CTS to Air Waking Up Love to Make Sunday Night a Roy vs. Roy Showdown

Oh Hua Shi, you guys are just a bunch of asses. Just because you can’t win legitimately doesn’t mean you go crapping in TTV’s pond. CTS has been the bottom of the barrel on Sunday night ratings for quite some time, which totally is well deserved since its last three dramas were the painfully plodding Alice in Wonder City, the ridiculous and boring I Love You So Much, and the nonsensical but sweet Ring Ring Bell. Alice ended two weeks ago and the network aired an anime to plug the gap while scrambling to find the next drama. It just announced that it will be airing the long completed C-drama Waking Up Love, which just so coincidentally stars Roy Qiu, whose current drama Miss Rose will be its main competition. So CTS thinks Roy vs. Roy is its only hope? That’s just such a blatant way to capitalize on Roy’s popularity and try to steal TTV’s thunder. I do not approve of such shadiness.

As for the drama itself, I could not get past a few episodes of WUL, despite it being a remake of one of my guilty pleasures Prince Turned into Frog, because the dubbed voices almost destroyed my sanity. Especially the dubbed voice for leading lady Tang Yan, which I swear has to be the Chinese version of the same voice that does Brittany the Chipette. Plus dubbing Roy’s voice is a crime. The only silver lining is that CTS has revealed that it will be airing WUL undubbed, which means I’m going to be watching two TW-dramas on Sundays now. Sigh, what I do for my Roy. Check out the undubbed trailer below. The story is about a cold rich hotel president who gets amnesia and gets taken in by the family of a poor girl. They fall in love, and then he regains his memory and forgets about her. And then they have to fall in love all over again. It is indeed as stupid as it sounds, though when I watched Prince/Frog, Ming Dao and Chen Qiao En’s chemistry and cuteness together made it likeable. WUL? Despite my love for Roy, not so much.

I have to warn you that the two second leads in WUL, Qi Wei and Jones Xu, couldn’t act their way out of a paper bag. Plus I find both exceedingly unattractive. At least in Prince/Frog, where the second leads also couldn’t act their way out of a paper bag, at least they were relatively pretty to look out. I accept the small concessions in dramas that are just patently silly and coasting on the leads chemistry.

Long preview for Waking Up Love (original voices):


CTS to Air Waking Up Love to Make Sunday Night a Roy vs. Roy Showdown — 36 Comments

  1. I really have to pimp out Prince Turned into Frog. It’s a classic for a reason, and MingEn have paired up for 5 dramas together also for a reason (though all the subsequent ones have sucked). Other than for Roy, WUL is a miss. And despite how much Roy is my perfect precious one, Ming Dao was a way WAY better Fallen Prince. Dang Ou!!! *sigh* To counterbalance the suck that is WUL, check out a few Prince/Frog MVs. Cuteness galore!


      • They are sooooo cute, YY? The piano scene was lovely, but so was the one where he piggybacked her from the mountains.

    • I actually put off watching Prince//Frog when it first came out because of the popularity. I am a rebel like that. And I didnt find Ming Dao and Chen Qiao En attractive at all. Then, 2 years after it first came out, I finished that sucker in one day. The good ol’ Taiwanese drama days.
      Ming Dao portrayed Dong Ou SO gentle. And when he returned to being Xian Jun Hao, he retained the gentleness, while going back to being an ass. ~.~

      • YesYesYes! You nailed it! Dang Ou was so gentle and considerate, and when he turned back into Xian Jun Hao, you can see that he was not the older version of himself but like a morphed Dang Ou/Jun Hao combo.

  2. I concur with u Ms. Koala, MD is more open to kissing too compare to Roy. MD Dramas kiss scenes are more than RQ dramas. They both have their own styles. In OG, RQ only has one passionate kiss at the end. In 3 sisters, is also one kisss. WUL , 2 kisses. But so in MR, there isn’t any yet, except an awkard quicky scene that SY kisses him by gently touching his lip. I can foresee that there won’t be much either in MR other than staring at each other… Suck… Sorry to say, but I’m a bit disappointed, and losing interests in MR after ep 9. Probably in the 3-5 ep, there won’t be much either.

  3. Sigh.For info it’s fully subbed on viki.And plus even though I was the uploader even I thought it sucked.Maybe because I absolutely could not stand a said someone’s super shrill voice.Ergh .

  4. Has it actually been confirmed that CTS will be airing it undubbed? The article I read only said “original voices,” which is a toss-up for what that actually means. If it’s really undubbed, I may have to rewatch all of WLU just to hear Roy say his lines, hehe.

    • It might mean the original dubs, but then why even bother mentioning it? I’m confused as well but am going with undubbed version. That’ll give people whiplash, to flip between channels and hear different voices coming out of Roy’s mouth.

