Written and Video Previews for Episode 17 of The King 2 Hearts

The previews for episode 17 look sooooo good. I tell myself not to be overeager, to ration The King 2 Hearts so that I can keep this drama with me longer. But I know all good things must come to an end, and I foresee the final four episodes to tie this drama all together and give us a thoroughly satisfying ending. My gut tells me people will die, likely all the bad guys, but probably a few good guys. Poor Shi Kyung especially looks to be pulled through the ringer a few extra times. I don’t think Jae Ha and Hang Ah getting married somewhere down the line will miraculously unite North and South Korea, but this drama posits that change can happen in little steps and against all odds.

Written preview for episode 17:

From now on, let us……live an easy and carefree life.

Bong Goo threatens Hang Ah to go convince Jae Ha to abdicate! Jae Ha video conferences Hang Ah and confirms that she’s safe, and then tells her “from now on, let’s live an easy and carefree life.” Bong Goo watches Hang Ah and Jae Ha’s conversation. On the other hand, Shi Kyung thinks that there is something between Jae Ha and Secretary Eun, so he heads to the document repository…….

Video preview for episode 17:

Jae Ha: From now on, let’s live an easy and carefree life. Shi Kyung seems to have found out, ahjusshi.

Shi Kyung: You asked me to protect it, father.

Secretary Eun: This is your father’s true self.

Shi Kyung: I’m going to Bong Goo’s side.

Jae Ha: This was all planned by Bong Goo. Throwing poison left and right. Find it.

Queen Mother: Run away, like you planned.

Jae Ha: A full blown battle, the slightest mistake and we will all die.

Hang Ah: I want to live.

Jae Ha: What’s going on?

Bong Goo: Lee Jae Ha doesn’t know yet, right? Keep protecting the secret.

Jae Ha: Hang Ah! Hang Ah!


Written and Video Previews for Episode 17 of The King 2 Hearts — 44 Comments

  1. This preview is killing me!!!!!!!!!! SK, don’t do anything stupid! You need, YOU MUST have a happy ending with the princess

  2. Oh noez, is SK going to try to save HA and Mother Queen on his own just so that he can make up for his father’s wrong doings? I hope they don’t kill him off =(

  3. I get so pissed off when I see BG slapping my Hang Ah. 🙁 I mean I dislike him already, but now it has turn into hate. I hope HA gets to put a bullet through his head.

  4. OMG what secret?!!!! Please not that JH is adopted I don’t see the QMASTER having an affair or anything or !!! The villain is JH and JS brother!?! Hmmm… I do hope SK will not die I’d love for him to have a happy ending with the princess. So stressful hopefully the next 2 episode let the villain be in control but episode 18 before it will end they will be able to figure out how tale him down. I do hope that there will be showdown between HA and the female assassin!

  5. Ok..just wanna tell that I read a rumor…according to
    original script Shi Kyung should be died in episode
    19 in order to protect Jae Ha…
    *now run for covering self*
    Hope the writer change the script already!!!

    • nonononono!!!! Not that! I refuse to contemplate it. If Show does that, we will have words! Stern and mean words! And then I’ll wash my hands of Show! JJS is my reason for watching!

      • No freaking way. Eun Shi Kyung?!?!? I hope that if this really happens, Bong Bong rots in hell and satan makes him feel the pain of all the people that he killed.

  6. Why is everyone suddenly repeating the rumour that was supposedly said like somewhere in the 3rd week?
    I refuse to contemplate it. 🙁

  7. so many crucial moments emerged.. how do they able to squeeze them in 4 last episodes? 20 is not enough… this drama should make history by adding 10 episodes more…

  8. Don’t even dare to die Eun Shi Kyung. We need you, jea shin needs you.
    I’m hyper ventilating right now just saw the preview. pleasseeeeeeeee dont do anything stupid
    I’m going all sorts of crazy right now waaaaaaaahhhh

    Pleasssssseeeeeeeeeee happpy ending….

