Kim Ji Hoon is Released from Military Service

He’s back, he’s back, he’s really really back! While Kim Nam Gil‘s imminent release from military service is getting way more publicity, since his agent has been fielding drama offers left and right, I’m way more excited about how Kim Ji Hoon totally snuck back under the radar. His entrance into military service was low key and now his release is just as low key, which is just the way I like him. I’ve loved Kim Ji Hoon since Flowers for My Life (he was such a perfect second male lead I have no words) and Love Marriage, but it was his last drama Joseon X Files that blew my mind. JXF is easily on my top-10 list, and I never knew Kim Ji Hoon had it in him to so seamlessly slip into a sageuk. Though if I bothered to watch his episodes in Empress Chunchu I might have already known he was capable of it.

Kim Ji Hoon tweeted today and adorably added the following in English “Finally I got the freedom, give me a hug.” If I were right there I’ve give you a hundred hugs, cutie pie. No word yet on his first post-MS role, but his agency has stated that he’s considering various projects. Kim Ji Hoon in my eyes can do anything – rom-com, melodrama, quirky indies, and sageuks. I’ll leave it up to him on what he picks, but you betcha I’m keeping tabs on him.


Kim Ji Hoon is Released from Military Service — 38 Comments

  1. Yea!!! He’s back!!!! 😀
    Like you, Koala, I loved him in Flowers For My Life & Love Marriage. I’ve never seen Joseon X-Files. I’ll have to check it out.

  2. Yiiippppeeeee!!! I war waitin for the news of his released n here he is askin 4 hug. . .o o o how much i wish i could give him hug 1 big warm tight hug^^

  3. This notice totally made my day… Could you tell me please which is his name on twitter?? I can’t manage to find him!!! I fell for him in Stars falling from the sky!!

  4. I didn’t watch Love and Marriage but I did watch and enjoy Flowers of my Life (which ignited my love of Hye Jung), Stars Falling From the Sky, and Joseon X-Files.

    I think L&M had the plot of them being divorce lawyers falling in love and I was like…PASS

    • you should try love n marriage, he is very sweet there and can I say he is looking yummiiiiiiii there…. it’s actually my first time for watching his drama, then after that, I start looking for another drama of him and adore him to pieces.

      • me too after watching love marriage i started looking for his other work,hmmmm i’ll try this joseon files ^^, sooo happy he’s back since last year once in awhile i keep searching and counting when will he be released ahehe stalker much ^^,

  5. Kim Nam Gil and Kim Ji Hoon are coming back this year?….It’s going to be a great drama year if they pick amazing projects! Forget those young-ins and pretty boys, I’m rooting for these MEN.

  6. OMO … OMO … OMO …. Welcome backkkk …. Here is my big hug …. Waiting for your awesome presence in dramaland …. <3 <3 <3

  7. He’s already casted for SBS’s weekend drama Five Fingers. If I’m not mistaken his leading lady is T-ARA’s Eunjung. Then he also has a saeguk movie called I Am King, which I know should have wrapped already since the character stills are trickling in.

  8. HOW CAN YOU DELETE MY COMMENT? Gosh, can’t handle a thing like me, huh. Pathetic. I shouldn’t call you noona anymore.

    • I don’t care if you are a troll or a gnome. No profanity is allowed here such as in your earlier comments. Or are manners something you are unfamiliar with?

  9. Same here Ms Koala, I’m way way way way more excited about Kim Ji Hoon than Kim Nam Gil release. There’re way too many more publicity on KNG and looks like he’s going by the conventional greeting the fans ceremony on his release date. Not like how we like the way Kim Ji Hoon handles things just as low key. Not that he can’t have all the publicity but just because he doesn’t wants them right? KJH so hot.

  10. Welcome Back to my no 1 K actor! Missed him so much! Likewise i believe he can do anything & i just hope he gets to spend quality time first with his loved ones, parents siblings before doing another project albeit i can’t wait to see him again on the screen! He’s such a dead gorgeous actor & this news of him coming home made my day! I’ve sent him b/day card when he was in the military & always keeping in touch thru some blogs such as cyworld, star koreandrama, etc. to make him feel he’s not forgotten & will never be yong wonhi! I wld’ve given him not only 1 hug but countless of them if i were in Korea right now! I don’t care if security staff gets in the way i won’t let him go! :))))) Sarang hae yo Ji hoon ssi! God bless you! Notice my username with jhoon after sang, that’s becoz of him! :))) LOLz aja aja fighting!

  11. OMG I’M 6 DAYS LATE!! WELCOME BACK KIM JI HOON! He’s the only person I was really excited about coming back from military service. Homeboy is FOINE and of course an awesome actor!!! Yippah!

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