A Supermarket Date is Coming in Episode 7 of Big

I’m starting the get the weird sensation of deja vu. Last June I found myself completely obsessed with a drama that ended up sucking months out of my life, and this June I seemed to have descended down the exact same black hole (though Lie to Meย started in May and ended in June, whereas Big started in June and will end in July). Funnily enough, the critical reception to the both dramas is converging – viewers either love it or they don’t. I’m seeing very little in-between, and the folks who love it tend to see and feel a visceral connection with this drama that is like a vacuum suck of attraction. It’s not quantifiable, and needn’t be, but I’m only chuckling at myself for treading the same path again. Oh well, I suppose it’s probably meant to me. Me and June dramas are forever kindred spirits. Come to think of it, City Hall also aired its final arc in June. Plus this being my birthday month, I think fate has a hand in these things. Speaking of which, fate clearly has a hand in the body switch, so I’m actually eager for Kyung Joon’s body to wake up so we can get the story moving on the mystery of the switch and his connection with Yoon Jae. I’m sure it’s coming, but so is what looks to be an uber-cute supermarket date in episode 7 between Kyung Jae and Da Ran. Watermelon shopping has never looked less mundane.


A Supermarket Date is Coming in Episode 7 of Big — 15 Comments

  1. Thank you Ms. Koala, just like 12 more hours of waiting here, with these pics. I can wait more confortable ^^.

  2. I don’t see they changing bodies so soon, why? Because KJ is the main character, right? If they change bodies soon this mean -> less GY’s scenes…… and I don’t see it happening, unless YJ does play a big big part in this drama and gives GY many and many scenes!

    Because hong sisters are like this, second leads -> not much screen time at all.

    And it is curious, I like big, but don’t love it and don’t think I’ll. I’m just enjoying it but something lacks and I’m not sure what. I just can’t connect with the characters and don’t ship KJ and DR.

    People keep saying it is addicting, but I don’t find myself going crazy to watch next episode at all.

    Maybe this is because I don’t like most of Hong’s sisters drama at all, this being the first I’m liking and enjoying….

    • I think the leading actor will be Kyung Joon in Yoon Jae’s body, I think they will not switch to their own body after all, just my opinion though,hehehe…

      • @Lizzie: it’s interesting that this is the only drama from Hong Sisters that makes me go insane. For me, what’s appealing in the story is not the typical romantic pairing, but characters grow up and share friendship together. It’s truly refreshing to see such a change in Hong sisters!

  3. I’m also obsessed with Big but it’s more akin to my love for Coffee Prince way back when it aired. Maybe it’s because I’m stressing over some school-related stuff like back then, which always leads me to watch dramas with more intensity (a form of escapism, I suppose). Plus, Gongyoo is in the lead for both. This drama has reestablished Gongyoo as one of my favorite actors. I actually hated Lie to Me but am glad we both love this drama. I hope it gets more recognition. Older adults (including my dad) seem to prefer the other offerings: The Chaser or Light and Shadows over this. I guess this is good, though, since all of the current Mon/Tues dramas seem to be getting some love.

  4. Me too!! Last June, it was Best Love for me. This year its Big. Since Best Love, I havent felt so sucked and consumed by any drama since…… until Big. It really does feel so de ja vu and Im basking myself in this whole obssession. Loving every minute of it. Thank god its Monday and I can stop burning my laptop with replays of episode 6.

  5. I was thinking about why someone would be dissatisfied with how Big is unfolding,

    Usually, BOTH parties get equal screen time: All versions of Freaky Friday, SG, All of Me, one of my all time favorite movies, 49 Days, Who are You?

    All we see of Yoon Jae is from flashbacks; he is NOT being fairly represented in this.
    This doesn’t bother me because what we did see was a boring and suitable son in law.
    I want to get to know KJ more because he is more interesting. I don’t care if we EVER see YJ as YJ again. This, I think, is where the fans get separated. Those who fell in love with KJ under the umbrella, and those that didn’t.

    Of course we are supposed to forget about YJ little by little, so later, when [that thing happens that we don’t expect] it’ll be even more shocking.

    They are playing with our expectations, and creating some sort of NEED (for some people, not me) to see YJ that’ll be filled later. I think they are very smart.

    • Well, is not that I don’t like KJ, because he is my fav character in Big lol

      I just don’t see KJ/DR couple

      But I would love to see them as a happy family, = brother – sister relationship ๐Ÿ™‚

      And I do want to see more of YJ ๐Ÿ™

      • Isn’t it interesting how we can actually say:
        “I want to see more of an character” played by an actor that we are seeing every episode?! It is magic, I tell you!

  6. Mrs Koala,

    I kinda hesitated to comment, because I only seem to write sidenotes (aside from me swooning over GY’s wonderful acting) but the mention of City Hall had me convinced to share my thoughts. By any chance, have you seen A gentleman’s dignity‘s episode 10 yesterday? At times, it was like watching our dear ole drama all over again:
    – when Do Jin broke YiSoo’s heart outside the restaurant, got into his car and kept looking at her in his rear mirror while seated, I thought of Jo Gukie breaking with Shin Mi Rae in the park and driving off while she was chasing him;
    – when Do Jin was wandering in the streets, looking to the right side of the road as memories of following YiSoo there without her noticing, again it reminded me of Gukie doing just the same with Mirae when the latter was walking through her tears. Maybe these are not the 1st similarities, but I haven’t watched the previous episodes.
    Of course, these coincidences are no surprise, knowing the writer/PD pairing behind both dramas, but somehow along the way, my heart fluttered. ^_^

  7. If Yoon Jae wakes up, It’ll surely develop and twist the story a bit. I’d like to understand why Da Ran had this shallow relationship with Yoon Jae, not knowing anything about him and still wanting to marry him. I know this is fiction, but it seems so absurd to a fiancee not know basic things about her fiance and not to have ever had the slightest physical contact. There’s something wrong with this Character! I find her funny, but I also find her too stupid to be true, and at the same time she’s a teacher, how is that possible??? kyung Jae, on the other hand, seems smarter than her, the student is way too clever than the teacher, go figure!

    My guess is that the authors want to show how immature she is and how she’ll make a perfect match for an 18-year-old, the writers seems to walking in this direction. I don’t think it’s bad choise, but If that’s the case I hope Yoon Jae stays in Kyung Jae body and vice-versa because I will look really weird if Da Ran ends with Kyung Jae in Kyung Jae’s body.

    Koala, I wish you a happy birthday. Nice to know that you’re from June like me. Hope you don’t drop the discussion and recaps about this drama, I know it has its flaws and its predictable bits, but it has been really nice to watch this drama, Gong Yoo is really a good actor, and also your blog is the nicest place to talk about drama.

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