome. I’m not completely writing off Ghost at this point, because I think So Ji Sub must’ve hit his dud quotient. Another reason to watch is that I adore Eom Ki Joon and would hate to miss watching him onscreen doing his thing, plus Daniel Choi can be quite effective in the right role. Lee Yeon Hee is very pretty here, as opposed to spastic and inane in Paradise Ranch. This drama is pretty low on my watch meter, but from the PD-writer of Sign, it might actually be entertaining and a ratings hit.

First teaser for Ghost:


Ghost with So Ji Sub and Lee Yeon Hee Release First Teaser and More Stills — 17 Comments

  1. The trailer and stills interest me. I’ll definitely check out this drama. And wow, the female lead’s outfit is lovely. I’d totally wear it.

  2. Hello Eom Ki Joon! SJS and LYH look like their posing for a magazine or something, very MEH. While EKJ is just oozing sexiness all over <33

    Where's my Daniel?!

    • Maybe the thing that happened in k2h can somehow happen to this drama, just like crack, you dOnt plan to get addicted to it it just happens , saying that i dont think a miracle
      Can happen a
      Second time

    • I have watched most of so ji sub dramas, and I feel like he doesn’t really have much chemistry with his female leads EXCEPT in MiSA.

      • actually i think SJS had great chemistry with every female lead i saw him so far: Cain & Abel, Road Number 1, Whib, TYOL, Glass Slippers, We are dating now… and the best: Misa and Only You (a very close is Cain and Abel)

  3. i will of course watch anything and everything so ji sub is in – yes, even that mess that was “road number one”… i’m actually pretty excited about this drama with 3 of my fav k-drama actors staring together!!!

  4. I admit being completely shallow on this one but where is ยซmyยป G.O. in that teaser, hey? ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Excited for So Ji Sub but I don’t have faith in Lee Yeon Hee’s acting. She’s been given many chances as the lead role but I have yet to see any major improvements.

    • She’s a part of SM that’s why. so she will continue to nab lead roles even though her acting is really really bad.

  6. This is my most expected drama of the year… I mean it will be my first time watching a So Ji Sub’s drama while it’s airing YAYYYYYY ๐Ÿ™‚
    he is my fave actor, and i also love EKJ…
    not to mention SJS looks amazing with his new hairstyle, so manly ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. There wasn’t much to that trailer…hmmmm…
    Wasn’t excited until I saw Eom Ki Joon! Eom Ki Joon! Eom Ki Joon!
    Lee Yeon Hee is sleepy, and SJS is sleepy, so it’ll be interesting to see them sleepy with each other.

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