Snap Judgment on the Weekend Showdown of A Gentlemans Dignity versus Dr. Jin

Oh boy. This isn’t going to be pretty. On a fairly flawless weekend where I wandered around the City in magnificent late Spring weather, eating and loling around to my heart’s delight and only stopping to girl talk left and right, the only blemish came in the form of electing to watch the newly premiered weekend dramas. I started with the one that I thought would be better, pressing play on A Gentleman’s Dignity first, before venturing into the looks-likes-a-hot-mess Dr. Jin (formerly with the Time Slip in its title). A total of four episodes later, I’m glad I watched them because neither drama left me bored and in fact generated lots of opinions from me. Neither committed the sin of being forgettable, but sadly both are memorable for the wrong reasons in my book.

I already loathe AGD with a passion and find Dr. Jin so stupid and laughable that it actually veers into entertaining must-see territory. I don’t know what Jang Dong Gun was thinking to pick AGD as his drama comeback vehicle in 12 years, and my Song Seung Heon is officially delivering his most insanely cracktastic performance deserving of a Korean Razzie as the titular brain surgeon Dr. Jin. But pitting the two dramas opposite each other, I’m only planning to continue with Dr. Jin because it doesn’t make me want to take a baseball bat and beat the majority of the characters in the drama, and then swing by Kim Eun Sook‘s house to toilet paper it afterwards. AGD is crap (a trite plot and shallow characterizations) wrapped in a fancy box (an all-star male cast), while Dr. Jin is simply a paper mache drama held together with glue, water, and lots of effort.

Let’s get AGD out of the way first. This drama has the putrid textbook Kim Eun Sook sprayed all over it. Pretentious, pointless, and appallingly derivative of so many drama tropes that Kim Eun Sook is turning into Korea’s version of Yu Zheng. She’s an equal opportunity copycat, stealing from her own previous dramas and other folks out there that I feel like she made a bibimbap and then claimed she invented a new dish by presenting it in a pretty plate. And compared to On Air and City Hall, where she actually tackled subject matters that grounded her story in an overarching purpose, AGD is as formless as Secret Garden. It’s just a vehicle for Kim Eun Sook to collect some big stars and have them spout slick dialogue. Except her dialogue here isn’t even as slick as it was in SG anymore. It’s like Kim Eun Sook has finally finally jumped the shark.

In AGD, you can see Kim Eun Sook trying so hard to create distinctive characters to serve her narrative purpose (rather than the other way around) and then mash them together in an endless series of ridiculously contrived and coincidental situations. The four male leads played by Jang Dong Gun, Kim Soo Ro, Kim Min Jong, and Lee Jong Hyuk are there to fulfill a 40-something men stereotype Kim Eun Sook has thought up. I like their friendship, I love the fact that Kim Eun Sook has made an attempt to dramatize the life of people over 40 (who are still sexy and attractive and interesting), but gosh darn it I really can’t stand how artificial everything feels. The men admit to being friends since high school and whenever they get together, they revert back to their 18 year old ways. I think that’s cute in concept, but in execution AGD pulls a bipolar face plant. The men are so extremely immature when together it stretches the credulity.

Right now the only two characters in the entire drama I don’t want to bean is Kim Soo Ro and Kim Min Jong, and both actors are the best part of this drama acting-wise and character-wise. They are understated yet magnetic in their scenes, projecting sexy appeal in a mature way. Lee Jong Hyuk gets to play the most caddish one of the bunch, and his acting hits the spot but his character is just annoying and sophomoric. Jang Dong Gun remains the wild card, currently the least interesting of the four guys IMO, but his emotional growth ought to be the heart to pull this story together and it’ll all depend on which direction Kim Eun Sook takes him. As of now, the other two guys are cringe-inducingly ridiculous, and the ladies fare no better.

This is Kim Ha Neul’s second outing in a Kim Eun Sook drama, and it speaks volumes that I actually prefer her uber-bitch movie star character in On Air to her ditzy and clueless school teacher with the EQ of a guppy. It hurts even more with the insane number of contrivances required to constantly throw all the characters into orbit of each other. The red yarn/string of fate is clearly this drama’s stupid overarching symbolic totem that will keep thwacking us over the head to remind us that the OTP is FATED. Yes, that is obviously the only way people can fall in love in dramas. *face palm* After two episodes I’m cutting my losses and getting out now before I drive myself more insane. I suppose the only silver lining I see in this drama is that all four male leads look like they are having a blast filming together, and I think that must be an awesome experience to work together. They have smashing chemistry actually, too bad I’m so turned off by the headdesk-worthy script.

If I found AGD all skill and no heart, then Dr. Jin is the exact opposite, all heart and zero skill. This script has the subtlety of something written by a kindergartener on a restaurant place mat with a chubby crayon. What elevates this above just your garden variety crappy K-drama (and there are a lot of that out there), is how shockingly bad some of the lead actors are. But let me backtrack and start with the good stuff, Lee Bum Soo is brilliant as Yi Ha Eung (Heungseon Daewongun), showing everyone that he hasn’t done a sageuk in his entire career thus far not because he couldn’t cut it. He steals every scene he’s in and makes you wish he was in every scene in this darn drama. Lee So Yeon is similarly just nailing her role as a gisaeng, while Park Min Young is quite good in both her modern incarnation and her sageuk character. If Dr. Jin was just these three actors as the leads, they might even elevate this script into a perfectly serviceable drama. Might, but probably not, since the script is really so very silly.

Alas, Dr. Jin is literally turned into a near farce by the Wonder Cheekbones Duo of Song Seung Heon and Jaejoong. My oppa is soooo bad here I actually love him more for trying so hard that I can actually see him thinking as he’s acting hoping to nail each scene. His line deliveries are fine, but his facial expressions are all sorts of ridiculously overwrought in most scenes that it almost feels like he’s in a silent film. But the winner of the worst actor in the entire drama goes to Jaejoong, who I had such high hopes after he really impressed me in Protect the Boss. I told a friend yesterday that the horse Jaejoong was riding in episode 1 acted better than he did. It’s true! When the horse was spooked, it freaked out believably. Whereas Jaejoong has thus far shown the same constipated expression for every single scene regardless of whether he’s supposed to be angry, determined, or calm. Plus his sageuk line readings have such an awkward cadence, like he rushing each sentence because he’s afraid he will be talking too slow.

Despite the bad acting and shoddy directing, the story which is based on the J-dorama Jin remains quite interesting. I do think it’s absolutely hilarious that in two episodes, Dr. Jin has had to perform multiple surgeries and keeps running into people with head trauma. Not to mention he runs into his modern day girlfriend’s sageuk doppleganger almost immediately upon arriving in Hanyang. What are the odds, eh? If I accept this drama is just written in such a ham-handed and silly way, I almost find it quaint and charming. It has a simplicity about it that keeps the entire production on even ground. It’s not asking a flawed acting ensemble to attempt a difficult script or wasting phenomenal actors on grade school fare, Dr. Jin is silliness that tries really hard to make the story have stakes and purpose.

