Big Episode 1 Recap

There are so many things about Big that turned out to be completely unexpected, in both good and bad ways. This is the least spastic Hong Sisters episode 1 of any of their dramas I’ve ever seen. Other than Lee Min Jung mugging it up as required by her character, everything and everyone else was uncharacteristically mellow and restrained. This episode was low on the laughs but high on the set up. The directing is passable and the editing is atrocious, but the music is a welcome understated change. But the biggest shock is discovering that the male lead isn’t Gong Yoo’s adult doctor character, but is instead Shin Won Ho’s high school student character.

Gong Yoo is still the male lead since he’ll get the majority of the screen time playing the high school kid in an adult doctor’s body. I thought the drama would be Lee Min Jung and Gong Yoo’s affianced couple finding a way to be together, but now I’m completely and rabidly onboard Lee Min Jung and Shin Won Ho’s noona-dongsaeng romance. I should have figured this out when all the posters show Lee Min Jung posing with Gong Yoo acting like a teenager. I’m not sold on the story yet other than its shaping up to be a potential angst central, so I’ll give it a few episodes to see if the kinks shake out.

Episode 1 recap:

Gil Da Ran is a 24 year old student teacher in high school (and part time florist delivery person). She delivers a bouquet to a bride only to discover the bride was her friend, who didn’t invite Da Ran to the wedding. Awkward.

Da Ran learns afterwards that she delivered the wrong bouquet, so she joins the female guests to try and catch the bouquet so she can take it back to the store. When the bouquet is tossed, Da Ran backs up to catch the bouquet when she’s bumped by Seo Yoon Jae. Yoon Jae tries to grab her but misses by a hair and Da Ran ends up on the bottom of the stairs.

Da Ran broke some bones from the fall but ended up with a fiancée, as Yoon Jae became her treating physician and then courted her. It’s a seemingly perfect whirlwind courtship as the two of them quickly get engaged and the wedding is scheduled for a month from now. Da Ran sits on the bus and listens to a radio show discuss her love story since she wrote in to share it. The radio station gives Da Ran a pressure cooker as her prize and she happily yelps out loud when she hears it.

Da Ran is happy as a bee listening to her own love story. She naturally seems like a rather clueless person anyway,  so it takes her awhile to notice a young man sitting across from her who is looking at her. Da Ran turns and makes eye contact with Kang Kyung Joon.

Da Ran gets off the bus with her green umbrella but Kyung Joon follows and calls out for her to stop. Kyung Joon walks under her umbrella and grabs it, his hand gripping the umbrella handle above Da Ran’s hand. Da Ran quickly says she’s an engaged woman but Kyung Joon tells her not to flatter herself. She took his umbrella by accident.

Da Ran accuses Kyung Joon of staring at her on the bus, and he points out everyone on that bus was staring at her as she listened to the radio show like a moon calf. It’s Kyung Joon’s turn to point out how Da Ran only noticed the cute boy staring at her and not the others on the bus. They walk and arrive at the front gate of the high school, where Da Ran runs inside and tells Kyung Joon not to follow her. Too bad for her, Kyung Joon is the new transfer student, having just moved back to Korea after living in the US.

Da Ran is tasked with showing him around, but he’s quite informal with her despite her status as a teacher at the school. Da Ran reminds him that she’s his teacher, and he replies with “Yes, Gil Da Ran” which infuriates her more. She makes him call her teacher, so he shrugs and calls her Gil Teacher.

Yoon Jae calls while Da Ran is showing Kyung Joon around, and her conversation is all lovey dovey with him as they make plans to meet later. Da Ran makes Kyung Joon promise not to reveal her love story with Yoon Jae to the other students and he agrees if she’ll let him speak casually with her. She agrees.

As Kyung Joon walks through the school, he’s accosted by three boys led by Gil Choong Shik. Kyung Joon ignores them which upsets Choong Shik, but the fight is stopped by Da Ran, who proceeds to beat up Choong Shik, who turns out to be her younger brother.

Kyung Joon watches Da Ran and Choong Shik bicker, and then he goes home to his empty house. Turns out Kyung Joon is an orphan and his mom recently died, so he’s being watched over by his uncle and aunt. But Kyung Joon isn’t poor, as his mom left him quite a lot of money, and perhaps uncle and aunt are less interested in Kyung Joon as they are in his money.

