Arang and the Magistrate Releases First Tantalizing Teaser

Arang and the Magistrate got a two week premiere push back thanks to the London Olympics, but the drama started filming already back in June, hence we’re lucky enough to take a peek at the first teaser already. Starring Lee Jun Ki as a ghost-seeing Joseon magistrate and Shin Mina as the titular ghost, the drama is like a smorgasbord of themes – action, romance, fantasy, melodrama. I don’t care if they want to toss in revenge and pratfalls in the mix, as long as the story deftly blends it all together in a delicious Jun Ki-Mina shake, which I shall promptly inhale. Arang premieres on August 15th, likely so South Koreans can cheer on their favorite athletes without worrying that they will have to pick between their insatiable drama addiction and their national athletic pride. Luckily that means we all get the same reprieve.

Teaser for Arang and the Magistrate:

Title card: A legend reborn.

Arang: You bastard, do you take me for an idiot?

Title card: A bumbling female ghost Arang.

Title card: Fastidious flower boy magistrate Eun Oh.

Title card: Joseon era fantasy romance action drama.

Eun Oh: This….this….it’s not that.


Arang and the Magistrate Releases First Tantalizing Teaser — 23 Comments

  1. Ohhhh! Now that’s a tantalizing teaser indeed! Gah, I just can’t wait for this to air! When I read about the push back of the premiere date I was literally going “nooooooooo”, but on the positive side it means the production will be getting some precious extra time to film. In the meantime, there’s this teaser to replay a number of times! Thanks for sharing it ^^

  2. This looks really cute! And it looks like it will be funnier than I originally thought! Love the idea of the story. Looks like there will be some good dramas coming up in the future ^.^

  3. Love it!!! Shin Mina is so so prutty. The production looks great and the colors are to die for…

    yay…Thanks Ms K 🙂

  4. ^^Eun Oh: This….this….it’s not that.

    hahaaa. Love SMA and looks like Arang will be a fiesty one which’ll be a piece of cake for her since Miho was fiesty and aegyo all wrapped into one.

  5. wow.. that look interesting teaser.. although, is that the one of the hOTTIE slave hunter in the beginning chase her??? Go USA Team!!! =) I do wonder how they do the beginning show of the summer Olympics in London???

  6. Aaakkk… i can die waiting for this!!! They should cancel the olympic games rather than make me die in waiting for this spectacular drama!!! Haha, 8.15 seems so fare away after I watched the teaser = ̄ω ̄=

  7. a Korean Ghost Story? I’ve only watched A Chinese Ghost Story b4, so this will be interesting! I hope it’s a happy ending, she’s a ghost and he’s a human!

    • o man so now its not airing the day after my b’day?? :((((((.
      well i guess this gives me some time to catch up on some of the stuff airing now

  8. Who is prettier my gosh they are 2 beautiful folks. I hope this is as funny as it looks. I have a feeling I’m going to be sad at the end on BIG and Bridal Mask.

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