Koala Drops a Theory on the Big Soul Swap Mystery

I think I might have solved the big mystery in Big – the connection between Yoon Jae and Kyung Joon, which leads into why their souls switched during the accident. Of course nothing can truly explain away the magic involved, but I think I have the context and the raison d’etre. This is completely my speculation after mulling over all the clues left in the first 8 episodes, but I think my hypothesis is rather sound. If I’m right, I’m totally going to pat myself on the head and pop some champagne and dance around the room like a fool. Look at the picture above, which mirrors the picture on the Miracle book, and my theory flows from a moment of magic that is rooted in a debt to be repaid. Read on and ponder with me.

I think Kyung Joon was either a (1) savior sibling to Yoon Jae, or (2) simply a matching donor. I think young Yoon Jae was a sick and needed surgery to survive. A savior sibling is a phenomenon whereby parents have a baby to save the life of an older child who needs a transplant donor that is a genetic match. This issue has ethical considerations, but has been more accepted in modern times. It was said that Yoon Jae’s father drew the Miracle picture when Yoon Jae was a child. That meant Yoon Jae’s father was hoping for a miracle, and the one that could only happen with two children. So whether Kyung Joon was born specifically to save Yoon Jae or they are not related but happened to match, either way Kyung Joon’s life was used to save Yoon Jae’s in the past. Yoon Jae’s dad was praying for a miracle, and it turned out that Kyung Joon was match for Yoon Jae, which explains why Yoon Jae is alive.

The explanation for the Miracle book is sooooo clear in explaining the connection between the two guys – one’s life saves the other. “One child saves the other” – Kyung Joon was born to save Yoon Jae, “So the other child can save another” – Yoon Jae grows up to become a pediatrician and his life is literally about saving the lives of children. Kyung Joon’s birthday June 24th is important to Yoon Jae because it represents the day he was reborn, because with Kyung Joon’s birth he was given another chance at life. That is why the date is important for everyone in the Seo family, as evidenced by Yoon Jae’s mom reminding him about that day. The accident likely caused this Miracle book’s meaning to become circular and supernatural – Kyung Joon saves Yoon Jae, so that one day Yoon Jae can save Kyung Joon, even if means giving his body to Kyung Joon just like Kyung Joon gave a part of his body to Yoon Jae.

So Yoon Jae knows that his life was saved by this boy, and he probably found out that Kyung Joon’s mom died in LA so he was headed there to bring Kyung Joon back. He was reluctant to tell Da Ran because how could he explain that he had a little brother/a donor that saved his life. If Kyung Joon was a savior sibling, this might not even be legal in Korea, which explains why Yoon Jae and Kyung Joon grew up in the US. I think the soul swap could have happened ONLY because part of Kyung Joon is inside of Yoon Jae. My theory on why it happened is that Kyung Joon was in the water longer so he was almost at the brink of death. When Yoon Jae’s hand grabbed his, the souls switched so that Kyung Joon could be saved through Yoon Jae’s body, while Yoon Jae lies in Kyung Joon’s near death body.

I think the hospital death of Yoon Jae was a feint. I was always wondering about that, how Kyung Joon could be saved and in a coma while Yoon Jae was declared dead. The accident sequence showed that Yoon Jae got some air in the car before diving down to save Kyung Joon, whereas during this entire time Kyung Joon was in the water. Unless Kyung Joon has some Aquaman lung capacity on him, all signs point to him biting it before Yoon Jae would. I think Yoon Jae was declared death because Kyung Joon’s soul hadn’t yet attached to Yoon Jae’s body, hence the body is “dead” because it had no soul. It suddenly popped back to life in the morgue when Kyung Joon’s soul “awakened” in the new body.

I wonder if Yoon Jae has been keeping tabs on Kyung Joon, and knew what he looked like. If Yoon Jae knew that Kyung Joon was his donor and saw him underwater (remember that Kyung Joon’s helmet popped off so Yoon Jae could see his face), then him diving down and the soul switch could have been all proactive on his part. As he’s saving Kyung Joon, he could be praying for a miracle to save this boy the way his life was saved by him. If Yoon Jae didn’t know who Kyung Joon was and was diving down to save him, perhaps the soul switch was beyond either of their control and the Heavens way of evening out the score. Kyung Joon’s life being used to save Yoon Jae’s might also explain why Kyung Joon’s mom seemed so well off, she might’ve gotten paid for the procedure hence the guilt all around from the Seo family.

I don’t think the Hong Sisters have yet to throw anything into the drama that doesn’t have a reason. Da Ran’s parents, with their 16 year age gap and former teacher-student relationship, is clearly a NEON sign showing how a couple can overcome the very same odds between Kyung Joon and Da Ran. LOL, how could Da Ran’s parents ever object to her liking her former student. Haha, that would be the pot calling the kettle black. Kyung Joon’s uncle and the Vice Principal’s crush on Da Ran’s mom and dad, respectively, clearly echo the crushes on Da Ran by Teacher Na and on Kyung Joon by Mari. While it’s pretty heavy handed with all the parallels, at least I see what it’s meant to convey.

So my theory bodes ominous clouds for the future. I worry more and more that either Kyung Joon or Yoon Jae’s body night not survive. I’m pretty much sure Kyung Joon’s soul is going to be the end game, but in which body is uncertain. What if Yoon Jae wakes up and discovers that the donor (maybe brother) he is most indebted to, is in love with Da Ran, and that she loves Kyung Joon back. I bet he’s going to be the noble party here and back off. Some folks felt bad for Yoon Jae, crying how unfair he’s in a coma and can’t explain himself or compete with Kyung Joon on even ground. But if my theory is true, then there is no unfairness because Yoon Jae is paying back a life debt to Kyung Joon.

Can I toss out another possibility? What if there wasn’t a “switch”? What if Kyung Joon’s body is merely a shell without a soul? What if Yoon Jae’s soul is NOT in Kyung Joon’s body, but is instead laying dormant in his own body while Kyung Joon is the active soul. Just like the two sisters in 49 Days shared one body while the other laid in a coma, here the same thing has happened, except Yoon Jae’s soul does not switch back and forth with Kyung Joon in controlling the body. The reason Kyung Joon jumped into Yoon Jae’s body was because his body was comatose, so perhaps Yoon Jae never left but is instead giving Kyung Joon a chance to live. This would explain why at the end of episode 8, Kyung Jae left his body momentarily at the airport and returned to Kyung Joon’s body in the hospital, but there is no indication that Yoon Jae returned to his body. Perhaps what’s required is for Kyung Joon’s body to heal and when it does, Kyung Joon will return to his own body, and then Yoon Jae will have control over his body again.

