Sung Joon and Jung So Min Pair Up for New Cable Drama Starring Lee Mi Sook

The first character stills are out for the upcoming jTBC cable drama Can We Get Married? The drama stars Lee Mi Sook as a career woman matriarch with two daughters, the eldest is married to a doctor while the youngest is a teacher preparing for her upcoming wedding. The drama revolves around four couples who are either married and going through their own problems or preparing to get married, aiming to show that getting married is not just about an event but about creating a lifetime together. Playing the pair of youngsters preparing to get married is Jung So Min and Sung Joon, while her older sister is played by Jung Ae Yun who is married to Kim Sung Min in the drama and during the course of the show they end up dealing with their divorce due to his philandering ways. Another young couple will be played by Kim Young Kwang and Une, while Choi Hwa and Kim Jin Soo add their comedic mix to their own likely dysfunctional relationship. Apparently Lee Mi Sook’s mommy dearest character wants the best for her daughters’ marriages but her constant hovering likely creates tension between the couples as well as with the in-laws. I love Jung So Min but Standby was a pass for me since sitcoms aren’t my thing (unless its the perfect perfect I Live in Cheongdamdong, which also aired on jTBC), so this is ideal for me to finally get back to seeing her on my screen. Sung Joon hit it big with Shut Up: Flower Boy BandΒ and I still have to get to watching that drama since I’ve heard so much good vibes about it. I have a good feeling about this onscreen coupling, so hopefully the story will be equally as promising. Lee Mi Sook has had a series of blah dramas for me (Cinderella Unni, Thousand Day Promise, Love Rain) so I’m hoping she bucks the trend here. The drama is premiering on October 3 for a scheduled 20 episode run.


Sung Joon and Jung So Min Pair Up for New Cable Drama Starring Lee Mi Sook — 24 Comments

  1. I really can’t wait to watch this one… if only to support Jung So-min coz I LURVE her so much! And Standby completely just tanked her character and I’m sure that the way her character went wasn’t what she signed up for in the drama.

    I’m totally watching this, not only for Jung So-min but also Sung Yoon whom I loved in Shut Up Flower Boy Band.

  2. This seems like a typical weekend family drama that should run for 50 eps. 20 eps seems awfully short. Love the cast but the story is not really my thing so I think I’ll be skipping…

  3. Ohhhh…can’t wait! Love Sung Joon in Shut Up and of course MinMin is always a fave. So looking forward to seeing her again. And it looks like cable dramas are on a roll these days, I really hope that this one will be a hit too! πŸ™‚

  4. Joon and So Min together?!! Hold on, I need a moment! Lol Yes to SUFBB and a definite yes to Sung Joon. One of my favourite actors of this year.

  5. Omg, GREAT leads. I never really thought of them together but this can only mean good things. Sung Joon rocked in SUFBB (which you simply have to watch, Ms. Koala) and I’ve loved JSM since Playful Kiss.

    Not sure about the plot, since tVN’s The Marriage Contract lost my interest fairly quickly. But JTBC has had a pretty good track record so far so I’ll definitely give it a try!

  6. omg. i put off watching shut up flower boy band for 9 months. worst mistake of my entire life, even if I was preparing for the SATs haha. WATCH IT!!! Jung Eui Chul has long been one of my favorite actors ever, but that drama gave me 5 new boys to look out for. Also, Jung So Min is an amazing actress, and so expressive. You’re right when you say that Lee Mi Sook’s last dramas have all been boring..but she’s been the most hilarious thing about them all. Her scenes in thousand day promise are what kept me going.
    So excited for this!!!

  7. o man I need to watch Shut Up Flower Boy Band soon too…its been on my hard disk forever….i’ve missed Jung So Min so much since I passed on Standby too….my first and only impression of Sung Joon has been in White Christmas (Koala unni you need to watch this !!!!) and frankly I thought he was very green there….I did find Kim Young Kwang better there though I realize most folks seem to have a poorer impression of him thanks to Bachelor’s Veggie Store and his other choices….anyways I’m so glad to have these three in another drama….as far as rom-com dramas go, I don;t have very many expectations anymore…I just hope this is cute

  8. Honestly, the story doesn’t appeal to me in any way. BUT! Sung Joon and Jung So Min <3 I adore Jung So Min! I love Playful Kiss, and I have been following her since then. I wish Standby were a better sitcom because I couldn't watch past episode 15 even though I really tried to. I hope this drama is good because JSM is talented, but hasn't been getting good roles. Also, Sung Joon was awesome in SUFBB! He was wasted and useless in Lie to Me (but that drama was all about the main couple), but SUFBB made me fall for him. I can't wait to see them as a couple πŸ˜€

  9. thanks koala for the article!
    of course as a Minnies, Im super excited to see MinMin back at the drama land!
    and Sung Joon with MinMin? I adore Sung Joon from his other drama especially the SUFFB! I really hope they would have a great onscreen chemistry and the also hope that the drama is something that would tug our heartstrings!

