Five Fingers Releases Super Melodramatic Second Teaser

Wow, watching the second teaser for the upcoming weekend K-drama Five Fingers left me speechless. I was all jet-lagged and then I watched this sucker and WHAM all my sleepiness got bitchslapped six-ways to Sunday. This drama looks fierce and shouty and intense with a capital I. Is it my cup of tea? Looks less and less like I’m even going to check it out. But I remained curious about Joo Ji Hoon‘s first drama since he completed military service, and Ji Chang Wook playing the villain is actually the first time he’s ever elicited any interest from me. Eunjung is nowhere to be seen in this teaser and I’m wondering if her role will be minimized due to the recent T-ara scandal. I sure hope not, at the end of the day, she’s still the actress hired to play a part. I’m saving the best for last, which is Chae Si Ra throwing some bravura around as she pretty much owns this short teaser. Her character appears to be the catalyst for all the angst to come, which is of course a favorite K-drama trope of manipulative parents creating doomed and damaged second generations.

Second teaser for Five Fingers:


Five Fingers Releases Super Melodramatic Second Teaser — 9 Comments

  1. Wow.. It look tense and soo makjang…. hrmm.. I am interesting as this is first villian role for Ji Chang Wook. So, I am gonna take this as a grain of salt…

  2. Sooo makjang! I don’t think it’s my cup of tea and Joo Ji Hoon’s hairstyle does nothing to convince me otherwise. 😀 On the other hand I want to take look at him after being so long away from the small screen. So I might check out the first episode but I’m 90% sure that I will not watch it.

  3. I don’t think they are reducing Eunjung’s part, from what I read she was in Japan when they filmed the second teaser hence her absence.

  4. lol it seems like a mix of Can you hear my heart (has even a fire accident) and King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo(have even one actress from there lol)

    I wonder if there will be some bromance…. LOL

  5. err..may i ask, whats the meaning of makjang?? i’ve been reading posts and comments on this site yet i still couldn’t get the meaning. sory, new here.
    explain to me, please??

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