May Queen Ups the Stakes with a Rain Kiss and Long Overdue Boating

So the preview yesterday for May Queen episode 14 led me to expect a steamy rain kiss for my preferred drama OTP, Hae Joo and her oppa boyfriend of 15 years Chang Hee, who sadly has a homicidal daddy that killed Hae Joo’s adopted father and watched Hae Joo’s birth father get offed as well. See, I totally know my OTP has an uphill road to climb, made all the more steep with the drama synopsis that showed Chang Hee and Hae Joo breaking up. In truth all I wanted was to cling on to a sliver of hope for a grand reversal, and maybe enjoy some skinship and sweet moments before the cruel drama fates tore my babies apart. And then episode 14 happen. One word – WOW. Let me just say that for the last three hours I have been reading hilariously angry, despondent, and disbelieving posts on DC and Baidu from the fans of Kim Jae Won, half of whom are quitting this drama and the other half are threatening to. I don’t blame them, because I have no clue how the writer aims to have Hae Joo move on to Kang San with only 18 episodes left of May Queen’s 32-episode run. Let me put it this way, my OTP not only got some steamy rain kissing, my ship actually set sailed tonight. There be boating, people! It wasn’t shown, but it definitely happened, and can I please be allowed to enjoy it while it lasts. Sorry to the SanJoo shippers, but today belongs to my ChangJoo ship. Forget the first kiss rule in K-dramas, the even more immutable one is the first boating rule.


May Queen Ups the Stakes with a Rain Kiss and Long Overdue Boating — 53 Comments

    • I was eagerly looking for the rain kiss scene after your promotion, and err I almost vomited. He forced his kisses and used his arms to maintain her while she eventually gave in. Is that supposed to give the idea that although women may be reluctant at first, they actually want it? I know this is makjang, that they haven’t had any skinship in 15 years (like that could ever happen, srsly) but this is no reason at all. This scene is a complete NO-NO in my book! Seriously. O_o

      • That’s how it works in Kdramas though. Either the girl resists or stands like dead weight until its over.

      • I’m happy I’m not the only one who didn’t like the kiss scene.

        It is just a no for me.

        can’t convice the girl? Then he just force her to be conviced.

        Not good.

        Also, I dislike that he gets angry and tries to force her everytime she says something he doesn’t agree with.

        He always end up hugging her, or asking her to not talk about it (like they can ignore it forever, yeah) and grab her arms and drags her all the time when he wants her to listen to him ……

      • You guys and Ms.Koala, should all try watching “Reply 1997”. When the OTP kiss, its like the sweetest kisses ever! You just can’t smiling ^^

      • Thank you Denali for your comment. I am not watching this show and I haven’t seen that scene, but I can imagine it, based on the descriptions. I dislike (strongly) those kinds of kisses as well and I have often wondered why there are so many of them in Kdramas (they are not always there, but there are enough of them). Like you pointed out, “Is that supposed to give the idea that although women may be reluctant at first, they actually want it?”
        Exactly!!!!! Why can’t the guy woo and eventually win the girl over in other ways, until she is ready AND willing to kiss him? Would that be too much to ask? (I am like seriously curious about an answer to my question). I am not for “forced kisses” in Kdramas either, or in any film work I watch. To make a point maybe, like the woman was being assaulted or something like that, but not between people who supposedly like each other. It ‘s almost as if they are saying that Kdramas heroines don’t have the right or the time to decide if (and when) they like the guy and if (and when) they are willing and ready to kiss him.

        It would be nice if they showed the guy trying to kiss the girl,and her resisting, and him respecting her wishes and backing away, until she is willing and ready to kiss him. Also him apologizing then, would be great, but I feel that it might be too much to ask, as I have not seen it happen in Kdramas. I could be wrong (and I am willing to be wrong), it is just that I haven’t seen it so far, is all I am saying.