We know modern surgeon Dr. Jin went back to the past and will change the lives of many people he encounters because of his medical knowledge. He might even alter or affect the course of Joseon history, and I confess to being really fascinated in seeing how he intersects with what we know of how Yi Ha Eung will become Heungseon Daewongun, the father of the Emperor Gojung. I’m a little annoyed that both of Park Min Young’s characters are written to be one-dimensional Mary Sues right off the bat, but she surprisingly has good chemistry with Song Seung Heon that I’m already over the odd factor and looking forward to seeing them interact in the drama. So I guess what I’m saying is that I’ll be continuing with Dr. Jin despite how stupid it is because at least I care about some of the actors as opposed to watching AGD which feels like I’m selling out my soul to drink from Kim Eun Sook’s trendy Kool Aid. Been there, done that with Secret Garden. Dr. Jin has nowhere to go but up, whereas AGD is so vile to me in its shallow superficial constructs I don’t even care if it eventually turns into a decent watch. Despite my love for CH, I know plenty of folks who could never get over the early shallowness of Kin Eun Sook’s script for my beloved drama, and now I finally understand why. My verdict? AGD is clearly the better drama in terms of overall quality and acting, but Dr. Jin is more entertaining and has emotional stakes.


Snap Judgment on the Weekend Showdown of A Gentlemans Dignity versus Dr. Jin — 104 Comments

  1. Equal parts of sucking, for differing reasons, and is it just me, or have I seen AGD in other dramas? Not the exact premise, but the same type of premise, same characters, similar dialogue, different day …. sure it zips and zings occasionally, but I could look away and change a diaper without missing a damn thing, which means it sucketh.

    General Disappointment has shown up to command both dramas to this point. No decision on whether to continue: I’m leaning towards marathoning them in the end of July.

    • When watching AGD, I literally feel my brain flashing through the roledex of Kim Eun Sook (plus others) dramas and going “uh, this again?” or “did she just lift that scene from *insert X* drama?” It was surreal. She’s getting close to parodying herself. I feel like I’m watching Song Yoon Ah playing the writer which was Kim Eun Sook in On Air having conversations with herself as she’s writing AGD and wanting to find the “hook” and the “banter” and forgetting all about organic story.

      • Finally ur comment about AGD is here, I really want to know ur opinion…

        I haven’t watch Dr. Jin so i cannot compare it… But yes, i do agree with u, in AGD there are so much Secret Garden… JDG character who falls for KHN first while she’s ignoring him, it’s like watching SG again… An office suddenly become nature…wow that’s so SG. It’s like rewind SG in a different way. Anyway, i still want to watch it as my guilty pleasure, hehehe

      • One of my sticking points with AGD was the bromance — I’m currently in the Mischievous Kiss realm, where I have to suspend so much disbelief to believe that these F44’s are 1. still single and 2. still behaving like pre-teenage boys while 3. being successful in their business lives.

        I like the guys being “cute” together, and Kim Eun Sook can usually deliver the light and the cute on a level I appreciate, but this is a vomitorium for me, gagging me with the 11-year old cute. She’s had her leading man be the first to confess and pursue in the past, we’ve had the red thread of destiny in the past, we have had all of her 1,001 Coincidences in K-Dramas for Dummies, we’ve had the female leads who are calm, cool, collected and successful in their work lives and emotional whack-jobs in their personal lives. It’s all so … cookie-cutter, formulaic, been-there, done-that, bought the t-shirt. I normally follow the writer, and some of Kim Eun Sook’s early work has impressed me and been my personal Waterloo, but this time, AGD is defeating me in a whole new way — making me run away from her work.

        I’d say there’s plenty of time to turn it around, but I have over 31 dramas on my backlist and blogs to maintain, and frankly, I don’t have time for her to piddle around with the writing and try to strike chemistry with clever lines for the next 8-12 episodes, then bring it all to a closure with some rigged and manufactured K-structure that we’ve seen 101 times.

        Ultimately, the biggest letdown for me: Kim Eun Sook can do SO much better, andI think, honestly, success has made her rather lazy with her writing, as in, “Oh, this formula makes the masses happy enough, so I’ll go with it again.” It’s a constant necessity of every writer, to refresh oneself, to explore and go where they have not gone, to be organic and authentic at the roots of their writing, to believe in what they are doing and not just cash in for the paycheck. I’ve written to get a paycheck before, and while it has its rewards (money, pleasing bosses), it has definite drawbacks, and in this case, I think they are clear: formulaic, stilted writing of cliched material and characters with lackluster interest by the writer herself. You can tell when a writer is in love with her/his own characters, because it is obvious in the material. It’s non-existent in AGD.

        We don’t like JDG’s character very much, Kim Do-jin, and I suspect we don’t love him at all for himself, as Kim Eun Sook doesn’t. Half of the “fanning” I am reading about AGD is about Jang Dong-gun himself, really, not his character. 🙁 That’s all well and good, to be fans, but it’s not good enough to spare the reality of the drama he’s starring in.

        To be fair, and honest, I have ZERO expectations from Song Seun Hung in Dr. jin. I love the J-drama, and as every single instance of a J-drama remade into a K-drama will prove, the Japanese ALWAYS do it better. I sat here for 25 minutes trying to think of a single instance in which the acting and storytelling in a k-drama remake were better than the J-drama original, and came up with zilch. Please, prove me wrong, but be careful to include lots of concrete details, because if you go blathering about some idol/actor being so cute, you’ve lost me.

        Shot in high definition, budgets exploding all over the place, even hot shot names and curiously resilient bad actors cannot save most k-dramas from being disappointments these days. The writing, where it all starts, has to have heart and soul, heart and soul. And Korea, for some inexplicable reason, has decided to cut it’s nose off to spite it’s face and churn out sub-par plots and dialogue and ask us to swallow the “blue pill” and be happy about it.

        I’ve liked many a stupid drama, many a poorly written drama, many a drama for only have abs and a handsome face (Scent of a Woman, I’m talking to you), but I think I’m growing up, which finds me disgruntled with substandard writing and calling for improvements in the medium. I love k-dramas, still, but I want more for my time invested than light and fluffy meandering repetitive material with the newest or returning face to cover up the flaws.

  2. I was actually refreshing your website just to see if you were going to write about AGD…. I find it surprising at first that you didn’t like it, but I can see why. There are a lot of coincidences and crazy crossed ties between all the characters that it veered toward BS, but I think I just had a really open mind when I started this drama so it didn’t bother me… haha. Personally I loved the first two eps because it’s so bromantic and hilarious. The four ajusshis are doing really well (with Soo-ro blowing it out of the water for me) and I can’t wait to watch them on my screen again next week.

    I haven’t seen Dr. Jin yet but I usually steer clear of SSH dramas if I can help it. (Except for My Princess….. dat wun wuz kute.)

    • I just sat back and enjoyed AGD because it entertained me in a way at least.
      I don’t dislike the characterizations that much and i love the music and directing.
      I am kinda annoyed by KHN’s character but then she’s adorable at some parts.
      The whole drama for me is just pure entertaining but then it don’t get my heart if it make sense… I was just sitting there and laughing at some parts but then it doesn’t make me rave or remember it after i finish watching.