Da Ran goes to the hospital where she is supposed to see Yoon Jae tonight, but he’s busy and can’t see her. She sits in his break room and remembers their dates in the past, when they happily made plans to get married. Da Ran discovers that Yoon Jae still has their wedding invitations in a box and never distributed them to his colleagues. Yoon Jae’s doctor colleague Lee Se Young, also his ex-girlfriend, is quite dismissive of Da Ran.

Kyung Joon sleeps in a child’s bed that he is very attached to because his mother promised him it would keep him safe. He wishes he could grow up immediately and be an adult. Kyung Joon goes to look at adult beds and finds one he likes, laying down to sleep on it.

Da Ran arrives at the same furniture store and turns out she also liked the same bed for her and Yoon Jae’s new life together. She sits down and recognizes Kyung Joon. She ends up breaking the bed post and has to buy the bed.

She takes Kyung Joon out to dinner and tries to persuade him to buy the bed from her, adorably negotiating the price down. Kyung Joon tells Da Ran he’s an orphan and says he never intended the buy that bed anyways. Yoon Jae calls and once again breaks a date with Da Ran on wedding planning matters, which Kyung Joon can see how disappointed she is.

Kyung Joon rides his motorcycle to school and purposely splashes Da Ran as he zips by her. At school, Kyung Joon gets into trouble for not wearing a uniform, which is when Da Ran hands him a uniform she bought for him. He later grumbles that he told her he was an orphan, not that he was poor. But he smiles and puts it on. Kyung Joon walks out wearing his new school uniform, and we see a picture in Kyung Joon’s wallet of two angels reaching for each other’s hand.

We see Yoon Jae has a plane ticket to LA, and he also has a picture of the same two angels reaching out for each other’s hand. I don’t know what Yoon Jae’s issues are, but right now he’s about as interesting as a cardboard cut out.

In class, students have found out about Da Ran’s fairytale-esque romance with Yoon Jae and some boys tease her. Despite being a teacher, Da Ran has no authority and can’t get the boys to stop. Kyung Joon looks perturbed while its younger brother Choong Shik who gets up and stops the teasing.

Da Ran gets another call from Yoon Jae who can’t see her, and finally she has enough and starts crying, asking why he’s marrying her? Is it for love, or because he feels guilty and is taking responsibility for her? She hangs up on Yoon Jae, but then afterwards she’s shocked at having confronted Yoon Jae and wants to call him back, but Kyung Joon takes the phone from her.

Kyung Joon takes Da Ran on his motorcycle to the lake where she’s calmed down enough. She thanks him for stopping her from calling Yoon Jae back, otherwise she would become a spineless woman. They joke around as Da Ran thinks he helped her because he felt guilty about revealing her love story with Yoon Jae to the other students, but Kyung Joon says he didn’t since he’s not immature like that. Da Ran shows Kyung Joon how the kids nowadays make cute gestures when they talk, like this “buing, buing” gesture accompanied by a pretend crying movement.

Yoon Jae calls Da Ran back and wants to meet right away, he’s willing to answer any questions she wants to ask him. Kyung Joon hears this and leaves Da Ran there to wait for Yoon Jae to arrive.

As Yoon Jae is driving to meet Da Ran and Kyung Joon is riding away from Da Ran, there is an accident on the road and both Yoon Jae and Kyung Joon end up in the lake when they both swerve to miss the accident.

Yoon Jae manages to get out of his car and swims down to try and save Kyung Joon. We see the two guys’ outstretched hands mirror that of the angel picture they both have.

Yoon Jae and Kyung Joon are taken to the hospital, where Yoon Jae is pronounced dead and Kyung Joon is still unconscious but saved.

Yoon Jae’s body is taken to the morgue, which is where Kyung Joon’s soul wakes up inside of Yoon Jae’s body. I’ll call this post swap character Kyung Jae (whereas when and if Yoon Jae’s soul wakes up inside Kyung Joon’s teenage body, I’ll call that character Yoon Joon). Kyung Jae stares at himself in the mirror and doesn’t recognize this stranger’s body.

Kyung Jae stumbles out of the morgue and runs into Da Ran in the hallway. She had been crying in the hospital since getting news of Yoon Jae’s death, and now she’s ecstatic and relieved to see Yoon Jae alive. Da Ran hugs Kyung Jae, who calls her Teacher Gil and asks why she’s calling him Yoon Jae-shhi.

