Big Episode 10 Recap

It’s here. The incipient achy breaky heart parts of the drama we knew was coming has arrived and made itself known. Da Ran is in love with Kyung Joon, but doesn’t know how to deal with it since he’s still Kyung Jae at this stage and she’s still got some unfinished matters with Yoon Jae that makes moving on seem crazy and impossible. Forget the age difference, which Da Ran ought to be fine with if anyone is fine with it since her dad married his younger by sixteen years student. What we’re dealing with is the maelstrom of identity that seems to put up a wall between two people who have feelings for each other.

I’m glad episode 10 of Big focused on Da Ran figuring out her true feelings (about time), because she’s going to have to step up and fight for a chance to be with Kyung Joon pretty soon. Whether or not we get a soul switch back, it’s not an easy path for the couple to navigate, what with stalking crushes, married to the older brother legality, and some donor baby consequences mucking up the pool. This drama is going to pile on the guilt soon, Da Ran for going from loving one brother to the other, Kyung Joon for stealing his brother’s girl if it turns out Yoon Jae did love Da Ran, the Seo family dealing with the ethics of having one kid to save another, and the Gil family maybe having to swap out one Seo son-in-law for another. This would be hilariously awkward if I weren’t so emotionally involved. I love this drama to distraction. 

Episode 10 recap:

Kyung Jae listens to the walkman while Da Ran asks quizzically why she’s strangely this happy that he’s here. I dunno, maybe cuz you lurve him? Sometimes the correct answer is the mot straightforward answer. Studying for all those standardized tests in my lifetime taught me that.

Kyung Jae notices her staring and takes off his ear buds to ask what she said, since obviously he can’t be allowed to hear her pseudo confession just yet. Boo. Da Ran snaps out of her daze and quickly lies that she was asking if he wanted to drink some water? She hurries to the movie theater to get water, but then wonders why she lied? She calls herself an idiot. I think we’ve establish you are, Da Ran, but a well intentioned and thoughtful one, so I’ll let this pass. Turns out Kyung Jae did hear her! Hallelujah, and he wonders to himself why she lied about what she said. Da Ran runs back to Kyung Jae and both of them are slightly awkward.

They go see the movie, which seems like a horror or slasher flick, I can’t tell. Da Ran watches the screen while Kyung Jae watches Da Ran. No, I’m serious, he keeps starting at her THE ENTIRE TIME without blinking or turning away. Swoon, my knees got weak just watching that onscreen. She asks if he doesn’t like the movie and admits that Choong Shik doesn’t have the best taste.

Kyung suddenly asks “Gil Teacher, do you like me?”, but his question happens to be delivered at the same time the movie hits a spot where a character lets out a blood curdling scream, so it appears Da Ran might not have heard his question.

After the movie ends, Da Ran and Kyung Jae walk out and she’s happy. Turns out she did hear his question and is trying to avoid it. He directly asks what she meant by being happy that he came? Da Ran makes the excuse that she was happy not to be all alone. He points out her expression while staring at him outside was all sorts of odd.

Da Ran piles on the ridiculous excuses, like she was thinking of what to eat and drink at the movies. Kyung Jae makes the “yeah, right” face and points to his face, asking if what she was thinking about was “this”. She admits she’s confused lately and it was nice that he showed up. Kyung Jae notices her wedding ring and that sends him crashing down to reality.

He mentions his vow not to like her and cause her confusion, which he still intends to adhere to. He asks her not to like him, because if she does, he doesn’t have the confidence he can keep at her bay. Why! Why babies you need not love each other? Yoon Jae? Whatever, I’ll push the virtual him off a cliff for you guys.

Kyung Jae says he’s hungry and wants to go eat. He walks off and a bickering couple walks pass Da Ran where the man is pleading with the woman. She wonders if she’s clingy and causing Kyung Jae distress? She imagines the scene outside the movie theater but this time she’s grabs Kyung Jae’s arms and strokes his cheeks, while Kyung Jae is all “Jesus” and disgusted with her. Da Ran snaps out of it and vows not to be that way.

Choong Shik finds Mari at Kyung Joon’s bedside instead of at the movies. Mari wonders if a person must really like another if he is willing to see a show he wasn’t interested in? Choong Shik thinks the person at least likes the other person 80%. Mari wonders if she at least has the remaining 20%. This conversation leads dim witted Choong Shik to wonder if Mari likes someone new these days.

Se Young meets up with Yoon Jae’s mom to give her a farewell gift. Yoon Jae’s mom asks to be kept apprised of Kyung Joon’s situation, making the lame excuse that she’s interested because this was the patient Yoon Jae saved. When Yoon Jae’s mom walks away, Se Young grabs a strand of hair from her hairbrush.

Kyung Jae and Da Ran are dining at Kyung Joon’s uncle restaurant. Kyung Jae reveals that Yoon Jae’s mom said Yoon Jae was searching for someone before the accident, but she hoped Yoon Jae would never meet that person. Kyung Jae thinks maybe it’s yet another woman, maybe someone Yoon Jae secretly had a matseon with. Da Ran laughs it off, but she’s not even the slightest bit hurt at the possibility.

They discuss the restaurant, which Da Ran finds really cool. Kyung Jae reveals his uncle modeled it after his mom’s restaurant in LA, but the food here sucks. Kyung Joon’s uncle comes by and recognizes Da Ran as Kyung Joon’s teacher, and here with the man who saved Kyung Joon. He thanks Kyung Jae for the chef’s phone number and directly asks if he was sent here by Kyung Joon’s dad to help.

Kyung Jae asks who Kyung Joon’s dad is? All Uncle knows is that his sister referred to the man as a doctor. His wife comes and drags him off, chiding him for talking to Kyung Jae and Da Ran. Uncle thinks Kyung Jae is a good person. Da Ran wonders why Kyung Jae isn’t looking for his dad, but he points out that he can’t do anything while Kyung Joon’s body is lying in the hospital. His mom mentioned some things to him before and he did try looking in the past.

Yoon Jae’s dad looks at a picture of Yoon Jae with him mom. He turns the picture frame around and opens the back, revealing a picture of a younger looking Kyung Joon’s mom. Se Young grabs a hair from sleeping Kyung Joon’s head and hands both hairs to another doctor to run a DNA test. She wonders if the two men are brothers?

On the drive home, Da Ran looks at the Miracle picture in Kyung Joon’s wallet and asks if this is a connection to his dad? Kyung Jae says yes, but he doesn’t know where to start looking for his dad. The picture seems familiar to Da Ran somehow (she found Yoon Jae’s plane ticket in the book in episode 5) but she doesn’t remember where.

Kyung Jae confirms he’s had the picture since he was a kid and there is only one since his dad drew it. Da Ran insists she’s seen this picture before. Da Ran promises to help him find his dad. Kyung Jae asks for the wallet back and she puts it in his palm and folds his hand over it. He teases that she’s coming on to him again by holding his hand for so long, which flusters her.

Da Ran does her patented bang her head against a hard surface routine. Kyung Jae asks what she wants to do since this is the last night of her vacation?

They end up at a convenience store to try and buy Made in China gifts for her colleagues. Da Ran looks through various knick knacks, until they discuss pandas. Yoon Jae finds some all-white teddy bears and has the brilliant idea to convert them into pandas as the perfect gift. They start arguing over the black and white pattern of a panda, whether pandas have black arms or black legs.

Operation panda-coloring showdown begins! This scene is so amazingly sweet I got cavities. Kyung Jae and Da Ran make faces at each other and begin to use black marker to color their respective bears.

When completed, they present their “pandas” to each other. Kyung Jae’s panda has black around its collar, while Da Ran’s has black legs and belly. Kyung Jae bursts out laughing at Da Ran’s panda. Da Ran really needs to stop competing with Kyung Jae on anything requiring some use of intelligence, because she’s losing big time. Da Ran asks her smartphone to pull up a panda picture. Lo and behold, pandas look like Kyung Jae’s version.

Their panda-coloring contest winner gets to live like a panda, lazy and carefree, just eating and sleeping. Kyung Jae immediately collects by saying his shoulders are sore from all the painting. Da Ran has to give him a back massage. Then he says he’s thirsty, and Da Ran goes to grab him some water. He laughs because he’s enjoying this immensely.

Da Ran and Kyung Jae sit at the table and wrap all the colored pandas into gift bags. The camera pulls back and we see his panda and her panda hanging on strings from the ceiling, facing each other with their noses touching. I think I just melted.

Boundary-deficient teenage stalker Mari continues her tour of denial by heading to Kyung Jae’s house in the morning, declaring to Choong Shik her plan to come every morning. Oh good lord. Choong Shik is naturally not kosher with that and points out his sister and brother-in-law are newlyweds. Mari turns into a peeping tom and stands outside the window looking at Da Ran and Kyung Jae at the breakfast table.

Da Ran is insisting Kyung Jae eat his beans, but he refuses and picks all of them out. This makes Mari happy, knowing Kyung Joon hates beans and still refuses to eat them. Da Ran warns him to eat it all and leaves to go see her mom. After she walks away, Kyung Jae grabs a glass of water and eats all the beans like pills washed down with water. Choong Shik is pleased, pointing out that his brother-in-law must really love his sister.