  9. if someone good has to die, please die with honor and dignity… it’s not bcoz the drama just let it happen easily, but because our heroes have an enemy as dangerous as BG.
    i hope that scene will be not ridiculous like *cough* YangMyung in TMETS…

      • I was thinking that also but i think she just got away. If that didn’t happen the only reason I see BG slapping HA is for the message she send JH. Even though she ask to do it in person, but BG won’t let that happen cause he see HA as a threat. He even wouldn’t shake her hand. Like I actually hoped he did cause I swear pictured her taking his hand and breaking it .

        Anyway back on topic I would like to say SK is not going to die. Anyway the secret BG is keeping is what’s making us go out of whack, but we got to remember he’s a trickster. So what could be serious may not be.

  10. I, for one, am mad as hell if they are pushing to kill SK. I know that they (writers,whoever) feel that it is ‘realistic’ but I do not. How is it realistic for the bad guy to get away with killing EVERYBODY? It isn’t. With the massive amounts of angst just JS’s paralysis have brought to the table w/ SK there is no reason to kill the one thing that she still has. What does she have when he is gone? Oh heck what does the king have if he is gone? I mean him and HA are basically a shoe in for a HEA ending, but the STP are the whipping boys, how is that different than other stories? I mean useless death aside, what was the point of bringing the princess through this much if SK is dead? I know I know..life etc. is so much better than death, but Pfft as if. She will have nothing but an unsung duet if he isn’t there. *blinks* I maybe need to stop ranting…lol I got more, but it isn’t fit for here.

      • It looks like she is tied to the bed (which legally is next to impossible to do in the U.S.), which means she was working to hurt herself bad, and I can only think of one person she would hurt herself for/because of. I am not familiar with how it works over there in South Korea, but this is an international thing now…lol the writers better recognize he/she/they don’t want my southern drawl coming over there loudly calling for their heads. Leave my boy alone!
        We see how that worked out in WBDS though, so I might not be the best to be on SK’s side.

  11. If this happens I’ll be heartbroken for both Jae-shin and Jae-ha!! They both need Shi-kyung in their lives. While JH may have HA beside him…having a staunch supporter in SK is what he really needs! It was SK who supported JH when he was at the lowest of his lows.

  12. Aigoo!!! ( Love that word) This is killing me. If SK, HA or the Queen Mother die, I will start to hate this show. I’m with everyone else, it’s not fair for the bad guy to be able to kill main characters. Wasn’t JK’s death heart wrenching enough? We knew that the WOC team advanced because we had engagement pix, but what we have now is so heart shattering. But then again, previews and rumors are so misleading. Waiting for Wednesday (in Korea, lol.) I guess this show is going to keep us on the edge of our seats through to the ending.

    Death to BG and the guy with the bad wig!

    JH/HA JS/SK Fighting!!!

  13. No No No more deaths to the royal side of the family!!! That’s not fair! Just like the queen mother said – we’ve got two deaths, Jae Shin’s legs, kidnapping (TWICE), terror attack, bomb scare, & Hang Ah’s miscarriage while the other side only lost billions of dollars!!! Writernim better change your scripts right now or there will be hard consequences on your actions!!!! ^_*

  14. Chingu, I’ve just finished marathoning and omg, I cannot wait to see ep 17! I really, really hope Shi-kyung doens’t get killed. I want a happy ending for him and the Princess! And Jae-ha and Hang-ah MUST have a happy ending, too! I refuse to believe K2H will let me down!

    I also REFUSE to believe Shi-kyung will switch sides. That just can’t be. Even if he finds out what his father did, he won’t side with Club M. My money is on him saying he’s switching sides just to investigate and destroy Club M from the inside. And he’d do that either in order to fix his father’s mistakes or if Jae-ha asks him to go undercover.

