SETTV Launches New 9pm Daily Drama with James Wen, Alice Ke, and Gina Lee

SETTV really is striking while the iron is hot, and right now its daily dramas have been kicking ass left and right. Inborn Pair with Chris Wang and Annie Chen started the trend, and even Vanness Wu‘s Ti Amo Chocolate is continuing the trend. The network has decided to launch a 9 pm daily drama (the others all air at 8 pm) with a pretty impressive roster consisting of Tien Hsin, James Wen, Alice Ke, Gina Lee, Kun Da, and Patrick Li all holding down the fort as tried and true SETTV drama stars. The drama is tentatively called We Got Rich, and in it James, Alice, and Gina will be playing a sibling trio who will each have their own love lines. Get this – Alice will be paired with Patrick! As in – Shen Xing Ren will be getting it on with Stallone. I’m dying here just thinking about it. The drama premieres on June 19th, and I will definitely be tuning in.


SETTV Launches New 9pm Daily Drama with James Wen, Alice Ke, and Gina Lee — 11 Comments

  1. Ho-o-ol-lyyy… What a brilliant trio of siblings.. I always got the close-siblings vibe from James and Alice, and now I get to see it in action~ And Patrick Li!! Being Paired with Alice! This I have got to watch, if only for that one pairing.

    Wouldn’t it be cool if Roy Qiu made a guest appearance as either (1) An ex-bf of Alice’s or (2) Alice’s big brother (I know it’s trio, but he can be like the one who lives abroad, but either way, someone who has or feels he has some claim on Alice. Then commence the muscle-flexing between the two~)… the thought makes me giggle.

    Although when I first read We Got Rich and then trio of siblings, my first thoughts were: Oh, a heist-related comedy~

  2. Patrick Li ftw!!!! 😀

    According to your expertise in t-dramas/actors/actresses, Mrs Koala, would Alice Ke be able to keep up with his constant ad-libs and fuel them with lots of humor as well? Cuz I sure did luv his interactions with Roy Qiu in OG with the latter managing to keep a poker face as icing on the cake but Alice is of course different. I wonder if they will display some chemistry together for he did not really with “Le Le”.

    Summer has come considering the outfits worn by the actresses in the last pictures (and more revealing than the first two posted): sooo short, tight and colorful. And those heels!

    • I wonder if Patrick Li will even get to play an uproariously funny character in the first place. Or will he be a suave sort of character.

      • Patrick? No, apparently he plays a chaebol. Or just a really rich and cold type of guy. I think he can nail ANYTHING and make it unique, so I don’t mind him switching it up. Best if he doesn’t get typecast as Stallone.

  3. Dilemma! I love the cast! And the story. But dailies… The pace is so slow and i don’t have time for it. Will wait to see what you think of it after the first episodes Mrs Koala.

  4. OMG! i love Alice in the red-orange dress. Yey! wished we had seen more of her inner goddess as Xing Ren. so dang sexy!

    i don’t know if i would buy the Alice-Patrick team up cuz i am such a big OG fan (i still re-watch it every now and then as i miss them so much).

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