This kicker in the above theory is that Yoon Jae has been aware of everything happening since the accident, he’s merely a silent observer and unable to speak up. I’ve always felt like Yoon Jae was a passive character, and if he was a sick child, it makes sense that he would be withdrawn and on the quiet side. When Se Young said that Yoon Jae always felt empathy for the old and weak, that jibes with a man who knew what it felt like to be weak and helpless. If Yoon Jae was saved by Kyung Joon, then it explains why he has such a strong guilt complex. He would feel like he owed his life to someone else’s sacrifice. Hence when Da Ran was injured by him, it would be possible for him to want to take care of her life. That doesn’t mean he didn’t like her, because I think he does like her.

My theory works to eliminate a character motivation I personally loathe – guilt. I hate how guilt makes characters do stupid and pointless things, especially if the guilt isn’t based on something the character did. If Yoon Jae was repaying a debt to Kyung Joon in saving his life, then letting Kyung Joon’s soul inhabit his body isn’t something Kyung Joon needs feel any guilt towards Yoon Jae. Similarly Yoon Jae can stop acting all shifty and come clean with his life, as he appeared to have validated his second chance at life and turned out to be an upstanding doctor. As for Da Ran falling for Kyung Joon, I don’t think there is any right and wrong in love. Da Ran and Yoon Jae weren’t married yet. I do think Da Ran will feel guilt if she picks either guy towards the end when she’s obviously going to be asked to choose. But I would love for neither Yoon Jae nor Kyung Joon to feel like they need to be the noble idiot. I want them both to compete on equal footing for her heart. As for which guy wins, let me say that Hong Sisters have a gaping chasm to cross to find an ending that satisfies the masses. I like to think my OTP will have their happy ending, but I’m too numb by dramas pulling the rug out from under me to hold such high hopes. I’m just enjoying the happy moments while it lasts.


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  1. I got as as far as donor sibling theory myself but didn’t think about all the other aspects. Amazing theories! Hope you’re right.

  2. Koala, a donor sibling was the first thing that came to my mind too when I heard the phone conversation between Yoon Jae’s parents. And yes, I like your theories very much though my head hurts just thinking about all the implications should Kyung Joon’s soul come back to his own body and end up with Da Ran. It can only work if they do another time jump but even then I will still have a hard time with it visually because I’m so used to seeing Gong Yoo as Kyung Jae.

    Anyways, thanks for sharing your theories. I’m really excited to see how the second half of the story will unfold.

  3. I have to say that I haven’t put that much thought into connecting the dots, but you know, with the Hong Sisters it’s crutial to do that. They are very thorough with putting tiny pieces of the puzzle early on that people sometimes do not catch. They are some brilliant writers, not always perfect and sometimes the storyline can drag whilst they strive to get from point A to point B, but brilliant writers all the same.

    Thanks Koala!

  4. Wow. That’s so interesting & drama reasonable. I like. I’m hoping for more romantic moments in future episodes.

  5. Wow – the donor/sibling theory sounds credible. Quite sure that KJ and YJ are brothers. Same father, different mothers. I thot of another bizzare theory, Mari’s father is also KJ’s father, that means, they are brother/ sister. KJ ‘s father has an affair with KJ’s mom and but didn’t know she was pregnant. When they later reconcile, they decided to get married. YJ’s mum was always aware about this ‘other’ woman, who is KJ’s mum. YJ’s mum seems to know the ‘other’ woman’s name – when her ex-husband told her “Choong Gi is dead” . Maybe not, Mari’s dad just another guy ! In the end, Gong Soo will end up with DR, just not sure which soul ?? Quite hard to imagine the young KJ next to DR as OTP physically.

  6. If you’re right,this drama is really different from their last ones.More dramatic!
    Yesterday,we saw a picture of YJ’s dad,KJ’s mom and i guess KJ when he was young.So they all know each other.
    I wonder why KJ didn’t contact his father even if he’s not in Korea and he must know what YJ look likes.So, why didn’t he recognize him?
    But it is an old picture ,maybe they are not close now . KY’s uncle didn’t seem to think that it was KJ’s dad who lived in his house

    • No, the picture was Yoon Jae’s dad with Yoon Jae’s mom, which means the little boy in the picture is most likely little Yoon Jae. It was definitely not Kyung Joon’s mom. Look carefully. So far Kyung Joon’s relationship with the Seo family has been teased but no confirmation yet via any pictures.

      Also, Kyung Joon grew up without a dad. That little boy looks about 8-9 in the picture. I doubt Kyung Joon wouldn’t remember taking a picture with his dad at that age. The character descriptions say Kyung Joon was raised by a single mother hence he and his mother have an extra close bond with each other.

  7. i hope the story goes this way…
    yoon jae soul is in limbo. ( just like in the movie “heart and souls” ) stuck on the side of kyung joon due to unresolved situations. Neither of them will die at the end since both bodies are still around. When they learned that their brothers that the time that yoon jae take over his own body to save kyung joon physical state as a doctor and eventually kyung joon wakes up on his own body, Yoon Jae remembers the events and kyun joon will pretend to have an amnesia to keep his words not to fall in love with Da Ran and that he will not hurt her anymore. Yoon Jae ends with Da Ran and Kyun Joon with Ma Ri. 🙂

  8. I didn’t consider Yoon Jae and Kyung Jon to be savior brothers because they both seem pretty healthy to me.

    I love the possibility that Yoon Jae’s soul is in his own body together with Kyung Joon’s. It makes sense if that Yoon Jae came back at the airport or trying to when he had they were going to a honeymoon together. But that opens up a whole quandry of issues, Daran married both of them and they are both in love with her. Still messy!

    Even if Yoon Jae saved Kyung Joon as payback, I still don’t forsee how Kyung Joon and Daran won’t feel any guilt because he technically stole his brothers girl

    • I always thought Kyung Joon may have been a result of an affair but that won’t explain the significance of his birthday.

      • Me too. I also believe KJ is the result of an affair between his mother and YJ’s father. Maybe that explains why YJ’s mother talks about KJ with unkindly terms like “that child”. I probably going to far here, but I think YJ’s mother ordered the death of KJ’s mom, or worst, she ordered the death of KJ but his mother was the one wrongly shot. The death scene really looks like a premeditated murder.

        Koala, nice theory…it makes sense, explains a lot about YJ and his relationship with DR and his connection with KJ. I can totally buy it.

    • I agree – such a mess of complications. But I have faith THS will figure it all out. I get this feeling they mapped out the whole story already, but I could be wrong.

