Video Preview for Episode 15 of Nice Guy

Sang Yeob phone home, Sang Yeob phone home. You can call noona anytime, baby cheeks! I’m woefully negligent of Lee Sang Yeob’s sweet and effective turn as lawyer Park Joon Ha in Nice Guy, prolly because he’s so decent and doesn’t have a Noah’s Arc full of issues the way Maru, Eun Gi, Jae Hee, and even lawyer Ahn all appear to be dealing with. In a drama full of truly dysfunctional people, he’s both a breath of fresh air as well as easy to overlook because we’re captivated by the pain and bad behavior all around. I do wonder why episode 1 had Eun Gi assuming Joon Ha is gay, because he clearly has feelings of some sort for Eun Gi, but its not clear if those are romantic or just platonic. I see Lee Kyung Hee dropping a few throwaway threads as her story progresses, yet she also manages to pull back in many seemingly unimportant facts for use later. The written spoilers for episode 15 tells us that Jae Hee is making a move not just to get rid of Eun Gi, but to get Maru back as well, and will be using both Jae Shik, Eun Gi’s ex-boyfriend, and even the cops to do her dirty work. I hope my OTP remains smarter and more patient than she is so they continue to thwart her every plan.

Preview for episode 15:

Jae Hee: How could you use my brother against me?

Maru: I already told you that I am capable of doing anything to get Eun Gi back to her original place.

Jae Hee: If I put everything down, can you return to my side.

Maru: if that is what you want, it’s not impossible.

Lawyer Ahn: How much do I need to pay you for you to help me bite Maru back.

Jae Hee: To arrest you there are cops everywhere so turn yourself in, Maru.

Maru: That’s enough!

Eun Gi: Why is Han Jae Hee like this? Is there something I’m not aware of?

Maru: If you can remember me, in that moment, everything will return to the way it was.


Video Preview for Episode 15 of Nice Guy — 31 Comments

    • I think it is more like. .. He would do anything just as long as Eun Gi gets back what is rightfully hers. He loves her so much to sacrifice his happiness. That doesn’t mean he will stay with Jae Hae. I’m pretty sure he has another trick on his sleeve which will make Jae Hae regret giving up.

  1. it’s interesting how people are still so concerned about the dramas while NYC and the entire northeast shore is flooded, dozens are dead, and millions without power. way to go!

    • I’m sorry but people die, fact of life. Dozens die everyday in Syria, Afghanistan, Tibet etc. Maybe because its closer to home for you doesnt mean we should all drop our lives and everything that brings us any amount of happiness. I do feel sorry for everyone in NYC, but me being sorry doesnt change the fact that no one can do anything about it. Please be more mature and let people enjoy themselves, who knows what’s gonna happen tommorow?

    • @eve

      Caring about the suffering of others isn’t manifested in outward displays of mourning or shutting down of everyday life. Caring is doing something like donating to the Red Cross for the victims, meaningful and practical, rather that simply bemoaning about their fates and deciding to grind life to standstill for the sake of posturing about your grief.

      Why would a natural disaster, war, famine, genocide, a myriad of horrific events near or far from each of us shut down the world as it is, whether people go to work, listen to the radio, watch television, read a book, it all continues.

      You might want to unstick your sanctimonious head out from under the sand. Those who care, do so in ways that mean something to them, and those who don’t then its their right.

    • Wow. I live in Brooklyn and I still care about dramas! LOL. I don’t expect, nor would I want, the whole world to feel it necessary to shut down just so we can…what? Wail and gnash our teeth together? There are plenty of message boards for that, if that’s what you’re looking for. And as ockoala pointed out, there are many, MANY more productive ways to help out if you’re interested in joining the relief efforts rather than attempting to shame an incredibly hard-working blogger who donates her time to keep us up-to-date on kdrama news.

      Thanks to Koalas Playground and Dramabeans and all my other favorite websites, I’ve been able to get my mind off the hurricane, which is of great value when so much is uncertain. I’m extremely lucky in that my apartment hasn’t flooded and I’ve had power and internet for most of the past 48 hours, but even so I think it’s ridiculous to imply that by doing what she’s always done (this is a DRAMA WEBSITE), ockoala is somehow disrespecting those of us affected by Sandy.