This shocks and depresses Mari, and she asks how much a person must like another to eat food he hates? Choong Shik says 90% like, which leaves Mari with only 10%. Choong Shik now wonders if Mari likes his brother-in-law? He wants to tell Mari that he likes her to the extent he can give his life for her.

Da Ran goes home and finds her mom packing a gift for Da Ran to bring to her mother-in-law as a farewell present before she goes back to the US. Da Ran is reminded that to the world, she is married to Seo Yoon Jae. Mari asks Da Ran not to like Kyung Jae since she must be wanting Yoon Jae to come back. So if Kyung Jae does anything, Mari wants Da Ran to put him in his place. After Mari leaves, Da Ran looks at her ring as a reminder that she can’t like Kyung Jae because his soul will be going back to Kyung Joon one day.

Da Ran comes home and sees Kyung Jae sitting on the sofa staring at the Miracle picture in his wallet. She asks if he wants to find his father? Kyung Jae says that if the other side comes to find him, then he will meet with them. Otherwise he won’t go searching for his father. He and his mom lived well just the two of them.

Kyung Jae and Da Ran are sitting at the table discussing Yoon Jae’s parents. Kyung Jae knows they live apart, and when he was in the US he met Yoon Jae’s dad once on 6-24, which was also the code to Yoon Jae’s phone. Clueless Da Ran wonders what that date symbolizes, maybe an anniversary of sorts? Kyung Jae is angry Da Ran forgot his birthday and huffs back to his room.

Da Ran remembers something Yoon Jae said and runs to Kyung Jae’s room, which gets his hopes up thinking she’s here about his birthday. Da Ran says 6-24 was the day Yoon Jae decided to become a doctor. She hands him a book that has an article about Yoon Jae. When Yoon Jae was 18 years old, he decided to become a doctor. He wanted to become someone with warm hands who would heal others. Yoon Jae held someone’s hand and made that decision

Kyung Jae asks Da Ran to be that person to him, to help him decide what to do with his life. He mentions 6-24 again before walking out, asking her to think about his future. Which is when Da Ran finally remembers that its Kyung Joon’s birthday, and that it was today. Which means Kyung Jae is now 20 years old. Throws confetti! Da Ran looks at Kyung Jae’s back and smiles as she thinks about his future.

Se Young gets the results of the DNA test and turns out Kyung Joon’s biological mom is Yoon Jae’s mom. JAW DROP! I thought at most half-brothers, but turns out they are full brothers and Kyung Joon was likely born to his mom who carried him as a surrogate. This is all sorts of screwed up.

Se Young is pretending to check on Kyung Joon but is really trying to get more information from Kyung Joon’s aunt. She asks if Kyung Joon’s mom is really his birth mom? Kyung Joon’s aunt says yes, she saw Kyung Joon’s mom pregnant. Se Young comes to the very logical conclusion that Kyung Joon was born via a surrogacy. Yoon Jae’s mom stares at her Miracle book and wonders what to do.

Kyung Joon’s uncle and the Vice Principal are back at the mandoo restaurant being all sorts of wistful and pathetic about their thwarted youthful loves. Turns out they were each late for a meeting with their crush, and think that was the reason why their love didn’t come to fruition.

Da Ran walks with Ae Kyung brainstorming birthday presents. Ae Kyung thinks its Choong Shik’s birthday, but Da Ran wants a present that makes a person’s heart move. Mari comes to find her and asks about finding Kyung Joon’s dad. In her itty bitty brain, she thinks that finding Kyung Joon’s dad is a great excuse for Da Ran to not need to take care of Kyung Jae. Da Ran says she doesn’t dislike staying by Kyung Jae’s side. Mari refuses to back down, she’s determined to find Kyung Joon’s dad to preserve her own future with Kyung Joon.

Mari finds Kyung Jae and brings up looking for his dad. He doesn’t care to, nor does he have the money to hire an investigator. Mari says Da Ran will pay for it, she would be for it since it alleviates her responsibility to take care of Kyung Jae. Oh shut the hell up, Mari!

Kyung Jae is hanging out in the pediatric playroom with Teddy Bear and Rabbit. As usual, Rabbit wants to play with Teddy but he’s having none of that. Kyung Jae wonders if he really is a burden on Da Ran?

Da Ran reminds herself that she should be thinking of Yoon Jae instead of picking out a birthday present for Kyung Jae and wondering about his future. She tries to remember what she did for Yoon Jae’s birthday. They were supposed to go bike riding and she was waiting for him for two hours that day in the cold. Good one, Yoon Jae. He didn’t show so she left, but during her wait she drew hearts on the park bench. Da Ran is cheering herself up to stay focused on Yoon Jae when Kyung Jae sees her, and he wonders again if she’s feeling stressed out.

Kyung Jae stares at Da Ran as she cleans the living room. His piercing gaze (my Shin baby totally brung it in episode 1 with the staring already) makes her uncomfortable, because she sees Kyung Joon and not Yoon Jae staring at her. Yesyesyes, trust your gut, girlfriend. She makes a big deal of cleaning, so Kyung Jae makes the effort to clean thinking he’s taking a load off her shoulders. This makes Da Ran think that Kyung Jae is self-sufficient without her.

Da Ran goes back to her room and tells herself to stop thinking about Kyung Jae. She decides to go out and he offers to go with her. She asks him to stay put, she’s off to find the version of herself who knows how to patiently wait. He tells her to go and not feel any pressure, he’ll cook and clean and wait for her.

Da Ran rides her bike back to the bench where she waited for Yoon Jae but she can’t find it, she thinks it all looks the same. Kyung Jae has thoroughly cleaned the house and he compliments himself on doing a great job when he sets his mind to it. Oh yes sirree. Mari comes barging in, as usual, this time declaring that she’s located Kyung Joon’s dad.

She shows Kyung Jae a magazine of a famed professor. She remembers her dad taking Kyung Joon’s mom to an exhibition of this professor’s work once, and Mari has found the connection where this professor was teaching at the university where Kyung Joon’s mom went to school.

Yoon Jae’s dad returns to Korea, and instead of going to see Yoon Jae’s mom, he asks the driver to take him to go see a professor. Yoon Jae’s dad goes to the meet Professor Bang from the magazine Mari was holding. Professor Bang reveals that Yoon Jae came to see him last year asking about Hee Seok and her son. When asked if the son has been found, Yoon Jae’s dad says not yet.

Kyung Jae doesn’t want to look for him, because a dad is someone who will be by his side in the future. He also doesn’t want to proactively seek out someone, but he’s willing to respond if approached. He wants to rely on himself.

Kyung Jae wants Mari to leave and not mess up the clean house, which he intends to show Da Ran. Mari makes the excuse of a headache and goes up to the room she commandeered. She tells herself that if she stays here and leaves all her things here, then this will become her room one day. Dream on, kiddo.

Da Ran finds the bench and tries to think about Yoon Jae, willing those feelings of her heart racing while waiting for someone to come back. But she feels nothing. She gets a call from Kyung Jae, who asks where she is. When she says that she’s at the park, he’s also there and will come find her.

After hanging up, Da Ran’s heart starts to race and she wonders why her heart is beating so fast when she’s waiting for Kyung Jae? She remembers back to when her heart faced while waiting for Yoon Jae, and now she’s feeling the same way as she waits for Kyung Jae.

When she sees him, she hides behind a tree and calls him to lie that she’s not at the park anymore. Da Ran lies that the person she’s waiting for isn’t him, so he shouldn’t come find her. He sees her hiding and tells her he will leave and not burden her anymore. After he leaves, Da Ran cries behind the tree, asking why her heart is breaking?

Professor Bang reads the Miracle book, confirming that the two angels in the picture are both sons of Yoon Jae’s father. Kyung Jae goes home and opens the fridge to get a drink, which is when he suddenly has another attack like when he was at the airport. His head spins and his body buckles, sliding down on the floor. In the hospital, Kyung Joon’s body once again jerks upward.

Mari is at the hospital and hears the nurses talking about Kyung Joon moving his hand. She runs into the room with Se Young and the nurses. Da Ran finally locates the bench where she drew her hearts, but she touches her heart and wonders why she her heart is completely unmoved? She wonders why she can’t recollect the feelings of the past?

Mari calls Da Ran and says Kyung Joon’s body moved in the hospital. Da Ran hangs up and wonders if Kyung Joon’s soul went back to his body? Da Ran runs home, her anxiety and worry for Kyung Jae splashed all over her face.

She rushes into the house and finds Kyung Jae lying prone on the sofa. His eyes are closed. She kneels down and asks if he’s alright. He slowly opens his eyes and says “Gil Teacher, it’s me”, confirming it’s still Kyung Joon’s soul inside.