Kyung Jae explains to Da Ran that he’s Kang Kyung Jae, but that just leaves Da Ran even more worried and confused. Kyung Jae goes into the morgue to look for Kyung Joon’s body, worried that his real body is dead. In the morgue, Kyung Jae repeats Kyung Joon’s last conversation with Da Ran by the lake (the buing, buing cute move included) to convince her of who he really is, which leaves Da Ran shocked but unable to wrap her head about this impossibility that its Kyung Joon’s soul in Yoon Jae’s body. I don’t blame her.

Doctors check out Kyung Jae and the theory is that the accident might have caused him to be confused about his identity. Kyung Jae sees his aunt and uncle in the hospital and finally sees his own (Kyung Joon’s body) laying there in a coma.

A bloody patient being wheeled past him brushes against his hand and Kyung Jae has a frightening flashback to blood on his hands while his mother lays dead on the ground before him. He runs away from the hospital.

Da Ran sees Kyung Joon’s body laying in the hospital and learns that Kyung Joon was in the same accident as Yoon Jae. Remembering how Kyung Jae told her that he was Kang Kyung Joon and knew so much as her one-on-one conversations with Kyung Joon, Da Ran calls to find out Kyung Joon’s address.

When Da Ran arrives at Kyung Joon’s house, she sees his front door ajar so she walks inside. She sees Kyung Jae curled up in a ball on Kyung Joon’s kid bed. She walks over and leans down to stare at him.

When Kyung Jae opens his eyes, Da Ran asks if he’s Kang Kyung Joon? Kyung Jae responds “yes, Teacher Gil Da Ran.”

Thoughts of Mine:

I already ship Kyung Joon and Da Ran rabidly, so don’t be asking me who the OTP is. From all the info I’ve gleaned, it’s this noona-dongsaeng romance. The best part is that Lee Min Jung has fantastic chemistry with both guys playing Kyung Joon. Shin Won Ho nails the teenager who is too mature for his age while being emotionally wrapped in a shell. Once Kyung Joon goes into Yoon Jae’s body, Gong Yoo seamlessly takes over and his acting talents really come to the forefront and make you see that Yoon Jae and Kyung Jae are two different people. On paper this coupling doesn’t really seem all that plausible, but in execution Kyung Joon and Da Ran are so squeeworthy.

Storywise I don’t think the Hong Sisters are quite there. I don’t sense an overarching narrative the way they have usually structured their dramas, this feels more like writing around the soul-swapping fantasy plot device. Too bad the dialogue feels so ordinary in this drama, without any snap, crackle or pop. I’m not quite sure why the drama feels almost like a pale washed out version of what it could be. I found all the characters so far very superficially developed, though Da Ran and Kyung Joon get the most time for us to see their personalities. I thought there would be a viable love triangle but right now there is zip, zilch, nada between Yoon Jae and Da Ran. I’m not sure if Yoon Jae is guilting himself into marrying Da Ran or if he’s just emotionally withdrawn, because he’s sure not acting like a loverboy in the least.

What I liked about the strange OTP pairing of Da Ran and Kyung Joon is how they are emotionally quite at a level playing field. She’s rather immature for her age, he’s rather too mature for his age. It’s clear that something about Da Ran captivated Kyung Joon from the get go, and from there they will have to figure out how to handle this crazy soul-switching situation while balancing what is clearly never a teacher-student relationship between them. I also like how the main characters aren’t written as extremes in personality or intelligence. Da Ran is a tad on the oblivious and too nice side, but not so much I’m annoyed with her. When she finally confronted Yoon Jae, I realized that she does have a spine and I like that. While I’m not completely sold on Big (yet), the curiosity about the OTP is enough to keep me on the train for the time being.


Big Episode 1 Recap — 45 Comments

  1. First..Yay. after watching first episode raw link.. I actually like it especially we see u know… it was surprise of what u say about noona-dongseng relationship as I did not even got tha vibe from watching it.. In another note I like dr Jin.. THere are some pet peeves but so far so good.. As a gentleman dignity it. I love the other couple than the main OTP…

      • Yup.. I just adore her love her oppa so much. Also, I love the husband/wife couple too… In another note Koala unnie, you forget that one part of showing his body parts.

