Trailer for Happiness of an Angel with Liu Shi Shi and Ming Dao Reveals a Remake of Thank You

So I knew about Liu Shi Shi and Ming Dao filming Happiness of an Angel late last year, a modern C-drama where he plays a doctor and she’s a single mom with a young daughter. They filmed the drama on Hainan Island, which is very picturesque, so I saw lots of stills with beach scenes and a pretty looking bed and breakfast. I figured this was a standard C-drama with all the requisite tropes, but when I watched the just released 15-minute trailer, my jaw dropped at the one-minute mark. I started screaming “OMFG, this drama is a remake of Thank You!” I don’t know which genius decided to remake TY, which was an absolutely stellar K-drama starring Jang Hyuk (in his first post-MS role and he was brilliant in it) as the doctor who has given up and Gong Hyo Jin as the single mom on the remote Blue Island who is raising a daughter who contracted AIDS through a blood transfusion as well as taking care of her increasingly senile grandfather.

TY was written by Lee Kyung Hee, and is my second favorite of her dramas (I thought her best work was Sang Doo, Let’s Go to School). While its a given that there is no way in hell that Ming Dao can even touch Hyukie’s performance, and Liu Shi Shi is no Gong Hyo Jin either, the trailer is actually not godawful. It’s comparatively terrible, but taken by itself has its own charm. I can’t say this drama will be good, but since its based on the story written by Lee Kyung Hee already, at least the premise won’t suck. If you’ve watched TY before, watching this trailer below will be like getting a highlights reel of the same story. At least this time around the second male lead is so mealy there is no way he’ll have chemistry with Liu Shi Shi, which was one of the weaknesses in TY since Gong Hyo Jin had much better chemistry with second male lead Shin Sung Rok, while Jang Hyuk sizzled with Choi Kang Hee in a cameo appearance.

15-minute Trailer:


Trailer for Happiness of an Angel with Liu Shi Shi and Ming Dao Reveals a Remake of Thank You — 16 Comments

  1. I have watched the last 15 or so minutes of Thank You at least 20 times. JH was absolutely brilliant. While I don’t fine him classically handsome, I fell hard for him during those 15 minutes (well, and the rest of the drama too.)

    I’m real wary of Ming Dao being able to pull of the part with the same finesse as JH. We’ll see. I may give it a shot.

  2. Is that a Chen Qiao En look-alike Ming Dao’s character mistook as his deceased girlfriend at the start?

    What’s with the random ost? Lol…Forbidden Love? HAHAH! I have a bad feeling about this, but at least the plot’s sanity can be (?) assured. The chemistry seems good too….just keep the makjang away! No chaebol makjang please!!!!!!!!!!

    Hmmm somehow, the mellow warmth from the original…seems missing here. I hope it’s because there hasn’t been enough scenes to draw those feelings out in a mere compilation of plot highlights.

    • That is Chen Qiao En herself. She is cameoing in Angel while MD is cameoing in her upcoming C-drama with Hans Zhang. All three of them were in London, MD for this drama, CQE for her drama, so they each filmed a cameo on location for each other’s drama. They are adorable together. PrinceFrog will always have a special place in my heart.

  3. I loved Thank You…so unpretentious…so well acted…so good…so will probably pass on this one. Thanks for the info.

  4. I loved Thank You. I’d also say that the this remake looks prettier than the original, but the acting really falls short. I don’t have problems with LSS, but Ming Dao is so stiff in the role. JH was very tempered inside TY, but Ming Dao’s childish attitude is so not right for this doctor role. I’m still going to attempt to watch it because it’s just so beautiful.

  5. MD as excellent Dr Angelo
    Because family problem and failure to rescue his girlfriend who had cancer then make him depressed and give up to life.

    LSS acts as a single mother a powerful and optimistic, in which her daughter has a AIDS due to negligence girlfriend dr Angelo

    Lu Jia as a girl friend Dr Angelo she has cancer.
    last wish before she die, she to ask doctor angelo to find little girl who suffer AIDS because her negligence.
    coz this between Li Xiao Han and her daughter meet Dr Angelo .

  6. never watched Thank You, but this looks pretty good, so I think I’ll check it out 🙂 Also, this really reminds me of the second half of autumn’s concerto- she’s a single mom with a kid who is sick, and she tries not to fall in love with him

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