Shin Won Ho Makes His Idol Debut with Cross Gene

Everyone knows I don’t do K-pop (or any pop for that matter). I’m a drama girl, and my knowledge of music comes from a love of the sound rather than the people who sing it. So a boybander can fall from the sky and land on top of me and I would have no clue who he is and which of the bajillion K-pop groups he belongs to. That is, unless he’s an actor as well and I love him. Case in point – Shin Won Ho, my cutest little boy wonder. I knew he was also a debuting idol but I’ve tried to avoid seeing him in that light, because I really don’t understand the fascination with cookie-cutter boybanders all doing synchronized dance moves. But Shin’s group Cross Gene debuted last week and is apparently a hit (so far). I find the name alright until I realized it was meant to symbolize the crossing of genes from various Asian countries since the group includes members from Japan and China as well. Ergh, have these people never seen The Fly? Crossing genes is icky and gross, and would not produce a cutie pie like my baby Shin. Anyhoo, have some pictures and MVs of the group performing, and feel free to add them to your K-pop roster. All I know is that Shin looks delightfully awkward as an idol all singing and dancing, and I’m looking forward to liberating him from this career and steering him into acting full time.

Yes, I have no clue who the other five members of Crossgene are, and I have no desire to find out. A few seem rather beefy and more like a 2PM member to me, but hey, what do I know.

Cross Gene “La-Di Da-Di” MV:

Cross Gene performing live:


Shin Won Ho Makes His Idol Debut with Cross Gene — 22 Comments

    • You’re not alone! I’m so happy that the boyband hype is over in Europe and US, it’s your turn Korea come on!

      • Oh, the 90s are making a comeback, big time. Boy bands are starting to come back, too – haven’t you noticed groups like The Wanted and their ilk are becoming popular in America and Europe again? It’s only a matter of time before everything old becomes new again.

  1. Oh Ms. Koala, you are in sooooo deep! I never in my life would imagine you to write an entire article about a debut! (Btw, I’m not entirely sure about your analysis about their popularity since just about every group is described like that initially.)

    Regardless of music, it only means that there will be more Shin pictures floating around! 🙂

  2. Have you seen “Bachelor’s Vegetable Store”? He has a small role in that drama. I couldn’t quite finish the drama as it veered into crazy half-way through. The crazy side story took over the main story. Anyway, he plays a former idol trainee turned veggie store monger.

  3. I agree with you….. SWH should be acting full time!!! That song is pants!!! Most of Kpop is actually but I adore him acting.
    I just knew Terada Takuya would pop up in a kpop group after seeing him on ‘Dream Team’….

  4. it took me a while but i finally figured out that my liking Shin Won Ho stems from him looking like wonbin, especially his lips and smirk!

  5. I do like some k-pop but I found this to be very cookie-cutter and got bored 2 minutes into the song. The bright-side is SWH could maybe get better drama offers once he’s an idol star. For example I think he would be a lot better at playing Sano in the Korean Hana-Kimi than the idol boy they’ve got in there now. So hopefully this odd foray into the music biz turns out some popular roles for him.

  6. Completely Off topic but have you seen the pics of Yoo In Na and Ji Hyun Woo dating?! I am not a fan of paparazzi shots of people in their private lives but I am happy that they are in fact dating and there is picture proof of such.

    Also I follow kpop and i think they have potential but not really feeling their song.

  7. Lol, the Cronenberg Fly commentary had me in stitches with laughter!

    I do follow kpop to a degree. As far as the idol group goes, it sounds like they’ve been making more of a splash as being from different places and having existing talents in the entertainment industry, rather than having skills in music particularly. Their debut doesn’t really stand out at all, even though with the Japanese-Korean-Taiwan connection, hope springs eternal that at least something wouldn’t had been so conventional. I dunno, set design, costume, melody, anything.

    One good thing can come out of this though: Shin will likely get access to a whole entertainment network from this and hopefully there will be a cross-cultural drama or film on the horizon for him as well. Or at least the opportunity for one.

    And re: Carrie’s comment above about the upcoming Hana Kimi remake, Beautiful You, it is unfortunately going to be a SM Entertainment vehicle. Which makes me basically believe that it’s going to be super campy. And also that some of the record agency’s strongest Idols-turned-actors (Jaejoong, Yoochun) had left the company before they actually got positive feedback about their acting. But yeah, outside of that, I actually want to see Shin cast as Shuichi Nakatsu because I’m evil that way. ;D

  8. I usually don’t comment but you just wrote about Kpop! LOL 😛

    So the first picture on top right corner, doesn’t Shin look like Eli from U-KISS? :O

  9. ” I’m looking forward to liberating him from this career and steering him into acting full time.”

    I fully support you in this 😀

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