      I personally really hate that people falling in and out of love, when there are no marriage vows binding them, ought to wallow in guilt and feel like someone “stole” someone else. Kyung Joon didn’t “steal” anyone, and Da Ran doesn’t “owe” Yoon Jae anything at this stage. Broken engagements might be embarrassing, but it’s better not to get married when there is doubt. If Yoon Jae had broken the engagement to be with Se Young, I don’t think there is anything “wrong” with that either. A person has a right to change his mind before making a lifelong commitment, and handle the consequences with maturity and consideration. But that’s really how I ideally think relationships should work.

      If Yoon Jae liked Da Ran and woke up finding out that she’s fallen in love with Kyung Joon, I would feel terrible sad for him, but there wouldn’t be this feeling of he’s been wronged or the other two ought to feel guilt.

      I hope THS cuts it with guilt trips on this drama, because lord almighty it sends the message that unwed relationships ought to be sustained for the sake of not feeling guilty for feelings that change. Marriage changes the story – that’s a commitment made under the law, and probably God. That shouldn’t be easy to just change your heart, and ought to be accompanied by guilt and some self-flagellation.

      Anyways, I like the story so far not having anyone feeling too woe-is-me. Even Se Young’s candid self-righteousness sits fine with me.

  9. Finally! Someone else who caught on about the big age difference with her parents. AND the thought that JY is still in his own body. Totally thought that YJ was trying to kick KJ out of his body so he wouldn’t take her on a honeymoon. Why else wouldn’t he have collapsed on the floor of the airport?

    All your donor theories rock!

  10. I agree with the theory, but only with the donor part. I hope they are not brothers, it will be easier in the future for DR and KJ to be together.

  11. Now that they are married ,i’m afraid that there will be separated again .
    She married him because she still likes YJ but i guess in the end she will love KJ.
    And if he returns to his body ,her parents will not understand that she loves her student
    So ,they will be forced to take some time.

    • If YJ comes back, I think that DR will have a big wake up call when she rediscovers how boring he was. My belief is that she will come to miss the KJ version something fierce.

  12. Daebak Unnie! Daebak! OMG I guess you’re a genius! Gosh, this drama (which I have never watched, just read the recaps) kept me up all night trying to make sense out of all the chaos. I guess you’ve been through the Hong Sisters’ heads. So it’s like that Cameron Diaz’s film, My Sister’s Keeper I think it is. Yes, I think that’s what’s behind this story, daebak! Yes, I was also wondering why KJ didn’t collapse or something when he was out and back to his own body (for awhile). So who was left standing there? The dormant soul of YJ? Wow. Gosh, then yes, Yoon Jae will find out or maybe knows already that DR and KJ are now well, in love, and he might think that it’s best that he back off, I mean he would sacrifice himself for the one who gave him his life (and well, KJ’s body has to go because wow, it’s been lying on that hospital bed for ages). Oh gee. So we have KJ in YJ’s body forever? Well, that’s more like it really. Daebak! Kumawo Unnie! You gave me peace of mind. For now. But really I’m still itching for the next ep…

    • What if they really are sharing a body. What if “he” becomes a dual personality with both guys switching in and out of the same body for a while?

  13. Some great theories here! ^^ I hope that it goes that way. THS sure have people guessing with this drama. Me, I can’t see where it’s going with the so many twist–just not sure who’s going to end up with who. I will relax and just watch this show unfold. 😀

  14. Ms koala, your theory is amazing and seem very plausible & sound.
    Is it true that you spend most of your free time thinking, surfing, watching
    etc, all BIG-related stuff? 🙂

  15. Ms koala, your theory is amazing and seems very plausible & sound.
    Is it true that you spend most of your free time thinking, surfing, watching
    etc, all BIG-related stuff? 🙂

  16. I think your theories is very interesting, something to think about… hmmm not bad, I still can feed my addiction to this drama thanks to you ockoala. mean while I can’t wait for next monday, hopefully you can provide us with preview for episode 9,hehehe…

  17. Well, I’m also going to pat myself on the head if it’s true, because I already came up with this idea after watching episode 4 of Big.
    I wrote you about it here:
    “About the “miracle” thing:

    The mother and Yoon Jae are acting like they lost someone, maybe a brother.
    So I think they shared something on the day Kyung Joon was born, the two family. Maybe it was “just” a transplant(this is why he is really into the cancer promotion).”

    I love that there are still 8 episodes left, and I already feel like I’ve watched 16. 😀

    What I don’t get -after watching episode 8th- is the murdering case of Kyung Joon’s mother. It looked like an execution to me, not a robbery. And his mother was very (too) acquiescent.

    • The robbery and shooting Kyung Joon’s mother part makes me scratch my head too. If it’s a robbery or an execution, why did the shooter spare Kyung Joon’s life? Why would they leave a witness or is it just a choppy editing/scene? I hope there’s a good explanation on that part or it wouldn’t make any sense at all *sigh*

      • Yes, they are the from the “Hey You” Gang
        When the mob doesn’t want it to look like professional hit, they hire these two goofballs. They may appear to be bumbling, but they never miss their target.

      • Jomo so funny . Thanks for the comic break amidst all the serious ponderings and angst on this drama

    • You know, I had also been thinking about the possibility of KJ being a donor for YJ. The only fly in that ointment is that he doesn’t take any anti-rejection drugs. I do think that there was some sort of childhood illness connection between the two (which would help to explain why YJ was attracted to pediatric medicine), but I can’t see how they could go the “transplant” route. Even a bone marrow transplant requires drugs, I think.

      I do believe that umbilical cord blood transplants have a smaller chance of rejection, so I’m not sure if a person would have to be on drugs for his whole life after having one. That might be a viable connection between the two, and explain why KJ’s birthday is significant (the day he was born also being the day YJ was saved from his illness).

      Great theories Koala! I especially like the idea that YJ is still aware and inside his own body.

      • If it was a bone marrow transplant or a cord blood transplant, then he wouldn’t need anti-rejection drugs.

  18. I love these theories! I love to read your thoughts on dramas. I’m not entirely sure that Kyung Joon and Yoon Jae are brothers, but I do see that as a possibility. Especially in a kdrama. The idea that Yoon Jae is a spectator in his own body is very intriguing to me. It would be fascinating to see how it would play out for him to have to confront everything someday, especially after having witnessed Kyung Joon and Da Ran’s relationship
    I also just want to comment on your statement that Yoon Jae likes Da Ran. After the first episode, I thought he was a total cheating jerk. But after all the glimpses we get of their relationship, he really was very sweet. My interpretation is that he likes her, but is uncertain. Maybe about their future. Maybe about himself. Maybe about her true feelings/motivations. I’m liking him more and more as we see flashbacks of him, and not just his hesitation right before the wedding from the first episode.
    Anyways, just my two cents.