She sags in relief and starts to cry, but he thinks she’s sad that Yoon Jae didn’t come back. He tells her that his soul seemed to have gone back to his body, this time for longer, and then apologizes that Yoon Jae didn’t come back. He starts to cry, and OMG I’m crying here, too. So. Much. Imminent. Pain. Coming.

Kyung Jae talks with Mari and confirms there was a momentary switch, which has left his body completely weak. Mari asks about Da Ran and Kyung Jae thinks she’s disappointed there wasn’t a switch to bring Yoon Jae back so she’s crying in her room.

Da Ran goes to her room and continues crying, berating herself for being crazy. She asks why she can’t control these feelings? Kyung Jae listens to her crying from outside and he cries as well. He tells Seo Yoon Jae to hurry up and return. Ae Kyung asks for a day off for Da Ran, saying to the VP that Da Ran is not feeling well.

The next morning, Da Ran is laying in bed and Kyung Jae comes into her room and sits down beside her. He’s asks if she’s disappointed about the non switch, but she starts to say she’s disappointed about….but doesn’t finish her sentence. He offers to take her to the hospital if she’s not feeling well, but she doesn’t want to. He reassures her that the change seemed to be longer this time, so it’s a sign that Yoon Jae is coming back.

Da Ran asks Kyung Jae, when he’s back in his own body, how she will deal with it? He thinks she’s worried about the burden and tells her not to worry about it. In fact, his disappear right now to give her some peace. After he leaves, she keeps crying.

Se Young gives Yoon Jae’s mom the medical update on Kyung Joon, finally coming out and asking if that boy isn’t also her son and Yoon Jae’s younger brother? Mom finally admits that the two guys are brothers. Because she couldn’t carry a baby, her husband has the child with another woman.

Professor Bang reads from the Miracle book “one child saves another” by reaching out his hand. Se Young mentions that Yoon Jae saved Kyung Joon in the accident. Professor Bang says the boys are fated to save one another. Since the story is about saving a life, one needs love to do so.

That child was Kyung Joon, and his blood was used to save Yoon Jae. Because of Kyung Joon, Yoon Jae was able to survive. Se Young thinks the two guys met during the accident is astonishing, but Yoon Jae’s mom doesn’t think they ever need to meet. In fact, as long as Yoon Jae doesn’t get sick again, she never intended to see that child again. Ugh, you hateful witch!

Se Young goes to Kyung Joon’s hospital room and wonders if she should tell Yoon Jae what she learned. Kyung Jae goes to Da Ran’s room and finds it empty. He goes outside and finds Da Ran at the park sitting on the park bench.

Kyung Jae asks if she’s fine, and she says she is. She asks how he’s feeling. He’s fine as well, but if there is another switch, he knows it’ll be painful but he’ll endure it. Kyung Jae tells Da Ran that if she’s feeling burdened and in pain, she doesn’t need to worry about it. He will stay by her side and when he switches back, he’ll leave so she doesn’t ever need to see him again. They stare at each other. OMG, if post-swap Kyung Joon leaves Da Ran, I’ll break his legs so he can’t take a single step. Drama, you better not separate my OTP, hear me?

Thoughts of Mine:

I want to start off by explaining why I really love the pace of Big. Compared to the chipmunks on acid pace of the Hong Sisters previous works, this one has a sweet calmness I’ve not yet seen from them before. It’s also rare in recent K-drama rom-coms, which always skews towards a hoppy rather than mellow vibe. Ten episodes in, Big still feels more than a J-dorama than a K-drama, despite all the makjangy elements now floating to the surface. The drama focuses on the characters rather than the situational narrative, so what comes off as boring for some viewers is the very thing that owns my heart. I get to spend time with Da Ran and Kyung Jae spending time with each other. It’s the very experience of watching two people fall in love that is so special to me. It’s not a bickering their way to love pas de deux, but rather a tentative attraction that is allowed to grow into something because of a situation beyond their control.

Once I watched Big episode 1 and realized that all my preconceived expectations were off, such as thinking Yoon Jae was the male lead when in truth it was Kyung Joon, and being taken off guard with the pacing, I’ve grown to appreciate and treasure how Big is choosing to tell this story. Very rarely do we see the experience of a female lead falling in love with both male leads, but we saw Da Ran fall for Yoon Jae through flashbacks and we have lived through Da Ran falling for Kyung Joon in the present. I still am fine with the end game being Da Ran with either Kyung Jae or Kyung Joon, because Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung are beyond perfect in their roles, but Shin Won Ho also sold the mature Kyung Joon from episode 1 as completely a viable love interest for Da Ran. I have no problem with his baby face, the boy’s eyes scream “I’m a man.”

But my gut tells me………and don’t quote me here……..the end game is Kyung Jae. I think there is a reason why Kyung Joon’s body has lain in a coma while Yoon Jae’s body is up and about. I wonder if Kyung Joon was not meant to survive that accident but Yoon Jae gave his life for Kyung Joon, just like Kyung Joon was born to save Yoon Jae. It’s not exactly a life for a life, but it was Yoon Jae’s way to pay back his brother for being born to save him, and then given up by the family. It’s not like Kyung Joon’s surrogate mom didn’t love him, but oomph it’s gonna break Kyung Joon to pieces when he learns the truth. I think Yoon Jae has turned out to be the classic second male lead – sacrificing, decent, honorable, and ultimately, suffering in silence – so if he dies in the end while in Kyung Joon’s body, I wouldn’t be surprised.

It was a stunner to discover that the brothers are full blooded siblings. That just makes Yoon Jae’s mom even more loathsome, what with giving up her own blood son just because she didn’t carry the boy. I don’t see the huge ethical considerations for donor babies, as long as the babies are loved and won’t die in the donation procedure. Some bone marrow or cord blood never hurt anyone. What I find abhorrent is giving up Kyung Joon and never having any contact with him. That boggles the mind, and while it appears Yoon Jae’s mom does have a heart when she went to visit Kyung Joon and looked really sad, she’s still a Grade-A heartless beyotch in my eyes.

Se Young has turned out to be surprisingly useful. Her sleuthing out the connection between the two guys was nicely done, and renders her character less like useless filler and more integral to the narrative. Mari I continue to want to truss up and ship her off somewhere far far away. I don’t even need her to be a third wheel and push Da Ran and Kyung Jae forward, because they are doing so well on their own trying to suss out their feelings. What kills me is how Kyung Jae misreads every emotion from Da Ran these days, because of the belief that she’s still fixated on Yoon Jae. That ship sailed a long time ago, and everyone would be better off admitting it and dealing with the inevitable aftermath.

While I just said that I think the end game is Kyung Jae, the Hong Sisters can easily switch it up. Kyung Joon just turned twenty in the drama, and that’s not a coincidence. He’s legally of age now, and that just throws out any underage concerns. I think he’s matured far more than any boy his age, and his emotional journey has been undertaken with Da Ran by his side in all the important ways. Because of being in Yoon Jae’s body, he’s had to learn to sleep on other beds, he’s had to learn to do and eat things he doesn’t like, he has had to hold his feelings inside for the sake of another. I think he’s getting closer to being as Big on the inside as he is on the outside at this point, and it’s time for the OTP to confess their feelings for they have each other to weather the impending storm of many unknowns laying in wait for them.


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  1. LSG ended up with fox, don’t see problem for KJ and DR.., and if it ends like Cha Chi-soo rescue it’s bonus for me…hehehhe
    Hug him, hug him, don’t let go….what a moment!

    Those kids are adorable, I melt every time I see them…awwww

  2. There is probably a twist to the parent´s story. I think YoonJae´s mum had to give up KyungJoon. It would be cruel to KyungJoon´s mother to give up the child she gave birth to, just because it is not her biological child. Maybe the parents did a deal in that way. Maybe KyungJoon´s mother was not able to get own children and they agreed, that she would surrogate the child from YoonJae´s mom and after YoonJae´s therapy that she could leave with that child. And YoonJae´s had to forget KyungJoon.
    I don´t know, she may be a witch, but she doesn´t seem like a that horrible mother to me. she told YoonJae the truth, she didn´t deny KyungJoon´s existence, but she probably had to forget her second son, to be able to live on.

    • I thought about that but it doesn’t make sense. If Yoon Jae’s mom had to give up Kyung Joon to Kyung Joon’s mom as payment/recompense for carrying the surrogate baby, then she ought to be sad about losing her second son to save the first. She ought to feel guilt but longing to see her son since she didn’t want Kyung Joon’s mom to raise her. If I had to give up my child, I wouldn’t elect to forget the child, I would miss him very much. Plus Yoon Jae’s mom keeps talking as if that child wasn’t hers, she wants nothing to do with him. Since Kyung Joon’s mom is dead, if she wanted Kyung Joon, she would be trying to get him back rather than avoiding him. Also, if Yoon Jae was twelve (middle school) when the donor surgery happened, he would already be in the know. His mom can’t even keep it from him. I think she was angry about her husband using a surrogacy for the child, but had no choice since she was unable to carry the baby herself, plus felt guilt for having a donor child, hence she’s using avoidance of Kyung Joon’s existence to avoid dealing with her own emotional issues.