        Alright! Well, I guess like Denali, it is clear how I feel about “forced kisses” on film. *Rant Over* I am glad I am not the only one feeling this way. These kinds of scenes are also complete NO-NOes in my book, seriously…

    • ,When I read your comment, I thought you were referring to Clover’s cheeky Jokbal song.. About five minutes later did I think of the AM 1997 ref.. 🙂

  1. omg omg i’m shipping for changhee too! loved him since chun hyung and he’s so sweet in this drama T_T just look at his eyes whenever he’s with the girl!

  2. Koala, I say MILK IT GIRL!
    I’m not even watching this show but I read these posts… Why? Cause they’re just hilarious!!

    And gosh it seems my JH is doing wonderful but I just can’t get myself to press play. *sigh*

  3. I just love this scene, I was cracking up like a little kid.
    All I want is for them to end up together no matter what, I just love these two someone make it happen. I might end up taking a flight to Korea, and telling the writers to make these two marry each other and have a wonderful life the end

  4. Woohoo! Thanks so much for the stills. Now I HAVE to watch today’s episode. I skipped 13 since it was only showing CH being mopey and depressed but this scene rocks!

  5. Omg. You are not serious right now, THAT HAPPENED? I NEED SUBS!!! I feel like I’m so lonely on the SanJoo ship 🙁 I was almost on the ChangJoo ship until I got completely taken over by the winningness of Kim Jae Won. The couples cannot happen like this! (basically because I CAN’T let my darling San-ie end up with In Hwa) I mean I like Chang Hee too, but there’s just too much baggage there. I really hope there isn’t a change in the love lines, that would be too harsh for Kang San. I mean I understand that Chang Hee’s like hasn’t been great so far either (but hey they’re in a makjang drama, this is to be expected) but I’m really really rooting for SanJoo. KANG SAN NEEDS HIS TINKER!

    • yeah, I even didnt know at the beginning, who was supposed to be with whom. I just fall in love with Hj and Ch pure love, and felt really heartbroken when I found out the intended pairing. So it’s normal that u also almost fall for their pure love too ^^ you have better chances with your KS-hJ ship, considering the initial script 🙂 so cinsider this kissing scenes as a gft for those who fall in love with Ch-Hj, before the heartbreaking episodes are coming 😀 by the way, I like Ih somehow. she has a good heart in general 🙂 doesnt feel superior. also she is down to earth, remembering how nice she treated adlt Hj. 🙂 and she is so much prettier than adult hj, i find 😀 she matches somehow with KS. their cute childish way towards each other are just adorable to me ^^

      • Lol. I intend it to be that I didn’t like In Hwa, I actually like her a lot. It’s just that I don’t think she’s right for Kang San. She’s actually a really cute and harmless character, but I just can’t believe that they would be happy with eachother. In Hwa herself has said countless times that she has no idea why she likes Kang San, she just does and considering how little interaction they’ve actually had, I doubt she actually really likes him for him. Basically you can tell I’m just looking out for Kang San in this series (which is odd since I’m not familiar with Kim Jae Won’s dramas… but I thinking I’m going to go back and watch them now ^^) I actually didn’t like Kang San at all during the childhood timeline, he just seemed kinda extra to me but ahh, he’s so awesome now in the adult time line 🙂

  6. yay yay, that was just an amazing kiss ^^ so happy. just pressed the replay button again and again 🙂 deep appreciation to the writers and film makers for this scene. their chemistry is just unbeatable, from the their youth up to now and forever 😀 I cant wait for IH kissing KS next week. Ih is so pretty (prettier then HJ, I find 😉 ) and looks just cute to KS with their unique a bit childish way of treating each other ^^
    koala, dont let yourself provocate by KS-lovers. ^^ just avoid it 😉 I do the same since 3 weeks 😀 since the beginning of the drama, they are not neutral which I fully understand since they adore the actor ^^ so they dont see the great chemistry between Hj and CH child and adult actors 🙂 and now threatening everything 😀 I’m happy for this scene, even if worst case they stick to the initial script, I’m happy that Ch is HJ first love and first romantic kiss. I just hope they wont make CH to become evil *crossfingers* ^^

  7. AAHH..hate when the writers make that happen…the last time that it left me really upset was when i watched Coffee House…soooo didn’t like the couple i got left with T_T Its like being pranked on…

  8. I believe this drama is supposed to be 50 episodes and Five Fingers is the 30 ep one. I sincerely hope so because spending 8 episodes of a 30-episode drama on childhood portions is inexcusable. (Also, if it’s 30 eps, they should have gotten a move on for the revenge/birth secret thing already).

