Nice Guy Episode 8 Recap

Booyah! This episode was simply da bomb. I just love the post topping screen shot of Maru and Eun Gi in episode 8 of Nice Guy. The way they sit next to each other, not arm-touching-arm but with a distance that is closer than just friends. The way they both look out towards the ocean, the way his bruised and battered face reflects on both their scars from within. This was a moment that was 8 episodes in the making, and didn’t even involve the dramatic K-tropes such as passionate kissing to affirm feelings or loud declarations that punctuate what the characters have long suspected. Instead what we got in the entirely of episode 8 was a game change, a course correction for all the main characters. Jae Hee learns that one door may have closed and she tries to open another door she closed herself, only to discover it’s locked now. Maru acknowledges his weaknesses when it comes to Jae Hee, and then makes the conscious and calm decision to rise above it all and move on.

Eun Gi finds happiness and heartbreak one after another, coming from the same guy, but its all beyond her control to continue or stop. She’s the one who is operating under what we like to believe is the meaning of love – to desire and long for without any hope or expectation. Perhaps she is the catalyst to wake Maru up so that he can stop himself before he falls into yet another Jae Hee-created abyss. We can say Maru isn’t good enough for her, but what if she knows how damaged he is and all his hidden secrets and still wants him, because she knows that deep inside is still the Maru who was capable of loving Jae Hee without reservation, and perhaps there is a chance that Maru will return and she will be the one who that love is directed towards. We can all hope alongside her.

Episode 8 recap:

We see Eun Gi running to see Maru, juxtaposed with Jae Hee putting on makeup in her dressing room while the sick Chairman slumbers in the bedroom. Maru listens to Eun Gi’s candid confession of her dreams with him, and when she’s done, he steps forward and pulls her into his embrace. Jae Hee walks towards Maru’s house.

Maru looks shaken but the hug feels sincere, that is until he looks up and sees Jae Hee standing off to the side under an umbrella. At that moment, his eyes harden and he stares at her while embracing Eun Gi as if it’s a challenge to her. It could either be that he’s warning Jae Hee off from harming Eun Gi because he’s on her side, or showing off to Jae Hee that Eun Gi wants him so much. Jae Hee turns and walks away, but not before she leaves the package of food she prepared for Maru by the lampost.

Maru takes Eun Gi inside ands tends to her cut soles. He towels her off, then offering her Choco’s dry clothes to change into.

Eun Gi stares at the beaten up Maru and worries about him. She asks how badly he got hurt but he doesn’t clarify. He tells her its not a big deal and offers to go out and get food for her to eat since he has nothing in the house. Maru says that he quite likes this face since it gives him some character. In fact, he was getting bored with his handsome face.

Maru goes to change out of his wet clothes while Eun Gi rests. Eun Gi wonders if her mother will tell her that she did well in choosing this path even though it is a hard one? Will her mother encourage her and give her strength? Maru walks outside and looks at the package of food Jae Hee left. He leaves it there and keeps walking. Jae Hee has been sitting in her car watching this the entire time. Jae Hee falls asleep in the car and we see lawyer Ahn walk up to her car and stare at her.

Maru walks inside and goes to check on Eun Gi. He finds her fast asleep on the ground and he gently lays her down to sleep on bedding.

Maru looks up and notices an old picture of a beach, but it has a note from Eun Gi inviting him to visit with her. Maru flashes back to happier times with Jae Hee noona when they made plans to visit the beach together.

Maru sits besides Eun Gi and stares at her while she sleeps. He gently leans in and kisses her on the cheek.

Back on Anmyungdo, Jae Gil was crying because he was told that Choco died, which is when the not-dead Choco arrives and explains that the dead Choco was the dog of the pension owner who ate rat poison. She reveals that Choco was the name of a few dogs in their old neighborhood and her dad really could care less about her hence he named her Choco like she was no more that a stray dog.

Jae Gil continues to baby sit Choco and they walk along the beach. He changes her name to Ji Jae for smart but she teases that she wants to be re-named Jeon Ji Hyun. During this entire completely superfluous scene, I kept thinking it was Lee Kyung Hee’s inside joke towards the complaints about how extraneous Choco and Jae Gil are so she threw in something even more out there, and then made a nudge nudge acknowledgment of Choco’s accidental demise. Too bad it was just the dog.