      • I feel YJ’s father could have been in love with KJ’s mom and this is why she consented to having KJ, hence YJ’s mom’s resentment. It would justify her cold attitude towards her husband and her biological child. On another note, I think we’re going to lose YJ in the end and KJ will remain. This whole one child saves another’s life scorecard reads: 1) KJ saved YJ, 2) YJ “died” yet his body came back to life to save KJ’s soul, 3) we have a comatose KJ and are unaware as to if YJ’s soul resides in this body. In order for KJ to be happy, he needs his soul back and YJ’s body just might return it so that 4) he can save KJ once again. It would be totally awkward if both brothers survived this ordeal because one was declared legally dead on the scene and then “oh, wait a minute I’m still alive but it’s not really me”. The Hong Sisters have outdone themselves and I love the mellow pace.

      • YJ’s mom said somewhere that the dad was “in love” with the surrogate mom, thus the source of her hate.
        BUT does it even make sense for a couple to choose someone with past issues as a surrogate mom?
        I think YJ’s dad *maybe* fell in love with KY’s surrogate mom only AFTER they started the pregnancy.
        Maybe the dad was always meeting up with the surro-mom, trying to take care of her (because she WAS carrying the baby that will save Yoon Jae). It could also be that the dad was caring for the baby, and Beyotch-mom mistook it as feelings for surro-mom.
        Either way, I don’t believe that they contracted an ex-love just to carry a baby, because that right there screams IDIOT CONFLICT FOR THE SAKE OF CONFLICT ALERT! — and the Hong Sisters know better than to manufacture conflict that way. I think… I hope.

  3. Thank you Koala! I’ve been reading a lot of whacked out thoughts and opinions lately, which reminds me once again why I usually stay away from the masses.
    Everything is turning out exactly how I thought and I’m not sure how to take that. But either way, I’m loving the show immensely.
    My only issue is I’m tired of KJ getting hurt. And I think it’s pretty evident he’s in for much more substantial pain but I am not in the mood to watch him go through it.

    Thanks again for the recap and bringing intelligent thought to a wonderful story.

    • You’re welcome! I think some complaints stem from Big not being what people expected, including lovelines and tone. I still hear people talking about Da Ran and Yoon Jae, or how Yoon Jae the first lead is put in the coma. Buh? I saw in episode 1 clearly that THS have set up Kyung Joon as the male lead, we are only “seeing” Kyung Joon in Yoon Jae’s body. Honestly, Yoon Jae isn’t even the second male lead IMO, that would be dim witted little Choong Shik, whose character has gotten way more screen time. I find Big quite well written, it has plenty of flaws, but a narrative sureness that tells me a lot of thought was put into it. If it upended expectations, then so be it. I rolled with the punches and am happy as a panda about it. I never thought THS could do such a sweet and tender love story. I want to cuddle in a blanket with Big.

      • Absolutely! I’m a strong believer that if you don’t buy the premise, you won’t like the story, no matter what. The first few mins of the first ep gave me pause but once SWH came onscreen I understood where my priorities should lay. And I feel THS were very clear about that.
        I’ve always felt YJ was sweet but never the endgame. No matter what happens. Personally, I’ve just always thought the man was dead. A part of me hopes he isn’t but I don’t see a real future for him and honestly, I think that’s purposeful.
        THS have surprised me and I’m glad for how they’ve expanded their view and story approach or at least the way they desire to be viewed as artists. It’s just sad others aren’t appreciating their endeavor as much.

  4. I thought that they were going to be whole brothers. That’s the impression I got from the last episode. What I don’t understand is why she had to give Kyung Joon up? Just because he had to be born from a surrogate? I don’t get that part at all. Of course when I watched it it wasn’t totally subbed in English yet, so maybe I missed an important part that explained that, I dunno. The panda scene was really freaking adorable. Now that he is 20 years old the whole age thing doesn’t bother me at all (I had a hard time stomaching it in Flower Boy Ramyun Shop because he was like 17 *shudder*), and you are right, he is a very mature 20 at this point. Now I am curious as to how they will end up as well, will he be in Yoon Jae’s body or his own? Poor girl, never should have married him before Yoon Jae came back, she’s going to be in a world of mess if they return to their own bodies (which is why I agree with you and I’m not so sure they will). I really like the pace of this drama too, lots of time to build up characters, relationships, and suspense. The sign of a well thought out and well written drama if you ask me…

    • Hmmmm, FBRS, we never had that focus on age, didn’t really mention as often as in Big in crucial times, in the end Chi-soo ended up in army (time jump, no years) old you have to be?
      “Other things don’t really matter. Ramyun just tastes best when it’s eaten at the moment it’s boiling over.”

      • Age is just an issue for me personally. I’m a 24 year old teacher who teaches some 16 and 17 year olds and the thought of it just freaks me out personally. I realize it’s all for entertainment purposes but it’s weird to me. And in FBRS they go together before he went to the army and he was like 17, and it was just awkward for me to watch.

      • Julie –
        Definitely understand how real life intrudes sometimes.
        I had a really hard time buying that JIW was 18 in that show.
        I think I even guessed at one point they were going to tell his parents lied about his age, and he really was 23!

        I also think that is why Big is being very careful here that the love develops over time, and while DR will always be older, nothing will happen until KJ is a legal adult.

      • IW always looked older, so everyone was fine with it, none never thought about him as 17-18 years old, but Shin does not, that’s the problem.

  5. I also don’t think we will see more of cutie Shin than we have seen in the beginning, because he too unexperienced as an actor to make the ending of a drama? And also because he is not on any poster of this drama?

    • Oh, my baby Shin is totally on the group poster for Big!

      You know who is not on the poster? Yoon Jae. The version of Gong Yoo on the poster is Kyung Jae. That’s telling to me.

      • Koala, you made my day with this post recape and this reply Thank you so, so much. I too never saw Yoon Jae on this poster and I certainly never saw him as the one Da Ran will love when I first got a look at the correlation chart I saw on Viki. How some people are confused about this is beyond me. Gong Yoo is the male co-star who’s playing a dude who’s soul has been replaced by another dude’s soul and that dude is the male lead who is Kyung Joon.

      • Confusing as it may be, Gong Yoo the actor is the lead. But character-wise Kyung Joon is lead [though played by lead actor Gong Yoo] and Yoon Jae is the catalyst – though not doing much [played by Gong Yoo as supporting actor?] LOL!!!!! And Shin is supporting actor though his character is lead character.
        LOL even more!!!

      • Yeah I agree Gong Yoo is still the lead. I mean Shin has pretty much just laid on a bed for over half the drama…

      • Basically Big is pulling another 49 Days where the main actor’s character is technically the second character, but the soul switching thing makes them the lead actor as the other character. Gong Yoo’s real role is Kyung Jae, not Yoon Jae.

    • I would love for us to be able to see Shin as KJ again.
      I am going with the blurry dream shot between KJ and YJ as they hold hands for the last time as YJ passes out of this world.

      Speaking of warm hands – very excited here – YJ, at 18, held someone’s warm hands that inspired him to be a doctor.
      Who else thinks those hands belonged to a 6 year old KJ?
      Which meeeeeeeans the warm hands that DR treasures ALSO belong to KJ.

      • oh nice thought, jomo!! that would be a great tie up, and I won’t put that past the Hong sisters. =) They are v good at drawing links.

        I’m liking what i’ve read of Big so far and i agree with koala unni that the pace is nicely mellow. I’m glad the Hong sisters are trying something different from their usual repetoire, and i like the results so far. (haven’t watched Big, only downloaded cos’ waiting to pass for the TK2H virus to finally pass so i can sit down and marathon this baby – I’m almost there hehe). hope the rest of the story doesn’t disappoint.

  6. I love this episode. It made me cry. I think they did a great job of showing Da Ran trying to deal with her confusion, feelings, emotions about Kyung Joon,
    Im loving this drama SO.MUCH. Im not fuss about the criticisim of some for this drama. I think it has a strong cast, great story. Everyone is entitle to their own views. If they cant appreciate something good like this, why bother? ha!

    • It is amazing watching LMJ, isn’t it?
      I cried with her in BOF, so I knew that she could bring it.
      I totally believe the turmoil her love is causing, poor thing.
      Of course, having GY looking at her with THAT face helps. Sob sob sob

      • While I am waiting for Big, I also check out “Smile, You” where LMJ played the female lead for the first time since thundie recommended it back in 2009. OMG. LMJ was indeed a revelation in that show and she infused so much energy and vitality in that wonderful character of Jung-il. Also,her chemistry with Jung Kyung Ho was off the chart. It’s interesting that GY and JKH are best friends in real life and LMJ have great chemistry with both!

        However, I think LMJ’s acting in big is even better than in Smile you. DR is a much more difficult and unfavorable role and she manages to bring different facets. I don’t care how people criticize her because they favor GY or Suzy. For me, DR is the most realistic character with her flaws and blindness, which is why in many other regards, it’s a much challenging role to play. Anyway. I am rooting for GY and LMJ!

