Ha Ji Won Wows with her Golf Swing in KEB CF

This yeoja is seriously stunning. I often think its a travesty to film Ha Ji Won in anything less than all glammed up, because she brings the feminine oomph dialed up to 120. But then again, I think she’s a fantastic actor and can do anything. Which is why I’m hoping after she wraps the K-movie Joseon’s Angels, she’ll take a break from the physically strong female character and try something different. She can go back to her What Happened in Bali playbook and pull out another vulnerable and calculating Lee Soo Jung type of role. Or better yet, play a villain like Go Hyun Jung did in Queen Seon Deok and blow my mind. For KEB, Ha Ji Won recently did a funny golf-themed CF where’s she’s getting ready to do a photoshoot but practices her swing, ending up ripping her dress. As a golfer I can safely say she swing looks legit. Is there anything this woman can’t do?

Ha Ji Won for KEB Golf:


Ha Ji Won Wows with her Golf Swing in KEB CF — 23 Comments

  1. Was so shocked to drop by the site and find a GAKSITAL banner! kekeke. I thought the drama is nonexistent in your playground.

    Agree that I want HJW to break out of the stereotypical tough woman role. Diversity, please, I know you can do it, Jiwon ssi!

  2. Ha Ji Won: beautiful amazing yeoja.. my ultimate K actress bias !!
    can’t wait for her next movie/ drama or maybe wedding?! who knows..^^

  3. it was so funny to see her in Running Man, because she was so girly in there. So does this mean that she is very girly in RL, but “always” plays these strong characters?

  4. Ah HJW! My always and forever favorite k-actress and boy,is she really on her 30s? Very versatile actress indeed! I miss her doing rom-com.

  5. only someone like her would be willing to wear a pretty dress and use an umbrella to practice her golf swing and to rip her dress, look good, smile cutely and get away with it.. So not fair.. and jealous! 🙂

  6. it’s so cute!!! i love all her KEB CF videos! really, she is so lovely and adorable! her beauty is beyond compare! can’t help but admire and love, love love so much this amazing woman! God bless you always

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