  2. Thanks for the recap! 🙂

    For a 1st ep, it’s not too bad. It’s setting up the story for the main characters right away who is who. I like that. I hope 2nd ep will start and carry the plot of soul swapping and how to deal with it it forward.
    Wondering if the two guys are going to soul swap back? or is this about him–a 18 yr old dealing with living in a 30 yr old body? hmm…

  3. Liked;
    Lee Min Jung, sweet and fresh,
    Shin Won Ho, eye candy,
    Gong Yoo, walk don’t stop….
    Teacher-student relationship…noona-dongsaeng romance, weirdness – craziness…
    Slomos…nicely done.
    Plot, Hong sisters always hit 21…I’ll wait for some aces…
    Thank you Mrs Koala…

  4. Thanks for the recap! Despite my love of the Hong sisters’ dramas, I was doubtful that they could have me buy the teacher-student(or student-in-dead-fiance’s-body) relationship, but they did. Lee Min Jung and Shin Won Ho definitely had chemistry with each other!

  5. I don’t know..I’m a fan of Hong Sister, but this time…as you said Ms.Koala, doesn’t seem like theirs, quite different…

    Well, let’s just hope it’s their time to evolve and left the cliche, but better built characters. =)

    Thanks for the recaps Ms. Koala!

  6. Yea, the poster sucks. That’s not Kyung Joon at all (when did he turn into a scaredy-cat, dork around her?) I’m shipping Da Ran with Kyung Joon OUT of boring doctor dude’s body. I hope Kyung Joon doesn’t suddenly turn into an immature, frightened, unbalanced school boy – that would destroy the chemistry between the lead OTP. (and I don’t mean Min Jung / Gong Yoo) Surprisingly I don’t feel chemistry between Min Jung and Gong Yoo at all.

    • Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung had chemistry ONLY in the very last scene of the ep. Which is to say, they have chemistry only when GY is playing Kyung Joon. But otherwise, it’s Shin Won Ho and Lee Min Jung all the way. I agree the posters make no sense, since Kyung Joon is totally not a robot playing, immature face making, video gamer, teenage attitude boy. o__O What the heck, Hong Sisters. I’m confused, but I’ll go with the flow for now.

      • That’s what I’m hoping they don’t do, it would completely destroy this one for me. KJ is a mature, smooth smartazz. And obviously very aware of his “effect” on her (which means he knows what sexual chemistry is) If they suddenly turn him into a frightened dork while he’s in Gong Yoo’s body, I’ll be pissed. But yea – I’m watching too for now.

      • I know what you mean.. I am having Secret Garden flashbacks, when Hyun Bin’s character after soul swap behaves… totally out of character.

        I really want the OTP to be Kyung Joon and Da Ran.. but I’m not sure where the story is going. I thought once the drama starts, they will spell it out as in every kdrama. I also hope we get to see some moments with Shin Won Ho (this is the first time I’m watching him, but he has charisma!). Gong Yoo wasn’t really there most of the episode..

      • but in the whole of episode 1, you don’t see Yoon Jae and Da Ran together at all. It might be on purpose for everyone to ship Kyung Joon and Da Ran. One would start to guess whether Yoon Jae was serious about marrying Da Ran (why the air tickets?). I really wonder how Kyung Jae is going to perform his duties as a doctor now. Suzy looks pretty full on in the preview for the second episode though. Quite scary as a GF

    • I’m agree with you. There is no gelling between GY and LMJ ,at least for the first episode.Now GY is acting as KKJ, I hope their chemistry will be better. I don’t want another Best Love, where the OTP has no charm or appeal.

    • can i butt in here? 🙂 i must say i love love Kyung Joon… and thanks for the early early recaps Koala sis!

      i love Gong Yoo, who doesnt? but, atm, the doctor’s character is boring me. i know this is a good start for expecting a character development on him. i also see the same for LMJ.

      over-all BIG is a big as it’s title… it’s wonderful and i expect to love it more later tonight when we Kyung Joon waking up. weeeeeeh to that!

      nonski xx [slayed noona]

  7. Thanks Koala. The first episode is OK for me. There is nothing great about it except Shin Won Ho.But Lee Min Jung’s character as Daran annoys me.

