Faith Holds Press Conference and Releases Six-minute Trailer

The press conference for Faith looked all sorts of boring (from a sartorial standpoint since everyone was just okay but no hot messes), but goodness gracious the six-minute trailer that was released at the press conference certainly does not look boring in the slightest. This time-traveling/fantasy sageuk may still turn out to be all glam with no substance, but at least it can’t be accused of doing the same old thing. I’ve made it clear that I find leading lady Kim Hee Sun a generally blah actress, and her looking much older than Lee Min Ho in this drama certainly doesn’t help me grow to like her character. In the long trailer she appears rather superficial and ditzy, therefore will likely have a transformative arc whereby her character develops gravitas commensurate with her journey in the middle of Goryeo political warfare. What I saw of her in the long trailer still rubs me the wrong way (too obviously screechy and spastic), but I’m loving Lee Min Ho’s General Choi Young. Love his character, his delivery, and his story line, therefore I’m in come next Monday when it premieres. What can I say? I love me a hot guy in all-black.

6-minute trailer for Faith:


Faith Holds Press Conference and Releases Six-minute Trailer — 39 Comments

  1. “screechy and spastic” ?
    You’re being nice…I don’t think any actress has made me cringe this badly since Geum Jandi…I’ve never seen Kim Hee Sun in anything before but she sure leaves a bad first impression (didn’t help that I can’t help comparing her with what little I’ve seen of the wonderful SMA in Arang)…o well.. here’s to hoping that the trailer just put together her worst bits….either that or LMH just has really bad luck with the other half of his OTP’s….everyone else I’m pretty much neutral on….what I did love was how well this drama seems to be playing up the fantasy….and I kinda love the evil trio a bit too much

    • “LMH just has really bad luck with the other half of his OTP’s…”
      100% true … i don’t know what to think about this OTP

      • so true.
        goo hye sun was really annoying as jandi.
        park min young…she is a perfect example of an overhyped actress who can’t act to save her life.
        and now..this kim hee sun looks old as heck next to lee minho. i guess people were expecting them to have the awesome chemistry of lee seunggi-ha ji won, but my god, she looks aging.
        the only costar i liked was son ye jin.

  2. Weep sob sniffle wail!! Unni- I thought we agreed Min Hot is in early military service. Why do you keep talking about him? She does call to mind his BoF costar, except she looks OLD on top of it. Wah!!

  3. I have to say I don’t know if like the trailer… I was so excited to see more than just a few seconds and overall the long trailer looked promising but it didn’t convince me entirely. So now I need to wait for the first episode to see of Faith is really good or not. πŸ™‚

  4. I like trailer, It shows different elements of drama. Think I’ll like connection between LMH and King.
    Haha, she calls him Psycho.

  5. The fan wielding doctor, the lazy warrior and the flute blowing brooder sure tower above all their co stars in that group photo..

  6. and off-topic- ‘m asking this here since i dunno where or who else to ask, but when do korean high-schoolers finish high-school, like at what age??? cuz, ‘m assuming schooling starts a bit late in korea???

    • They start and finish school at about the same ages that Western kids do; that is to say, they start their first year of school about age 5 (by Western count) and graduate from high school at about 17 or 18 (again, by Western count).

  7. I really hope you will come to like this drama! I love your recaps and it will be JUST GREAT if you come to like it enough for full recaps!!!
    Crossing my fingers!!!!
    I usually dont watch Historical Dramas, but, what can I say, I am soo in love of Lee MInho that I will watch it!!!!!!

  8. Agree. I love pretty much everything in the trailer except for the female lead. On a cuter actress, the ditzy act would be hilarious, but Kim Hee Sun just can’t pull it off. Let’s hope that those screechy/spastic scenes will only last for a few episodes.

  9. Wow, she is really shrill and whiny, and I don’t even understand most of what she said.

    I love that the riot police shield looks like it’s a permanent fixture. It’s such an awesome/funny image to me. Goryeo warrior with a bullet-proof shield. Lee Min Ho looks so amazing, as always.

    Can. Not. Wait.

  10. I’m not feeling this as much as I thought I would. The news and pictures were a lot more captivating. This kind of reminds me of Dr. Jin, doesn’t sound like a very original plot line. But I’m probably still going to watch it because of Lee Minho! hahaha πŸ™‚

  11. 50 kinds of Awesome! Something tells me the next couple of months are going to consist of daily spaz-fests over Faith and Arang! By the way, does anyone know how many episodes Faith and Arang are supposed to be? It seems like all sageuks tend to at least 20 episodes.

