MBC Releases Yoon Eun Hye Stills and Third Teaser for Missing You

If I had any lingering doubts that Missing You appears to be one giant weep fest, complete with screaming, physical violence, and lots of agonizing pain, the third teaser for the drama puts that to rest. Everyone better bring their tissues plus lots of patience and fortitude. To cap off the earlier sets of official stills released of Yoo Seung Ho and Yoochun, the drama finally released the stills of Yoon Eun Hye. I don’t need to point out that it looks the same as her leading men, right? Her eyes are sufficiently sad, though my pretty baby looks tired, and I love that black turtleneck sweater she has on. I wish my commentary were less inane, but honestly these stills do nothing for me. Aside from the one where Yoo Seung Ho was trying to break the window in his angst, all the rest of the stills of the three leads look so flat and lifeless. The third teaser gives us a glimpse of all the main characters, young and old, and all I remember from the screaming and wailing was that someone made my baby boy Seung Ho cry! If I find that person, imma going nuclear on their ass. No one puts my baby boy in the corner and makes him weep while clinging onto his cane. Those wondering about the chemistry between the two leads can rest easy, Eun Hye and Yoochun look great together and exhibit plenty of chemistry from what I saw in the teaser.

Third teaser for Missing You:


MBC Releases Yoon Eun Hye Stills and Third Teaser for Missing You — 47 Comments

  1. Pretty pretty….
    Loving her outfits….
    I always thought that she did great in emotional scenes in her past dramas, so a melodrama should fully utilize her skills.

    Can’t wait!!!

  2. YHE looks great here. the teaser shows undeniable chemistry between the two. πŸ™‚ Chunnie sure looks to have improved a lot more on the acting side. looking forward to this drama.

  3. dear YEH, i’m watching because it’s you and i’ve missed watching you on any screen. PD-nim, writer-nim, please make this good.

    thanks for the update!

  4. Wha/ ???

    Skipping this lol sorry I love YEH and YSH but this isn’t for me.

    I’m already watching glass mask and may queen, it is too much for me to also watch this lol

  5. YEH never fails to wow me… Never. Love her cheerfulness, cuteness and the emotional roller coaster ride she shown us always feel real. Every time she cries and her heart is broken, my heart breaks too. She takes me to the memory lane, and remembering the love life I’ve experienced before..
    Looking forward for the weep fest.. Tons of tissues is stocked already.. ^^

  6. If anyone can cries a river is YEH..even romcom she cried more than other melodramas I watched! Her crying was natural without afraid the makeup ruins or nose swollen…not like other actresses. MY fighting!!

  7. “If I find that person, imma going nuclear on their ass.”

    Yes, all of us should join forces. It’s interesting how I was behind the Yoochun-YEH pairing and now after YSH taking our collective breaths away with his stupendous stills am like, “Yoochun, who?!” Yoo Seung Ho <3

  8. I love weepy melos and they have been somewhat of an endangered genre in the last few years, so I am quite excited for this. Bring on manly weeping and womanly sobbing and artistic break-downs and all the rest of that fun fun stuff. Oh, if only this had fakecest and quasi-terminal illness, my cup would be full!

    • Oh my that would be delicious if they threw in the kitchen sink of every melo trope. with thismuch crying already, maybe they will? πŸ˜€

      • I dunno, you guys.
        Is this a thing, that people really enjoy watching all that suffering, as pretty as it is? They aren’t trying to sell any sort of happiness.

        I am not saying that I don’t love a good 2 hour sob fest feature film with all beloved people dying and leaving memories and touching lives, etc, but not episode after episode. How does a viewer not get numb?

      • And then somebody gets amnesia to boot! It will be like that parody in My Girl πŸ™‚

        @ jomo. People certainly enjoy weepy melos – remember how huge a hit angsty doomed melos like Autumn in my Heart and Stairway to Heaven were. They seem to be less popular lately though.

        And actually, I am someone who loves tragic melodramas. Love! I sobbed myself dry through the entirety of Snow Queen, am currently binging on A Thousand Days’ Promise, was obsessed with Something Happened in Bali, and A Love To Kill, MISA and Sang Do Let’s Go to School are some of my all-time favorites (those were the days, back before Lee Kyung Hee decided to go easy on her characters and not torment them to death and beyond). I would never wish the fate that befalls the characters in these angsty melodramas on my worst enemies, but I love watching it on screen, especially when, as in newer samples of the genre, there is more understated misery and not OTT histrionics. I guess I love to see characters push to the limit and revel in theeir love through all that misey and journey through their suffering to peace/love/speeding bus about to hit them.

        My most anticipated drama is That Winter The Wind Blows and if it ends well, I’ll eat my hat and gloves.

        But then I am Russian, maybe my tastes have something to do with thatt.

        I do check out emotionally some time but then the watching is still fun, even if not emotionally involving.