Maru goes shopping and he picks out clothes for Eun Gi, using his fingers to approximate her correct shoe size from when he tended to her cut feet. We see Eun Gi still fast asleep at home. We see Maru has washed the clothes from last night and hung it out to dry, making the house feel homey like Eun Gi naturally lives there.

Jae Hee is at the Seo family beach house and she flashes back to her conversation with lawyer Ahn last night in her car. He showed her the images from the CCTV of her kissing him and reveals that the Chairman knows already. Jae Hee is frantic with worry, asking lawyer Ahn what will happen with Eun Seok.

Lawyer Ahn says the Chairman plans to leave everything to Eun Gi. He suggests Jae Hee leave that house as soon as possible before the Chairman deals with her. He also reveals that Eun Gi also knows, and that may be while she’s clinging onto Maru.

Jae Hee calls Maru but he ignores her call and turns off the phone. Maru is paying for Eun Gi’s clothes when he sees in the newspaper the article about Jae Hee’s impending nuptials.

Jae Hee calls Maru with a desperate plea to come help her because her brother is beating her up. She then proceeds to wreck the room herself and make it look like she was attacked. Grrrr, this woman needs to be put down like the rabid dog she is. Eun Gi wakes up finally and marvels at how well and late she slept. She wonders if this house is really that comfortable? As Maru walks home, he gets a text from Jae Hee and calls Jae Hee and gets her “come help me” set up plea. Initially he tells her to call the cops but then hears she’s hurt and decides to go to her.

We see Eun Gi wake up and smile as she happily waits for Maru to return home. Eun Gi waits in the courtyard and then opens the front door to see the bags of clothes set outside but no Maru.

Maru drives to see Jae Hee while Eun Gi eagerly opens the bags and finds the new clothes and shoes. In the clothes is a note explaining that he needs to go somewhere today and they can go travel tomorrow. Eun Gi changes into her clothes and then gets an unknown text telling her “Han Jae Hee, Kang Maru, Beach House.” Oh my god, you horrible skank ho, Jae Hee!

Maru arrives at the beach house and walks inside to find Jae Hee cowering on the ground and the room turned upside down. Her face is bruised and she has a bloody cut lip. She claims her brother found her and beat her up.

Jae Hee looks up pitifully at Maru and he looks around before going to get a first aid kit. Eun Gi sits at home and stares at the text.

Maru gets a call from Jae Hee’s brother, who is at the police station, and finds out that he didn’t touch Jae Hee and she staged everything since he’s in police custody because of a dispute between two of his lady friends. Ahahahaha, this is beyond awesome, and clearly the drama world’s shortest duration faked plot ever.

Maru still goes and patches Jae Hee up as Eun Gi pulls up outside the beach house. Jae Hee and Maru have a calm face-to-face discussion. Maru says Jae Hee knows him so well, she might know him even better than he knows himself. She knows exactly what buttons to push to get him running to her. Maru reveals that he never intended to seek revenge against her, it was still his desire to see her that kept him in her orbit and down this path.

Eun Gi walks into the beach house and finds it ransacked. She stands in the living room and can hear Jae Hee and Maru talking inside and hears the first part of the conversation where Maru says he still comes when Jae Hee summons him in a way he can’t ignore. When Jae Hee called, he left his feverish little sister and went running to her 6 years ago. For Jae Hee he would have done anything and forgiven her for everything. He accepts that weakness in himself now. Maru says it was like he had gone crazy, or Jae Hee had put a cover over his eyes.

Jae Hee claims that she will do what he asked and leave that world. She claims that this world isn’t right for her like Maru said and she will leave it now. Eun Gi walks out and sits outside in the car and doesn’t hear the rest of the conversation. Maru tells her not to do that because from now on he will not care anymore about what she does. It doesn’t matter where Han Jae Hee ends up in life, in Hell or in a pit of fire, it no longer has anything to do with him. Maru gets up to leave and reiterates to Jae Hee that his words now means that his heart that used to belong to Jae Hee is finally dead. Can we all say a prayer and throw some salt on that dead love so it doesn’t resurrect like some creepy horror movie villain.

