Final Batch of Boong Do Stills from Queen In Hyuns Man and Ji Hyun Woo Prepares to Enlist

Haha, no, Ji Hyun Woo isn’t trying to kill himself after delivering a spectacular public confession of love, though who knew a grand gesture straight out of a K-drama could be taken so many ways. Ji Hyun Woo candidly confessed that he liked Yoo In Na at the fan viewing party for the final episode of Queen In Hyun’s Man, leaving fans gasping, management companies scrambling, and viewers split on whether it was romantic or inconsiderate. Since the stunning confession yesterday, Ji Hyun Woo’s management company Paramount Music said that they haven’t been able to reach him, but young people developing feelings is totally natural and this is Ji Hyun Woo’s love life so they are not going to interfere. Yoo In Na’s management company YG issued a statement that the two are not dating at this time and in the past are just co-stars. Right now they have nothing else to add.

YG allowed Se7en to come out dating Park Han Byul years ago, so I’m not sure they would prohibit Yoo In Na from having a relationship if it was her choice. For now, I’m hands off on what will happen between Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Ah, but it’s a hard uphill climb for him if you factor in the fact that he’s off to his two years mandatory service in early July. The landscape is littered with failed star relationships during MS (Hyun BinSong Hye Kyo, Choi Ji WooLee Jin Wook, et. al). Oh wells, whatever will be will be. In the meantime, have some of the last batch of official stills from QIHM featuring Boong Do, our beloved Joseon time-traveling scholar/player. With Ji Hyun Woo gone for two years, his Boong Do makes for a brilliant swan song. 


Final Batch of Boong Do Stills from Queen In Hyuns Man and Ji Hyun Woo Prepares to Enlist — 44 Comments

  1. I have to say, although i’ve only been reading recaps, QIHM seems to also be the perfect drama to rectify the wtfery that was A Thousand Kisses for Ji Hyun Woo 🙂

  2. Thank you.Thank you. These are gorgeous.

    That sword scene caused me to stop breathing AND hyperventilate at the same time.

    Really don’t know how she could turn down JHW, but, it is understandable considering he’ll be gone for soooo long. OMG, I miss him already!

  3. The last pic seems like he’s saying goodbye -unofficially- to us viewers. His posse is so natural *fangirling* I miss him already *sigh*

  4. Although he is brave he is not very considerate. People are already saying that YIA turned him down because of long wait of his 2 years service. YIA suddenly becomes a vain easy-flirting girl.
    His name will follow everywhere YIA’s next project which is not good for a rising actress.

  5. Koala do you think they are dating? I’m so sad, because even if they are, the army might slipt them up…

    Or maybe not, just make them realize they really like each other!

    YG allowed Seven and his GF but it only after 5/6 years (they were dating for this long!)

    So I think YG would let In Na made public her dating JHW, but only when they are sure they are going to last not just something of the moment (after playing lovers, feelings can be mixed and confusing!)

    But I believe Ji Hyun really likes her.

    I get sad when I read some people saying he did it without thinking about her and was inconsiderate. Then after the army news, they say even more how selfish he is for putting her in the spot light and going to army.

    This kinda reminds me when Hyun bin and SK broke up and people said HB was a bad guy for saying the news just a day before he going to army letting SK in the spotlight.

    Gah, but the companies didn’t deny, so I believe they are dating!

    And YN said she went to sleep 4AM yesterday. Maybe she was with JHW talking about the confession… lol

    • technically Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo had broken up long before his company broke the news and there was already a lot of speculation on their split because they had never been seen together for a while..probably even before he did SG…but I actually think that it was a good thing that Hyun Bin didn’t release the news till he left because that would have affected the drama …i guess what i’m trying to say is that people (the public) has a tendency to focus on the less important thing anyways

      • I understand Hyun Bin fall in love with Tang Wei when they film Late Autumn together.But for Tang Wei ,Hyun Bin is just a fling for her.She have man line everywhere waiting for her.I think late Autumn and SG are film at the same year ,right? Anyway HB and SHK relationship are in shaky position..

      • Whether they have been or start to date I don’t think YGent will let her admit to it simply because its a new relationship and with her only starting to make inroads in acting in the past couple years I don’t think they would let her risk damaging her career. Yes YG let Se7en admit to it but only after 7 years of dating and undeniable evidence. For years all of them denied the relationship until an obvious couple photo of Park Han Byul and Se7en labelled happy 7th anniversary from when they were in the states became public. At that point they had no choice but to confess and when he did he lost a large portion of his fanbase.

    • I don’t think we will ever know because YGent will never let her admit to it if it is true. He let se7en confess because he had no choice after se7en/han byul couple photos from the states became public. Since photos were labelled with their anniversary, it became publicly known that not only were they dating but they had been for the past 7 years ( this was 3 years ago, they have been together for 10 years as of 2012).

