Retrospective: Lee Seung Gi in New York City for Elle Magazine March 2011

Sharing is caring, and when I came across an old pictorial of Lee Seung Gi from the March 2011 edition of Elle Magazine Korea, I knew I had to promptly splash it all over the playground. I thought Seung Gi turned from baby boy into a man when he took on The King 2 Hearts, but these pictures prove I am so very wrong. He was already a man back in early 2011, and I simply didn’t notice. Bad me, I’ll punish myself by going to watch more Seung Gi videos. Anyhoo, Seung Gi looks divine in New York City, my home away from home brings joy to every fiber of my being. He looks so amazing in these pictures that it surely must be appreciated by perhaps some new Seung Gi fans looking for more goodies about him. There’s a particular picture of him standing outside the Prince St. station in SoHo that has me kicking myself that I never got a chance to run into a boy quite like Seung Gi on the subway. 

[Credit: Elle Magazine via DC Inside]


Retrospective: Lee Seung Gi in New York City for Elle Magazine March 2011 — 21 Comments

  1. Eh, he did look like a boy back then. The photo of him outside the subway station, I wouldn’t have given him a 2nd look. He just looks like a student 🙂

    Do I have to run away from this playground now? 🙂

    • LOL! You and me both! 😛

      His 2011 hair & chipmunk cheeks still says “boy”. His 2012 look definitely says “all grown up!” Either way, he’s adorable.

  2. Omo. Does it make me totally crazy to be so happy that I stood in almost the same place months later ? Haha! Totally a fangirl now that I’ve watched K2H!! Lee Seung Gi is amazing in this drama!! <3
    Thanks for the pictures!! 🙂

  3. i thought I’ve seen the outfit in the first pic from somewhere. and i guess Jaejoong once wore it on ELLE’s short movie.

  4. OMO, gorgeous pics! *___* Thank you for sharing!

    I just forwarded the link to this article to a friend of mine, who’s a SG fan!

  5. nyummm nyummm, i had to restraint myself frm grinning so wide or else my roomies will think i’ve gone deranged :))))))) so in loveeeeeeee with uri JaeHa!!!

  6. Gorgeous pictures!

    Have you checked out his promotional shots for the Samsung refrigerator (dunno which year) where he’s wearing a tux and drinking milk?! yeah…I realized quite belatedly there was a fridge right behind him.

  7. They definitely are pretty. Thanks for posting!
    He has continued to develop after these, but you can see the man in there.

  8. Oooh, yummmm. How sad that I was so close to him and yet my stalking skills are so lacking (nonexistent) that I had no idea that he was here. Alas, alack…Perhaps I will run into him on the subway tonight in my dreams.

  9. Ms. Koala..have you read his monologue for this photoshoot? I’m suggesting you to read that…
    This is has a deep thought.. 🙂

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