  10. Oh man, you can just tell Jung So Min and Sung Joon and gonna make a very good pair. It never even crossed my mind! Here is to hoping they have awesome material to work with. Both are one of the most promising actors in their generations.

  11. Is it just me or have all of Jung So Min’s drama love interests been freaking tall so far? I mean, Kim Hyun Joon, Lee Kiwoo, and now Sung Joon. The latter two are way past 6′ mark, and she is barely barely 5’3”!
    It’s kind of sweet though, haha.

  12. It’d be fun if the writer eventually pair Lee Mi Sook’s character with an experienced actor. No name in mind, but one who will be up to par, which indeed could be hard to find.

    Sung Joon and Jung So Min? Bring in the cute!

    (…) her older sister is played by Jung Ae Yun who is married to Kim Sung Min in the drama and during the course of the show they end up dealing with their divorce due to his philandering ways.

    Yes! Should not be too hard for Kim Sung Min to portray the character of the cheating husband: he had the same role in the Family’s honor drama back in 2008-2009. I am glad that his probation has ended and he is given a chance back on TV screen, after his scandals.

  13. I have yet to watch Shut Up: Flower Boy Band as well. I also heard good things about it.
    Ms. Koala, I think you would like ‘Answer me 1997′ as well. For me, it’s one of the best Korean dramas I have ever seen. Since also, you can easily relate to it, if you have grown up in the 90’ yourself.

    • Hi ockoala, yes I have been wondering and very curious that you have not mentioned AM1997 or have you?

      I caught it late (lucky for me, so I don’t have the ‘torture’ of waiting for Tues only ) as i was in a kdrama slum and watching what you recommend ie MR and RMPW. But I got so obsessed with AM97 and stop watching MR and RMPW. Lol Will pick them up after my bad withdrawal. πŸ™‚

  14. Aw, this sounds cute, but omg, how how HOW is one supposed to keep up with all the kdramas this season? Mind, I’m not complaining. Just looking for practical solutions ^^’

  15. I pretty much squealed when I read the headline. I skipped Standby because sitcoms are too long for me to follow, so I’m so happy to see JSM back in a shorter drama. Too bad it’s cable which means it will probably take forever to get subbed. The plot sounds too much like The Marriage Plot which was too boring for me to continue so hopefully this drama won’t end up like that so I can watch it.

  16. yesss love jung so min, sung joon and her seem like an awesomely cute pair!! hoping they dont do a standby here and muck up the pairings.
    why no pictorial for this couple though???

  17. i just gotta add that so min’s angelic and sweet pretty face in contrast to sung joon’s rough and unconvential handsome face, so much potential cute chemistry there!!!

  18. I really love jung so min. Such a talented actress. I’m so happy that she’s got a new drama. I passed standby too since its not subbed and by the looks of it, the loveline between ki woo and so min that i was rooting for was easily discarded. So yeah, i just gave up on it. I haven’t watched SUFBB but i’ve watched LTM (since YEH is one of my favorite actress^^) and tbh, sung joon doesn’t appeal much to me. I didn’t like him in “lie to me”. Well, maybe i just have to watch SUFBB and see for myself how good was he in the drama since there’s so much hype about his acting in SUFBB. I just hope that this drama has a great plot because it would be such a waste for these great cast. And i hope it would be subbed as well(fingers crossed).

    thanks ockoala for posting this. I have been lurking your blog for a possible minmin-article since playful kiss has ended since i know that you love her as well. So thank you again.:)

  19.!!The episode already came out.And as most of you guys said,they really make a good couple:)Sung Joon was f**king sweet in this drama!!!I love him.And Jung So min also very cute~The kiss and hug scene was very impressive.I bet they must be awkwasrd to do all that scene since they just met but they acted it very well.They seriously look like a couple who already dated for 3 years.Fighting Can We Get Marry? !!!

  20. y late ah.airing on monday nite but tuesday i can’t watch latest episodes yet….pliz be fast like other drama…subbed also…..

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