The Great Seer Releases Colorful Character and Scene Stills

Ahhhh, this is much better. After a thoroughly amusing first teaser for The Great Seer (Dae Poong Soo), that was likely amusing for all the wrong reasons, the drama followed that up by releasing character stills and more shots of the two male leads filming that go a ways in allaying my fears that we have another Dr. Jin-esque hot mess on our hands. Thankfully Ji Sung‘s wavy mop hair from the teaser trailer has disappeared and has been replaced by a very sageuk friendly clean combed back look. Sadly Ji Jin Hee‘s alien life form of a beard remains, and I’ve seen enough period dramas to be cool with beards used to make a character all manly and warrior-like, but that is one hideous fake beard that just needs to go. I find both leading ladies Kim So Yeon and Lee Yoon Ji looking pretty and lively, and both are luckily blessed with amazing cheekbones and natural classy aura they would be hard pressed not to look good even in a potato sack. Additional released stills show Ji Sung’s seer character being strung up on a tree, and apparently he filmed that scene for five hours and was totally a trooper despite how painfully exhausting it must’ve been to have his arms pulled over his head. The drama is scheduled to air after To the Beautiful You on SBS Wed-Thurs, and will be set in the period during the end of the Goryeo dynasty and the founding of the Joseon dynasty. I can’t wait! Bring on the awesome political intrigue plus the romance as Kim So Yeon’s doctor character is supposed to be with Ji Jin Hee’s General but ends up falling for The Great Seer. Who wouldn’t pick the guy who can tell the future? I’d be all like “hey honey, tell me the lottery numbers for tomorrow’s drawing!”


The Great Seer Releases Colorful Character and Scene Stills — 15 Comments

  1. The last still made me smile with amusement. They look somewhat happy(?); like the-boss-just-declared-that-we’ll-be-given-salary-raise-for-this-month happy.. 🙂

  2. Why??) is the beard so bad on him. I hope it get better throughout the series. My ahjussi crush… So sad that he doesn’t try the girl with other hottie ji sung’s character around. As the king of the new Joseon dynasty I am assuming he can get an women he wants in the end.

    Ji sung looks great as usual. Eager to see him again. I also could not recognize Kim so Yeon. Beautiful look for both women

  3. I think Ji Jin hee smoking hot..even some of you might think otherwise..He is my saguek hero of all time ,got to watch how will he be as a general..thanks for the post can’t wait.

  4. It doesn’t need to put much effort to make ji jin hee project his manly role in any drama. Just look at his eyes and see his smile and you will surely fall for him.

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