      Haven’t caught on Dr Jin, but from reviews, it has bad directing… and despite loving KBS and PMY… i dun think i can take another sageuk. Honestly… after watching BBJX, my standards for sageuk drama has been way too high which is why i feel nothing for the super popular drama “the moon that embraces the sun”. I’m not a big fan of sageuk dramas anyway so BBJX was the few that really got my heart.

      I guess i’ll continue with AGD and currently waiting for BIG and “Bridal Mask” – OH please be good… I’m excited mostly for Bridal Mask because of its characters description, plot and the time setting in 1930s… it’s not really sageuk but more like modern sageuk… which i find a more interesting time setting than sageuk.

        Just wondering if you are the Caroline from Illustrious that I knew. XD
        If not, I’m sorry!

    • I was doing the exact same thing! I don’t actually watch korean dramas much (so I don’t have much to compare it with) and I wasn’t expecting much, which is probably why I enjoyed the first two eps of AGD so much. Its light, fluffy and fun, not requiring any sort of emotional commitment (I don’t feel like it when I’m in the middle of a hectic uni period) whilst providing me with genuine laughter. And its not completely sanitised 😀 Even Yi Soo, the clueless teacher that she is had a hilarious line about Tae Soo and Se Ra being too noisy…LOL

      I can already predict the storyline the drama is going to take plus its chockfull of cliches but I actually don’t mind that (but I know why people aren’t going to like it) Sometimes good chemistry, amazing bromance and good-looking leads are enough to get me into a drama 🙂 Plus I love the settings and the whole look of the drama too 😀

  3. Personally, I prefer AGD over Dr. Jin… I found Dr. Jin’s execution to be sloppy and some scenes actually ended up being comedic even when they aren’t even supposed to. AGD, on the other hand, had me fluttering and busting a gut in all the right moments.

    Although, I really liked the chemistry between Park Min-young and Song Seung-heun in Dr. Jin, I found Park Min-young’s character to be a bit cliche. As for Jang Dong-gun and Kim Ha-neul, I wasn’t fully sold on their chemistry until the end of episode 2. I loved the History of the Salaryman-esque red thread scene… and I also love how Kim Ha-neul’s character can so quickly deflate Jang Dong-gun’s character’s ego (especially since he’s this playboy who can be able to get any woman’s number in under 30 seconds).

    I was also so enamored with the fact that Jang Dong-gun was the first to fall in love with Kim Ha-neul, not once but twice (he fell in love with who he thought were two women, but finally realized it was just one woman)… And that when she asked him why he was so invested in her ‘answer’, he so blatantly replied that it was because he fell for her every time he saw her. And that teasing her was the only way for him to see her.

    I like that he isn’t some Mr. Darcy who’s conflicted by his feelings for her. I love that he just puts it out there, “I’ve fallen for you.”

    Overall, AGD and Dr. Jin were two dramas that I never really looked forward to (I’ve been waiting for Gong Yoo’s comeback Big… nuff said) but I still checked out the first episode just to get a feel for both dramas. I found that I wasn’t really as invested with Dr. Jin (honestly, I actually thought that if I would have liked one of them, it would have been Dr. Jin, not AGD) but I was just immediately enamored by AGD and its cast. So, I will definitely be tuning into AGD…

  4. I first read your comments on AGD with surprise and horror, mainly because I found the first two episodes so amusing that I found myself obsessed with the drama immediately. Then, after thinking back to how much I loathed Secret Garden, I realized that while I will avidly watch AGD until it ends, I will NEVER rewatch it, for exactly the reasons that you pointed out. The first time watching such a drama is fine, because one can be amused. A 2nd or 3rd time, however, and its flaws become painfully obvious.
    As for Dr. Jin, I cringed every time Jaejoong was in a scene. I love the man to death, but oh my goodness, he was far better in PtB.

    • Oh, I’ve totally been there, done that. I was so obsessed with SG early on, lapping up Kim Eun Sook’s crap and asking for more. It’s really only after being through so many of her dramas that you realize THERE IS NOTHING MORE THERE. I would say only City Hall and On Air ultimately worked, and even Lovers in Prague got close. But AGD right off the bat feels just like a futile exercise in verbal dexterity to putter in circles and convince us we’re seeing something special when its the same shit she pulls. All that changes is a brand spanking awesome new cast. I’m still tempted to keep watching AGD for the guys, especially Kim Soo Ro and Kim Min Jong. So far they are the only worthwhile thing in AGD.

      • dear Ms Koala, i only found that SG is nothing more than sugar coated drama this morning. I should thank The King 2Hearts for this.

        And sorry Ms. Koala, I misunderstood you for such a long time. Mianhe-yo.

      • Agreed. I did like SG but sometimes it seemed a bit…off. I realise that its a drama I’d never watch again and looking back at it, it really had quite a number of flaws. -_-‘

  5. I feel like you went easy on Dr. Jin. Or maybe it’s because I’m extra hard on Dr. Jin because I love the J version so much more. The thing about Dr. Jin is that it’s NOT supposed to be that simple.. & lame.. & funny. It’s supposed to be a lot more moving. Bwahaha, & full of heart? Well, I would say that the drama’s full of heart too if it were indeed written by a 3 year old & acted out by an amateur. But no. I think it’s just that the production blew their budget on buying the rights to JIN & hiring this cast. Song Seung Hun’s acting is sooo bad I don’t even… Man, don’t sully the name of JIN, Dr. Jin!

    • Agree with you,
      The Jdrama of JIN way much more better(even I just take aglimpse to compare the two)…dunno if I’m gonna watch dr.Jin, since I’m focused with the medical manuever, and yes…SSH & Jaejoong doesn’t make any difference for me

      As AGD…I haven’t watch it yet, and it’s not fair before see in my own eyes.
      I think it’s pretty difficult to get rid my addiction toward previous drama..err..

    • I’m extra hard on Dr. Jin because I love the J version so much more.
      This is me. I really love the J version and although I cringed when they announced SSH to lead Dr. Jin, I’m hoping for the best. I should know better not to compare J version with K version (BOF, operation proposal etc) but you just can’t help it, really. I love Jeajoong but I cringed when he delivered his lines. I unintentionally & inappropriately LOL at some of the scene and that not really good. And whats up with the baby in jar really??

      To me, AGD is pretty and sleek. Thats all. I never watching it with any expectation and I guess it save me?

    • definitely agree with you about Dr. Jin, i think loving the J version made me much more harsh at this one.

  6. Well I’ve only seen the first 2 episodes of AGD and so I’m half sold.
    the first episode of AGD was terrible, just really really slow and boring
    the whole red wool dress scene was cute but it had me rolling my eyes during the whole thing

    thankfully episode 2 rolled around and at least this episode was funny, although I still do not see where this drama is going, there was too much going back and forth with KHN’s character
    and the whole settlement issue feels way too forced and dragged out.
    the last scene with JDG claiming the chocolates were his and Yi-Soo fake confessing to JDG’s character was chuckle-worthy but predictable

    the highlight of episode 2 was probably the group scramble to avoid being caught by the wifey, and then their love shot, love shot scene was hilarious

    oh well, at least the bromance is good

    ah and I like Tae-sun’s sister, Maeri, she’s gutsy (and she likes Yoon!)

