C-drama SOP Queen with Chen Qiao En and Hans Zhang Releases Pretty Previews

The already wrapped modern C-drama SOP Queen finally released trailers this week, but there hasn’t been confirmation of when it’s airing. Starring Hans Zhang, Chen Qiao En, and Godfrey Tsao, the drama definitely went all out on location shoots in London for a month before wrapping up in Shanghai and Taipei. The title is about being a “leftover girl” which is current C-slang for on-the-shelf, but Chen Qiao En hardly fits that profile in real life and her character looks quite pretty, outgoing, and successful. She and Hans strike up an You’ve Got Mail type online friendship and he develops a crush on her, which of course will take meandering through second leads and random plot obstacles before they can get together. While the story sounds typical, I liked the previews and any excuse to watch Hans in a non-retch inducing drama is always a win for me.

Previews for SOP Queen:


C-drama SOP Queen with Chen Qiao En and Hans Zhang Releases Pretty Previews — 26 Comments

  1. Can’t wait for this !! It seems so cute and I love the ost already ! Aaah when will they decide on an air date! 🙂 Thanks for the previews

  2. Can’t understand a lot of what is said but looks promising. Looks cute and everyone is sexy! Looking forward to it! Thanks for the preview!

    • Me too. The whole best friend rapport, n looking at each other from far away thing. But Joe’s character seems less overbearing than Ariel’s role. I might give this a whirl; it looks cute.

      • Totally looks cute, but I have learned trailers aren’t the same as drama, had my disappointments…

  3. I want to watch this now!!!! I have never seen a C-Drama before, but this looks exactly like something I need over the summer. Unfortunately, it will probably not come out with subs until schools starts again, and I will have to force myself to be interested in grading freshman papers instead of watching dramas. I am starting Korean classes this summer; should I switch to conversational Chinese? Would that really mark me as shallow since I was planning on studying Korean (not so I can understand K-Dramas raw, mind you, really. I promise. I swear!), but because of a Fulbright application next year. Okay, I have just convinced myself that perhaps I need to get help with this drama addiction. Thanks, Koala. (off to read more recaps and watch more previews while in continued denial)

  4. Wow this actually looks pretty interesting~ And I rather like Ming Dao’s role as the all-knowing friend offering advice LOL. And is that Coco Jiang Yi? Haven’t seen her in a while… I guess this cast will have chemistry since the few of them have worked together and know each other. Will keep an eye on the progress 🙂

  5. This is THE C-drama of the year that I’ve been waiting for. I think for once, I’m not going to be pissed with the first male lead for the first half of the show.

  6. Okay, I haven’t been watching C-drama (yet), but thanks for this preview, I just might start 😀 Thanks! By the way, fancy doing reviews of American films (e.g. The Amazing Spiderman), or do you have a separate blog site for that?

  7. Sooo cute!! I have never seen anything with Hans in it but this looks promising….

    Does anyone think Hans (in the first pic) look a little like the younger version of Lee Byung Hun??

  8. tee hee hee!

    Okay Chen Qiao En can have chemistry with anyone / thing, and she and Hans (I have no idea who he is but he’s cute!) is all sorts of cute and hilarity in this preview. Especially when he’s all like, “niang zi”, hahah!!! So looking forward to it! I can even ignore the chinese accent because Hans is too cute 😛

    (And omg! Ming Dao makes an appearance!)

  9. Ohhh …. mind dao !!!!
    Believe it or not, I noticed him after watching an old n pretty ordinary tdrama something that involve an apple tree… donno why … I love him since…. he’s got some magnet…
    The leading man is cuteeeeee….. dunno much abt chinese drama unfortunately….. so am looking fwd to this…..thks captain K !!

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