  19. So, you’re saying KJ all existence was for YJ, to save his life…how sick is that. If this is some kind of Padam, Padam again, at least I should get some cute bromance photos.
    But if you flip situations, maybe this is way of telling none can escape, faith, you can delay it, but you can’t escape…

    I won’t be surprised if we gonna have two souls in one body, and in the end someone’s gonna take sacrifice…

  20. Cool theory!I was thinking perhaps yoon jae’s father had an affair with kyung joon’s mum and so just happened that when yoon jae was in need of a donor, kyung joon was born. So kyung joon was used to save yoon jae, kyung joon’s mum (with kyung joon in tow) was kicked to the curb by yoon jae’s dad (but given a boatload of money for her efforts). That would also explain why kyung joon’a dad was never mentioned before.

  21. YOu are freaking brillant!!!!!!!!! My hair is standing reading this post!

    I rewatched episode 8 and has a gut feel that the whole episode was set up to bring forth the soul switch moving forward. Your theory would be what it takes to bring it all together…….

    I may be wrong but I actually do think part 2 of Big will be about YJ..

  22. Very nice. I also had a “Eureka!” moment when they referred to KJ as “that child.”
    KJ donated something to 12 year old YJ, which saved his life.
    That was as far as I got. Funny that I woke up and found ALL THIS written down….Lots to ponder.

    I still think that YJ died. It wasn’t immediate at the scene, but he died at the hospital.
    Playing with your theory:
    YJ died on the table. His soul starts towards heaven. Dead Angel KJ Oma is up there in the Sad Soul Soup. She has not been able to move on yet. Because of the suddenness of her murder, things with KJ couldn’t be resolved. She needs KJ to achieve peace and acceptance. For some reason, she thinks it’ll help KJ to live in YJ’s body for a time.
    Dead Angel Oma stops YJ and asks for his help.
    “Your little brother saved you. Can’t you do him a solid and let me put him in your body so his heart/soul/mind gets healed?”
    YJ, DEAD, agrees, BOTH souls go into his body. One alive, and one ready to move on once this favor is paid back.

    That means when they switch back, YJ will die. KJ gets his own body back.
    Difficulty and opposition ensue, but love between KJ and DR wins in the end.

    Gong Yoo’s career is in a place where his success does not require the character to have a happy ending. He didn’t shy away from The Crucible script, he certainly wouldn’t mind a heavy ending in this show.
    PS It still blows my mind that fans are Second Lead shipping Dr. Seo, want to see him on screen up with the girl, while watching GY with the girl.

    I think at this point, there is no way they are going to keep KJ and DR apart in the end. After a time skip. DR and KJ live happily ever after in Canada. Somewhere near Vancouver, cause it’s really pretty, there, too.

  23. WHY END!? I loved your theory so much that I wanted to read more on it! Truly amazing! Like you said, “If I’m right, I’m totally going to pat myself on the head and pop some champagne and dance around the room like a fool” GO AHEAD! You truly deserve it LOL 😛 Hong Sisters never leave something hanging and usually explain why important things happen with very good and reasonable explanations and I think you’re right on! I was nodding my head and smiling throughout the whole post because it seemed like you were telling a story!!!:D

  24. and i think the hong sisters will go towards gil daran and kyung joon getting together!! cause it was revealed in the recent episodes that daran’s parents were in the teacher-student-relationship and now married.

  25. Good theory… I thought of organ/bone marrow donation, too. I do wonder where YJ’s soul is… interesting idea that it is still in YJ’s body and dormant or passive.

    The biggest worry I have with this drama is that while I love KJ’s character and the maturity and growth he experiences and think he would be a good match for DR, I think it only works in YJ’s body. I’m not sure how they are going to get around the fact that it is YJ’s body that we’re associating with the potential OTP. Also, the real KJ looks physically too young to match DR. With the other student/teacher dramas, at least the student didn’t look 18, but the KJ does.

    I also worry b/c out of all the HS dramas I’ve watched, I’ve only liked one. All the other ones, I found the second half either awful( HGD) or just boring where the conflicts between the characters got repetitive or ridiculous and I stopped caring.

  26. But if the missing child the dad mentioned is KJ, it does not make sense that he couldn’t find him for the whole year. Firstly, KJ is not a run-away. He came back Korea to attend classes, inherited his mom’s assets, or now staying in the hospital under his relative’s custody. Nothing secret or so. Even if the dad just thinks he still lives in the US, he should have contacted his friends or school and should have found out he is not there anymore. The dad is a famous doctor (I assume from Se Young’s intention to know him). So I guess it’s not hard for him to make some connection to the boy’s situation.

    • Agree. It’s not that credible.
      They just need to get in touch with the uncle, or follow the insurance bills to the hospital.

    • No, in episode 8, Yoon Jae’s dad says he JUST found out that “that child’s” mom died. He says an urgent matter came up. So he found out recently and not a year ago, so he’s just starting to look for “that child”. This actually makes it seem less like the boys are siblings and maybe just matching donors. If they are siblings, I can’t imagine YJ’s dad not keeping track the entire time. If they are just donors, then maybe once a year on KJ’s birthday they get together to celebrate the Miracle of him saving YJ’s life.

      • Chills, koala, pulling it all in with one thread.
        You are right! Why would he know immediately if the mother of the donor who saved his son was dead, alive or anything?
        THAT child.
        Non-jealous mother.
        No communication between them – KJ/YJ – but some awareness on YJ’s part.
        YJ becoming a pediatrician.

        Only questions – Why wouldn’t he tell DR about KJ? I guess we can chalk it up to his communication issues, but still.
        And why didn’t he hand out the wedding invites? Why was he reluctant?

      • Jomo dear,

        How about this new twist. What if Yoon Jae was getting sick AGAIN. And the ticket to LA was to go find Kyung Joon to get another donation surgery. Ah HA! What if Yoon Jae didn’t know about Kyung Joon’s mom getting shot and dying, so he wasn’t going to pick up Kyung Joon. He was going for his own needs, which is why he was hesitating to marry Da Ran AND couldn’t bring himself to tell her why (that he was sick and needed to go beg a donor to save his own life).

        BUT, my silly theory would then suppose that Yoon Jae’s body is sick, so how come Kyung Joon hasn’t experienced anything in the year he’s been inhabiting it? So I dunno if this theory holds, and it could be the symptoms are not yet manifesting.

      • I love your theories, Koala. Just my two cents to clear out the mess. Okie, if they celebrate every year, then what happened to KJ’s last year birthday? I believed this should be when KJ in YJ body already went back to America with YJ’s mom (since DR didn’t celebrate his birthday). If they gathered, shouldn’t KJ have known something about it? Or they simply skipped it since YJ lost his memory?

