Piping Hot Spoiler Pictures for Upcoming Episodes of Big

I just had one of the most memorable dinners ever, capped off with a bottle of Opus One (so good I could cry), but I swear my evening got even better when I came home to find these pictures exploding off DC Gall. Lee Min Jung posted the latest spoiler pictures from Big, so be forewarned that it isn’t exactly subtle. No, the picture above isn’t it, though that picture of Gong Yoo playing baseball with the production team during breaks between filming reminds us all of what an jaw dropping gorgeous specimen of a man he is. If you read the spoiler in my last post, this won’t surprise you, but seeing is definitely better than reading. I have a smile on my face cheek-to-cheek. For now, I’m savoring all the happy spoilery bits, because knowing the Hong Sisters, all the angst will hit like a sack of ten ton bricks and leave me whimpering in the corner.

Lee Min Jung wrote on her Me2Day post:

Gil Da Ran with Seo Yoon Jae or Kang Kyung Joon? At the studio taking wedding pictures. This time I can get married!

The funny thing is that Min Jung has been wearing a wedding dress in ALL her dramas. She walked down the aisle with Gu Jun Pyo (Lee Min Ho) in Boys Before Flowers before crying off. She got dumped at the alter by her caddish groom in Smile, You before walking down the aisle for good with her true love (Jung Kyung Ho) in the same drama. And she wore a wedding dress in Midas though she didn’t get to walk down the aisle. Lucky girl!

Btw, I loathe her wedding dress. It’s hideous. Lee Min Jung looks great, because the girl isn’t capable of looking bad, but the strapless sweetheart neckline with the ruching on the bodice is just tacky. I hope if she does walk down the aisle in this drama towards the end, she’ll don something much classier and simplier. I suggest a tiered strapless Marchesa-style gown with a bustle train.

New spoiler pics of Mari with Kyung Jae and Kyung Joon. I see the picture with Kyung Jae probably happens the same night as the ending to episode 4 since they are both wearing the same clothes we saw towards the end of that episode. But the picture with her and Kyung Joon (walking down the street eating ice-cream) I’m fairly confident is a flashback, thought I’m sure it’ll be super adorable! Honestly, if I weren’t so sold on the Kyung Joon-Da Ran ship, I’d be pleased as a peach with Kyung Joon returning Mari’s affections, simply because I adore Suzy (she’s cheeky personified).But narratively I’m not feeling that reciprocation.


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  1. Dear ockoala:
    Thanks for doing all the latest updates for Big!
    Seriously, in forums like Baidu and krdrama, everyone is critical of this drama, claiming that Hong sisters already lose their edge while you and a lot of others, including me, hold the completely the opposite opinion. Now everyone is crazy about A gentleman’s dignity and remains nostalgic towards Rooftop prince, but seriously, for me, Big is a real gem, not only from Hong sisters, but also from Kdrama produced this year.

    For me, Big is appealing not only because the narrative is much more nuanced and substantial, but also because the directing and cinematography adds much depth and dimension to the narrative. You talk about the motif of hands, but there is constantly blurring of narratives, which presents potentially radical different facets of characters and realities, depending on the perspectives of each different character. The image is equally telling as the narrative, which is really rare in Kdrama land, where image usually becomes the subordinate to the narrative. I feel like that this time, Hong sisters give much more space and patience for the images as well as characters to connect or diversify. I am not talking about the beauty of the images, but the meaningfulness and the precision of each take. Very often, Hong sisters’ drama can easily turn to excess and deteriorate into an embarrassing farce, but this time, surprisingly the narrative and the image constitutes a symbiotic economy where moderation is pure gold.

    I still couldn’t believe that Big is written by Hong sisters! I am so glad that they are willing to break the mold!

    • I second this totally. A script of substance and great casts. To me, it is also potentially the Kdrama of 2012. Its such a intricate balance of which everything has to come together for a drama to be great. Scripts, directing, music, acting.. and to me Big has done it and I hope it continues to deliver.

      Opus One! I want to get a bottle of Caymas when Im watching episode 5.. and life will be perfect…

    • Totally agree, there is just so much more in this drama. While I’m a Hong Sisters fan and they have made me laugh so hard that….. well in any case that doesn’t mean that a lot of times they haven’t made me groan and ask my self “why do I keep watching this!!?” . The thing is that so far in Big, while I’m still laughing I’m getting so much more there is a connection to the characters, I’m looking at the entire scene not just a two characters bickering back and forth. And I don’t know how to describe it but there is just some sort of mood to this drama which I had never before seen in a Hong Sister Drama, its airy like spring but at moments so intense like summer and then those moments can turn as nostalgic or full of feeling like fall……………. and I wanna shoot my self with the seasons analogy but I just don’t know how else to even begin to explain it…..