  6. hmmm….i was hoping they were already dating which for some reason doesn’t peeve me at all because other wise it kinda just makes this a bit of a mess when you take out the swoon-worthy aspect of the confession i…I’m more interested to know how much of an impact QIHM made in the drama scene and if it upped JHW’s popularity in some way cuz other than QIHM all his dramas in recent years have been dissapointing (imo and ratings wise) while I’m happy he finally picked a good drama before he’s gone for the next two years i wonder what it’s impact was

  7. This is why I hate drama OTP becomes real couple. They often end up breaking up and make the fond memory of the drama ugly. It is smart that they keep their private life private.

  8. Waaaahhhhh… I’m going to miss QIHM big time! But I shipped this OTP couple for RL, so I would be ecstatic if they indeed end up together. I hope YIN finds the courage to step up and admit to the relationship too. C’mon, it so obvious they are so much into each other, isn’t it? JHY’s confession is so brave and just upped him on the favoured scale for me.

  9. I don’t understand why Ji Hyun Woo bothered confessing when he’s about to enlist. That’s rather selfish, IMO.

    • Because he is in love and has nothing to lose. It’s not selfish, it’s just the nature of feelings.

    • If you really really love someone, it is torture NOT to tell.
      If she knew he would be enlisting, she would understand it was something he had to tell her. It was a big chance, but I don’t think it was completely selfish.

  10. HB and SK already split long before the army service. Its just HB make it public a day before to not effect SG. That’s so true.

    Now that l miss QIHM as it ended. For me JHW do not have to confess (its already happen anyway). He’ll be gone for the army service for 2 years and even they’re dating, just for a very short time, YIN l believe wont wait. l know JHW is a perfect man added with guts and brave enough for the confession, but should he talk to YIN first, or did they?

    But anyway, watching QIHM will tell us both of them really acted like true lover. Even no confession, l believe there is something between them. YIN just adorable for JHW to resist. All those kisses looks so real with both taking their parts well (unlike most K-dramas, girl just a wall). Anyhow, l love QIHM (l watched it 3 times ,LOL) and much l love YIN and JHW.

  11. was it a confession…or was it an announcement??? I dont understand wht they said but am curious to see the reaction (or rather the NON reaction) around him- everyone was bracing themselves thats for sure, even In Na studiously did not look at him..! so they knew and no one looked shocked on the other hand cant really see their expression! What I am trying to say is …it was something that everyone allready knows, and nothing new and in MY opinion he is only making an announcement of his feelings.

  12. aww….he’s going to go for mandatory service?
    oh well…thought i ship YIN-JHW but sometimes, i wonder if that confession was to promote the drama…=X

  13. aww….he’s going to go for mandatory service?
    oh well…though i ship YIN-JHW but sometimes, i wonder if that confession was to promote the drama…=X

  14. As awesome as the confession was, I can see why some people think it was inconsiderate even more so with the enlistment news. If they aren’t dating then it really puts her in an awkward position since its so public. On top of that its a topic that regardless of the outcome will always come up in her future interviews and with him enlisting she will have to deal with the bulk of the media scrutiny. If they are dating then it now puts their relationship under the media magnifying glass which this early in the relationship may not be something Yoo In Na is entirely comfortable with. On top of that YGent isn’t to keen on his artists and rising stars dating publicly so she will also have to deal with her company as well if they didnt know. If this was planned by both of them as a way to out their relationship then I applaud them but if this was solely an impulsive decision on Ji hyun woo, while I applaud is honesty and cohones to state it so publicly, I think he should of considered how this would effect Yoo In Na since she would have to deal with most of the fallout.

    As for him enlisting, rather than be sad I think I am going to just watch some of his earlier work and patiently wait for him post-military mandatory hottness (even though he is plenty hot and adorable already). Plus I have Gong Yoo back on my screen so no complaints from me.

  15. I didn’t like his other work too much ( let me not get started on A thousand kisses… >.< ) but for some reason i'm in love with him in this drama.
    I love the shot of him listening to ipod/mp3 with his phone up against his ear. I guess that's how he's been preparing for the heart breaking crying scenes.

    As for his personal life. I'll just leave that up to JW and IY to figure out.
    I'm just sad that we won't be seeing him for 2 years. Then again, i can't wait to see what he picks when he comes out.

  16. Ji Hyun Woo is so adorable ^__^..he’s like a mix of Rain and Lee Joon..Will miss him for the next 2 years, hope time flies by and oppa will be out making more hot dramas like this ^^;

  17. Yoo In Na is not a little girl peeps. I personally don’t want to care about the situation because, i don’t like that kind of angst, lol. But Yoo In Na is not a child, neither is Ji Hyun Woo. We make our bed, and we have to lie in it. So I wish them the best either way they go, but I think it would be best if we just say JHW confession was DAEBAK, even if a little OH Em Gee, and move on.