    • Previews can be misleading… agree.
      Maybe the “I’m going to BG’s side” should be interpreted as he’s physically going to where BG is to hunt him down?
      What I really don’t want is for him to die.
      When YJ died in City Hunter, it just about ripped my heart out.

  15. Bing NO…. Don’t let anyone die anymore writernim. My heart can’t accept that anymore. Jae Kang n his wife is enough. I remember the last time I hate kdrama when JY the prosecutor die in city hunter, and I really hate that. After that, even city hunter is really amazing show and LMH really handsome looking there I STOP watching that. So, even this show is amazing too, I will prepare my self to STOP wathing this show if they dare to kill SK or HA or anyone except the bad guy.seriously

  16. Yes, it would really be gut-wrenching if he died. The poor guy is already going through so much with the discovery of his father’s doings SO WHAT HE DOES NOT NEED NOW IS TO DIE. What would happen to Jae Shin??? I think losing her brother, the use of her legs, her independence is enough more than enough suffering for one gal to handle. Don’t take her man away from her. Or to Jae Ha who would lose one of his trusted man and friend.

    It’s about high time one of the bad guys died!!! Like let’s say Bon Bon?!?! Why the hell is she still around? Is it so hard to kill just one person when she easily slays countless Royal Guards?

    For the sake of my heart, please don’t kill Shi Kyung off or anyone else on the good side T_T

  17. Shi Kyung: I’m going to Bong Goo’s side. . Huwattt? I hope i misunderstood that line..with all these chaos happening, I still hope that N & S alliance to save Hang Ah and the Queen Mother will happen and eventually kick Bong Goo’s ass off to hell..oh well just trying to create my own K2H happy ending teeheee 😀

    • Ya, I was thinking that too….it would be great for the WOC team to take out the bad guy.
      I was also wondering what Hang Ah’s dad is doing with his daughter kidnapped.

    • That would be nice if we see North & South WOC to the rescue and annihilate all the bad guys – but that will be too perfect ^_*

  18. I fear that Mrs Koala’s silence on our desperate plea to the writer to save Shi Kyun’s life may speak volume. ㅠ.ㅠ

  19. Hmm… maybe Secretary man will end up dying? Not like he is in a place to physically risk himself, currently, but his death would make the most sense dramatically (For me anyways). He’d get to redeem himself and hopefully protect someone, like his son?

  20. since the first episode I already knew this drama is not ordinary drama and not for the faint of the heart.. lol…
    guys, lets prepare for the worst and pray for the best!

  21. If Shi kyung, himself, decides to pay for his father’s wrongdoing…then blast it. I will vehemently sulk in a cormer like a brat.

  22. although I knew that Jae Kang will be killed, it still broke my heart into pieces and i was so devastated for 2 weeks. So please writer, pd, drama gods or whosoever is concern, please please spare me. I may no longer function normally if that happens. (as if i’m normal as of the moment. hehehe)

  23. If a major character has to die…I vote for Sec. Eun.
    However his death would have more depth and meaning if he dies of a heart attack after he beats Bon-Bon with a tire-iron, then pushes her off a building.

    violent yes.
    appropriate…possibly also yes. 😉

    • First off, thanks Ms Koala for this wonderful site. Enjoy reading ur recaps, commentaries….deep thoughts etc.
      And yes, me too, another tragic ending from dramas I love watching would put a screeching halt to my K drama appreciation ( er addiction, he he). WHIB, Damo, Yi San to name a few, they turned me into a grumpy old lady after every ending of these shows. Funny that my kids/grandkids were and still are, open-minded about my mood swings. They let me be when i display varied reactions/emotions while glued to my comp watching my dramas.
      Anyway, thanks again dear Ms Koala, appreciate your providing us this place to meet friends as well. God bless!

  24. OMFG…. EPISODE 17!!!!!!! KILLED ME!!!

    *I’m do dead right now… a zombie… can’t do any frickin’ thing.. just CAN’T*

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