Teaser Released for Kim Hyung Jun Mini Drama MV Starring Kang Ji Hwan and Lee Ki Woo

So I made a leeeetle mistake in my last post about Kim Hyung Jun’s upcoming single from his new solo mini album called “Escape”. The first single is actually the song “Sorry I’m Sorry” (Super Junior might be having conniptions but whatever) and is accompanied by a 25-minute mini drama MV co-starring Kang Ji Hwan and Lee Ki Woo. The teaser dropped today (though I would fire the copyrighter who called it a “terser”, which is such an irony since this MV will likely be the opposite of terse). The concept is three jail buddies make a run for it to go find their respective gals, which results in a police chase, guns, and lots of crying and screaming in man pain. The last shot of Kang Ji Hwan holding his girl and yowling just makes me go “ooomph, pain”. Just as I suspected, this MV is going to be ridiculously gorgeous and wickedly dramatic. I will laugh at it whilst I cry tears of happiness. The full MV drops next week but check out the funtastic teaser below.

Teaser of Mini Drama MV for “Sorry I’m Sorry”:


Teaser Released for Kim Hyung Jun Mini Drama MV Starring Kang Ji Hwan and Lee Ki Woo — 17 Comments

  1. Watched it, and it’s YOU NEED TO SEE IT!
    Put those mans in drama, 25 min ain’t enough…
    Ji Hwan, remainder of Michael Scofield!

    • Oh my gosh!! I was thinking the same thinking (For both parts lol) First, YESSS they need to be in a drama together!! And 2, when I saw Ji Hwan at the end hugging the girl, he brought me back memories of Scofield!!! Lol ^^

      • Lol, Micheal my long time ago crush….haha
        The man was so fine…
        And this guys, omo, drama PRONTO.

  2. wow oh wow!! now this is good…why all mini drama mv are so done good!!! can’t wait to see the whole mv!! thanks!

  3. Nice. There is another gorgeous man, Lee Ki Woo and Kim Hyung Jun was and is adorable as ever. Lee Ki Woo has always been a strong presence in any drama or movie that he has been in but he gets shot in this one, so sad.

  4. Hahaha… Hyung Jun isn’t short by any means, but he looks like a kiddo (both in stature and by face) beside Ji Hwan and Ki Woo XD

  5. Wow.. I so can not wait for mini drama mv.. They all should be in the drama together… It will be totally DAEBAK.. Please Kdrama gods, let have all three them be in a drama together. Ooff… at the end.. I was getting a lil bit sniffle there…

  6. I am a massive fan of Kim Hyung Jun and really looking forward to spazzing over his comeback. When I watched the MV teaser I almost had a heart attack (The ‘Terser’ was really distracting thou). I didn’t expect Kang Ji Hwan and Lee Ki Woo to be in it, didn’t even know that they are under the same company. Three of my fav. men together in one MV, plus a 25 min long one? Please someone hold me. XD

  7. how my children could meet Kang Ji Hwan? i have to plan a trip to Seul, and I want to surprize my children with a meeting with this actor.

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