  12. So totally not interested until she stabbed him.
    That was all kinds of awesome.

    And I hope Philip Lee’s spa treatments include touching up KHS’s roots; she’s going to need it.

  13. Faith and Arang both are on my too watch list.

    I love the fantasy aspects of it and it doesn’t hurt that the bad guys are fascinating.

    I will wait for the first couple of episodes before deciding if the acting and storyline is good.

    and let us never compare this to Dr Jin because that drama is in a category all by itself no other drama can be as bad as that show then again a drama can come along and prove me wrong,I hope not.

  14. Looks awesome! I can’t wait. Though I will admit she does seem rather ditzy, though I guess I don’t know what I would be like in her position…

    LMH looks amazing!

  15. I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, I am looking forward to see LMH in a new drama, I quite like what I’ve seen of his acting thus far. I’m not really loving the heroine, not sure if it’s in the script or whether Kim Hee Sun is overacting, but I can’t stand the perpetually frowning, pouty-faced protagonist.

    The special effects look a tad unconvincing, but I’ll reserve judgement until I watch the first episode.

  16. I was previously interested & somewhat gungho about this drama until I watched the 6 minute preview. I agree with Mrs. Koala as to her reference to the heroine who was a big turnoff for me. I even questioned the fact that she is a doctor of some notable repute based on that personality alone. Therefore, I will be watching the first 4 episodes after which will decide whether its really worth all the hype despite having Lee Min Ho as the main lead.

    Gone for now.

  17. i really really don’t understand why in the whole wide world, production think about casting that actress opposite LMH …. its main turn off … there are so many pretty young women in K-drama world … NO OFFENSE … she looks like his mother … i really don’t know what to say … Please LMH ..My baby next time Please get young girl … i know Beautiful Noona is good …but its bad when you get Mother … Thats too much … hope this drama rocks

    • So true! May I be on the bad-guys ship? At least the actress playing evil-goddess is better, way better than “mother-doctor”(she gives me some Dr.Jin vibes). Thanks GOD they don’t use cartoon-animated explanations of the operations, but some CGI.

  18. I have no lucky. LMH does nothing for me and now the main girl also don’t seem to be exciting.

    I guess I won’t enjoy faith……

  19. I liked Kim Hee Sun and Lee Dong Gun in Smile Again. It didn’t do well in terms of TV ratings, but somehow, I was really drawn into the story and their relationship and loved the drama. Her role in the Hong Kong movie, the Myth, was not very memorable (though she was pretty), but I liked her voice in the OST song that she sang with Jackie Chan. Even though she does look old in comparison to LMH and I don’t like her hairstyle in Faith, I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt for now.

  20. I personally don’t care that she’s older than him. What bothers me is her voice and acting. For some reason it irritates me to hear her talk. Perhaps I’m just used to actresses with deeper, stronger voices, because Kim Hee Sun’s voice sounds really high and whimpy to me. And she doesn’t act her age. I don’t have a problem with happy, chippy characters… but this woman is suppose to be a great doctor, right? Why is she acting like a 16-year-old? She doesn’t carry herself with any dignity or grace. Ugh, I get that she was cast 2 years before Lee Min Ho for this role…but for the sake of the drama, I think they should’ve dropped her.

  21. ewwss, the lead actress looks old for LMH. and LMH is too handsome for a saeguk drama. Was there any facial spa and facial regimen in the old times, how about those perfect white teeth. Anyway, i hope it will not go down the path of Dr. Jin. Honestly , I dont see any chemistry between the leads. sigh “””

  22. Ok, I could only stand to watch around 3 mins of this teaser or trailer or train wreck…..Why was she hiding behind a kidnapper when the police force arrived? Uh…one would think she’d run to the police or away from the guy in the “strange” clothes who’s dragging her around….And then to appear before the prince or king where no one expressed some fear or trepidation since you know…she is definitely out of place/time/whatever.

    The overall look and feel is just nowhere near epic but a cheap imitation, but since LMH’s vanity is definitely showing on this one so I’m sure it will be a fangirl fav.

    Thanks for the drama news.

  23. Come read the article of “Arang & the Magistrate” press conference, and watch the amazing long 10min trailer. Both are just the adversely different dramas. “A&M” is so EPIC with great acting, superb cinematography, very interesting story,and the perfect leading couple. This is the must watch for us now!! Sure, LMH fans will later become LJG fans~kkk

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