    • Really? I wouldn’t know. If you share the experience of having a colonoscopy, I can perhaps make a comparison and decide which of the two is more enjoyable. I quite enjoyed Dr. Jin actually. Nothwithstanding its limitations, It was a great drama to watch while playing a mental drinking game.

      • well.. all i can say, too much romantic drama i’ve watch recently, not to mention the following drama such as I need Romance 2 and Big, just realized that I just got bored with that same story, but I think I like to watch that kind of drama sometimes because it feels good to just laugh on funny scenes, get your stress out of your head for a while. And for instance I also need to watch something different, something I could never think of, like Vampire Prosecutor or Ten or I think I will watch Ghost and Bridal Mask. I think that will make my life complete, yeah.. I am a drama addict.. hehehe…

  7. /lurker coming out of hiding/

    It’s interesting to read your first impressions on the new weekend dramas ockoala! I normally just lurk around and agree with most of your comments, but I personally enjoyed AGD so much more than Dr. Jin! I thought that the cast chemistry In AGD more than made up for any faults in the writing. On the other hand, I thought that Jin had no skill AND no heart, whether it was the writing or cast (aside from LBS and LSY). I found my eyes rolling every two minutes in Dr. Jin! I mean, the thing that bugged me the most (plot-wise) was the way they set up the romantic pairings in Dr. Jin. The fact that SSH conveniently finds a past version of PMY’s character on his first day in the past and that the two girls even have the same personality to boot?! That cliche plot device (and diversion from the original manga and drama) just raised a red flag and screamed, “FATEFATEFATE” (ala Rooftop Prince) on so many more levels to me than the cute (and literal) red thread of fate in AGD.

    Have you seen the Japanese version of Jin by the way? It is definitely worth the watch and based on the first two episodes of the Korean version, is way better in execution.

  8. Ergh, yeah. Jin had me laughing so badly at SSH’s scenes…oh my god, that man is best as a pretty face in a photograph. But Lee Beom Soo and Kim So Yeon are kicking it out of the park, and like you said I wish the drama were better so I don’t regret missing these two.

  9. I didn’t know AGD’s writer/director(?) is known as a copycat but a scene from the first episode was so similar to a scene in taiwanese drama Endless Love that even though I hated that drama & do not want to waste anymore time on it remembering anything, I immediately thought of it. Check out around four minutes in this clip: Similar meet cute also in episode 1 involving red skirt/yarn to symbolize love connection cannot be a coincidence, right?

    • I remembered that the red string/yarn was used in Salaryman in early episode, btwn Yeochi and Bang. I guess a lot of drama use it to symbolize love connection/fate/whatever.

    • I wouldn’t say copycat. The whole “string of fate” is pretty well known there’s even articles about that. It’s said that everyone is tied together by a invisible red string that will lead there significant other to each other. It’s actually been done in lots of dramas and movies.

      • From Jane Eyre I don’t know if this precedes the first time we hear about this idea ever, but Bronte wrote this back in the mid 1800’s.
        It’s one of the most perfect explanations of being in love, feeling that connection physically.
        “I sometimes have a queer feeling with regard to you – especially when you are near me, as now: it is as if I had a string somewhere under my left ribs, tightly and inextricably knotted to a similar string situated in the corresponding quarter of your little frame. And if that boisterous channel, and two hundred miles or so of land come broad between us, I am afraid that cord of communion will be snapt; and then I’ve a nervous notion I should take to bleeding inwardly.”
        – Mr. Rochester.

  10. I loved the chemistry of the cast in AGD. Given the past few dramas we have watched, I haven’t laughed out loud in a long time, Kim Ha Neul is believable as a teacher that hasn’t got a boyfriend and you would see by the way she behaves, why she doesn’t have one yet. Love her interactions with Jang Dong Gun (he looks so good by the way).
    Dr Jin, on the other hand, is just bleah… The acting sucks (except for Lee Bum Soo), the editing is terrible, the script is ridiculous. I have a medical background and seeing how convenient his doctor’s bag was (plus the unlabelled vial of medication?), I literally roll my eyes during every operation scene. Gosh,, the preview of the next episode had been laughing my head off. For goodness sake, he is a surgeon. Do you think he has that much knowledge about infection control and treatment of infectious diseases? He would be the LAST person you would ask! Hahahaha…
    So on that note, I would rather watch AGD and immerse myself in fluffy happiness

  11. I actually loved AGD. It had me laughing (sometimes out loud) and I can actually see the romance between the main OTP. And that is what I want out of a rom-com, both romance and comedy. But then I am easy… contrived situations, fate, etc. doesn’t bother me as long as I think something is funny. I am not a Kim Ha-Nuel fan and I don’t know any of the male leads. However, I loved the bromance between the F44s and that he fell first and actually admitted it to her (rare occurrence indeed).

    I actually thought you were going to recap Dr. Jin and when I did not see an entry for it on Saturday, I thought that you must have felt the same way that I did (as I know that you, unlike me, is a SSH fan). I watched the first episode of Dr. Jin and the first episode just did not work for me. I even felt that Lee Bum Soo’s acting was off in this episode (and I normally love his acting). The only one who I felt acted effortlessly was Park Min Young. I felt that everyone else were trying to hard and in the case of SSH and JJ, really overacting.

    I actually thought that I would prefer Dr. Jin as fantasy/sci-fi/time travel is normally the genre I choose when reading or watching movies. Of course, in western literature, the OTP almost always ends up together, so happy endings (which is a prerequisite to my viewing preferences … unless I watch by accident) are a given. But after the RP experience, and watching the last episode of the 2nd season of the Japanese version of Dr. Jin, I realize that if I continue to watch, I will probably have a situation where the main OTP for most of drama (i.e. Young Rae and Dr. Jin) will probably not be the one in the end as he most likely will go back to the future. And that means, Young Rae will get hurt. Or if Dr. Jin stays in the past, his poor fiance who is hospitalized in future will be all alone (unless they kill her off). Either way, it is going to be a messy ending. I might have persevered if the show was well-written and acted, but given what I know as of now, I will just read recaps and make a decision about watching once drama completes its run.

  12. I know I would love to see Dr. Jin better than AGD, so many people dislike Dr Jin, but 2 episode just out, and I can’t wait to see what happen next, and I love how Dr. Jin will be helping a lot of people in Jeoson era,its not a drama about cheesy romantic story but there is more in it, i love a drama with a purpose, to see where it going and to find something to be learn in it.

  13. “I don’t know what Jang Dong Gun was thinking to pick AGD as his drama comeback vehicle in 12 years” totally agree, but personally I prefer AGD over Dr.Jin.

    I knew it, Dr.Jin would not be as good as Jin

  14. I watch drama to be entertained so I will continue watching AGD because it’s fun, light and very entertaining. As to Dr. Jin, I’m quite surprised when you said its full of heart but to me, how can you feel invested on a certain drama if the actors’ actings and the executions are all crappy?

    Maybe people have different tastes in watching dramas like you are very much in love on Lie to Me and Mary Stayed All Night wherein I find them the most forgettable korean dramas of all time.