Maru walks outside and his eyes fill with tears as he thinks back to his history with Jae Hee and all their happy moments together. But he’s not angry anymore, this is him mourning for what is done and dead and never coming. This is him finally coming to grips with letting Jae Hee go in every way and moving on himself.

Eun Gi sees Maru walking out and looking sad. She drives away and Maru spots her leaving. Jae Hee calls Maru from inside the house and he answers from the courtyard. Jae Hee asks if this is because he met Eun Gi. She asks if he is in love with Eun Gi? Maru confesses that he made a mistake and regrets bringing Eun Gi into this.

Joon Ha sits beside the ever sicklier Chairman who is laying in bed. The Chairman tells Joon Ha to speed up what he asked Joon Ha to do, likely because he knows he doesn’t have much time left. He needs to do this now otherwise leaving Eun Gi alone will be hard on her.

Maru calls Eun Gi’s cell but she doesn’t pick up. Maru goes home and finds Choco’s clothes folded up which means Eun Gi put on the new outfit he bought for her. Maru looks at the picture of the beach.

Jae Hee goes to the bank safety deposit box and takes out some documents. Who wants to bet its some dirt on the Chairman or Tae San Group and Jae Hee has been keeping it as an insurance policy. Sure enough, Jae Hee takes out the manila folder from six years ago.

Turns out that she was covering Tae San Group news six years ago and was called to the hotel room with meet with the now-dead guy who claimed to have dirt on the Chairman. During the discussion, Jae Hee refuses to air the dirt on the Chairman.

As she gets up to leave, the guy tries to rape Jae Hee and she smashes a bottle over his head. That doesn’t kill him but she pushes him off her and he falls back and hits his head against the corner of a table and bleeds out. How she could let Maru take the fall for her when she clearly would get off with a justified defense claim is beyond me.

Eun Gi arrives at the beach from the picture. She gets out of the car and sits down on the sand as she stares out at the rock outcropping in the ocean. Maru sits at home waiting for Eun Gi when get gets a text from her with a picture of the very beach she is at. Maru grabs his jacket and rushes out.

Maru speeds towards the beach while Jae Hee returns home with the secret documents. Maru pulls up at the beach and gets out of the car. He walks up to Eun Gi sitting on the sand and asks why she came? She replies that she wanted to see the ocean. Eun Gi thanks him for the clothes and calls him a player for picking out clothes that fit her perfectly. Joon Ha is digging into Jae Hee and her brother’s background while Lawyer Ahn is packing up his belongings in his office.

Maru sits down and Eun Gi asks if this is his first time here. He confesses that this is his first time at the beach because he never got to go with the woman he used to loved. Eun Gi asks him directly who she is. Maru is silent for a moment before he says “Han Jae Hee.” They turn and stare at each other intently.

Thoughts of Mine:

Awesome awesome episode of NG. It was exactly what this drama needed to take it to the next level, and though quiet on action nevertheless felt like a shot of adrenaline in the heart. Everyone knows everything now, and that always leave the best part of a drama narrative, that being “what are you going to do about it?” If the person is Jae Hee, she scrambles to find herself another safe haven. She tries to break up Eun Gi and Maru as well as try to bring him back to her side. If that person is Maru, he finally makes the hard but right decision to walk away from Jae Hee. If that person is Eun Gi, then she is like a punching bag that absorbs even more punches but is brave enough with her own feelings to reach out one more time to Maru. And he does not disappoint her. He tells her the truth at long last, and owns up to his own failings to the girl who has finally pierced through his deadened soul.