      • LMJ is doing a good job playing the ditzy pretty school teacher. ( though watching the BTS, she seems to be quite cute and ditzy in real life too ) For me I think GY’s portray of KJ wins hands down. I really felt he played out the insecurity, eagerness and inexperience of the 19 year old KJ so well . Every reaction, every expression. Gong Yoo must have thought through the emotions of KJ through and through to be able to do that.
        Of course Im biased.

  7. Oh man, what is D, going to do and how can she think about confessing her love to a person she thinks is too young for her. I wonder if she will just keep her mouth shut and live with the lost love.

    • That is why we have drunken confessions, discovered unsent letters and texts, overheard conversations, and what I am looking forward to:
      heart doodles that she leaves around somewhere that KJ will find.
      ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

      • Am thinking that pic of him kissing her at their wedding shoot is going to turn up at some crucial moment.. At least some proof that she thought of him enough to keep it

        I think yoon jae’s soul is dead and yj has given his body to kyung joon. That’s what I want for kyung joon anyway. No guilt cos kj gave him life before.

  8. Thank you for bringing your thoughts that I so admire. You always talk me off that ledge as it were. I mean I was angry at the end because KJ DOES keep getting hurt and will probably get more hurt before it is all said and done. How unfair for this person to get stuck in another man’s skin for the rest of his life. That would do me in as far as this drama goes. Also I used to hate and detest Hong Gil Dong the character more than anyone in all the dramas I have watched but he just got shot down one peg by Mari. I read somewhere that they feel sorry for her. She is the most detestable character ever and that includes all the bitchy second love interests and bitchy mother-in-laws and bad guys like the one in City Hunter. I was waiting for you to post so that I could calm down cause no one says it better than you. I am glad that there is a love story here but it isn’t going to end well. IMO.

  9. And Koala, you have been right on the whole time so i think we may really see YJ dying in KJ’s body. KJ has given a life to YJ for the past 18 years.. maybe now, YJ will give KJ his body along with a family, love and heck even his career!
    Hong Sisters have definitely put in much thoughts in the scenes, from the two weddings we have seen ( D didnt even noticed YJ in the first, yet D recognised that it was KJ at first look even if she was abit confused -would be strange if she wasnt) How KJ had always done more in every similar situation for D compare to YJ ( meet the mother scenes) I was hoping YJ will have a fair go at D but the story has actually progressed such that Im very ok for D to be with KJ even if YJ never wakes up. Thats skillful writing.

    • Big feels almost like Da Ran getting a do-over in her love life.

      Hear me out – almost every scene I’ve seen of Da Ran and Yoon Jae, I’ve seen Da Ran and Kyung Jae do again and do it right.

      1. Hands – YJ misses grabbing hers, KJ grabs hers.
      2. Wedding – DR completely does not notice YJ, DR totally notices KJ
      3. Bike riding – DR waits for YJ and he’s a no show, KJ manages to track her down at the park.
      4. Kiss – DR was asleep for the first kiss and YJ snuck one, KJ tells her to remember their kiss bc it’s KJ’s first kiss.
      5. Proposal – YJ’s weaksauce “I’ll take responsibility for you”, to KJ proposal “I’m a sad little bait that just wants one fish”. DR just accepted YJ’s proposal without thinking about it much, but she really put in a lot of thought into KJ’s proposal, and she asks him to marry her in the end.
      6. Growing up – DR always was playing catch up with YJ, thinking she wasn’t good enough for him, studying harder to match up to him. With KJ, she doesn’t ever need to feel inferior, and he’s the one who needs to mature emotionally, but intellectually he’s also at or above her level. They match.
      7. Bed – DR goes looking for a bed and YJ doesn’t join her. She runs into KJ sleeping on the exact bed.

      I can go on and on and on. But sometimes I wonder if the Big body swap isn’t also a chance for Da Ran’s do-over. Who cares if Yoon Jae loved her, because ultimately I don’t think he’s a good fit for her. She’ll always feel insecure around him, always meekly waiting for him. That sucks in a relationship. KJ and DR are on equal playing field, neither one shields away from expressing their thoughts.

      • Love your observations – it brings so much added depth and enjoyment to the drama! Thanks for your speedy recaps – it’s always the first thing I check out in the morning in my time zone.

      • I didn’t think back that far, but I did notice it with the park scene. I thought “Yoon Jae was too busy, but Kyung Joong will show up!” KJ is more thoughtful and has his priorities straight.

    • I noticed the kiss, hands and bike riding too! 🙂 Another pretty significant situation that KJ shines above YJ is how he was so upfront with Marie from the beginning and time and time again that the person he likes/love is Da Ran. Whereas YJ seemed to ( at least from what it seems) have misled Se Young with regard to where he stand with Da Ran. And because of that, I have grown to respect him and of course for always trying to put Da Ran’s well being above himself despite not having any other support in his life.

      • I have to add, its easy for a person to give and be generous when they have alot. KJ has no one. ( minus marie here ) Thats why to me its even more heartbreaking for KJ to be so willing to give up and help Da Ran be with YJ thinking that is what she wants.

  10. hahaha it almost seemed like the Hong sisters heard my plea or something but hey hey~ we got what i was looking for: a delving into the heart of D as it changes~ =] in turn, some things had to give, like the pacing of overarching story points like KJ’s body waking up, which i mind less than not having D’s perspective fleshed out… because ok… it’s a bit slowed down now but I got the necessary story to latch my heart back with that of the essential characters. As much as we need to understand KJ, we need to understand what the heck is going on in D’s head too!! and in that sense, the whole shifty dancing-around between KJ and D for them to recognize their own emotions AND those of the other person now are no where near as frustrating as they could otherwise have been (the hated noble-idiocy cliches)

    KJ and D HAS tried communicating on their need to understand themselves and not get “confused” by the circumstances– when they feel confused, they tell the other person; when they decide to “back off” because they’re afraid of screwing things up for the both of them, they tell the other person (and MAJOR props to KJ for taking the lead and setting that relational foundation up from the get-go, and from D’s admittance that she was feeling confused in ep 10, i’d say she’s being a good student=/ GRRRR the second time it happened here, I can see the significance of it, but using it 3-4 times is OVERKILL and dumb that you can’t think of better catalysts to move the plot along =P

  11. I honestly would be sad if YJ died. I want him to be there for KJ when he finds out the truth he will know someone in his biological family cared and looked for him.

  12. I’m hoping that Yoon Jae’s soul makes as appearance somehow, whether back in his rightful body or borrowing Kyung Jae’s. I’m still intrigued by him and his true intentions. I think I’d respect Da Ran more if he came back and she actually acted like an adult around him, instead of the lovesick Mari-lite version she was. I’m not shipping them to stay together but I think it would show her character growth.

    As for the pace of the show, the reason I’m hooked all comes down to Gong Yoo. This is the first drama I’ve seen him in and damn, is he selling the hell of of his characters. I’m smitten when he plays cool Kyung Jae and charmed when he plays shy Yoon Jae.

  13. Oh thanks thanks for this ockoala unnie! Yup, Kyung Jae is the endgame. Gong Yoo is the lead. Well, that is, if one will go, and it’s not the body of Yoon Jae. Yoon Jae’s shell stays but whose soul stays? The lead, Kyung Joon. Trouble is, if both stay alive. So what then? But it would be too complicated and too much for Korea’s culture. However, the drama shows us that Da Ran’s parents even got married with the age difference plus it’s a teacher-student relationship too, like what you’ve mentioned in your previous recap. But the father is the one who’s much older than the wife, not the other way around, if it actually matters in Korea, I’m not so sure. Anyway, it’s outright messy. I guess we’ll have a “cleaner” ending with Kyung Jae, besides Kyung Joon was saying to Yoon Jae to come back because I might not want to leave. So he’s okay with his shell now, I think. While Yoon Jae would just have to sacrifice for his brother, knowing how Kyung Joon has lived his life and well, the reason why he was actually born in the first place. I mean dramas have their usual heroes, right?

    About Yoon Jae’s mum, well, I guess, before the surrogacy happened, Yoon Jae’s parents were just too desperate for a miracle cure for their dear boy. However, mum couldn’t bear a child anymore, so they thought about surrogacy. They chose a donor, who agreed with financial compensation, of course, since I don’t think anyone would do that for nothing. The pay was huge that’s why Kyung Joon’s mum seemed well off. Yoon Jae’s mum offered her egg but how was it fertilised? Dad offered his own semen/ sperms? How? Was it in vitro? I guess not. I think it’s the real thing, if you get what I mean, and I think that’s the reason why Yoon Jae’s mum is resentful about it all, and maybe the reason why Yoon Jae’s parents parted ways, I think. So Mum doesn’t recognise Kyung Joon as her own because of that, and well, aside from the guilt of using this boy to save Yoon Jae’s life. Just a theory…

    • It had to have been in-vitro fertilization + implant fertilized egg into KJ’s mom.

      It probably wasn’t successful right away either. Most of the women I know who have been through this had to try several times. This makes KJ’s mom a sweetheart. She did this for a kid she didn’t know under the eyes of the wife of her lover. That shows some sacrifice and love. I say SHE is the lifesaver here.