      • I think they skipped last year’s celebration because YJ supposedly lost his memory.

      • Ah HAH!
        Relunctance to get married because of him being ill? OK.
        Wanting to go back and be a leech again on his cute Shin-shaped host? Priceless.
        It would be a tough phone or video call conversation, he would want to go in person and talk with KJ and the mother.

        The reason he has been “healthy” in the last year is the same reason he is currently NOT DEAD. MAGIC ANGEL wishes.

  27. Definitely sensing the donor sibling vibe. The tingling started around the celebration of the birthday and this episode has move it from tingling to outright shaking.

    I had considered the fact the YJ and KJ soul are co-existing in the same body, but I hadn’t considered the idea that YJ’s soul might have already passed on.

    As far as we know KJ’s body isn’t damaged per se, so while I can see only one surviving because of soul ‘death’ I don’t think the lack of a physical body should be an issue.

    Of course I have been wrong.

  28. I have the most interest in Korean writing lately and I have seen “romantic heaven”, I have seen the struggle of the inner thoughts of people that they pulled their strings of imagination to bring these issues to life, thus the ehtical contradictions of reality has brought something to reflect on to its audience thus giving life more meaning….I have a whole life experience to write myself….Hong Sisters the name makes me smile 🙂

  29. I keep reading people saying that YJ should die, but the truth is If YJ let KJ there he could survive while KJ would die ……

    And why you say that since KJ saved YJ before this time YJ saves KJ and dies?

    Why YJ needs to die? Doesn’t make much sense for me since KJ saved YJ before and didn’t die.

    My point is, YJ saves KJ, both are even and both survive!

    No need to kill off poor YJ. I think this is what the KJ/DR ships most wish here, they keep wishing for YJ to die or to never come bacl…. to make KJ never go back to his body, I don’t get it guys, you say you don’t mind the age difference and all, but can’t handle DR be together with KJ in his own body, even if she is to end up with KJ, I hope KJ goes back to his own body. And I wish YJ comes back, even if she doesn’t get the girl I still hope he cames back.

    About YJ caring for the sick/weak people ”Da Ran was injured by him, it would be possible for him to want to take care of her life. That doesn’t mean he didn’t like her, because I think he does like her.”

    I still disagree with this. It isn’t like DR was so badly injuried for life and wouldn’t be able to walk, or do something again, her injury would heal and she would be 100% fine again, so I don’t see why YJ would say he would take care of her life for this. I would understand if it was a incurable thing.

    Well, I just want YJ to come back and fight for his girl too.

    And if YJ is really in his body and letting KJ use this, I feel bad for him. I mean, not cool you be watching your fiance falling in love for another guy – his little brother, and see how much his past actions hurted DR.

    I still believe YJ liked DR. And hope he can make it clear to poor DR..

    • I will answer why YJ has to die (And believe me, I am mostly kidding about this and playing the Devil’s Advocate.)

      YJ is a cypher. What we know about him is all second hand. The audience has never been in his head, or seen things from his actual POV.

      We know that he is a hero, not only because he saved KJ, but because of his work in the hospital pediatric ward. There are full size posters of him holding the children he has saved or will save.
      Heroes are generally lonely people who don’t get the girl.
      Unfortunately, the hero’s story also ususally ends with the ultimate sacrifice.
      That is why I think the story is heading there.

      Oh! Conversely, KJ is a very real boy on the way to beoming a man.
      Maybe a little twist on the Pinnocchio story. His is trapped and is playing the puppet in someone else’s shell, and when [that thing happens to make him real] he turns back into himself, marries DR for reals and lives happily ever after.

      • Hm, killing a character that isn’t much important to others isn’t something ”shocking” so if Hong Sisters were to kill someone it would be KJ because everyone loves him and cheer for him (I like KJ too)

    • At this point Yoon Jae is Keyser Soze. I second lead ship plenty, but it seriously baffles the mind that any drama viewer of Big would prefer him over Kyung Joon. It’s not like he’s the second coming of Jun Se-oppa. All we know about him is that he’s “nice” and “caring” and apparently has issues with communication. THAT’S IT. Really. Think about it. If his face didn’t look like Gong Yoo, would anyone like him? I’m so weirded out by the Yoon Jae love, because it makes no sense to me either logically or emotionally. He’s neither is around enough to connect with the audience, nor is his character so OMG amazing that we are conditioned to love him like a dog to a bone. And no, it’s even worse if people like him purely out of pity that he’s gotten the short end of the soul switch stick. That makes for a flimsy reason to care for a character.

      • Hm, people have different opinions, why I can’t like YJ too? And no, this isn’t because of pity. I just want to know more about him and think there is more than what they showed us about him. Sometimes I’m more interested in his story than KJ’s story.

        And I never said I prefer YJ over KJ.

        I like KJ a lot, actually my fav character of Big, one of the most likeable Hong sister main guy, but this don’t mean I ship him with DR. And can’t like second guy.

        About I’m maybe liking YJ because he is GY, well I also wonder if people would ship KJ with DR if he wasn’t in YG’s body.

        The way you replied me makes look like people can’t like YJ, and there is no reason to, why not? just because they didn’t show up much about him?

        My question is why people have to dislike him or not like him if like you said they didn’t show much about him to people feel like this? Like or dislike YJ, when there isn’t much about him?

        I wonder…

        Maybe I can start dislike him when he finally show his true colors, but so far, for me, he is a likeable character and I want to see more about him.

      • It’s not that YJ isn’t LIKEABLE; most viewers have accepted that he wasn’t cheating. That was just a red herring.

        But he hasn’t been real. We haven’t seen a spit of emotion out of him. We haven’t seen him happy, sad, angry, afraid, shocked, remorseful – anything. We see his face. Words come out of his mouth – but he may as well be a photograph.
        So what is there to fall in love with?

        Actually, that is why Gong Yu is magnificent in this drama.
        How he manages to reveal so little in each of the YJ scenes versus the HUGE range of emotions he displays as KJ astounds me.

      • @ Lizzie, my last reply was not in response to your comment. I was having a convo with @Jomo. I was responding to her comment, so it wasn’t meant as a direct question or attack on you. 🙂 Sorry about the confusion. You can like YJ all you want, heck, I like YJ. I like him as much as I can like someone who I see in the distance petting a cute dog and looking like Gong Yoo. I was merely saying I personally cannot understand how viewers could see that astral projection of a character and feel desire to know more about him or his story. He’s about as interesting to me as a still life, whereas Kyung Joon is a living breathing man. A second lead like YJ who gets viewers on his side almost always requires being an awesome character that sometimes even outshines the male lead. Here that is so far from the case, and other than YJ being played by GY, there is nothing else that grips the attention.