    • At this point, I like Big so much I almost want to stop watching it–there’s no way it can live up to the sheer awesomeness of the first four episodes. I love how it’s slowly revealing its plot and characters, and always manages to keep you guessing. If the quality doesn’t fall off a cliff sometime in the near future, I can see it not only becoming my favorite Hong sisters drama, but my favorite drama *period.* Gong Yoo and the Hong sisters deserve a big kdarma back-hug for this one πŸ˜‰

  2. Was not really a Gong Yoo fan – even with Coffee Prince. I know, I know, I’m a crazy woman. However… That first picture of him with the baseball bat and I’m a total spazzing fangirl (and I use the term ‘girl’ quite loosely.) Holy Moly. Please, no one mention how old he is, so that I don’t feel so creepy. Why did I have to discover KDramaland so late in life? *sigh*

    • Hi Tammie. You know what? I am past 50yo but I still adore gong yoo, not his body but his acting, his voice, his charming personality. everything about him. i was before not a kdrama fan but when i came to watch coffee prince (i think that was ep 5) my liking, or call it admiration, for him started since then. i then looked for his profile in the net, and started searching for his past movies, past dramas, and even tv guesting. when he joined the ms, i also listened to him via live streaming at kfn. and now, here comes BIG. it really makes me look forward to Monday and Tuesday nights as i have to watch his drama. and as of now, i have started downloading the drama and watch the past 4 eps over and over again. CRAZY? ok then, but i am HAPPY and Gong Yoo makes me so. If i may ask, is the age gap of a man and a woman a big factor in korea?

      • Your reply made me smile. Sometimes I feel like the oldest one on these boards. *sigh* If I know I’m not the only older ahjumma here, I feel a bit better about myself as I admire these young men whose features are so pleasantly arranged. (My old lady way of saying they’re HOT!) Good thing my hubby just rolls his eyes at me and is secure in the knowledge of my love for him… πŸ™‚ Because I’m a fan of Big and GY now, Mondays don’t look so bad… I’m off to google GY and see what other stuff he’s done. Wish me luck! (I hope I make it to work on time!)

  3. A Gentleman’s Dignity I could not get pass ep 1, for some reason I thought the men were kind of gross. I love BIG, & I Do I Do. I judge a drama by how it makes me feel with diverse emotions.

    • You can’t judge a drama for a mere episode only, you should watch several episodes of AGD and I’m sure by Episode 6, you’ll be hooked. Like AGD, Big is also very entertaining and I like it a lot but for I do, I do, I don’t really like the story at all and i hate the characters.

      • I’m loving Big, but I haven’t even tried to watch AGD because I think the lead guy looks odd. I know plenty of others go ga-ga over him, but I just don’t see the appeal. But then, I didn’t see the appeal of Cha Seung Won throughout all of Best/Greatest Love. Then I watched City Hall and went “Okay, I get it now!” LOL I may try AGD at some point, though I’ll probably wait until it ends to make sure it doesn’t lose its mind before investing my time in it.

        As for I Do, I Do – I’m an unwed mother. Though I wasn’t a career woman in my late 30’s when I got pregnant (I was a college student in my early 20’s), I can still strongly identify with Kim Sun Ah’s character. Her story is what gets to me, much more so than the romance.

      • @never2muchcoffee
        I like you nickname;for me it’s never to much coffee… πŸ˜‰

  4. Can they do something about hair, in the most of dramas guys are having better hairstyles then girls!
    If it’s wedding I want all included! πŸ˜‰

    • Yup, they need to the works, makeup, hair, nails and everything else…. KY looks good and love GY inthe first pic. Although, sooo much better without the shirt… πŸ™‚

  5. Mrs Koala,

    Would it be ok to add a special warning sign/comment right before the 3rd pic? Because Gong Yoo leaning against the wall, looking upward in a somewhat whimsical daze, with his hands in his pockets, could seriously endanger our lives, with our hearts skipping a beat. Mine did. Several times actually, whenever I dared taking a look at the pic again. πŸ˜€

  6. After Queen In Hyun’s ended, l really do not have any other Kdramas that interest me. Since QIHM was soooooo good, i just couldn’t find any other drama to replace it. Anybody who dont watch it yet, please do,..and you will definitely not dissappointed.

    But since l’m a fan of Gong Yoo, l’ll definitely wont pass Big.Anyway, l dont have any other dramas to watch to. l’m sorry but other than Big, i find that other dramas just not for me. l dont like AGD, l do l do – to light for drama, Bridal Mask – too serious even l’m a fan of Joo Woo, no chemistry between the leads. Dr Jin also not for me but still read recaps bcos my beloved Soong Seung Heon.

    Still, Big is the only drama l watching now, its kinda of funny.

  7. I bet you’ve seen the hotter pics buzzing around every forums. woah!! i wonder if that’s still kyung jae soul. I hope it is and i think it will also be most likely to be him eh, i hope that he’s doing it not because of daran’s parents’ sake. fufufu, im melting it makes my heart flutter.

    • sorry for not sharing the links lol, i was gonna share the pictures but it takes time and i was in a rush just to share the info to the playground. Anyway, it seems you found it heheh, can’t wait either, I hope that it will be for this week i want it soon~~

  8. Since school starts this June here in the Phils. I can only watch I Do I Do and stop watching Big ep. 1 only. But the waiting days is very long for the next episode of I Do I Do ,Tue and Thurs. only. Based on your comments guys, Im now thinking to add in my list to watch Big and sacrifice a long night sleep….

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