  5. This is completely unrelated but I just wanted to say that the current header (Ockoala, dramaland’s no 1 playmate) is pure awesome….Kudos to the maker!

  6. Thx for uploading tis PTF mv which brings back memories of mingen fandom. I learnt my mandarin just by watching PTF too many times. I even got my sis into it and we both ended up as crazy screamers standing first row at 183 club fan showcases and endless queueing just to get their handshake/autographed cd.

    Unfortunately i disliked WUL. As well no other mingen collabs match up to PTF but yes they still have great chemistry on screen til tis day. It still makes me wonder why they don’t date for real. Me guess they luv each other so much they’re afraid to lose their friendship.

  7. Eh. I didn’t find Qi Wei and Jones Xu acting that bad…it’s the characters that are stupid. And they are definitely better looking than the two second leads in Prince/Frog who also sucked acting-wise.

    Hmm…something wrong with my taste? I think Jones Xu is prettier than Wang Shao Wei! I can’t vouch for his acting but Wang is no better.

    • Just my opinion – Jones Xu is like Aaron Yan’s uglier older brother, who always looks constipated. Sam Wang is probably one of the worst actors I’ve ever seen try to act, but looks wise I find him more pleasing to the eye. Joyce Zhao is very pretty! She was the prettiest of the flowers IMO. Qi Wei…..I have nothing nice to say about her looks. I would love to pay her (and Yuan Shan Shan) to please get off my screen and find a new profession.

      Anyways, yeah, the second leads in both versions are stupider than a sack of bricks.

  8. I have to warn you that the two second leads in WUL, Qi Wei and Jones Xu, couldn’t act their way out of a paper bag.
    That cracked me up. There seems to be a lot of yelling in WUL and I recognized James Wen: so he and Roy had previously “worked together”, albeit their shooting schedule might not have given them the opportunity to be onscreen together?

    Am not gonna lie: this drama stands no chance versus MR, my weekly dose of entertainment, even though the skinship is rather absent, unfortunately. I prefer no skinship but intensive stares to clumsy/unconvincing lip-touching. Wonder whether the potential CTS viewers have the same tastes in dramas.

  9. Prince who turned into a frog is golden. Sometimes I even re-watch it and reminisce on how I used to fantasize over it. So yeah, no matter how good this can be because of Roy (with his great acting chops), nothing can ever replace the original drama in my heart!

  10. I would like to watch more mainland C-dramas but I cannot stand dubbed voices. I wonder why actors don’t protest. It is their art.

    • Dubbing is a double edged sword. I like to think of it as the great equalizer because most actors don’t really have the standard Beijing accent that a lot of viewers find most pleasing so dubbing allows them to pursue the profession. But I cannot stand the vast majority of female voices used for dubbing – they tend to sound so shrill and unnatural.

  11. was it that long that they are now already recycling stories?
    i still remember following the earlier series that ming dao starred in — le robe, prince/frog, magicians of love and angel lover. even checked out 183’s music career (i must admit though that my knowledge of the chinese language never took off despite being hooked in so much taiwanese and mainland chinovelas…hehehehe)

  12. 20 minutes into the first episode of WUL got me running faster than running away from a ghost. Skipped to the very last episode and I don’t know how I got thru it. There was absolutely no chemistry among all the leads. Horrible casting minus Roy.

  13. I must say that prince turned frog has a special place in my heart. I even did translations for the episodes I was following so intently week by week. And I watched wan Yu every day back then and the ptf cast was on all the time. It was madness. Loved the OTP but even though shao Wei was pretty bad… I still liked him until he turned all bad and stuff.

    As for Roy vs Roy… I guess I will be sticking to mr. Ptf did not need a remake… Enough said… If it wasn’t for the good chemistry and that particular time period in tw idol dramas, I doubt that it would have been that popular.

  14. um, so I’m just curious but why is the background song (from beginning to around end of 1min) of the 6min trailer sound korean?? or like Super Junior/Siwon sang the song?? I could be wrong but its weird to put a korean song on this trailer.. but eh, whatever I guess?? and I see they put James Wen in the drama too! Which is a nice touch! 🙂

    Thanks for posting.. not sure if I’m going to give this a try but good luck trying to raise ratings with this one!

    • If you read my post, you’ll see that I never mentioned disliking dubbed voices in general. I dislike THE dubbed voices for the leads in Waking Up Love.

  15. I actually only liked the voice dubber for Roy, I guess it grew on me haha mind I say his voice was sexy. However, just watching the undubbed version, it didn’t give the actors justice on their acting. I’m actually surprised of Jones Xu’s voice cuz I hated his dubber. I actually like this version more than prince turn to frog minus all the unnecessary cheesy scenes that they like to pull off. Roy was such an eye candy that I couldn’t pass, this is actually his first drama that I sat through and watched him as a lead.

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