Mike He Returns to TW-dramas with Onsen Beauty Co-starring Rookie Cutie Da Yuan

Two Mike He‘s for the price of one? I’ll take that…..only if the drama is actually any good. If its dreck like Love Keeps Going, I’ll toss both Mikes back into the ocean in a heartbeat. Since doing LKG last Spring, Mike has done a family-themed C-drama that is currently airing in China and getting solid ratings, but its dubbed and I’m not in the mood to see weepy Mike with someone else’s voice instead his smooth timbre. Mike himself is back in Taiwan deep in the midst of filming his next TW-drama called Onsen Beauty co-starring his same-agency rookie actress Da Yuan. She actually played Ella‘s BFF in her movie with Mike called Bad Girls so its not the first time they’ve worked together. The drama is scheduled to air on FTV and run for 14-episodes. Due to its rumored filming delays, its premiere was pushed back from this month and instead SOP Queen took over the slot and is airing right now in Taiwan. In the drama, Mike plays twin brothers, while Da Yuan takes a page from the I Love You So Much handbook and plays a formerly fat girl who loses a lot of weight. I’m assuming onsen bathing plays a part in it. I dunno, just making stuff up here since the story description isn’t out yet. I think Da Yuan is adorable but not sure she’s already got the chops or experience to be playing leading ladies already while Mike is one of those actors that I love in the right roles, otherwise I can pass on him. Not much is known about this drama other than what I’ve written so hopefully when the first previews come out we’ll see if this one has potential. 


Mike He Returns to TW-dramas with Onsen Beauty Co-starring Rookie Cutie Da Yuan — 21 Comments

  1. I did a double take when I saw the pics – she looks a ringer for Rainie Yang!

    I enjoyed Love Keeps Going but never finished it so…hmmm, this is clearly a reminder to finish 🙂

  2. Spooky! I am still newbie in this Cdrama or TWdrama, Kdrama and so on. Having said that, I just finished watching Sunny Happiness – yes, Mike is the leading male actor there.

    You r right Ms Koala. Mike’s performance – one that you can pass on but Un Sunny Happiness, he’s ok 🙂 lol !!

    So hopefully this Onsen Beauty will give him more opportunity to shine? We shall see…..

    Cheerio! 😉

    • Yeah, when is he going to the army? It’s about time.

      I liked Mike in “Devil Beside You,” back when I first started watching dramas in 2007. I tried to like him in other projects because I like his voice, but no luck so far. Maybe my taste has changed.

      Either way, whoever styles him can do a much better job. The hair, the clothes… do they have it out for him? Is this some kind of revenge? lol

  3. Why is it that everytime I see Mike these days, I think he’s gotten more plastic surgery? He just doesn’t look like Mike to me anymore…

    • What do you mean? He looks exactly the same like the first time I saw him over a decade ago (taking into account the fact that he’s getting older), Vic Zhou looks more unrecognizable to me than Mike He, but I take that as the changes caused by getting older not plastic surgery.

  4. I’d love to see another drama with Rainie Yang and Mike He, they have wonderful chemistry and both are hard hitting lead actors. He is so good looking and is such a strong lead actor, it almost takes someone of his caliber to make his performance a solid one. Does that make sense? The lead actress in this drama is pretty for sure, but there are many pretty lead actresses out there, the proof of the pudding will be can she act and keep time with Mike He?

  5. Errr…. I dont know… but I’m used to seeing Mike with Rainie… Da Yuan exudes too much of crappy prettiness that I really don’t like. Hope Rainie and Mike have a reunion project together… Hmm, other than Rainie, I think Angela Zhang would be much better than Da Yuan.

  6. Finished watching it last year & both actors were pretty good….Now those who were saying Da yuan wasn’t good for the role,show your faces……..

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