    • Totally agree with you kyla. But then there is the quality of the show and there is the connection you have with it. Miss Koala must see something we don’t and feels attracted to it. You can only recap dramas you “feel”. I know and acknowledge than the writer of SeGa and AGD uses formulas. But then, i’d rather have a good formula than a bad remake. Now, it’s just the start for the 2 shows. Let’s see what happens in the next weeks.

  15. As soon as I knew they cast SSH as Jin, I knew that it wouldn’t be as good as the j-drama so I lowered my expectations. Episode 1 wasn’t good and had many parts where I rolled my eyes but was surprised by the chemistry between SSH and PMY. JJ was plain awkward so hopefully he will relax and be able to portray his character better. I liked ep2 better than ep1 as Lee Bum Soo and Lee So Yeon rocked their roles and I think she looks gorgeous. Since am interested in how they will incorporate Korean history in the story I will watch it.

    Haven’t decided on AGD but I may watch it as I really to see how the four main characters interact wit each other.

  16. hmmmm am liking AGD and it shall be weekend delight from now on….I like that it’s light, funny and with lots of eye candies….am always shallow I admit… as for Dr. Jin…I really couldn’t take all
    that head drilling and brain mashing!!! Just thinking about it make me feel so dizzy and squeemish…and it’s really ridiculous (WTF is that fetus in the brain doing?)…arrrghhhhh

    • MIZWENG!!!!!
      Its been forever! I am also really into watching AGD. The first episode like someone above said, was slow, but I really liked it, especially ep 2. I like that Its about 40 year olds, and that its not childish–as yet?–and keeping to whats acceptable. Kim Soo Ro totally has me eyeing him with his macho-ness. I have been a fan of Kim Ha Neul since her movie with Kang Ji Hwan, so thats why I tuned in. So far its light and fluffy and I like it. I’m just wondering why Jand Dong Gun look so drawn, like Hyun Bin did in Secret Garden? He looks so gaunt. I just hope that AGD doesnt get all dark and gloomy like I hear Kim Eun Seoks dramas tend to get. No dieing, no sick overprotective parent, no crap. Just keep it all staright and great.

  17. ok! i actually like AGD but is only because i didnt see so many dramas of the writers! apart from secret garden that i like it in some parts! just because it was SOOO CUTE!
    i i like AGD too! hopes it doesnt turn painful to see in the end!
    but i have to agree on Dr Jin it was AWFUL!! i barely wachted the whole thing! OMG i keep remembering myself jae looks so hot therE!!!
    i hate everything but jae! really!
    and i know!!!!!! really his acting HERE is AWFUL but he looks cute dnt he?

  18. I absolutely ROFL’ed reading through this post. Thank you, Ms. Koala. I haven’t watched either so don’t have any inputs to offer.

    “My oppa is soooo bad here I actually love him more for trying so hard that I can actually see him thinking as he’s acting hoping to nail each scene.” –> ouch and puwahahaaa. But, at least he’s trying (i guess).

    Obviously I don’t know anything about SSH besides him being fondly called as THT around the cyber world but I wish he’d enroll in some acting classes. Acting is his only profession…..he isn’t some idol-turned-actor who can be bad at acting and his career won’t take a beating.

    Hope both shows can learn from their mistakes and improve. Fighting, Jin & AGD!! <3

  19. I’m re-delurking for this conversation too.

    AGD has me torn in half. I can enjoy a slice of life drama for an episode or two, but after that I’ll get bored. I like the conversations, but at the end of the episode I look back and realize that nothing happened. Easy to watch, but not much to write about. I’ll definitely forget about this as soon as it’s over unless it veers into insanity

    Dr. Jin is so bad it’s fun. I love making fun of the drama. It’s my top recap priority because it is that bad. And I love writing about Dr. Jin because I only have to write a sentence or two about what actually happened and then I bring in my own humor and just make people laugh. Sometime it’s just fun to watch a drama that is widely accepted as being horrible because you don’t have to worry about people bashing on you when you make fun of it.

    • I haven’t watched either one, but your comment had me so lol that I have to watch Dr Jin just to see how bad it really is for myself!

  20. Agd is my crack drama thus far on weekends, whether it can outcrack the other dramas lined up wed and thursday list is still uncertain. I love the guys and the….. Guys.Mon and tues doesnt really have anything interesting for me. I only zoom through dr jin because of jaejoong. That handsome hOttie of a beast can dO no wrongs in my eyes i love and wOrship him. Since he wont get the girl, i look forward and feverishly hoping fOr half naked sword practicing brooding under a cherry blossom tree where i can stare, sigh, wipe my drool at his abs. The god Of my celebrity world. Btw, the ending of agd at ep 2 is when i waa hook, whther i will be let go Or not is yet to be seen

  21. I found myself liking AGD more than I expected. Loved the first two episodes, but I’m also like 80% sure that it will only have enough decent material for 10 episodes and then the rest will be crap- so I’m treating the AGD experience like a summer fling. I’m also surprised at JDG taking on this role. He’s a movie star and doesn’t need to spend sleepless months doing live shooting. However, I do get how he may be trying to reconnect with the masses and gain a new generation of fans. And Kim Eun Sook is a well-known name. Besides, Secret Garden did wonders for Hyun Bin. That drama was crap, but it was addictive and became a recognizable drama. (Funny thing is that secondary leads, Kim Min Jong and Kim Suro are sort of stealing the show.)

    I find it hard to watch Dr.Jin. There are just higher expectations of quality when it comes to sageuks (unless that sageuk is Strongest Chil-woo, which is meant to be a bit ridiculous) and I just can’t immerse myself into that world if the acting is distracting. I feel bad for SSH. He really does try hard. But I think the harder he tries, the worse he gets. But I’m glad that this drama gives PMY a chance to shine, even if her characters is a Mary-Sue.

    • do you have a problem with JDG? your comments are all trying to downgrade him. If you know nothing about him, just keep quiet.

      • Geeezz…I guess it is easy to misunderstand on the internet. I actually love JDG! He’s the George Clooney of South Korea for me. But I can also see him as a human being rather than a god that some people do. I think taking on this drama was a savvy career move on his part (yeah yeah yeah, I know I’m supposed to be believe actors don’t calculate things like career moves…) – even a considerate one, considering he started in television. Sure movies are great and a sign of super stardom, but tv goes a long way to connect with the masses. I started AGD because of JDG, but am also surprised at the other other ahjusshi actors stealing the show instead of playing second fiddle to him. Is thinking another actor is doing as great a job as- and at some moments, even better than- JDG a crime?

    • I dont know, I like Yoon’s character–but only because Tae San’s sister like him. I am still wondering about him, ancd he’s fun, but I honsetly dont get why everyone is so into him. I think, however, that Kim Soo Ro is tearing up the screen time. I like all four guys together, hate the married-player–so annoying, but only three of them apart. I think Kim Soo Ro’s character could go far. I want to see what is up with Yoon though. Does anyone think that boy was his son?

  22. I laughed my a** off with the first 2 episodes of AGD. Maybe because I can put real life names to each of the male characters. I actually know guys like this. Perhaps I should run with a better crowd. 🙂

  23. Have not seen agd.. I’ll read recaps and wait to marathon sometime over the summer.
    I watched Dr Jin and it liked it. I didn’t have any expectation for this drama so I had no problem just watching the show. I aso watched J Jin and Jin 2. It was good and bittersweet at the same time. Intense and lots of heart. K Jin—some parts the same but storyline is definitely a bit different but it’s only ep 2 so just going to wait and see if the rest follows.