  9. She looks gorgeous πŸ™‚ I really can’t wait for the press conference tomorrow!

    I kind of wish that they kept her hair a little bit darker like in the first stills, but it seems from the 3rd teaser that it’s going to be a lighter color…nevertheless, she looks good ^^

  10. PEOPLE DID ANYONE NOTICE THE CANE IN THE TEASER ??????? the one the kid was holding while weeping for the dead body? I’m pretty sure its the same that the second lead guy was holding in the promo?? there’s a link

  11. At least the previews make everything look exceedingly pretty??? Really, i’m just hedging my bets on this writer who I like…because everything else looks incredibly dreary

  12. Well… I guess I am on the board.. Even though I do not like Micky Yoochun.. But, I mine as well join all of you to cry and weep. It will be winter soon in a couple of months so I guess Missing You is perfect for that time and the Wind that blows drama too…. Too bad no HOT Chocolate and no HOT fire…. I do hope there are lots of HOT Broody Shower Scenes…..

      • Hi dearie,
        yup.. Have you watch Nice Guy at all??? I miss you talking to you… =) I do love the youngster well the boy as I know he can act.. I do not like the girl.. Due to the moon embrace sun drama that I did not finish.. LOL

  13. This exceeds all my expectations, I’m looking forward to arrive.
    YC certainly looks so sexy and manly and YEH so delicate and beautiful, just love these two.

  14. the point that sold me to this drama… Yo Seung Hoo.. Oppa, who made you cry so badly.. i think i can see the old melo vibe in this drama. will watch this drama to see how good he brings out his charachter.

  15. The only thing I remember from this teaser is YSH’s crying face T_T

    btw, Ms Koala – have you read the casting news that Yoon Shi Yoon and Park Shin Hye will be in a drama together~~? I’m so looking forward to it already though it won’t air until Jan 2013 πŸ™‚

  16. As i read the comments i’m surprise to see the names of our 3 leads are quite similar, making me confius on who are we discussing. YEH or YC or YSH.

  17. I will surely watch this drama, for the main cast of ACTORS are great and truly admired of their great acting. Thanks for keeping us posted.

  18. Though I am not a fan of YEH, I enjoyed her in Coffee Prince and Vineyard Man. That perks me up after a long day in office. Seeing the stills for her new drama just puts me off. It looks so dark and depressing. I will wait skip this and wait for another.

  19. As expected, the ever beautiful and gorgeous Yoon EunHye’s photo stills are full of emotions, I could feel it!.
    And the teasers especially THIS one…Wae so daebak?? P YOOCHUN in this teaser just leaves me speechless! just truly so happy & proud of this namja. Y EUN HYE definitely gonna be loved even more & more by the people & Y SEUNG HO is undeniably such an amazing young actor to root for.
    Can’t wait for it’s premiere to come!

  20. Oh dear, I’m running away from this as fast as I can, no matter how much I adore Yeo Jin Gu and Kim Soo Hyun. Nice Guy is already giving me premature grey hairs, I can’t take any more angst and tears. No thank you.

  21. i dont mind watching melodrama specially if i like the leads, this one i’m definetely on board on these, love yeh, and certainly looking forward to MY specially when this is her first melodrama, cried full buckets in IM SORRY I LOVE YOU, so bring it on!!!

  22. Koala im in this for YEH. Melos are not my thing, Yoochun’s okay, but not really my thing and. . .yeah, only for YEH. I mean, I watch commercials for her, why not see what this does. I seriously hate melos though *shudder*.

  23. Love YEH’s outfits she is ethereal! from the teasers i am loving all what is being offered in IMY…YEH being a calibrated actress can make anyone cry and laugh with her….i don’t care what others say…I am beginning to love all the cast. Hope the English sub will come out soon…..I am positive with this drama!

  24. Tissue paper? Check.
    Nasal decongestant? Check.

    Oh hell, yeah! I’m so ready for a good cry! Bring it on, Missing You!

    I survived Autumn In My Heart and Stairway To Heaven so I’m damn sure I’ll survive this one too. Just like my Won Bin in AIMH, my boy Yoo Seung Ho will be worth all the tears! ^_^

    • Haha, don’t forget tea bags/cold pack for puffy eyes. I still watch a clip or two of AIMH and STH every once in a blue moon. Ah, good times!^^

      For Yoochun, YSH and YEH, I am willing to take the plunge again.

  25. LOL hon…I left oppa for marathon. I can’t endure stress and angst week after week. For now I’m watching 5Fingers (IH is my sweet),GSeer, finished Faith,My love MB as well and oppa Vampy. Bussy…hehe…..You,are watching s’thing now?

  26. YEH was the lead actress in my very first Korean Drama. I was so impressed, she not only is an actress, singer, artist but also a fabulous model. I wouldn’t doubt if she has many other projects going too. Didn’t someone say she went back to school? It is no wonder she is running on tired. I will support this actress in what ever drama she decides to call her own. She represents Korea in a positive way, everyone should be proud of her.

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