    • Hmmm, I still go with the IVF+surrogate thing. Turns out that the surrogate happened to be YJ’s dad’s lover, hence the resentment of YJ’s mom about it.

  14. If there was a ‘BIG Anonymous’ out there I should probably sign up cos I admit…I am an addict. Thank you so much for the recap – I really enjoyed reading it. Does anyone know if a body could stay alive without a soul? What if YJ really died – I mean his soul has gone up to 7th heaven or something and we are left with 2 bodies and 1 soul. If KJ’s soul does leave YJ’s body and goes back to his own, wouldn’t that put YJ in a comatose position?
    Gosh! I really cannot fathom how this is going to pan out well for our OTP if both brothers are alive – I don’t usually have a murderous streak but someone’s gotta go man and I vote for the YJ that seems more myth than real flesh & blood. KJ helped YJ and YJ now helps DR by helping her find a man who can really love her and that’s our KJ! In both the soul jump episodes, we ‘see’ KJ’s soul do the jump but there’s zilch on YJ’s soul returning to his own body. But then killing of KJ’s body is also a sad thing though – the guy’s really cute.
    I am a sucker for pain – I dread yet look forward to the upcoming episodes even though I know I will be crying buckets. My only wish is that at the beginning of ep 11 DR confesses her feelings to KJ – or any time before he makes the jump. PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE! KJ must at least know she loves him before the suffering begins! Right??? My heart broke in so many places watching them cry so please Hong Sisters…do the right thing by BIG fans!

  15. I’m a bit confused here. I just finished episode 10 with english subititles (I don’t understand Korean). The part when YJ’s mom was explaining to SY how the guys were related; she basically says that the brothers had the same dad but different moms. However, as I’m reading some comments posted on here, I see KJ’s mom is a surrogate??? This whole shabang here is confusing me…hahaha…

  16. In regards to the evil mom, the subs on Viki said that she let her husband have the baby with the woman he loved. So even though it was her biological chile, it was her husband’s mistress who carried it, which I think would explain (although it doesn’t justify, at all) her coldness toward Kyung Joon.
    I also found the faded hearts to be very significant—because the hearts for Yoon Jae have faded from Da Ran’s eyes, and have been replaced by her more mature and realistic love for Kyung Joon. I also love that Kyung Joon doesn’t keep her waiting. In the past two episodes, she waits in excitement for her to come, and he rushes to be with her. Yoon Jae not only made her continually wait on him, he wouldn’t even show up. I feel that Da Ran knows that Kyung Jae will always come to her.
    Kyung Joon’s pain at trying to return to his body is also telling—I don’t think he’s going to ever fully move back over. There’s something very wrong with his body, or his soul back in his body. Also, although Da Ran has been confused up until this episode by seeing Kyung Joon, but Yoon Jae’s body, that confusion seems to be almost gone. She sees Kyung Joon only these days.

    • Yes, yes, yes, yes, and YES to all of the above.

      Magic is keeping KJ’s body “alive.” When DR finally accepts KJ as her man, poor KJ’s shell will be deceased, YJ will move on to the next life if he hasn’t already, and KJ will take up permanent residence in the body formerly know as Dr. Seo.

  17. Koala…thank you for writing the recaps & commentary. Your blog is an oasis for me, because I’ve also been reading comments elsewhere…and I’ve been facepalming over so much of it.

    There are viewers out there *still* trying to ship KyungJoon & Mari — as if there has been even ONE scene indicating KJ has feelings for Mari. Patting a girl on the head is the most blantant display of friend-zoning…evar! It’s especially crazy-making when the absolutely delightful/handsome (if a little dense) Choong-Sik is standing right in front of that cock-blocker. (grrrrrrrr….mosquito-character needs a swat ~)

    RE: Yoon Jae’s mother. I would be fine with her losing her son’s body to KyungJoon’s soul. If, in fact, she is… and has been… so utterly heartless and unconcerned about the child who was *manufactured* to save YoonJae’s life. This would only be satisfying if she KNEW about the soul transfer. However, I kinda think that bit of mystical-info will *not* be known to many people. (?) The HongSisters may prove me wrong.

    The aunt/uncle, Senior teacher-principle side characters are — in my opinion — wasting screen time …taking valuable, sweet moments from my OTP. Hong Sisters, please wrap that stuff up and get back to my falling in love couple. ~ ❤

    • “Patting a girl on the head is the most blantant display of friend-zoning…evar!” Seriously. There’s a guy I’ve known since I was about 12 and he was maybe 20. He was PATTING me on the head until I was 23. I had to complain to his wife about it to get him to stop!

  18. Thanks for the recap. I agree with just about every word you wrote up there.

    End game is Kyung Jae + DaRan.
    Ultimately, unless she makes peace with the idea of living with a currently younger man – and lets go of her own preconceived notions, they wouldn’t get together no matter what body KJ’s in. I think it just makes it easier on the TV audience to accept the pairing.

    Of course this means YJ has to pass. (I am right behind you, Koala, pushing him off the virtual cliff.) and Mari has to deal with KJ never returning to his body.
    Sadly, very very sadly, there would be very few folks mourning actual KJ anyway.

    Sobbed and sobbed at the couch scene.
    That scene was a turnaround from end of the first episode.
    When she went into that house looking for YJ’s body, and approached him the same way – unsure who was living in the shell – asking: “Kang Kyung Joon?”
    KJ’s response – calling her Teacher Gil Da Ran – disappointed her then.
    KJ is prolly remembering that, too, a reason he reads her overwhelming relief as disappointment. OMG, the look on his face because of how hurt he felt…here I go again….

    As we dig deeper into the gaping wounds of their and our hearts over the next few episodes, I am hoping for some symbolic retribution for uri KJ.
    Specifically, I need DR to get caught drawing hearts onto something thinking about KJ. ♡ I need him to find this evidence, and I need him to know immediately what that means. Bonus if it is a window, because burned into my memory is the image of uri Shin gazing at the heart she drew while on the cell with YJ.

    Plus – I need DR to then looking at him “shooting out hearts” and I need us all to see how that affects him.
    Thinking about it now, I notice the Hongs have held back from their usual overflow of metaphors and symbols, but I have always liked how they put the hearts into the shows.

    Cried for 15 mins after the end of this episode the two times I put myself through it.
    I know we will see that “salvation has to have both love and sacrifice” comes from this pair.
    “Doc” KJ has been observing how his little ped patients – Rabbit and Teddy Bear – act an awful lot like him and Teacher. This means the children that will save each other finally, will be Daran and Kyung Joon.

  19. It seems we will goes to that road, right?ahh the angst? Separation? I still can’t get enough of them being together yet.

  20. ockoala nim!! Thanks again so much for all the great commentaries.

    Big for me is exceptional in many aspects. First, it probably is the first Hong Sisters’ drama that I really fall in love with. I mean, I like Fantasy Couple and other earlier dramas. But none of them touches me fundamentally like Big have done to me.

    Secondly, I was never a GY fan–not even in the heydays of Coffee Prince, which I think is way overrated. But from the film “Silenced” to Big, I see a total transformation of Gong Yoo’s acting. There is much less camera consciousness and he is clearly more relaxed and comfortable in his performance.

    Thirdly, episode 9 and 10 finally convinces me that LMJ is an actress with great potential. I know she was heavily criticized for her performance in episode 1 and I did have problems getting into her character. But she just keeps improving and in these two recent episodes, my heart just aches and cries with her.

    Most importantly, LMJ and GY make one of the most memorable OTP… I mean, most of the Kdrama couples always rely on kissing and some intimate scenes to make it work. However, somehow LMJ and GY together create a very unique chemistry and even a glance can move or break your heart. I don’t know why a lot of soompiers are still rooting for Mari. I don’t hate Mari and I adore Suzy, but at this point, I really feel that her screen presence is simply redundant. Does Big production company simply use her to increase rating? It doesn’t quite work, in my opinion. In any case, I just want to savor all the precious moments by my OTP.

    • I will forever be grateful to singers taking drama roles because THOSE shows get subbed the fastest!
      Example – Fashion King subbed at 100% when it seemed that nobody was watching it but me and everyone at Raine’s Dichotomy/Mad Dino’s Asylum.

      • hahaha Jomo. You are right. I remember that Rooftop Prince’s subs always come out so fast while I have to wait 5 extra hours or more for them to translate Equator Men. But I think Gong Yoo is a “Big” name already, isn’t it? XD

    • Rather than ratings,it’s more like they’re using Suzy to attracts the younger audience.It’s all marketing tactics. Suzy is the IT girl at the moment when they first cast her and she still is.Not saying that Gong Yoo and Lee Minjung are not popular,but Suzy does has a fair share in attracting the viewers.Well Mari’s characters is a crap and poorly written considered that she’s the second lead as how they hype her in the beginning i think she deserved more. Mari may be crazy and obsessive girl and everyone hates her in the drama,but i don’t think Korea will stop loving Suzy at this moment.Most of Mari article are all about her fashion style in the drama.So lucky her i guess~ They used her name and she lose nothing.Win win.

