Koala Faves Kang Ji Hwan and Moon Geun Young Walk the Red Carpet at BIFF

While watching the thrilling episode 8 of Nice Guy, I was so immersed into the drama that I clear forgot the red carpet of the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) was being laid out and the stars were descending on the sea side town to light it up with glitz and glamour. If I have time I’ll do one of my fashion critiques of the celebrity stylings of the night, but right now I have to fangirl like mad because both Moon Geun Young and Kang Ji Hwan showed up at the event. No, I’m not angling for them to work together, but I haven’t seen either of them much over the Summer at any media activities so I’m even more excited to have them show up at the same event for my oogling pleasure. Love Ji Hwan’s simple black tux, which is always a change up from his preferred all-white look, though he did tweak it a bit with the snappy white bow tie and an upturned collar. Geun Young’s royal navy chiffon dress is lovely but the train was a tad long and she almost tripped a few times but luckily righted herself. Love the goddess drape on her and can’t wait to see her back on my screen this December with Alice in Cheongdamdong. It would totally have been perfect publicity if she showed up with Park Shi Hoo, heh.

[Credit: all pictures as marked of the respective news agency]


Koala Faves Kang Ji Hwan and Moon Geun Young Walk the Red Carpet at BIFF — 31 Comments

  1. “It would totally have been perfect publicity if she showed up with Park Shi Hoo, heh.” I was thinking about that too, Too bad!!!

    Moon geun young’s fangirl! She rocks this blue dress and look more womanly.

  2. I agree that it would’ve been PERFECT if she and Park Shi Hoo walk the red carpet together!!! I was hoping they would, but either way, I have to say this was probably the most pretty Moon Geun Young I’ve seen on a red carpet! The blue really works for her with her make and hairstyle! Hopefully, we’ll be able to see BTS pictures of them rehearsing for their new drama soon b/c I’ve waiting for sooo longgg!!! aigoo…

  3. Look to her legs, seems toned and healthy! I’m so happy she is healthy, in her painter of wind days she was so thin and weak.

    And her dress is just so pretty! Love love it. Thank god she didn’t fall down lol

  4. Aww.. Our Geun Young’s definitely grown up. That’s a sexy dress, and she carried it so well. I am still waiting for a picture of her with Park Shi Hoo to surface. Hee. Fangurl!

  5. I may be able to satisfy your hunger for MGY (for a brief time anyway) by passing along the news that she will be in an upcoming episode of Running Man (ep 114 or 115 it seems).

  6. Ms Moon looks soooo beautiful! I love her many looks. Here she looks so mature and yet she can look like a child at times. Love to see her back and looking so healthy.

  7. Lovely photos Mrs. Koala, I can’t help but I see KJH as James Bond and Moon as his partner for the evening. They both looked gorgeous, healthy and in a good mood.
    I just saw KJH in My girlfriend is an agent, and I want him more to look at, so hopefully he’ll take a drama role soon.
    As for Moon, I can’t wait for this ep. of Running Man and her upcoming drama with Park Shi Hoo. Her style is more womanish nowadays.

  8. KJH’s foundation is too white for his skintone. He could also benefit from some mattifying powder. Aside from that, he’s HOT as usual.

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