Breathtaking New OTP Stills from Episode 5 of Nice Guy

A good melodrama really needs to be populated by broken and battered people. Functioning happy people just don’t work in stories fraught with a lot of anxiety and bad decisions because naturally their chipper attitude helps them overcome the odds and what not. That’s the Candy heroine stereotype, and better fitting for stories where the happy ending is a given. Even having watched my share of melodramas, I’m having a hard time finding a set of OTP as fundamentally broken inside as Maru and Eun Gi in Nice Guy. They are people going through the motions, seemingly resigned to their fates yet there is this glimpse of fire in them. It’s like they have long ago lost their faith in humanity, but deep down they cannot throw away the kernel of goodness within. I have been so patient waiting for episode 5 to drop and seeing these brand spanking new stills will go a long ways to whetting my appetite. Not only does the two leads and the backdrop look drop dead gorgeous, we’re getting somewhere in their interesting relationship. While we know Maru is a player both mentally and emotionally, and he’s likely playing Eun Gi like a fiddle, part of us hopes and prays that in this game he discovers something that is worth cherishing.


Breathtaking New OTP Stills from Episode 5 of Nice Guy — 18 Comments

    • Agree with you dearie, it is simply beautiful and heart wrenching.
      I am desperate to see the romance blooming in kdland. Now I don’t know which 1 to watch 1st tonight, Arang or Nice Guy? GUH.

  1. Hi, only have one very KEY question: is this drama likely to have a SAD ending (someone/s dying) ie like most of the other drama’s done by the same writer? I just need to mentally prepare myself because the OTP is simply too beautiful, albeit pityful and really deserves a break in life with rainbow colours happily ever after!

    • well.. i watched ONE of this writer’s melo.
      (will it snow for christmas)and no one dies. It was suggested the main couple finally might reunite, as they are seen walking towards each other instead of from each other. that’s a good sign.
      I’m thinking this show might generate alot of fandom, so hopefully she considers this when writing the ending. Maru and Eun-gi is so messed up I hope she gives them a happy ending.

      • Thanks for the reply. Hate growing attached to the OTP, only to find out at the very end that it is an “open end” or “not meant to be” kind of situation. Makes one feel as if all that vested emotions with the characters have come to nought and everything has been a wasted trip. Dramas generally should strive to promote the ideal that the good will prevail/be rewarded and the bad should fail/be punished. Hope Nice Guy comes to a positive end!

    • Lee Kyung Hee’s track record says…….everyone dies!

      Sang Doo – totally dead.

      MiSa – beyond dead.

      Love to Kill – super duper dead.

      Thank you – OMG, still alive!!

      Will it Snow for Christmas – surprisingly not dead.

      Nice Guy – she’s got itchy fingers, it’s going to be a rocks fall down ending since people in her world can’t be too happy.

      • I’m just glad the last two shows she’s written veered more towards characters who lived. Perhaps she has changed views.
        There’s hope yet!
        But I won’t think about it. It’ll just be too hard to accept either of maru or eun-gi dying.

      • OH NOOOOOO! Why is she such a depressing character??!!! Up till today, I cannot believe that Sang Doo died. It was TOTALLY unnecessary, Rain’s character paid his dues, having served time in jail for his earlier misdeeds and when he finally stepped out of prison, both he and his girl got hit by a car. What purpose would that have served as an ending, I wonder???!!! It was a complete unexpected, shocking, senseless nightmare.

      • I cannot tell you how on the edge I was the whole frakkin time I was watching Thank You. For Christmas, I was relaxed dunno I just didn’t feel the dead vibe in the air. Maybe because uh, a few side characters were already dead (Soong Joong Ki and Dad)

        For NG (love this show, though like all dramas I love atm I’m just following caps instead of watching. Dead or alive, I WILL GO DOWN WITH THIS SHIP.

  2. I so wish i could get over the feeling that Jae Hee and MaRu are the true OTP. More and more it seems their love is so deep nothing will kill it, even if they themselves wish it to die. They are forever linked and their hearts are forever intertwined and if they can’t have love for each other, they will have hate. I just kinda wish Jae Hee would just decide money isn’t enough and go off with MaRun once and for all. But, other than loving him, she loves money or rather hates poverty. So upsetting to see this thing playing out.

    • Interesting idea that they are linked and the OTP.
      Despite this love she has for him, she has not chosen him more than once. Is it because she is self destructive and doesn’t feel she deserves happiness?
      Is it because she values status, money, success over love?
      Actually, I think that is it. Throw in ambition for her son, and MR is no way ever going to win her. He can’t deliver what she thinks she needs from him.

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