  18. why Ji Hyun Woo’s agency named Paramount MUSIC???…if they use “music”,,shouldn’t they focus on music?…*just wonder*

    • He has been in a band called “The Nuts” since before he was an actor which is why he is probably under paramount music. i remember in an interview i think in 2006 where he stated that he mainly went into acting to make more money since being a musician doesnt make much by itself. I think he is still the lead guitarist for that band and does solo music too.

  19. Ji Hyun Woo had caught my eyes and ears (anyone noticed his cute hair on the tongue? :D) about 2 years ago. I was surprised that he was not very well-known and was wishing his next roles to bring him more exposure.

    Where A thousand kisses failed, QIHM succeeded. I can not tell you how much my heart rejoiced with the overwhelming response of the audience, although mostly females.
    I just hope that the craziness over his confession will cease very soon, so that he can leave for his mandatory duty on an excellent note before coming back to us.

    This is a great choice of stills, Mrs Koala. Thank you. He really is dashing in this dark suit.

  20. Hello Ms. K,
    I just wanted to say “Thank you!” for this last batch of pictures. It is a nice way to say “goodbye” to the drama and to the actor (and by extension, to the rest of the cast and crew). Thank you also for the update on how their management companies have handled the aftermath of the finale viewing and everything associated with it. I liked your commentary, it is realistic.

  21. The first ever Kdrama that I watched starred Ji Hyun Woo. Taming of the Heir. I only watched it cause he was so adorable. A Thousand Kisses started off good but turned into a train wreck. QIHM has been redeeming for him. I will miss him….

  22. Geez…. here it comes again. A lot of “he’s being selfish” comnents when you even dont know all details. If you followed JHW you would know he’s a very prudent person and wouldn’t say this out of the blue. He said he would only say things he was confident about. He said he could handle media scrutiny.

    And have you seen pics when they watched the last episode AFTER the confession? They were sitting next to each other and whispering, giggling happily – does it look like she was bothered by his confession? His agency said they couldn’t reach him after the event. He had turned off his phone. And YIN said on her radio she went sleep at 5 am 🙂

    • actually at this point i’d be more concerned about his personal well-being first… cutting off contact with everyone including his agency… to figure out and organize his feelings… that sounds pretty intense! I think in this case, the best things his fans can do for him is to give him silence– room and time to work out his emotions (since immersion into a role can be very emotionally straining) so he can be himself again– unless you’re giving him messages of encouragement without things like “PLEASE DATE WITH YOO IN-NA!!” which would only add to his confusion (inability to figure out his emotions by himself).. then don’t say anything to him (not highlighting anyone in particular)

      if you truly care, keep him in your prayers!

      can’t think straight right now so sorry if this doesn’t make sense… i’m pretty tired too.. so imagine how bad it must be for him ><;;;

  23. I just read this news.. with this kind of news n JHW going enlisting for 2 years.. I think JHW just trying to mark his territory on YIN.. LOL.. While he’s away, he doesnt want his girl being lovey dovey w/ another man.. Ignores me if i’m wrong, but that what i can think of about his sudden confession..

    • wow. Maybe JHW oppa really doesn’t want YIN to go to that We Got Married stunt. I watched that episode 14 where Kim Boong Do confessed to Hui Jin? I looks so.. sincere. Hah. I’m really happy for them, despite what other people say. Oppa and I have the same birthday, and though I believe we are really IMPULSIVE in nature (Sagittarians are really like that and I’ve done some confessions like that in the past as well) maybe he felt that his feelings might be reciprocated, even a little. I watched again the QIHM in the eyes of watching a real love unfolding, and it was rather funny. Hui Jin asked in ep 7: If we would become lovers, what would be the consequences? (I tried not to laugh and tell my screen: Now you know WHAT will happen girl!) and then after the car kiss, Boong Do said: “My lover is here. Didn’t I say that I will try my best to be your lover?” And the date scene in episode 12. The sweet moment inside the phone booth. The tiptoe kiss. The kiss in episode 16. They are DAEBAK! Even if you are that good of an actor, chemistry is natural.It cannot be forced. And their acting doesn’t look AWKWARD in anyway. They really had something special. Maybe JHW thought by sharing this fact to the fans is his way of thanking everybody for the support that’s why he chose to be truthful. Maybe his inconsiderate or selfish and put YIN on the spot but maybe what he feels is more powerful that it overwhelms him. Anyway, even if 2 years would pass, do you think YIN could find another man like him? I sure hope not! Fighting JHW oppa and YIN! ^^ ♥

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