      Koala, I want to thank you for tirelessly donating your time to keep us informed on the kdrama happenings!

      • Thanks for sharing the news that you are doing fine, rearwindow! I hope power and internet get restored for you.

        Drama-shaming might be the new slut-shaming for women who are perceived to have interests that aren’t somehow justified. I feel bad this type of mentality not only exists, but wants to be vocalized and perpetuated.

        I enjoy sharing my love of dramas, not because I have nothing better to do with my time or that I’m not interested in real life meaningful things. But almost everyone knows that. It’s just jarring to hear a extreme voice so far removed from reality rather intrusively finger pointing around here.

        Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and I hope more people understand that enjoying popular entertainment is not mutually exclusive with having a compassionate and caring heart and life.

      • @hartofseeker: I am! How fun to meet other kdrama-obsessed Brooklyn-ites! 🙂

        You stay safe, too! Did you manage to avoid the flooding and power outages, too?

    • I live in midtown manhatten and is on one of the high rise with no power and water. Having to carry water up 20 flights of stair to flush the toilets is insane. Thank god for this drama to get my mind off of how crazy this storm is and how half of manhatten has no power and water. Thank koala for the update.

      • 20 flights!!! o__O I hope power is restored soon for you! When I lived in NYC, I had a four floor walk up that I used to bitch about. Now I know how easy I had it.

      • I’m so sorry to hear that! Carrying water up 20 flights of stairs? INSANE. I hope that your power is restored soon and that your water starts working, too. I wish I could do something to help, but without train service there’s not a whole lot that I can do for Manhattan-ites!

      • @CH: I can’t stop thinking about how horrible it must be to live in a hi-rise without power. Please let me know if I can do anything to help. I live in Brooklyn, but am happy to do whatever I can. And I have a pretty comfy air mattress in my living room. And power and running water and internet.

  2. I don’t think Joon Ha is such a stellar guy. After all, he could have Jae Hee and lawyer Ahn arrested if he revealed their role in the chairman’s death. Instead, he’s hiding his father’s secret, which is far worse, behind Maru’s past misdeeds.

    • I love Joon Ha but I agree. Boy’s got some secrets he’s hiding and they might come out soon. If/when Maru finds out Joon Ha could have had Ahn and Jae Hee arrested long ago but chose not to out of hiding whatever his father did to EG’s mom, he’s gonna be pissed.

  3. Jae Hee just never gives up. Ever. Maybe Ahn will actually have a hand in her eventual demise. She’ll do something so dumb and make him turn on her.

    Can EG just officially get her memory back already? I also hate MR saying if Jae Hee’s willing to give it all up he’d consider going back to her. I’m sure it’s just to further ensure EG will get everything but ugh it’s annoying me that he’d even say it.

  4. “Eun Gi: Why is Han Jae Hee like this? Is there something I’m not aware of?”

    I’m just really curious on when would EG will fully be recovered her memories. The anticipation is killing me T_T

  5. Hoping for today episode for Eun Gi somewhat remember significant things from her past that will help her know who’s good and bad people around her…thanks Koala

    This is really getting intense. I wish Eun Gi would get her memory back. That would totally spice things up.

  7. Jae Hee wants something that’s not hers and definitely doesn’t deserve.. Maru’s love. Her desire to HAVE him is disgusting! Seriously everytime I think of Jae Hee, I remember this quote,
    “If you love somebody, you would give up everything for them; but if they love you back, they wouldn’t let you.” I can never figure out how Maru ever liked her…

  8. Thank u unnie Ockoala for all the wonderful updates on NICE GUY. I’m in awe and captivated by this kdrama, with SJK in it. I live in NY and have help as much as I can with others, we’re one of the lucky ones with power, no damage. Must confess I ran back home to check out on NG updates, Joong ki’s OST. Awesome!!!!

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