    Ehhh, I have come to terms with dumping this drama. I am going to get all the eps and possibly go back when it ends but Kim Jae Won and his cute faces were barely enough to keep me in this drama when there was the promise he’ll get the girl and the JH/HJH thing would end soon, and with the drama spending a lot of time on JH/HJH combo (end game or not. Though seeing they slept together, it makes it more likely they will end up together, seeing how kdramas work), that desire to keep up is kinda gone.

    Sorry, KJW, I’ll catch you up some other drama!

    • Nope from the beginning it was always confirmed as a 32 episode drama. They might extend it due to the high viewership rating though.

      It’s cause it’s 32 episodes that everyone is freaking out how KJW will some how end up with HJH.

    • Like @Daisy said, it was always billed as a 32-episode weekender, like Can You Hear my Heart length. FF is a 30-episoder. Which is why this new development freaks out the SanJoo fans because this drama doesn’t have 50 episodes to switch out the OTP. I was actually not expecting this development in Chang Hee and Hae Joo’s relationship. If they wanted her to transfer her affection to Kang San, this is really not helping things.

      • Yes! Please DramaGods! Make this OTP happening! Please! Please! Please! I’m not watching it at the moment because this one is a very close reminder of Coffee House (the storyline, the promotional posters, the intense shippings) the heart attack because of each new development in the story, each new scene ah….I don’t think I have enough strength to follow the journey per episode.

        But, I’m waiting and praying for this OTP so hard! Please let Chang Hee and Hae Joo’s ship sail towards the sunset!

        For the sake of my heart and my sanity I’m going to wait until the final episode to watch the whole drama.

      • My love of Jae Hee not withstanding I honestly don’t see how Hae Joo and Kang San can work, because it’s been her and Chang hee since Childhood and I get that Kang San is awesome and fun and good for her but hey, that’s basically the definition of every second lead out there. You don’t go with who is better for you, you go with who you love.

        I really see the love between Chang Hee and Hae Joo and there’s the fact that she’s never once shown any interest in Kang San, kid or adult and told him firmly that she loves Chang Hee. 18 eps is enough to turn it around but despite everything I want Chang Hee and Hae Joo to work because everything they’ve been though it out of their control and Chang Hee has been nothing but good to her.

        I also think Jae hee has a lot more chemistry with Han ji hye than kim jae won but hey what can you do. With you on this one Ms Koala, but watching with a sense of dread and I’ll probably stop watching when they break up 🙁

  9. Er, I thought they were a cute couple when they were kids, but then CH turned to be like this and I just don’t like him with HJ.

    I mean, he asking if she can’t throw her family for him, how she doesn’t love him more than her family, and all I think is, really?

    The guy is starting to turn me off. I like KS more, but wouldn’t have a problem wiht CH-HJ if they were a cute couple. Thing is, they aren’t…

    CH keeps making me dislike in the little actions he does. In the kiss scene for example, I really disliked how he pulled HJ’s hand so strongly because he was angry……. then he tries to grab her again and kisses her by force. She didn’t want to but he still didn’t stop, of course she kissed back after some time, and I know she loves him and all but It didn’t sit well with me.

    CH also, knows how her brother is useless and still gives him money, oh really CH now you want to buy her family with money since you can’t show how sincere you are?

