Miss Rose Heads out to the River Banks to Release Romantic Sky Lanterns

Looks like a rather magical double date is coming up in Miss Rose. I hope this happens in episode 10 because I want to see it NOW. The foursome of Cheng Kuan and Si Yi plus Sheng Jun and Xiao Ke headed out to Ping Xi in the outskirts of Taipei to release Sky Lanterns, which are ancient lanterns originally invented to pass code during wartime, but has now taken on a rather romantic connotation with the lanterns being lit and released as a way to pray for good luck in all sorts of endeavors. The wish is written on the lantern itself which are made of paper and then released into the sky along with a prayer and a blessing. The cast of MR filmed this scene and actually got to release their own lanterns with real life requests for good fortune. Roy Qiu asked to win a Formula 1 race, Tia Li wants to be popular all over Asia, and Megan Lai prayed for good health to everyone around her. Roy was especially excited since this was the first time he’s ever done this, whether in real life or for filming purposes, and from his wish its clear that he’s really just a big kid still. For the lantern that was released for the drama, you can see that the wish written on the side reads “We will all be very happy.” Awwww, such a sweet sentiment. 


Miss Rose Heads out to the River Banks to Release Romantic Sky Lanterns — 15 Comments

    • Waving to all MR campers out there!

      I wasn’t familiar with these lanterns until k-drama Dr Champ with endearing Jung Gyu Woon’s character Park Ji Yeon (♥_♥) showed up on my screen long ago. Very romantic, indeed, which should lead to loads of inner/outer squealing in a few hours. Yippeee!

      @Mrs Koala: did “Sheng Jun” not write anything on his lantern? The others’ wish are very revealing of their mindstate. 😀

      @jomo: your OG obsession as seen in the headers had me want to marathon it again. Alas subs no longer are available in my area but managing to find raws does “help”. Although I really really don’t dig Roy’s ‘do at the very end of the finale, what with the blondish mess. Been all wistful, remembering how our Marsupial had attempted several times to convince the playground how promising OG would be; and then she shared the link with Roy dressed in his costume, promising lots to now-out-of-job Sheng Shin Ren who eventually hugged him. His face, his haircut, his ear ring, the boyish charm, the skinship. I dunno exactly what but something did convince me to give the production a chance, which met beyond my expectations, with the added/addictive bonus of Patrick Li.

      • Patrick Li, ahem, had quite the body in his earlier years, didn’t he? I found some photos that are not quite safe for the Playground (NSP), but this one is safe, promise:

        I loved how Roy’s look got more and more out there as the show progressed, but then they reined it back in when he had to look more “corporate.”
        His wardrobe was so perfect for him, too.
        I especially loved the purple jacket, which made him look very princely. The layered look with the vests — I cannot tell you how this affects my central nervous system. He and The Hand Towel in My Princess.

        If anyone knows where I can pick one of these jackets up for ME to wear, I would be eternally grateful…

      • @jomo: oh heck yeah. Mrs K had mentionned how Patrick used to be a sexy model which ofc led me to lots of googling and giggling. Haha. He was quite a stud back then and imo he still is, plus he is laid-back enough not to care about his image anymore. His over-the-top acting won me so much over in OG, especially with his Korean, English and Japanese words here and there, or the antics.
        Can’t help you out much with Roy’s wardrobe from last year. Maybe a fashionista will help you on this.

        Tonite I have watched ep 10 raw and again I have felt like an otter a few times, with my hands clapping, lol. Hopefully within a few days I’ll find out what Si Yi told CK at the very end. Btw anyone noticed how her car license plate is CK 6868? CK aka Cheng Kuan and 6868 could stand for something cultural?

      • @Denali: You have a sharp eye! I wasn’t even paying attention to Siyi’s car’s license plate, lol. 6868 might be referring to “168,” which is considered an auspicious number in Chinese culture because it sounds like “the road to prosperity.” Kind of an odd thing to have in Siyi’s license number, though, since she’s not obsessed with money or anything.

        Re: end of the episode – Siyi basically tells Chengkuan that he needs to consider any upcoming situations with calmness and watch out for himself (since Chengkuan wants Guang Qiang to cut off unfavorable contracts with other companies, specifically the company run by the guy who gives the GM money-filled golf bags). Chengkuan asks why, and Siyi says that he’s a very important friend, apart from being her superior, so she doesn’t want him to get hurt. THEY SO CUTE.

  1. Ms. K, I finished ep 10, and can’t wait ep 11. Preview of ep 11, CK confronts toVivian that he has a person he love and he can’t be engaged win her. Aww… The D day is finally comes.

    • I wish you had written “spoiler” in your comment, because as I was just about to start the then available link raw for ep 10, I came across your words, which kinda, yes kinda, spoiled it a bit for me. 🙁

  2. I cannot express how much I love this show. It hits every button for me. I am only on episode 9 because I am saving them for the weekends and I wait for dramafever video quality. Still, I too, am clapping like and otter. I laugh EVERY time Chen Kuan and Yi Chun have a stare down with that Spanish shootout music playing in the background. I LOVE hoe Si Yi’s family and friends are so loyal and give Yi Chun the stink eye every time he turns up. I love how he keeps going because he still loves her. He is the only first love dumper that I could easily forgive even though I probably should not–at least not so easily. Wow. Is it hot in here? (fans herself). And Shen Jun . . .do they ever have spin offs in Taiwanese drama because the man deserves his own show.

  3. Ahah… I must be crazy of MR, I watched ep 10 again and again. Plus, there is no good TW drama to watch right now. I’m watching Big, but I’m so lazy to read the eng sub. So I was just on & off on Big.

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