  8. I guess the reason I’m not eager to watch this is I’m unsure of how will the execution be..

    Because LMJ has a fiance already but she’s gonna start a romantic story with the high-school boy in her fiance body? I don’t know.. the whole concept seems confusing to me and although it’s a work by Hong-sister which is for sure I’m gonna enjoy… I’m still not 100% sure whether it’s gonna work out. If they really go for the romantic story with the boy in the fiance body, I will find it weird because it’s like betrayal towards her fiance…

    But then if LMJ still love her fiance until the end of this drama, when the souls swap back.. will her feelings about him still feel the same? Since she used to see the boy in her fiance body…

    Any weak execution may lead to a messy story imo.
    So, i’m waiting for it to air more episodes before starting.. I’m still looking forward this though.. because I love the cast

  9. You’re right that usually they’re faster off the starting point in their other dramas… but in almost all of them (though getting better each time, it seems) they hit that third-quarter slowdown where it’s nothing but separation and angst. I’m hoping that a slower start in this story is a signal that they’ll still have story-momentum in the third-quarter and we’ll get no bogged-down angst at all.

    Hey, I can hope.

  10. Wow.. I can’t believe thats how the storyline, I thought LMJ and GY are a lovey dovey couple all along and because of the body and soul switching over a young boy, they will become a stranger because the boy will falling over on Suzy character and I am not sure about that kind of story. But now… now I am on board!!! And I love Lee Min Jung, she’s cute even without trying so hard to be cute..

  11. Was completely taken off guard. Had no idea the show was taking this route but I was pleasantly surprised. Loved Da-ran and Kyung-jun. From the bus to the umbrella to school to the hospital. They work and MJ is wonderful. I also have to credit GY for embodying KJ so seamlessly that I didn’t care that YJ was gone. I was also so floored by lil Shin that I totally forgot that Gong Yoo was on the way. SYJ is not the guy for DR. He clearly doesn’t want what she wants at least not now or perhaps not in Korea? Can’t say he didn’t/doesn’t care for her but he’s not communicating with her which makes him appear not to love her or at the very least, place her in high priority.

    Either way, I’m onboard. Truly looking forward to see how this all pans out!

  12. A show that keeps you guessing. That is the hong sisters for you.
    I can’t see the ending for this one. Hopefully it will not end tragically.
    Koala, you are right about the low of laughs. All I felt was “wow.. that little boy is pretty good. Looks like a more affable L”. Lee Min Jung is perfect, endearing yet mature. You can feel her pain at YJ’s not being there for their wedding preparations (What kind of idiot doesn’t distribute his wedding invites?And what kind of silly girl not wonder why?). I think the courtship (between old YJ and Da Ran) will be shown as flashbacks throughout the drama.
    I am quietly shipping Kyung Joon and Da Ran. Kyung Joon makes a better BF than non-existent doctor Yoon Jae anyday

  13. I was surprised that there wasn’t going to be a real love triangle (girl—->2 guys). The doctor doesn’t seem like he’s into it! I think he was driving over to break it off. :/ Therefore! It’s easy to ship the new happy couple. ;D Very surprising. We’ll see how it goes!

  14. Thanks for the recap. I forgot it was even on. THANK YOU VIKI!

    It still amazes me that I don’t care about GY’s real character, but the one that’s borrowing his chiseled body.
    They had to make Dr. YJ a lifeless, boring man, or we would have actually felt bad that he “died,” or whatever happened to his soul. I don’t want him to come back and have an affair with Dr. Spy Myong Wol girl, IRL, Jang Hee Jin, was ALSO in Biscuit Teacher, btw.
    I want KJ to keep the body so Teacher Gil can also have it.

    By the way, GY needs to eat a couple sandwiches. YES, he is beautiful, but he needs fat on his body, too!

  15. For me Ep. 1 was about *drumroll* Gong Yoo’s abs and other godly body parts of his. That scene where he walked out like the greek god that he is, stole the whole freakin show for me

  16. I am also on the Kyung Joon – Da Ran ship. I just wanted to see more of these two throughout episode one, which was very unexpected. I don’t care for Young Jae, and he seemed very reluctant to marry Da Ran anyways. I just want to see how this OTP plays out because I don’t find anything else interesting about the drama so far.

  17. Okay. After watching second time with english sub… Hrmm… I do not know who to ship. All my mind was GJ abs and I went blank. =D Regardless, the first episode with eng sub. It is a typical love square within love triangle. I must say this is totally different of Hong Sisters drama. Therefore, I hope they keep on going and not going haywire with it later on.