  24. I was wondering if I should cave in and watch one of the two or both since the dramas I was following ended or coming to an end. I think I’ll pass on Dr. Jin. I love JJ so much that I can’t bear to see his bad acting. I had a feeling this was gonna happen… He was doing good in ptb but a saeguk.. I might just watch AGD when I have nothing better to do and I’m bored during summer.

  25. First 2 eps of AGD were underwhelming, to say the least. I don’t even know why I bothered. But JDG is one hot ahjusshi, isn’t he? Even with that hair and his character’s tendency to be an asshat, he is still smexy. 😉

    Yeah, I think Boong Do (and to some extent, Jae Ha and Shi Kyung) ruined the rest of K-drama men for me. I’d take a kind and smart scholar any time than those arrogant jerks who thinks they’re above ’em all.

    • We as viewers sure have been spoiled when it comes to a good show. There was TK2H earlier and now QIHM. The premise & genre for these two are completely different and they work for different reasons (the all-perfect male lead is a ‘large’ reason why the latter works). After coming off of the high of watching these two it is more than disappointing to watch the new lackluster shows, for sure.

  26. I personally kinda like AGD way much more than DrJin. In ep 1, the only scene that I don’t really like is the red dress scene. I’ve seen this scene too many times.
    But the rest of the scenes are pretty good. It’s kinda introducing the characters. I found the lines are funny. and of course love the bromance. I love the 4 together. I laughed quite hard. I found it entertaining so far. So I’m giving AGD a chance, and see how it goes next week.

  27. kekeke nth, NTH will make me watch a second of either dramas. If clockwork orange me, I’ll swiftly poke my own eyeballs out to end my misery.

    Have you ever caught a SSH drama u don’t find entertaining to the max Dear?! tbh I still have rare nightmares of him screaming ‘DONGWOOKAHHHHH!!!!’ @ EoE which can only be befitting if he’s been having painful explosive diarrhea for life.

  28. Which asian drama isn’t full of contrivance and cliche? In fact, which drama isn’t? One just has to hope that the writers have some skill to put it together, so that the veiwer doesn’t end up causing property damage out of annoyance. AGD was amusing nothing exciting, will watch it in clumps when I’m doing my hair and it’s subbed. If it is by the writer of City Hall and Secret Garden, maybe he/she needs to take a break. Can’t say nothing about Dr Jin, since I try to avoid J doramas and Asian historical dramas like the plague, both usually involve characters too stupid to live. Can’t someone write a cool futuristic story in cliched drama glory?

    • I will have to applaud the writers of TK2H for steering clear of the stereotypical K-drama tropes. Let’s hope despite the usual tropes AGD can make it work.

  29. Man, I had been cautiously optimistic about AGD after a friend watched the premiere and said it wasn’t (too) bad. But considering how much I LOATHED SG? I think I’ll revert back to my previous post-teaser decision and skip it. Maybe I’ll check ep 1 out later, laaaaaater on, but not now. I mean, there are several dramas I want to watch…Heh.

    As for Kim Eun Sook, remember when i told you to stop me from watching her shows back when SG aired and raged for weeks? Thank you for keeping the promise. And…I guess City hall was a fluke. *sighs*

    My oppa is soooo bad here I actually love him more for trying so hard that I can actually see him thinking as he’s acting hoping to nail each scene
    Awwww. Now I feel like checking that myself. *g*

    • Word.
      Hey – You can do what I have been doing and watch every single anything that JHW is in. Currently enjoying Birth of a Rich Man…Sooo happy it is 20 episodes of seeing him!

    • I think QIHM is also going to be my fallback … every time there is a kdrama lull due to bad dramas, I think I will play QIHM over and over and over again.

      • My fallback is Family’s Honor with Park Shi Hoo. I play selected scenes since it has 54 episodes. Also TPM which, *surprise, surprise!*, PSH is lead actor. JHW is getting there, especially with his latest gig, QIHM.

  30. I got through the first epi of AGD… light, fluff requiring no thinking whatsoever as long as you just go along with it. Gonna watch Dr Jin just to compare and pick one, maybe. Don’t really know if either can hold my interest. It’s good to read your thoughts, Ms Koala, and see what everyone thinks.

  31. For me AGD is better than Dr Jin. I find AGD full of k drama cliché, but sometimes it makes me smile. It is not a drama to watch with expectation. It’s use n throw type, just watch, enjoy and forget about it. On the other hand, Dr Jin, I can’t bear it. After My princess I was expecting some thing better from SSH this time, but he just disappointed me. He is giving tough competition to JJ in acting.

  32. Have watched both opening episodes of each show.

    AGD – hmmmm, it’s pretty shallow of me, but if I’m going to watch a show about 40-something men getting their life/groove..on —–I’d prefer them to be MUCH more attractive. At least 2 of the 4. I can overlook a lot of poor/repetitive scripting if the eye candy delivers.

    I’m not feeling it here. Alternatively….I was not disinterested enough NOT to watch the second episode, so I’ll give it two more tries.

    DR. JIN —- – Ms. Koala…thank you for having the cohones to state that BOTH the male leads are causing the *unintentional funny*.

    Oddly, it’s like watching an extended SNL skit. Which is not saying it unwatchable…it IS entertaining, but for the wrong(?) reasons.

    I’m giving this one another two episodes as well. cheers!

  33. This is way I love your playground Mrs.Koala, truth in the face!
    Lee Bum Soo…the only one who’s gonna get tru this drama unharmed. I always love see SSH trying…but he just isn’t in the spot.
    As AGD, I call them Perv Mr.s…I’m gonna keep watching them, it was fun so far, and I need fun right now…

  34. I haven’t watched Dr. Jin and I’m not planning to, despite my love for Lee Beom-soo, because tumour-babies creep my out and I don’t need my kdramas to give me nightmares. So I’ll stay out of that debate. 🙂

    Like you, City Hall is my favourite drama of all time. I actually quite enjoyed Secret Garden – it was cracktastic and just what I was in the mood for at the time – but I was very aware of its glaring flaws even as I watched it. I was hoping Kim Eun-sook would recapture the magic of CH with AGD, but I was disappointed with the first episode. Both unoriginal and boring. She actually managed to rip off both Soulmate and History of a Salaryman within a 5-minute span. It frustrates me because I know she can and has done better. Even the dialogue, which is my favourite thing about her dramas, was not as entertaining as usual.

    Episode two was better – we got more bromance and a (very) little more depth in the main characters which were so aggravatingly shallow in the first ep. Kim Haneul still annoys me in her cutesy mode, but I like her when she’s being serious – hurt and vulnerable, or angry and yelling at her students. But it’s far from my favourite heroine type, this never-been-kissed, moony and dumb character who tirelessly chases after one thing like a hamster in a wheel.