      • Mhmm. I agree. She wasn’t saying that you couldn’t find YJ to be a like-able character, simply that she could not fathom how anyone could like him more than KJ under the circumstances. We barely know anything about him, in fact all we know is what the other characters know. We are not aware of his thoughts and feelings, so it is very hard to relate. The character that we are supposed to relate too is KJ, as we follow him through his journey.

      • muahahaha.. you are right. I guess Im shipping YJ cos Gong Yoo just played him so adorably in my opinon.. ya.. i may not even give a damn about him if he’s just a forgetable face. Call me shallow! 🙂
        Though saying that, i still cant help but wonder how the chemistry will change if YJ does get his soul back…
        Loving all these discussion!

  30. The idea of the Savior/Donor child through surrogacy jump out at me during this episode. Mostly due to the YJ mom’s lack of the standard K-drama rage at the though of that child.

    When I watched the episode and read the recap and I hadn’t really considered much why they need that savior baby or YJ connection to medicine and sick children with cancer.

    I figured that YJ’s hesitation about he marriage to DR was related to KJ. Now I’m wondering if YJ is healthy.

    If whatever endangered his life in childhood is back–and terminal, it would make his hesitation in marrying DR understandable. Because from what we have learned about YJ he wouldn’t want to give DR the burden of a dying husband.

    If that is the case, the body switch would have YJ making sure that the person he loves DR and the person he owes his life to KJ will love and take care of each other.

  31. I have been thinking about the possibility that Yoon Jae was sick or dying and that’s why he was hesitant to marry Da Ran, I have also been thinking for a long time that they were brothers. I think you are definitely onto something with the donor theory. I have been really hoping that she would end up with Yoon Jae, because that would be a less predictable ending, because I have seen only 3 kdramas ever where the female lead did not end up with the male lead (Birdie Buddy, Dream High, Coffee House). However, I do really like both Kyung Joon and Yoon Jae, and as you said, the fact that the parents had the student teacher relationship does seem like major foreshadowing. It would be awesome if your theory about the 2 souls in one body were true, that would mean that the best parts of both men she loves could come together to be the best possible match for her and they both could live on with her. But I feel that because it is still a kdrama and there has to be some great sacrifice and angst in every kdrama lol, that it most likely will be Yoon Jae sacrificing either his life or his love for Da Ran for Kyung Joon. However it turns out, it is refreshing for once to be halfway through a drama and not be able to predict the whole thing. And it is especially surprising for a Hong sisters drama.

    • Tons of dramas where second leads win. But your three examples, one of them is faulty.

      Dream High – no way. Kim Soo Hyun was the male lead of this drama. Just because he showed up at the end of episode 2 doesn’t make him the second male lead. He was K, the drama was about his struggles even more than anyone else, and he’s KIM SOO HYUN, there was no way he was getting second billing over Taecyeon.

      Anyways, there is a drama that just ended where the second male lead got the girl. It happens enough times to not be a shock anymore.

      From the moment an entire drama second half was rewritten so the second male lead could end up with the girl (Beautiful Days), then this phenomenon has been prevalent enough that the industry recognizes it. The live shoot system even helps this along.

      • I have only been watching kdramas for a year, so there are a lot that I have not yet seen. However, I watched probably 30 to 40 kdramas and of them, only 3 were an ending where they did not end up with the person you expect. So that being said, though it may happen, it obviously happens the other way around much more often where they end up with the intended male lead. Dream High is debatable who the male lead is because both charcters really are dominant and play huge roles, however the point is she didn’t end up with who they lead you to believe she would end up with until the very last couple of episodes. I just personally like that this drama is less predictable and ending up with Yoon Jae would be the less predictable route, especially with the foreshadowing of the parents. However, though I am rooting for this to happen, I don’t think the clues are pointing in that direction, it is starting to look more and more like Kyung Joon. But who knows? They keep throwing unexpected twists and turns in every episode.

      • I thought in Dream High Hye Mi ended up with the guy I thought she would end up with. I’ve actually had more friends think that way, and saw Jin Gook as sorta a first love-past situation. Point being, Kim Soo Hyun is a much bigger star than Taecyeon, plus he was always billed as the male lead in the drama. I was surprised by Taecyeon’s role being more substantive than I initially believed, and I adored Jin Gook, but his arc was less about romantic love than it was about being accepted by his dad and choosing a career in music.

      • I have only spoken to people who felt that Jin Gook was the first lead, in fact I was just discussing this same topic not too long ago with another blogger because she was really disappointed and surprised that she did not end up with Jin Guk. So I guess it would just depend on your perspective, because when she and I watched it, obviously we both felt that it was leading towards Jin Guk until the end. As far as stardom goes, kdramas are not popular at all in the U.S. you have to go online to find them here and although I think the popularity is growing, there are a select few of us who are interested in kpop culture or kdrama, so I do not always know who the biggest stars are. However, I will say this, I just recently read an interview of Yoon Eun Hye stating that she will probably take a smaller role in her next drama because she is working on completing her masters in film. It is my understanding that she is a very big star. So I would not say that star power necessarily always equates to them being the lead. It may be sometimes simply that they fit the other role better. However, I don’t know why we are chasing this rabbit lol, I was just trying to say that I would kind of like for Da Ran to end up with Yoon Jae because it would be different from what I’m expecting to happen.

    • You shouldn’t watch it because of it’s awful ending but Fashion King had plenty of romantic switching… so much so I’m still not sure if the leads even got together or not.

      I repeat AWFUL ENDING and draggy circling plot. DNW

    • @ Julie

      I agree that Hye Mi ending up with Sam Dong in Dream High is unexpected for half the viewers, while expected for the other half. Let’s just call it a toss-up on expectation. All I’m saying is the Dream High is not an example of the second male lead getting the girl based on casting AND character. Even if the two actors were switched, Sam Dong remains the male lead. DH is an odd duck, and more like WHIB than anything, and its not correct to use it as an undisputed example of second leads winning out in the end. DH can up-end your expectation, but isn’t a clearly accepted and viable example for the scenario you lumped it in with CH and BB. That’s all I’m saying.

      • Okay lol. Haha this whole debate is cracking me up, but I will give you that it isn’t exactly the same as Birdie Buddy or Coffee House.