  18. I suspect the Hong Sisters are branching out from their usual fare and trying to give us a more developed story without so much cute, but how they will manage it when the start is so … uneven? I think is how I felt about episode 1, uneven set-up and missing a lot of their usual razzle-dazzle.

    That said, if they are changing, HALLELUJAH! I don’t think I was going to be able to take one more overly cute Hong Sisters drama, so please move on …..

    I suspect we may have to go through some growing pains with them as they branch out.

    • And it doesn’t hurt that we have a lot of pretty onscreen while they grow.

      I am worried about the angels, though. Chubby Baby Angels and me don’t get along. I hope it isn’t some re-occurring visual theme like those bears in Goong and Playful Kiss. Cynical me just gags at that stuff.

      • Hah. Me too. Everyone likes Hong sister dramas, but I do not love any of their dramas. I did like My girl but that is it, and the others I didn’t finish at all….

  19. i’ve long anticipated this drama because of gong yoo. it’s a bit of disappointment that in the first ep, there wasn’t much of him there tho of course it is to be expected that he’ll have more screentime as the show progresses. but there were other disappointments as well. the umbrella scene was taken right out of howard’s end. and the same hong sisters female lead stereotype. and yes, it certainly gives off a familiar secret garden vibe. but hey, i’ve gritted my teeth right through the end of one fine day, watching it after falling in luuurve with GY in CP, i think i can handle most anything after that. ah, well maybe no. still can’t handle scenes of child abuse.

  20. lol, if it was a real life situation, they should have swerve their cars inward so they won’t fall into the water, but then at that same time, would the impact kill them from hitting the cement wall? hahah

  21. I think Gong Yoo did an excellent job playing both characters. I actually liked everyone’s acting, even the cheesey uncle and aunt, they were hilarious. I agree that the story seems to be floundering out of the gate though. I sure hope it gets better. If you remember, the same thing happened with Best Love, the story had parts where it just fell a bit short. But all in all, Best Love captured my heart with such a great cast. I think Big will do the same for me too.

  22. I actually really enjoyed the first ep, and I dislike Hong sisters dramas. I have never been able to complete a drama of theirs. Per usual one of their leads annoys the heck out of me with their childishness. I wanted to smack DR until the last 20 mins when she won me over with all the perfect emotions and maturity LMJ displayed. I just want to put her shattered heart back together. Surprisingly I do not ship the teacher-student relationship (not romantically that is). I am actually pretty meh about the guy portraying teen KJ (until the last flashback with the mom that is). I mean I like what I saw in this ep, which to me was DR giving the boy what he desperately wants/needs. The love/caring he has been missing since his mom died. And he in turn looking out for her/teasing/purposely annoying her like a younger brother would. The way he was gazing at the interaction between DR and her brother. All I could think was this boy doesn’t need a girlfriend he wants/needs a noona/family which I think DR and her crazy family will provide. Surprisingly I liked the doctor. Finally a male lead that acts his age and is not a spoiled richMr. Darcy or man child. He seems like a nice, intelligent, caring guy, who is a bit reserved, and just happens to be too busy with doctor duties and whatever it is that is plaguing him to be the all too perfect boyfriend/fiance. I like the opposites of he and DR and think they would balance each other out. I feel that what we were shown and not shown about him was done on purpose to make us like KJ and the KJ/DR ship. I believe as the drama goes on we will see flashbacks that let us know how/why DR and he fell for each other in the first place and why we should care about/want to know about the doctor. If he is dead or alive, what he was going to say, and all that jazz. I believe their relationship will be close to that of scheduler/yi kyung in 49 Days (you fall for them through their flashbacks only to be crushed in the end).

  23. it just occurred to me that probably the reason why yoon is was lukewarm about the wedding and seems to be planning to leave the country w/o da ran is that he is ill with a terminal illness. this is kdramaland, after all. XD. GY would not play so unsympathetic a character, would he? also, aren’t teacher-student relationships frowned upon, if not downright illegal, in most countries? but the prevalence of it in kdramas! lol.

    • The terminal illness is also what I’m also expecting, it’s the only reason I can think of for why he would have those medical text books open along with the miracle book. I think we can rule out a brain tumour though, nothing showed up in those mri scans.

      • Why would he continue with the wedding plans, though?
        He seems like a responsible enough person who would let his fiance know so she could have a choice. And not at the last minute….
        Hmmmm I hope not. I hate terminal illness as plot device.

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