    Well, guess he really doesn’t care since he asked her to throw out her family. You don’t ask something like this …….. is just wrong, ”I throwed my dad for you, now throw your family too for me” I’m glad HJ said she didn’t ask for it, thank god. CH also gets super angry with HJ but he doesn’t tell the reason to forgiving his dad. He should tell the truth to HJ already….. or else they’ll fight forever and never be happy, HJ always blaming herself for father and son cutting ties when it isn’t her fault at all, but is dad who is a monster and his son cannot forgive him for it. It would be more easy for HJ know it is not because of her but because of his dad’s wrongdoing that CH don’t want to see his father, this way she can be more at easy and not feel guilty.

  10. Don’t worry KS fans! The other couple can still happen!

    Poeple thinking there is not time to show the other couple, well guess you didn’t watch Feast of gods! The girl liked the boy for like the first 25 episodes out of 32 episodes too and the other guy that seemed the second got the girl LOL and everyone thought the first guy would get her because they were childhood first loves…. and had no time to make them a couple… they were so wrong lol

    I think everything can happen to be honest 🙂

  11. I.NEED.SUBS.RIGHT.NOW!!! am totally for the ChangJoo couple and your news re boating just sealed the deal for me…yes!!! their doomed relationship might have its happy ending after all… I admit that KS is cute BUT wuri ship has a wonderful back story and history….am so happy with all these developments…thank you Captain Koala for all these goodies…. 🙂

  12. ,As previously mentioned, I was on the HJ-KS ship but after reading the recap for episode 13, I don’t care who she ends up with anymore coz I am kind of irritated with the HJ character now. After she was slapped, dragged, physically maltreated by CH father, she consoles all people around her( who are appropriately enraged on her behalf) by rationalizing that she deserves it for being a lowly individual compared to Chang Hee? I was fuming mad!

  13. Yeah I watched it raw and didn’t check subs but I am sure it’s ready.Steaming!!!!All yesterday was thinking it’s breaking Ep 14.How can you introduce kissing and boating after not doing it for 15years!!! Stupid writer.They haven’t even shown them breaking up.You can’t do it at almost Ep 20’s time and expect any shipper to ship either couple.Even if she goes to KS and goes back to CH it doesn’t work that way.You stupid drama.

    • I total agree , what a stupid drama. CH is selfish. Who cares about is love…

      I cant find any chemistry between HJ and CH. I dont think young KS is an extra, on contrary ,he is very smart,and playful, he is more intelligent than CH, KS was trying to solve some
      mathematical problems which CH didn’t know.

      If HJ will end up with CH, it shows that the writer is dump an stupid.

  14. I knew it! I knew you would write something about the “boating” incident in Ep. 14. I was also dumbfounded that they implied what I thought they did with CH and HJ. In all my years in k-drama land, they usually don’t mess up the pair who slept together, so now I’m not sure what direction they’ll take. IRL it really wouldn’t matter if she slept with CH (they’ve been together 15 years, for God’s sake!) and then move on to KS after the heartbreak, but this is k-drama we’re talking about and right now I don’t even know if the KS/KJW fans still want HJ for him. It’s gonna be a fun ride, hold on to your seats.^^

    • After this,she will 100% be pregnan! Always!! And then he dies, so she will end up with San who will treat baby as his own. Makjang all the way, might as well carry on for the 2nd generation….

  15. LOL 🙂
    So I guess this is what happens when you got too super hotties in the same drama like JH and KJW. 🙂 I’m leaning towards SJ couple, although I think I would be fine either way. I don’t really understand why everyone in the SJ fandom is flipping out? This is a makjang kdrama right? Anything and everything can happen – and it will not have to make sense. 18 episodes is plenty to turn a coupling around… heck, some regular dramas are only 16 episodes long. Ok – I do kinda understand their concern cause there is an order of how different length dramas/type of drama layout a story. Still, I maintain that the couplings can change at any time. 🙂

  16. i loved how she pulled away from him when he kissed her, but he forcefully pulled her back in…that’s the way to do it boy!
    if you want a girl, you really have to win her over lol

  17. I dislike hae joo so I could careless who she ends up with. actually I do. I hope she gets changhee, bc she is not worthy of kang san. I hope kang san kicks everyone ass fair and square like he intended. he would make a great leader. I hate that despite hae joo being a strong character, she is weak!!! its bc she spoils her family. she didn’t even finish high school, how pathetic that u use ur family as an excuse. hello they have hands and feet of their own. I love my family but sometimes u ought to put urself first. I’m not saying for her to ditch them but if that will give them a lesson, ao be it. if I can kick my two useless brothers i would have done so. I moved out. if my parents wants to baby them, I can’t help it.

