Han Hyo Joo Takes My Breath Away in Vogue Korea

When I gush over actors and actresses that I like, it’s almost always because I love their acting ability. I have a few incomprehensible biases (my Heon oppa being the leader of that pack), but for the most part I find most of my onscreen favorites continue to improve from project to project. Which is why Han Hyo Joo is such a frustrating love for me, because she continues to remain so placid and two-dimensional onscreen but in print and in person I adore her to her end. Her latest Vogue Korea pictorial is so astonishingly glorious that it can appear in Western Vogue editions and not seen out of place in the least. She actually channels Keira Knightly’s period look in some of these pictures (a deconstructed Anna Karenina if you will), and if she could act better I would start a petition for her to play the Korean version of Elizabeth Bennet in a heartbeat. Han Hyo Joo’s next project is the upcoming sageuk movie Gwanghae, The Man Who Would Be King, co-starring Lee Byung Hun. I have to confess that what little I saw of her in the trailer looked riveting, but she’s looked great in trailers before and fizzled in the real deal. I’m resigned to loving her in everything but acting because there are few Korean actresses I find as stunningly beautiful yet down-to-earth as I do Han Hyo Joo.

[Credit: Vogue Korea]


Han Hyo Joo Takes My Breath Away in Vogue Korea — 18 Comments

  1. Hi Koala, thanks for your lovely write-up. IMHO HHJ looks stunning in this pictorial.

    The first time I ever saw her was in “Dong Yi” and I thought she did very well.

    Will forever love her for being such a loyal friend to Bae Soo Bin (my one and only K-actor bias). When BSB held his fan meeting in Japan in July, HHJ made a surprise appearance there, catching him by surprise (really :)) since she was in the middle of filming “Love 911” with Go Soo. She rushed to the fan meeting venue from the airport on that Saturday afternoon, and flew back to Seoul early the next morning. I am taking the liberty of posting this 2-minute video of part of HHJ’s appearance at that FM – love seeing BSB and HHJ together … so adorable, the two of them!


  2. I love her!:D I want her back on the small screen and with her I don’t really care about acting skills because she’s making it up with her heart. Cheesy, right!?xD

  3. Nope. I don’t like it.
    The hairstyle makes the whole appearance somewhat unkempt. Makes me longing for soap and a hairbrush 🙂
    It’s not particularly pleasing to the eye.
    A waste of a beautiful woman and some interesting gowns.

  4. the costume design, pose and all of color used is great… but her pale skin color is some kind of weird, she looks like she has fever..

  5. I absolutely love this pictorial, it’s a bit like hanbok meets Victorian fashion.
    I agree with you about her acting, I think she seems adorable but as a actress she’s bland and can’t emote.
    That’s so frustrating, I find her next movie to be exciting and fascinating but I fear that she will be lackluster yet again.

  6. I don’t know if this is the right thing to say but she has more expression on camera than on film. I always love her pictorial but for her dramas and film, i am usually more about the story than her actual acting which suck because i do know she has a great personality from BTS footages

  7. I feel exactly the same!!! I usually only adore actors/actresses based on their acting ability, but with han hyo joo is completely different.

    I think she’s beautiful, but she seems so down to earth and approachable that everyone loves her.

    I desperately want her to branch out in her acting and improve. I think she has the potential- see her music video series she did with K.Will where she plays a spunky tom boy character. I wish she would do something more edgy and not just safe.

  8. The only actress that can pull off the out-fit and the look of Victorian style is the one and ONLY “Keira Knightly” !!!!! BTW… Keira and Kate Beckinsale are my 2 favorite all time actress!!

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