It’s quite a testament to how far Park Shi Yeon has come as an actress from her godawful start in My Girl, to see her performance as Han Jae Hee is to watch the screen come alive with emotions that are complicated and dirty and selfish and scared. She is delivering a powerhouse knock out punch as Jae Hee, making us hate her yet can’t look away. Her character could have become just the token manipulative evil ex, and she is definitely that, but she also feels alive and we can see where she is coming from. It’s from a place of self-preservation, of greed, of longing, of clawing her way to the top, and we disdain all of that, but it’s not something that defies explanation. In contrast, Eun Gi’s character still needs some analysis to piece together her motivations and action, while Maru just frustrates the heck out of us because he doesn’t do what we want him to do. But in this episode, everything came together and took a big step forward. Jae Hee gets backed into a corner and the claws come out, Eun Gi confronts the hard to stomach truth about Maru and Jae Hee, and Maru finally cuts the cord with the Jae Hee in his heart.

I’m really wondering how that amnesia subplot is going to work its way into this story. The drama hasn’t hit the halfway mark yet, and there is still so much to deal with, but there has been so far no foreshadowing of why and how Eun Gi might go from a feisty lovelorn emotionally tense girl to someone who for all intents and purposes starts over with a blank slate. What does that mean for Maru and Eun Gi, and how will that affect the Chairman’s plans to leave everything to Eun Gi and kicks Jae Hee to the curb? The doom and gloom of the last few episodes has finally subsided a bit and I see a bit of sun peeking through the dark clouds, making episode 8 such a cathartic one to watch. But then the preview for episode 9 was all sorts of shocking and nerve wracking, leaving me sure to gnaw on my arm anxiously until next Wednesday arrives. Nice Guy, you hurt so good.


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  1. i have been refreshing this site of yours for the recap since i saw a clip of Maru coming clean to Eungi about his first love.ackkk heartburn! wait i shall read. Thanks so much for continuing this recap!

  2. Beach scenes always reminds me of KKD’s Bad Guy. I am so glad Maru is over JH …..Now I can start watching again. I just couldn’t bear to watch him being such a loser over that worthless woman.

  3. “She’s the one who is operating under what we like to believe is the meaning of love – to desire and long for without any hope or expectation”

    That alone made me damn teary eyed early this morning, way to go Koala. >.< Exactly how Eungi will be in this drama and the reason why i root for her all the way regardless who'll she end up w/ or not end up w/ (i do think she'll die). Amnesia may come to a point because of that car accident she had on the ep 9 preview. It amazes me how these characters are so damn effective even without words to say, their actions definitely speak louder than words.

    • hope and expectations comes from commitment the fruits of love…but love itself is-“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres” YOU CAN HAVE HOPE AND EXPECTATIONS WITHOUT LOVE LIKE JAE HEE….do I make sense….

  4. superb episode.. i have watched it but didn’t understand what they said. off to read.. thank you koala for the fastest recap and awesome thought.. ^^

  5. is the amnesia plot a rumor among or an official release? i don’t see how it fits in the story and i hope it doesn’t happen in a cop out manner tbh

    • This is exactly what I was thinking. I cannot even think of why they would need amnesia because these characters have so many layers to be unpeeled that it could realistically take the rest of the drama to find them out. For example, I want to know what is in the envelope.. Why is the chairman dying? What was his relationship (really) to Eun Gi’s mother? I would love to watch Maru and Eun Gi team up to take down Jae Hee; she is good enough at being bad that it would take two of them to get rid of ehr, especially if the chairman dies before he can really ahnge the will. There is so much going on already that an amnesia plot seems superfluous.

      • YES, to everything you mentioned. Amnesia seems just too easy a machination for the writer…i dunno, I just want her to go all out dark. And, by dark I still want the characters to be consistent. Uptil now sometimes I’ve gone ‘but duuuddde, nahhhh!’ Hope s/he can deliver…also the fact that we STILL have 12 epi to go makes me anxious. The longer a series goes on…the more missteps it’ll make. I hope s/he can prove me wrong.

      • Saima –
        12 episodes left! I think THAT is the issue – Our OTP is starting to jell. In a normal story arc, they’d be all sweet and lovely in two episodes.
        Plus, it would be great for them to team up against JH. But once they fight together, she’d be toast in like three episodes. (No matter how great a liar she is.)

        In order to make the struggle last, we do need to throw in another dynamic.