    I don’t actually mind that everyone knows each other and their little sister, because it makes sense if they’ve all been living in the same neighbourhood for years, playing for the same community baseball team. It’s weirder to me that the hero and heroine have never met, since they know so many people in common. I’m interested to see how it will go, with the already established relationships complicating things between our main couple. Plus it was fun to see Do-jin getting his ego cut down to size. And the heroine gets points in my book for being in love with a decent guy, even if she did lamely set him up with her shallow best friend. Plus Kim Min-jong’s character is so sweet and lovely.

    I did hope for more from this show, but I’m going to stick around and see if it turns into a decent light summer watch. I don’t look for too much depth in my rom-coms, although it’s always a plus. I just want it to make me laugh and root for the main couple. I guess Kim Eun-sook’s brand of crap kind of works for me, lol. 🙂

  35. I actually like AGD a lot. And I like JDG’s perf in it. I could not understand the hype about him, inspite of having watched 2 of his drama’s, All About Eve and Spring something, but now I do.
    AGD it light and funny, just what I want.

    I have no intention of watching Dr Jin, since I watched the J-version. I would keep comparing, which is not watching and think it is very very difficult to beat the J-version.

  36. I only watched CH and SG but I share the same sentiment with you about AGD. I love CH and my SG experience is not much different than yours. Two years ago maybe I would enjoy this kinda drama but now it just feels so staged, and I didn’t find the red yarn scene funny, or sweet let alone sexy, she had her purse with her, go get yourself a skirt at those street vendors/stores. Thank you Ockoala for the LOL.

  37. Wowww..interesting recaps..i appreciate if you still want to recap for Dr. Jin coz i think it‘s still so many stories we can see through Dr. Jin..the drama still have more eps to go..

    But Koala, isn‘t it too harsh when you commented about Jaejoong‘s acting while the horse more better than him???? Have you ever act before while riding a horse?? I knew his acting is not stand out but sorry i found that your word was too rough…such a recapper..comparing human with animal..i really don‘t get it..sorry i can‘t say anything…it just

  38. maybe u found it was funny & amused to say like that..i know this is your blog and u can say anything but sorry i feel your word disgrace ppl to the level where many ppl sure won‘t to accept it too..

    Have u accept it if i compare your writing with ‘something‘ under the level of human being?

    The rest that made me happy is your heart and your intention for recapping Dr. Jin…

    Thanks, Koala

    • You can compare my writing to anything you want. If your comparison is the truth, then I’ll endeavor to rise above it in the future. If it’s a blatant falsehood, then that just makes you look like a douche. Either way, I’m fine with it. If I suck then I ought to try and improve myself instead of pretending I’m good at what I do. And when did I ever say I was recapping Dr. Jin (or that this first impression review was in any way indicative of a recap?). I’m confused here.

      • Oh, good, I always wanted to compare your writing to anything I want ….

        let’s see, right now, I want a glass of sweet tea with a Chicago dog fully trimmed on sesame bun. That’s your writing — the tangy and the sweet to wash it all down, with meat in the middle of the bite and enough gooeyness and zing to make it a meal!

      • Wait, I forgot the chips, you know, the greasy, salty ones with ridges?

      • You make me want to eat my writing. 🙂 Thanks for the too generous comparison, sweetie~

      • HA! You also know when I disagree with you …. 🙂

        I just couldn’t pass up the remark last night, as I was starting a new WIP and busy trying to distract myself from actual, you know, WRITING. 😀

  39. You know….I wasn’t even near the fence about watching Jin and the Evil Baby in the Jar.
    I talked myself out of the show when I saw the stills.

    “Why waste your time? How could it be worth it to spend precious hours on it?
    Remember EoE? Remember how painful it was to watch THT ‘act?'”

    (But remember how pretty he was in that? – Oh oh oh oh oh)

    “You don’t even like PMY. She is just soooo bland. Remember her teary face? How can you forget that? She used it 1245 times in MoH.”

    (But this is endlessly mockable. There’s an evil baby in a jar. THIS is the K-drama that Mystery Science Theatre 3000 was fated to meet.)

    Surely…I can enjoy it? Will people hurt me if I am not nice to Wonder Cheekbones Duo of Song Seung Heon and Jaejoong?

    (That is what screen names are for. Just post as “Mrs. Hand Towel.”)
    That is already taken, though…

  40. I wasn’t really tempted to watch AGD… so that isn’t a problem.

    As for Dr. Jin, I’m not like refreshing webpages every 5 minutes to see if it is uploaded, but I think I will probably keep watching it because I just need to see where the crazy goes. It seems like it will be endearingly bad.

    Time traveling brain fetus?


  41. First this Dr. Jin travels back in time to save people in Edo/Joseon era was an idea by manga artist… so I have to fight for the script writers here… Otherwise it would have been nice to see the ideo but interpreted in a different way. But now it’s just feeling I’m watching a bad version of the Jdrama…

    Don’t get me wrong… I was the first here to write “I will watch Dr. Jin.” and I will but I hope it gets better storywise.:-)

  42. I actually saw both Dr. Jin and AGD. Dr. Jin hasn’t captured me yet, but I absolutely love AGD to pieces. It’s funny and light. It’s true this is not a deep soul or hearted drama, but it’s funny with tons of chemistry. I love the chemistry of all the leads. It’s refreshing to me that the male leads in this drama are very straight forward, yet also very immature at the same time. It gives you sort of behind the guy time scene that most women doesn’t see. Guy can act tough and all grown up and etc, but behind the scenes with their guys, they are still immature 18 years old boys. For me, the veteran actors, looks, and chemistry more than make up for any flaws of the dramas. I love JDG comeback and I can see why he chose this drama as his comeback. His character is very different from all his other roles. His character is light and funny and very immature and but also very caring, charismatic and straight forward with his love. Unlike many male leads that takes half the drama before he realize his feelings. Unlike the HB in SG, KDJ is very adorable and likeable, and sometimes very dorky. I also like KHN’s character. She’s funny, sweet, and dense. But she can also control her students – to a certain degree.

  43. And I thought JJ improved his acting and in episode 2 he was really good but then I don’t know anything about acting.

  44. I always enjoy your reviews even if I don’t always agree with them.
    I haven’t watched either of these two yet but as a JJ fan I really really want to like Jin. Hopefully I will since I don’t like dramas you like (hated City Hall, could not get far in K2H-don’t crucify me) and enjoyed dramas that you didn’t like.
    What is it with K dramas fascination with male jerks? I know/knew a real life Korean so-so good looking male and I tell you ,jerks are jerks and really hard to be with no matter now good looking or rich they are. I can’t imagine being in a long-term relationship with these cold, arrogant but good looking/rich guys that K romcoms are so fond of and it makes me despise the female leads who fall for them.

    • I don’t think KDJ is a jerk though. I just think he’s immature, and insensitive to those he doesn’t care for. But for ones that he cares for like his friends, and YS, he’s actually very caring and insightful.

  45. I definitely in agreement of your assessment of the 2 dramas. Right on the money 🙂 Jin is so veering off into left field. Goodness gracious… Jaejoong’s acting is terrible!! I was cringing for him. MHT – I knew he was going to be bad but secretly hoping he’d be better, but nope, still bad. Since I expected it, I wasn’t really disappointed. I suppose it’s a little awkward being a 21st century dude back in the past.