  21. I haven’t watched the episode yet, but I feel bad right now for the impending angst that is soon to come 🙁 Right now my heart’s full of sorrow for KJ, who was a “wanted baby” but for the sole purpose of saving a brother only to be “discarded” after he fulfilled his job. I could not stomach the thought that YJ’s mom would just discard him like that just because he did not technically came out of her womb, when in fact she and her husband’s DNA was on him making him one of their own. Adding to this turmoil is his belief that his beloved teacher is still in love to the brother…oh, the pain that awaits him is too much :'(

    For me, KJae is misreading of DR’s thoughts is not really “misreading” at all, but he’s doing it on purpose as a preventive measure to his heart, because up to now he’s still not sure if DR is in love with the shell or with the person inside; it’s like it’s best to believe that Gil Teacher is still in love with the doctor than assume that it is with him–that’s why we need DR in the next episodes to verbally confess right in his face.

    As for the drama per se, I’m glad that THS tackled the issue of savior siblings here because I have no idea that such stuff exists.

    • I am also worried how bad KJ would feel (picturing Shin here) to find out he was born to save YJ.
      But then, I love that the show has done a great job showing that KJ and his mother made a complete family. No dad was necessary.
      I hope no matter what KJ will focus on that – that he was born to a very loving mother who cherished him up to the last moments of her life.

  22. I have become so un-invested in this drama… I really don’t even care anymore. Which is sad, because the only reason why I don’t like it anymore is because of my disagreement with the OTP. I know I shouldn’t be like that and instead appreciate the drama for the story, but the loathe that I feel for Kyung Joon and Da Ran being the OTP.. it’s just… it’s too much. Yoon Jae’s feeling and perspective in this story is important! Has this drama forgotten about that?!

    • Yes, Yoon Jae’s feeling and perspective in this story is important…if he’s the MAIN LEAD. Apparently he’s not, and the Hongs have made that clear in the earlier eps. And look at those teasers/posters, we don’t see a “manly” 30-ish Gong Yoo but a teenaged one…isn’t that telling about the OTP?

      Don’t worry I think we’ll get his side of the story but only a bit in the near end and as with the case of second leads, his won’t really that matter.

  23. i must say i was near tears watching the crying scenes. this episode was so, so heartbreaking. yet despite all this, i’m glad that this episode gets any rid of all doubts that kj + daran is endgame (as i’ve always known). i’m so happy that daran is finally coming to terms (or beginning to) with her feelings for kj.

    also just wanted to throw out there that reading some of hte comments on soompi are really frustrating – i feel like a lot of people are missing the point. just wanted to get that off my chest.

    • I know right? Why are people still ‘stalking’ the drama then bad-mouthing it? If you don’t like a drama then don’t watch it, don’t read about it, don’t think about it! It boggles my mind as to how people can watch week in and out and then diss a drama. As they say…haters will hate…but at least we know they are a minority given the nutcase fans (guilty!) refreshing the page every hour for news bytes:)

    • @Cutie: They are full brothers because they have the same mother and father (genetically speaking). Kyung Joon’s mum is just the donor where the fertilised (?) egg was implanted but the egg and sperm was Yoon Jae’s parents’. They have to be full brothers because it is the point of this whole exercise, that is to have a full sibling for Yoon Jae so that there will be a higher possibility that their blood would match.

      • Sorry, Kyung Joon’s mum was just the surrogate, I should say, not the donor. To put it bluntly, her uterus was only used to “house” the developing fetus who would be Kyung Joon, who has blood that matched Yoon Jae’s, and had been the donor of whatever Yoon Jae needed (Yoon Jae probably had leukaemia and needed a bone marrow transplant, if we are going to the My Sister’s Keeper line of story)…

      • Wait…I thought that they are half brothers? Same dad but different moms. When YJ’s mom was telling SY that she was not able to bear a child, so the dad went to his “lover” and asked if she could bear his child.

      • kat – That could be a possibility if we didn’t see that SY did a DNA test proving that YJ’s mom is also KJ’s mom.

      • kat – meaning they did in vitro with her eggs and the lover carried the child and raised the child.

      • Jomo –
        OOO!! I had totally forgotten that part where SY was able to prove that YJ’s mom and KJ’s DNA matched. Hmm…maybe the english subtitle part where SY and YJ’s mom were discussing was inaccurate. Because reading from the subtitles, YJ’s mom pretty much said she was not able to bear a child; therefore the dad went to a second woman (KJ’s mom) that he loved to ask her to bear a child for him.

        It’s a bit hard to comprehend why YJ’s mom is treating KJ in such a way if KJ is really her biological son. In addition, it is believed that KJ’s mom was only a surrogate. The way how YJ’s mom is reacting to the whole situation is as if KJ was the soon of her husband’s second lover. So, that’s why she seems to hold a grudge.

  24. Thanks for the recap, Koala! I love reading your insights about the drama because you give me a new way to look at significant moments, helping me to appreciate them on a different level. 🙂

    Just throwing out some random thoughts here:

    1. In the ep 10 preview, SY tells KJae that she found out who YJ was looking for and the connection between them. I kind of wish they hadn’t edited that out of the actual episode. Guess THS didn’t want KJae to find out just yet.

    2. If, as Koala speculates, DR-KJae are endgame and body KJ will die by the end of the drama, then will KJae forever live under his brother’s name? Or will he legally change his name to KKJ? Wouldn’t that cause a lot fo confusion for DR’s family, YJ’s colleagues and just everybody in general?

  25. Aside from the secret revelation im more surprise at how fast all comments here added up in just mere an hour. BRAVO v_v

  26. Kyung Joon (in his own body) and Da Ran have always been my OTP since the first episode. So it’s just a gut feeling that Kyung Joon and Da Ran will be the end-game, since Kyung Joon and Da Ran were technically the start of the game. Though, I must admit there’s that big hurdle of DR being married to YJ’s body to get over, that makes me bite my nails.

    This is just a crazy theory of foreshadowing: KJ’s mom was a surrogate for KJ to grow and develop inside, and she ended up dying. Now YJ’s body is the “surrogate” for KJ’s soul to grow and develop inside, hence YJ will end up being the one to die in the end? For some reason I feel like YJ’s soul isn’t in KY’s body. (Yeah, I’m probably wrong).

    Oh, Mari congrats! You win the award for most annoying character in a drama ever! (Though, I do think the actress is doing a great job portraying the character. I liked it more when Mari’s character was more “comical relief.” I hope her character grows up!

  27. Dear Koala,

    I HAD to comment and as a lurker you know that is very hard to do but I felt your conclusion on the “thoughts of mine” was beautifully written. Well done!

    Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into these recaps – they are greatly appreciated.


  28. I’m always so confused as to why people still think Yoon Jae is the main character and/or ship Yoon Jae with Da Ran. I mean, it’s fine to like the guy and ship whatever you want, but I personally don’t feel like he’s been dealt any injustice whatsoever. Had he worked towards the relationship as much as Da Ran had (and even then it was mostly out of insecurity, infatuation, and admiration for the dude) then maybe Da Ran would not have been swayed at all by Kyung Joon.

    We know that Yoon Jae has a huuuuuge guilt complex and a savior complex. We know he proposed to Da Ran very shortly after he knew her (and he didn’t know her that well at all.) We know that he wanted a family with Se Young but she didn’t so they broke it off…And he promptly rushed into an engagement with Da Ran. We know that he spent very little time with Da Ran, going as far as to not even spend time with her on his birthday or go house-seeing with her. We know that he most likely told Se Young about his search for Kyung Joon (she seemed to know that he was looking for someone in the episode 10 preview anyhow), but he mentioned nothing to Da Ran. He was about to marry the woman, but he couldn’t even tell her that? Yet he went ahead and sent her on marriage errands like buying the bed and the house?

    Yeah, that really makes me want to give that couple a second chance. And it’s not like I even dislike the guy; I just happen to think he and Da Ran are horrible for each other. She was a total pushover for him and he was cold and distant. Yeah, he was a nice guy…But being a nice guy doesn’t automatically give you the “rights” to a girl. It totally irks me when people say that it’s unfair that his fiancee is being stolen from him while he’s lying in a coma. Honestly, Da Ran is not property. And had their love been strong enough, not even Kyung Joon in Gong Yoo’s body could have swayed Da Ran.

    • I’m not shipping YJ and DR, in fact, I root for KJ in this drama. But sometimes I felt DR is two timing. Her status with YJ before the incident is YJ’s fiance, right? It’s enough to make feel sorry for YJ. (Maybe he is the workaholic man type, who love his job more than anything, or introvert type ) And Now Da Ran flirt with another man/boy and fallin in love with him. It’s not about who is more fit or suit for Da Ran, because I’m sure the answer is Kyung Joon. It’s more her status as YJ’s fiance before accident. And the fact she has been married with YJ’s body (though it’s fake). When i think about it, It’s really unfair for YJ.
      Add to the fact he bought the ring for her, that’s shows he really care about her.