        I actually have been looking forward to the amnesia.
        How would this couple do if they just met without all the crap from the past? And, since MR knows she has forgiven him, he would be approaching her with a lot less burden.
        I am hoping to get at least 47 minutes of sweet, angst free falling in love out of this angle…

      • actually I agree 100%, this drama doesn’t need the amnesia and it’s too overrated tbh. The story is good enough as it is and maybe Jae hee might win against this money battle (since she has the documents to destroy the company) then Maru-eun gi will team up to take her down. That would be awesome. The writers have created so many obstacles that spices up the story and there are so much things have yet to unfold among the characters.

  6. Amnesia is a must for melodrama! Memory loss tends to spice things up! I wonder if the amnesia will make EG a more vulnerable character. I would be extremely frustrated if EG get push around by her evil step mom or get taken advantage. EG needs to kick some a**

    I wonder what MR did that drove EG’s to the point of wanting to crash into his car…

  7. I think we will get the amnesia plot on the next episode from the end of preview episode 9… I love Maru is taking care of EG in this episode. koala Unni, please translate the preview od episode 9. I believe that was Maru talking at the end when it looks like gonna be crash of two cars…

  8. i have a hunch that eun gi is already suffering from amnesia, like since the beginning of the drama, only we aren’t revealed to it yet. maybe from an accident, because in the flight scene, maru asked jae hee if eun gi’s been in one because he suspected broken ribs or signs of it (cant remember details right now)

    • there’s another story, eun gi’s last accident.. maybe because of her motorbiking hobby or not… but I don’t think she had an amnesia since she’s already cold and been molded as a company leader material from the beginning . well idk

  9. A magnificent, truly superb episode, but not easy to watch despite some major steps forward for Maru & Eun-Gi and made even more difficult by that preview for next week.

  10. I remember watching a movie where the heroin states of being needed because he loves her or loving her because he needs her, actually from experience both emotions are destructive….loving a person is simply being with them, spendng quality time with them appreciating them and creating memories with them that’s why amnesia is as bad as death itself…I bet no one is immortal in this chat room eventually if you have a partenr it’s seldom both go at the same like the NOTE BOOK….you can need the person you love because when he goes you’ll be like a love bird it dies when the other one does….REALITY BITES the ANTI ROMANCE….let’s not break the plot

    • * CANNOT NEED THE PERSON YOU NOR VICE VERSA…that’s why if you love a person you don’t make them helpless without you…it’s a fallacy of love

  11. awesome ep! thanks koala sis and that last pic is just so poignant i could cry for maru seeing that and hoping for a changed person afterwards. i am so happy that finally, he has acknowledge (even it in not so obvious way) his feeings for EG. love this drama. 🙂

  12. That’s what I’m talking about!! GTFA, JH you bish! I’m still reading the recaps…will wait until next week before I re-start watching this show. Like others I do have qualms with the amnesia sub-plot…like ughhhh! I hope its utilized efficiently and they don’t pwn us at the end cuz that’ll just piss me off. I think JH’ll do something drastic soontimes for Maru to avenge her…right about now he’s slowly realizing that his obsession with her will only harm him and those near & dear to him. Until something crazy big happens that’ll propel him to declare war on her. E9+10, don’t disappoint!

  13. Thank You so much for your very fast recap, you are the best. Love Love this episode I feel Maru is warming up to EG and wants to let go of that Evil JH the preview has me a bit worried hope EG doesn’t get in an accident and get amnesia.

  14. Thanks for the recap!
    If we were to judge a show’s popularity by speed of Viki subbing, this episode the fastest yet. Maybe when TTBY ends, it’ll be even faster.

    This was another shouter for me. Iroke:
    Yes! Take EG inside!
    Yes, Maru, kiss her! Kiss her!!
    Noooo! Don’t pick up the phone! Don’t pick up the message!
    Don’t believe herrrrrrr, Maru!
    Don’t go in the mansion!
    Maru, she’s lying to yooooooooou!
    YES!!!! Brother is in JAIL in BUSAN!
    (By the way, I cannot help but be moved by Yang Ik-joon’s performance in this show. Can we have him be in every episode? He’s that good with such a short screen time. He reminds me of Ha Jung Woo.)
    Yes, now you know what a liar she is!
    No! Don’t leave, EG. Listen for the rest!
    Yes, forget her, Maru! (But don’t cry, pretty one. Don’t cry.)
    Aren’t Maru’s hands wonderful? btw. I really get the feeling that he has a touch that heals. Even without medical training I think it would be like that.

