Married K-stars Kim Moo Yeol and Yoon Seung Ah are Selected to Promote the 2020 Korea Art Week

I was surprised and so pleased to see an event tap into the adorable potential that is the married K-star couple of Kim Moo Yeol and Yoon Seung Ah. The good looking pair has been married since 2015, no kids yet, but clearly still so lovely dovey and low key. The couple has been selected as the face of the upcoming 2020 Korea Art Week, an event running from mid-September through October in conjunction with all the major art museums and galleries in the country but mainly in Seoul. I do think having famous faces represent events in South Korea is really useful in drumming up attention and interest for important or interesting activities the public should know about. Love these two, and goodness is Kim Moo Yeol aging way hotter than when he was young. Yoon Seung Ah as well, the two are just such a positive couple.

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I Need Romance 3 with Sung Joon and Kim So Yeon Release Stylish Posters and Teaser

I’ve been keeping tabs on the upcoming cable romance drama I Need Romance 3 in the corner of my eye. There is just too much going on these days to fully start anticipating the arrival of the third installment of … Continue reading