  32. I am not buying the donor thing cause I think they are related somehow. I know that SYJ was the body in the morgue so if anyone dies, logically it should be him but because his body has been inhabited maybe it has had time to heal. There is a movie with Reese Witherspoon where she is a ghost and her body in a coma. She falls in love with Ruffalo as a ghost but when she goes back to her body and wakes up, she doesn’t remember anything but love is stronger than any plane of existence.
    All those who are in love with the character KJ, aren’t you really in love with the actor portraying him and I don’t mean Shin? Would anyone want Lee Min Jung to be in love with this kid if he was on the screen. I don’t think so. Age has nothing to do with it. I have been reading comments from three sources and there are a lot of Gong yoo fans so a. I’m annoyed that Shin hasn’t been on the screen more and b. I can’t get past the face of Gong yoo to appreciate there is a Shin inside so bottom line she loves SY and therefore he should die. Fans are not going to be happy but it is only a drama.

    • I think their playfulness matches each other. Maybe it’s Gong Yoo’s outside but it’s supposed to be Shin’s personality. Yeah it was a little unbelievable but in FBRS they were supposed to be 19 and 26(?) and people had no problem seeing them together. Even in the first episode they looked pretty cozy under that umbrella.

      I hope when they do the body switch the personality switch is good enough to make people stick to their OTP. Shin and Da Ran fit personality wise IMO. She was always admiring Dr. Seo and like her mom said they didn’t look in love. If they were really all for each other Dr. Other wouldn’t think she had a chance even if he didn’t send out the invitations. Something about their interactions said to people… idk about this one.

      • I loved FBRS, It already one of my favorites, in spite of the age gap between the characters, the actors’ visage didn’t covey that difference in age, they actually pretty much look the same age. The teacher could be easily mistaken as one of the students.
        I don’t think that’s the case here, the actress playing DR does look older than the actor who’s playing KJ, the actor has such a baby face. I’m also worried that he is not going to match Gong Yoo’s interpretation of the character, but that’s not his fault. Gong Yoo is playing a more easy going KJ than the one portraited by the previous actor. I didn’t really connect to KJ’s character in the 1st episode, he seemed a pissed adolescent to me, kind of bored to death one. After Gong Yoo step in KJ’s character gained a new personality and one that was for the best.

    • Oh, I’m totally and completely fine with Lee Min Jung getting together with Shin Won Ho, i.e. Da Ran with Kyung Joon IN Kyung Joon’s own body. Have been fine with it since episode 1. Love Gong Yoo, but I have no qualms with my Shin getting the girl in the end. His chemistry with Min Jung in episode 1 was smoking IMO, completely man-woman type of thing. He looks young, but he doesn’t give off young.

      • I forgot to say that I know you and I think of Shin being the one that should end up with LMJ. The scene at the bus stop sold me on the attraction. However, I don’t think there is a distinction now so I want KJ back in his body and hitting on D in his true form. Enough of Gong yoo, yes I like him too but, give Shin some screen time. I know I sound angry and I am cause I want KJ to be with D but my gut is telling me to prepare for another Hong Gil Dong.

    • HERE!! I’m totally shipping young (YES!) KKJ with GDR. When I first read the summary of this Drama I was skeptical wether I should watch this Drama or not because I’m not really a fan of older woman-younger man relationships. But after seeing the first episode I found myself liking this pairing. And I was really disappionted that we couldn’t see him for a bit longer but I think that GY is portraying his character very well…I’m really hoping for a happy ending for KJ and DR.

      • Let’s hope that Shin is paying very close attention to Gong Yu acting his heart out as KJ. When KJ comes to, I expect Shin to be able to keep up with the emotions. He has to play more than cool then.

    • I love KJ more in his own body and how I wish that he and DR will end up together although it’s still fine with me if DR end up with KJ in YJ’s body. Although it’s my first time to watch Shin on screen, he and DR have so much chemistry and to think that they just interacted with each other in episode 1. So it’s not true that all love KJ because of Gong Yoo, I love KJ since episode 1.

  33. I had the same idea after watching the end of Ep. 08. Kyung Joon mentioned that he wanted to be a Dr. in order to look over his own body. Maybe Dr. Seo felt the same way after his life was saved as a child. He was planning to fly to LA where KJ lived on the 24th, so maybe they were finally going to all meet up. Maybe he was even going to take him into his house since he wanted to move to Seoul. The mom kept saying you’ll remember “that day”. Maybe it’s why he was hesitating about his marriage. Hey I suddenly have to take care of a 17 yr old kid. Might come off weird to Da Ran. The father wouldn’t know about the death until later since they really don’t keep in touch. They probably share some parts of a heart or something because they both “love” the same woman and you love with your heart.

    I think the parents’ relationship is a hint to the viewers that yes a teacher and student can fall in love and live happily ever after. They are ready and willing to go the student/teacher route and people need to wrap their heads around that. 19 and 24 isn’t really that big of an age gap. they’ll probably be college/post grad student status by the time they do get together.

    I like her with KyungJoon even if it’s only because everyone thought they had no chemistry together before. If he comes back I hope she starts missing Kyung Joon’s open playfulness that Dr. Seo doesn’t have. I’m ok with him getting with Dr. Lady now that I have a feeling he wasn’t getting with her before, but maybe she had a 1 sided love for a little too long.

  34. the KJ as the donor forYJ make sense…remember how DR kept on saying how YJ takes care of his body and how he eats healthy? it might be one of the reason.

    Actually, everything is up in the air right now..Hongs sisters are sneaky when it comes to this twists. I just hope YJ is still in his body so he could see how DR really loves him.

    • Oooh! You’re a smart one!
      He does spend a LOT of time working out for a reason – to keep illness at bay.
      He ISN’T avoiding DR, he was just staying alive…
      Ah ah ah ah stayin’ alive stayin’ alive

  35. Great thoughts! I think both souls are still on this earth since KJ had some sort of paranormal/astral experience at the end of ep 8, which is probably to set up the swapping back of the souls in later episodes? So there’s probably hope that the drama will end with both YJ and KJ alive. 🙂 Or yes, it could just be borrowed time for one of them. What some of you said might be true, either YJ or KJ was meant to die in that car accident on that fateful day and the ‘universe’ felt that one or both of them have some unfinished business and gifted him/them with a life extension until he completes his life’s mission.

    • Maybe somehow, YJ’s gift to DR and KJ was to save KJ and take care of DR by getting the two of them together close enough to fall for each other.

  36. I love reading everyone’s theories. I have to say, I do agree that the theory of YJ-KJ saving each other seems very plausible at this point. As for whether or not DR will end up with YJ or KJ, I am fully on the side that believes she will be with KJ. I feel like THS have spent far too much time building up this relationship of DR and KJ for them to just say “forget it” in the second half and go another route. While YJ is looking more and more like a good and honest character, I don’t believe we have spent nearly enough time with the character to have formed an attachment to him. *Shrug* This is the first drama I have watched in a while that I have had no idea what was going to happen. It’s also the first time I have really loved a character to the extent I love KJ. Here’s hoping he is happy in the end, regardless of whether he is with DR or not.