  15. I never read the Recaps for Nice Guy because I just have no time to start another drama, but man, start a recap with “booyah” and no joke u reel me in. Now I have read this recap and can no longer keep myself from watching this show…

  16. Ahhhhh..perfect OTP is perfect. When he kissed sleeping Eun Gi, his eyes were closed. Its such a contrast to all his kisses when his eyes were cold and creepy and surely its a sign that he is slowly realizing that Eun Gi touches something in him that he thought is long dead.

    And oh, I just want to hug Maru when he cried and said goodbye to the Jae Hee in his mind and all his idealized notions of her. Must be devastating to realize that the woman you gave up your future for is that scheming and manipulative.

  17. I haven’t felt sympathetic towards Jae Hee until this episode, which is ironic considering this episode seems to bring out the most hate towards her character. Or maybe it’s not even sympathy, it’s just pity. I don’t know if she has been playing Maru from the start, pretending that she was being abused, or if she truly does have a tragic past, but to be so messed up and desperate that you’d injure yourself…is just so low and pathetic. I’m really curious about her childhood.

    I am really starting to wonder if Eun Gi has had amnesia the whole time. She’s obviously already been in an accident and she’s been in a fragile state of mind since the beginning. Regardless, whenever the amnesia plot-line comes in, I think Joon Ha will play a much bigger part.

    I was so happy that Maru finally confronted his lingering feelings for Jae Hee and is making an effort to move on. As much as I want him and Eun Gi to end up together, I definitely think if they got together anytime soon it’d be a disaster. She’s becoming dependent on him the way he was with Jae Hee, and he’s still a long way from being able to love someone, though I definitely think he’s feeling something for her.

    • Eun Gi is not dependent on Maru,she’s just emotionally stunted. 29 and just having other emotions besides hate,fear and sadness. who can blame her her father withholding how he truly feels about his child. just to toughen her up when his gone

      but i agree on Maru his heart can’t accept anyone right now,but she is breaking in

      • Oh I agree she’s emotionally stunted. But that’s the point. She has become dependent on Maru (since as we’ve seen, he’s the only one she really opens up to) and I think fully believes he’ll be able to love her back as much as she loves him. At this point, he’s not ready for that. I think that will push her over the edge.

    • yea there’s a point in what you said that it can be that Eun-ki’s already in her amnesia stage, being fragile and such. Joon Ha was talking about that she’s going crazy or something but maybe she’s just experiencing comfort, love and security so deeply for the first time like we usually are when we fall in love (being crazy).. waaa idk T_T

  18. Ah ! High Blood pressure moving down some. One Big thing I love about Joong Ki’s character. He tells it as it is. No irritating huge lies.

  19. Ok I love this dama and your recaps hold me over until the episodes appear on Hulu. My lingering question is what was the favor the druggie guy needs to do for eun gu? I mean she didn’t have that conversation with him for nothing. Love this drama almost as much and in a totally different way, as lie to me. Which was a great show, such a coming of age , Jane Austin pride and predjudice sort of thing

  20. I can’t believe Mr. don’t trust women would let her keep that. even if he gave that to her in their honeymoon stage, wouldn’t he magically have it in his possession also wouldn’t he be keeping watch on them, or questioning who is trustworthy around him. he is trying to clear the way for EG but in a halfassed way. i guess a clean sweep would mean no obstacles

    The cheek kiss was cute i just hope she doesn’t give in so soon this time

    • Do you mean you don’t believe the Chairman would let her keep the evidence against him?
      I was actually thinking something along the lines of, “What, JH? This is the ONLY copy of this? You never made another one for extra safe keeping?”