  18. In that scene I was enjoying rain soaked changehee and what that did to his shirt…but then when he jerked her forward after she pushed him away was a total turnoff, but…..but he made up for it with the sweet back hug he gave her the morning after.

    I’m still a Hae San shipper but I love watching desperately in love Chang Hee.

  19. Very nice screen shots. I do have a little hope that drama keeps current pairing. If you look at initial preview for drama before it started those shots with the adult actors were just made up. See the one actress with short hair and glasses now in drama – she has long hair in preview trailer.
    The scene from yesterday where she was crying and saying how much she loves him- very touching scene

  20. I don’t want HJ to be with CH anymore because CH is a dirty prosecutor working for his father’s boss. They make a cute couple on the surface but their values are quite different. Also, the writers need to give HJ a backbone. She accepts being physically abused by CH’s father because she is ” lacking” in education. Everytime she puts herself down, makes me so angry with this character.

    • At first I thought he was a dirty prosecutor and wondered WHY he was still in charmain’s house, and I think it is because all these years he is trying to catch charmain and put him in jal, so he plays with Charmain making it look like they are in both sides when they aren’t…..

      But once his dad in the middle of it I’m not sure if he’ll still put charmain in jail if his dad can go to jail too…. because I’m sure charmain will use his dad to make CH help him….

  21. ow my gawd! i really thought that the OTP was Jeon Hae and kang san that’s why i didn’t watch any episodes but since it seems that the story seems to be different and as koala mention i will now enjoy the moment of chang hee and jeon hae before it ends..

    • I didn’t directly watch Coffee House either when it aired because of the storyline and promotional posters gave hints that the writer will end up with his secretary but it only took me one look at the other female lead (the publisher who was such a strong and wonderful character) to make me willing the risk of breaking my heart.

      But this one isn’t the same. It’s not a normal 20/16 episodes drama. It has Makjang element to it that scares the hell out of me. And 18 episodes more is a very long way to go…..

  22. that’s it! Ms. K, you totally had me watching this drama. Didn’t want to go there coz i have enough drama in real life to get into a reel one but man, oh man — i had to start watching and now i’m so hooked.

    btw, i am soooo with CH-HS. I mean i love KS but the heart wants what the heart wants and her heart belongs to CH. And I am so against the sins-of-the-parents. I don’t understand why people say CH is weak when he is holding on to HS with everything he has. And while his dad is about as vile as a person can be, worse that his master — none of that is CH’s fault. I don’t get what people want him to do, throw away the only parent his ever known, his only blood relative to prove his love? He already said he can’t forgive his dad — not sure what else he is supposed to do — string his dad up? Aish!

  23. I indeed loves the ChangJoo moments today…..and that Kiss was something that we all ChangJoo lovers can cherish if the cruel writers gonna send them away from each other, and even after that also.
    Still not very sure how Hae Joo will fall for Kang Sam from now….as till now we were thinking there is no Love factor between Ch-HJ as they dint had a Real Kiss till date but now we had a Steamy-Rainy-KISS so all the confusion abt their love (that many people have) must have gone or reduced a bit.
    So the point is….what CH will do that HJ will reject him ? what KS will do suddenly that HJ will prefer him over her 15 years love CH. Along with we have so many mysteries to be solved and only 18 episodes left…….is there any way we can get the script in advance…just coz cant see CH doing something stupid and HJ hating him for that.

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