    The difference with me currently is that I ignored all the things that my head would say “don’t watch this crap” – and still rather enjoyed AGD. Love the bromance. JDG’s character… he’s not as “ars-y” as I thought he’d be. I don’t mind him embarrassing himself a few more times. I thought the chemistry wasn’t bad btw all of them (including the female leads). I know some of them have acted together before. I also enjoyed SG so I am not above opting to watch crap.

    Someone did say here, watching once is good, watching twice is not. I agree. I will watch them once. 🙂 I also think I’m affected by how disappointed I am in my tw dramas. WTH happened to my FG? Amensia?? really? we also have to go there. LF – urgh – not liking any of the characters right now! 🙁 That’s my current ‘drama-state-of-mind.’ So when I watched these 2 series, I thought – not as bad as I thought they would be. lol

    Jin – I’m watching b/c of LBS. I love him. I want to FF everything that Jaejoong is in… he is a great singer but ekk… maybe he will settle better into the role soon. MHT and PMY – I think they are really cute so I’m curious how their joseon characters will get closer.

  46. I actually didn’t mind AGD, I kinda liked it. To be honest, I found it refreshing after the tears I shed on King 2 Hearts.

    As for Dr.Jin, I will watch it purely for laughing purposes.

  47. I watch Dr Jin Episode 1 and sighed…A masterpiece rewritten with a bunch of cliches plus full of loopholes…Dr Jin is the main character, the one everyone’s rooting for, falling in love with him, crying with him… I’d have to say I’d never believe anyone would be able to butcher Jin, but lo and behold, Rename the drama please, not Dr Jin, not even Jin, name it something totally different so I don’t have to cry….

    I’m crying at the moment, going to go rewatch the REAL Jin….

  48. Ms. K, you had me rolling on the floor laughing at your description of Dr. J. I haven’t watched either, have no interest in both, but your incredibly funny description makes me want to check Dr. J out at least. I’m surprised that JJ is so bad, but perhaps the saeguk speak is intimidating him.

    Also, SG, loved it to death, obsessed, shipped the OTP and then I watched TK2H and I realized that’s what an OTP should be like. Ah well, still think HB is hot, hot, hot, but now I ship LSG/HJW versus HB/HJW. So weird!

  49. I found SSH acting is the worst in this drama. He has been acting for years and yet he still is terrible. He has not depth in his acting and his sad feeling looks like he is constipating. Seriously how can an actor like him still manage to get leading roles? Perhaps because of looks but it won’t last long either. At first I want to give him a chance but his acting is disappointing.

  50. Koala Unni!!! Wow! Vile one there….
    (Ok, ok i admit that i loved SeGa, but I see your point.. =)

    But thanks for confirming my suspicions about both dramas. After the crack called TK2H and being thoroughly infected with the TK2H virus, don’t think i can watch these two. the shock therapy might kill me.

  51. Sad that you hate AGD that much because I find it quite amusing and entertaining. I knew what the writer did here is not something new but IMO her romcom is still much better than many other Kdamas. I believe even with Hollywood standards (of romantic comedy, say, those Bridget Jones sequels), they mostly are using the same formula. Yeah, I get your feeling of I’ve been there, done that, but it still is good enough for me. I am in. Can’t wait to see the next episodes of A Gentleman’s Dignity.

    See you later, Ms K, maybe our drama love will collide again 🙂

  52. thanks for the opinin koala.. but sure is.. I prefer Dr.Jin then AGD.. why dont you make recap for Dr Jin then..

    are you just give up that two all drama..

  53. I’ll follow the AGD road because it’s the easy road (I need some rest for the wd-td dramas) This drama even has very fast subs. And even the men are not the best, they are for real (my hubby has friends like this guys :))) What I dislike is the lead female with her annoying “otoke?”s (I have never seen someone doing that in the streets, have you?)

  54. Such a creepy fenomenal….

    The writer sounded like they are GOD, like they knew EVERYTHING, about the editing, film technics & production.
    They acted like paranormal, foresee what the scriptwriter thought and mind-flow.
    They thought that they have RIGHT to use sarcasm words, mocking intonation, harassment & ABUSEMENT statements on behalf/in the name of ‘writers/reviewers/recappers/bloggers.
    They laughed when their writings have succeded to make ‘a controversial mess’ and hit explosive responses.
    They are satisfied when they felt they could influenced the way of people thinking.

    And the worst..the readers with ‘ZOMBIE MENTALITY’..they agreed and shallowed what those were written even they haven’t watched, felt, touched by themselves.

    Ms. Ockoala…I doubt you will dare to recap this 2 shows, not because you aren’t willing to, as your banner “I’ll Talk About Drama If I Want to”..but you won’t dare to accept if people criticize you according to your comments before..but yeaahh Ms. Ockoala..PROVE me that I’m wrong…I challenge you for that! LOL

    AGD & Dr. Jin…I’m still rooting for you!!

  55. Unpopular opinion for Dr. Jin:
    -For PMY’s character I feel like I am watching her in all her previous drama’s. She always does Mary Sue’s. I am disappointed she picked a similar role AGAIN. That is why her scenes bore me. Having watched the original Jin….I find PMY’s character horrible, in the writing a delivery. In the original Saki was such an amazing character.

    -For LBS….his acting is good. But the writer has made his character too flat in my eyes. There seems to be very little depth.

    -SSH was horrible in the first episode….but got better in the second. I don’t think PMY is a good actor….but when those two are together she saves the scenes. He does not do his scene deliveries properly…sometimes over-acting too much.

    -For LSY…..we have not seen many of her scenes…..and her scenes did not require much emotion so I am not going to judge her acting or character in the first two episodes. I actually find it amusing so many are saying her acting is good already when she barely showed anything in this drama so far. It shows how actor-bias carries on to new roles in drama’s.

    -For JJ….his character KT is the most appealing to me. The writer seems to have put extra effort to make his character actually dynamic and not flat. He is a commanding officer, a sad son, and a warm fiancee to PMY’s character. I think what makes him bad is not his acting…..but his looks that stick out like a sore thumb. He looks to different than the other actors and too pale. I am a fan of his…but I had to get adjusted to his looks in the drama. In the first episode…he may be seen to be overacting the scenes where he is a commanding-officer but he had so few scenes…..I thought his lines were not forced….since he was a officer….and they generally speak faster. With his father he still spoke fast though…. In the second episode where we see more of him he actually paced his speech a little better and his eye expressions were good. It was his body movement that were a little awkward.
    The original OP also watched PTB it seems….so you must agree with me that in PTB his acting was very stiff and unbelievable in the first few episodes too. That is why I am willing to give him a few episodes to get used to his role before outright saying he should not have done a sageuk.
    I actually find it amusing though that in Korea he was praised for his acting and tone in the first two episodes….but internationally he is judged as a bad actor. I don’t know if I should trust this website and dramabeans…..or Korea (especially on the tone)……XD

    • Concerning about Lee So Yeon, I think people are — as you said bias — because they are expecting a lot about her acting. She’s playing her roles always as dynamic so maybe they think she is good already just by seeing few scenes of her. BTW, LSY doesn’t frustrate the viewers’ expectation because she did a great job all throughout the drama. I want to see her playing the lead role again because it’s worth her talent to cover the whole drama.

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