  21. She didn’t want to get taken in to court presumably because she would have to release the papers that got her into the hotel room in the first place in order to get off on a self-defense claim. And then it’d be bye bye to being in the chairman’s favor. I suppose getting Maru to take the fall for her was the alternative to that, and a good one. Maru in jail, and she has a “legitimate” reason to “move on” from him and to the chairman and his riches.

    At least that’s how I saw it. It’s the only explanation that makes sense to me. Any other ideas guys?

    • So you are saying that even though it LOOKS like it was Maru’s idea to take the murder rap, she actually expected/planned that he would take it on himself? His past behavior with her predicted how he would react when she called him. Yep, I’ll buy that.
      Good, then I can hate her even more.

  22. This is my spectulation of EG’s amnesia
    -In the first episode MR asked if EG was in a recent accident
    -I assume that EG was in some sort of accident which is slowly affecting her brain functions–>brain deterioration–>memory loss…???
    -The car scene in ep9 preview: EG might suffer from a minor head injury, but when they do a MRI or some test they might find a clot or whatever in her brain.

    • Please – this better be curable.
      I cannot CANNOT do another debilitating memory loss drama.
      Temporary, fine.
      But no A Thousand Day Promise of tears.

  23. Ms. Koala can you also give us kinda like a preview of Ep 9 because it kinda looks like this is where Eun Gi gets an accident which causes her amnesia?

  24. I feel EG’s characer has become very bland. Even though JH has done loads of bad things, her character has many shades to her that makes her appealing. EG is just goody-girl who will do anything for Maru’s love.

    I hope EG’s character can get deeper but right now it doesn’t look like it. From character development stand point JH>EG. THat is how I just feel.

    • I disagree with you :). OK, at first view JH seems to be the more colorful character and one tends to overlook EG depths.

      I think when it comes to love, Eun Gi has still the kind of innocence which Maru had sadly lost about these JH-actions.
      And to be aware of these multitudes of good and bad personalityparts Maru’s and still to reveal him her love and dreams – I found this move to stand in front of him and to declare herself impressive and brave. It’s not easy to bare his own heart and to make oneself this vulnerable. A kind of fighting for one’s love where the most of us would probably shrink back from. (Hello selfpreservation!)
      But I hope the future plot-developments will show that EG’s measures will pull Maru towards her and inner peace in the end.
      At last this episode leads us to hope 🙂

      Character development: It’s much more easy to become a selfish bitch than to uphold positives traits in life.

      • Much of Eun Gi’s fire is brought out by Jae Hee. They haven’t faced off that much in the past episodes so I’m kind of missing the grit and badassery in her.

  25. Koala, thanks for the recap!
    I want EG and MR’s relationship to take place sooner than later. I love the shot they are on the beach. Finally, the signature of LKH is back. She is capable of giving quiet moments to her OTP.
    I also agree with you about JH and Park Shi Yeon. I know that she has improved a lot over the years, especially from La Dolce Vita (my favorite!) and Coffee House. But I didn’t know she can be this good. All three leads are excellent, but PSY is really a show stealer.The energy she brings into the screen is amazing. I also fall in love with MCW from this show and go back to see the Princess’ Man.
    Anyway. Thanks for the recap!

  26. Eun-ki and Ja Hee are opposites in treating Maru but somewhat similar in his standpoint. Both of them can be cold and manipulative at some point. They both build the same memories for him like how they met ‘as a damsel-in-distress’, having Maru as their light in their darkest days and also the beach thing. It might brought up of one of the questions: Is Eun-ki will be good or bad for him?Is it happening all over again?
    I like the irony that happens in the story. It’s so intriguing! The amnesia thing is making me nervous T_T

  27. To Maru, Eun Gi and Jae Hee is all said here already. 🙂

    I wonder myself if this lawyer Park guy will remain a seemingly goodnatured person among these bunch of emotional damaged peoples.
    Or will it soon become apparent that this guy isn’t about darker sides of character either.

    And I still try to figure out why there are this sister and this Jae Gil person in this drama. This far their parts come every time like an unnecessery parallel universe!
    These sidekicks are completely neglectable. Nearly zero impact on the story!

    Ockoala – I love your reviews!
    Thank you for every one of them :)!

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