      • ame. I seems to be in the minority..
        I think Gong Yoo is doing such a terrific job switching between the two characters. Even though its the same body, with his eyes, and energy, you almost could immediately knows whos soul is residing in it. I am hoping Gong Yoo gets to play YJ just to get a kick out of his awesome performance and I have no doubt he will have many of us swooning crazy for YJ by then.

  37. I think youve actually hit the nail on the head, but while contemplating over the last scene of ep 8, i dont know whether youll agree, but i have a feeling that Kyung Joons body has not fully recovered which is why the swap could not take place?? I also have a feeling that Yoon Jae will most probably die in Kyung Joons body?? I dunnooo! such a mystery! haha

  38. Dear Koala,

    If you know anything about the soundtrack, specially that song that says “hey you”, please tell us. Thanks.

    P.S. I’m loving the discussion about this drama! =)

  39. Nice, sound theory. Even if it’s not right (which I can’t imagine at this point unless the connection is super super bizarre), it would’ve made for a good show anyway!

    The only caveat I see is when you say Yoon-Jae’s soul is dormant. I think his soul is in Kyung Joon’s body. If not, there’d be no explanation as to why Kyung Joon’s body is in a coma rather than dead. Especially when you said that Yoon-Jae was declared dead because the soul “didn’t wake up yet.” This means that Kyung Joon’s body should’ve also suffered greater damage, which would leave him dead unless a soul was in there “awake” but I guess not awake enough to combat the bodily harm that the accident had on Kyung Joon’s body.

    Anyway, cheers! I wish I had time to sit and contemplate on dramas. Alas, I’ll just go contemplate on my studies instead.

  40. One soul can control several bodies, that’s a fact. But I don’t think you are right, saying “What if Kyung Joon’s body is merely a shell without a soul?” The body must be somehow connected to the soul to avoid decaying. It can be a very subtle and passive connection. But the connection MUST BE.

  41. Hrmm.. After reading every one comments.. I am just gonna go with the flow and see what Hong Sisters are planning for us viewers. I just want GY show more of his choc abs. =) I have not yet to watch ep 8 with sub. yeah.. I am behind.. However, I thank you Koala unni for your lovely insights and everyone else… =)

  42. I totally thought the same as you koala about the brother saving brother thing “one child to save another child” story but I didn’t think about they possibly both being in the same body! Good one! I think I’d be happy if Da Ran ended up with either one. I prefer Kyung Joon sorta but I also see how Yoon Jae did love Da Ran so I feel bad like others that Yoon Jae didn’t have a chance to also fight for Da Ran at the same time. Either way I can’t wait to see how it unfolds.

  43. Something is weird about Yoon Jae’s soul. It never appears since his body was pronounced dead. If it was always in his body just waiting for Kyung Joon’s soul to enter, then why was his body pronounced dead, when it’s Kyung Joon’s body that is without a soul? I think it’s more complicated than that. Yoon Jae is just so elusive.

  44. very nice theories. This drama is sooo good, its very unpredictable.

    I like donor theory, and when you said that Yoon Jae’s soul could be aware of everything happening since the accident, and he’s been merely a silent observer and unable to speak up.
    Since it already happened, remember the scene when Yoon Jae was observing Da Ran on the wedding event, they first met?

    And if he’s aware of everything’s that happening. It would be an awesome ending, if Yoon Jae’s soul go back to his body, and ends up in a real wedding with Da Ran 🙂

  45. Oh, very nice thought. It makes kind of sense.
    The kind of indifference to his fiancee YJ sometimes showed. The extremly fit body. The money all that a single mother had.

    But as I know Hong Sisters I do not think that it is that complicated. Their solutions often are lame after letting us imagine anything more better.

  46. Hey Koala!

    I love the soul switching/ My Sisters Keeper theory! I haven’t had a lot of time to think deeply into this drama, but your theory sounds very plausible.

    The only part that I’m iffy about if KJ and YJ are indeed biological brothers where the younger was conceived to save the eldest, why were they raised separately? The one reason that I can think of is because of the psychological trauma that KJ might have to endure after learning truth if he lived with YJ. A savior sibling is created through in vitro fertilization and the embryo that is the best match (through lab testing) is inserted back into the mothers womb. Knowing that you were conceived in a petri dish may be hard enough for some children, but being fertilized and born to save your brother? This kid would be any but normal. If your theory holds out to be true, it explains why YJ was the way he was before the accident. YJ was probably old enough to remember what happened and knew that he had a brother. YJ also probably found out that KJ had lost his mother and was going to see KJ, like you hypothesized.

    Maybe, YJ’s mother wasn’t able to give birth to another child, so they found a surrogate, KJ’s mother who gave birth to KJ. I think that as a doctor, YJ’s father knew that the truth might hurt KJ, so in his best interest, he let KJ’s mother be the surrogate and also adopt him.

    But, like you said, in the phone conversation, the parents called KJ “that child”/ as if he wasn’t their son. So, maybe they aren’t related at all. As disheartening as this may sound, maybe KJ’s mother needed the money and learned by word of mouth that YJ’s parents were looking for a matching transplant patient and KJ was a match. But, that theory doesn’t make sense because KJ’s uncle seems to know who KJ’s father is.

    The one that makes sense is that there was definitely a transplant and it’s very possible that they are brothers, but by what relation, seems to be the mystery. Did the boys father have an affair and were his infidelities forgiven because KJ saved YJ? Or, are they 100% related (same parents)? Was it easier for the family refer to KJ as THAT BOY as opposed to OUR SON if KJ is indeed a savior sibling?

  47. i dont understand why u said that Yoon Jae feel guilty because Kyung Joon save his life before.. Kyung Joon is healthy and safe before the accident.. So why he have to feel guilty?

  48. the theories are surprisingly plausible. But let’s make the possible ending a little bit complicated… what if mari and da ran eventually switch souls so they can happily be with their respective men.

  49. Even if KJ helped YJ in the past, KJ didn’t die or else we wouldn’t have a story. So YJ repaying him back with his own death is not a fair exchange. I think your theory may be right,but I don’t agree with the many ways people are trying to justify how YJ’s death would be fine.

  50. Very thoughtful and plausible explanation. The only thing I differ on is I think YJ’s soul has already departed for the afterlife. Once YJ goes back into his own body, YJ’s body will drop dead.

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