      • shiku –
        I know what he was going to tell her now.
        “DR, as much as I love you, I am going to get someone who I think you will love EVEN MORE! He is my younger brother, and while I have never met him, I had a feeling if I were to disappear, you two could really get to like each other a LOT.
        Just be patient, forget me completely because I will NOT MIND at all if you do. ”

        Something like that. 😉

  29. Well.. As always.. I will be a last commenter until the next Big news.. LOL… I have now watched ep 10 with subs.. I laugh, cried, and swoon of OTP. YJ mom is one mean cold lady. I now do not like Mari and hoping that CS will step up and straight her out. Therefore, I hope we have previews now. Also, Happy 4th July everyone…

      • He is, isnt he? What a great call to do this role. How many females will be able to resist a lethal combination like that?

      • Let me think…..nope,none,no,ne…
        I like that in moment of his cutness his hotness sparks.

  30. Just for giggles and to lighten the mood.

    If anyone was curious what the *Miracle* storybook had printed on it…as the professor turned the pages ~ …I paused screen and typed it down.

    Miracle Book text ….or as I like to call it …WORD SALAD:
    (note: the _______ is for parts where a hand obscured the text…all the other is word for word)

    Bright sun-drenched land is a nature lover to live
    Because there’s been an angel. For two thousand and four trees and insects, and animals must have had friends.
    The angels in the fields of peace the most forgiving bow
    best friends and time as ever I saw in such a happy one.

    Of fun was playing with a butterfly coming from the sky a beautiful song that has been heard.
    Angels and friends head to the sky
    Suddenly the butterfly flew away, let, the angel of the earth does not know
    English was puzzled.

    Even the angels sing ground chase butterflies reported, but Butterfly wings, towards the melody to be (blurred out)______ the only thing to do.

    There is a butterfly led by the angel of the earth had never seen one up
    there was a sky garden
    There the angels of heaven ____
    a beautiful harp playing ____
    then the angels and _____
    heaven and earth became the first encounter

    ____heaven, earth, given a welcome
    Earth angel also has a new
    ______very happy.

    • Thanks for that, um, enlightening transcription. I feel like you’ve helped all the pieces of the puzzle come to light. It’s just too bad that nobody can understand what the pieces are supposed to say. Or mean. Or if it’s code. Yeah, maybe this is code. 🙂

  31. 1 child fated to save the other child

    I geet the feeling that 1 of them will be “gone”. Kyung joon saved Youn jae’sLife through Blood donor (right?) if he didnt do it, Young jae probably cant Live. And now, several years from those life-saving momment. The scenes are switched. Both brother got accident. 1 of their soul is “life” but entering a wrong body. While the other soul is M.I.A and didnot even response to the other lying body.
    I’ll make a bet. in the end. both of them should choose whose gonna give their life’s to save the other’s life.

  32. what is the reason behind continuous crying of Daran?

    a) Loosing KJ ? she can have him divorcing YJ after the switch back. I think YJ is enough considerate to free his unwilling wife or may be he already had second thought about the marriage. So either way, No problem.
    b) Or the reason that now she has to choose between handsome body of YJ and not enough (more than her) mature but beloved KJ’s soul … (Sigh ! 2 in 1 is much better)

    If soul was the most important thing for her, then how could she marry KJ in YJ’s body at the first place when she was not even in love with (not realized ) KJ and almost tried to hate YJ ?? To protect KJ !! This is … ridiculous !! I’m not buying that … marriage is not that easy thing ..

  33. I am soo shipping KJ (in any body) and DR. Thanks for the recap :). I don’t usually post but this episode was so sad for both characters. One believing they are burdensome to the other and one thinking they aren’t need…. like how heartbreaking is that. Why can’t they be together already. Just a final observation, that scene when she was running back from the park to KJ reminded me of the earlier episode when KJ ran to SY’s apartment to stop DR from opening the door for some reason.

  34. i think the end game is DR and Kyun Jae too – that Kyung Joon’s body will be in Yoon Jae’s. Mostly from the fact that this is Gong Yoo’s big comeback. But I would love love love love for Hong Sisters to have Kyung Joon return to his own body and fight the odds with Daran by his side so they can be together. I feel like they can do the drama time forward thing where he disappears for college and comes back for Da Ran. sigh…

    I do like the slower pace in this drama too – you are absolutely right – watching people slowly fall in love is why I love this drama. (side note: This is why I loved the Goguma Couple on We got Married too, haha).

  35. i hope kyung jae doesnt change back… i’m not okay with daran being with baby-face kyung joon hahaha…it just looks weird to me

  36. Koala, thank you so much for the recaps!!! I’m so busy this week that I’ll only be able to see the episodes on the weekend, but thanks to you I can keep track of the story and its discussion. And I have to say by quoting you that I love big for its “sweet calmness”, maybe because the drama tries to portrait two people falling in love – something that happens slowly – it has this nice feeling.

    About Mari, I think her character – although annoying sometimes – is a comic relief for her crazyness and when she’s together with DR’s brother.

    To Jomo and Julie, I couldn’t reply your comments so here it goes, there are more similarities between FBRS and BIG than the age issue, another one is that both male leads had a love interest in the female lead and both were brothers.

    And Jomo, I also think a drunken cofession from DR is also possible, It would be funny to see some soju scenes.

  37. thanks for the recap koala (I wonder koala is eonni or oppa? ㅋㅋ).. 6 eps left.. one by one the mistery revealed..keep on fire!!

  38. A person on another blog wrote something that I agree with. She says that Daran would need to see KJ in his true body to really know if it was him she loves. KJ would never really know if she loved him or YJ unless they were in their true bodies. She also states the unfairness of being trapped in another man’s skin and skipping all those years of his life. I agree with all this even though I want KJ and D ending, it should be the actors (Shin and LMJ). The one thing that is weird to me is that everyone is making her (D) to be older than just 6 years apart.

  39. “It was a stunner to discover that the brothers are full blooded siblings. That just makes Yoon Jae’s mom even more loathsome, what with giving up her own blood son just because she didn’t carry the boy. I don’t see the huge ethical considerations for donor babies, as long as the babies are loved and won’t die in the donation procedure. Some bone marrow or cord blood never hurt anyone. What I find abhorrent is giving up Kyung Joon and never having any contact with him. That boggles the mind, and while it appears Yoon Jae’s mom does have a heart when she went to visit Kyung Joon and looked really sad, she’s still a Grade-A heartless beyotch in my eyes.”

    Bingo! Artificial insemination. I had a feeling that was what happened.

    There isn’t anything unethical about artificial inseminations or saviour babies as long as that baby is loved like you said, but looking at it from a medical P.O.V., the truth could cause a lot of psychological damage. Imagine YJ growing up with KJ knowing that his younger brother was conceived in order to save him. Raising both boys would be a difficult task. Plus, I think that if I were a mother who was in YJ’s mother’s shoes, I would feel helpless because that was the only thing that I could do to save my son.

    The boys biological mother is a grade a beezy, but as parents I think that their trying to do what is best for both children. Maybe somewhere along the line, the parents made a promise not to make contact with either party. It’s obviously a choice that YJ’s parents regret, but they were probably looking after the interest of their boys.

    But at the end of the day, it’s honestly hard to understand why the boys mother is acting so insensitive towards KJ.

  40. Here is my two-cents worth… I don’t know if anyone will agree…

    Big, for me, is one good drama. At the most, it is good because it makes me think. It offers far more than what my eyes see. I admire the writers for that–it makes me to see the real essence of love. That love goes beyond the surface, for what is in the surface but a seemingly subject-to-decay container of a soul. It is the soul that is our real “self”; it is the “I” that inhabits the body. Regardless of who dwells in Gong Yoo’s body–the doctor or the young student–love shouldn’t see past that. One falls in love with the soul; sad to say, however, we get attracted first with the body before we fall in love with the soul. Da Ran has been struggling with this herself. She is loving the soul, yet refuses to admit it because she is looking at the body and knows that within it is a 19-year-old, young man whom she shouldn’t love because of a number of reasons. I think the 19-year-old is teaching us the true essence of life and love–that man has this faulty measuring rod of love… that love shouldn’t see what the eyes see… because it is the heart that rightly sees. Regardless of how the container looks or how old the container is or how filthy the container is, love overlooks all…

  41. “I have no problem with his baby face.. the boy’s eyes scream “I’m a man.””

    You nailed it! 🙂 Before, I used to cringe at a drama wherein the leading lady was much older than the guy. I would stop watching it after the first two episodes because I really couldn’t stand it. BUT now with Big… I find myself wishing desperately that Kyung Joon and Da Ran end up together! (Please Hong Sisters!) IDK why. Maybe because DR looks just a year or two older than KJ. Or maybe simply because they do have an awesome chemistry. Swoon. ^^

    Also, Mari’s starting to get on my nerves. Can’t she just leave KJ and DR alone, and give Choong-sik a chance instead?? Sigh.

    Can’t wait for episode 11!

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