Charming Daily TW-drama Love, Now is a Huge Ratings Hit

I apologize for being so late in writing about a batch of new dramas that I’ve watched recently, the first of which is the new Taiwan daily drama Love, Now starring George Hu and Annie Chen. I swear that little lady is a rating good luck charm because LN premiered to solid numbers and quickly broke 2 in ratings which is stellar for a daily drama. Male leads George Hu and Harry Chang made a vow that they would piggy back the two female leads and their onscreen love interests Annie Chen and Vivi Lee up the staircase at the SETTV studio if the ratings broke 2 and now they are going to make good on their promise next week. I can’t wait to watch the hilarity ensue! While Inborn Pair had fantastic ratings when it aired last year, its follow up dramas Ti Amo Chocolate was a soggy mess and Gong Hay Fat Choy was a huge bust so it must be a relief for SETTV to win back the audiences with LN’s brand of cheery sweetness. Having watched 7-episodes of LN, my verdict is as straightforward and undeniable as the drama itself – it’s an easy-on-the-eyes-and-ears sweet love story that flows with a low-key breeziness well suited for a daily drama pace. In short, go watch it now, its uber-cute! I don’t think LN has the depth and breadth of IP to keep a strong story churning but for now its decently entertaining in a harmless affectionate way akin to watching a puppy frolic.

I can’t say that LN is a genuinely good drama since the characters are not very well developed and I’m still wrapping my head around the personalities of the two leads Yang Yi Ru (Annie Chen) and Lan Shi De (George Hu). If I were to lay LN side-by-side with IP, 7-episodes in IP is the superior drama all-around. One of the reasons IP was so lovely was because the two leads were decent relatable people who happened to meet cute and have great rapport with each other. So far LN has meet cute and great rapport, but I’m not feeling connected with either lead character. Yi Ru is a workaholic who isn’t very interesting, while Shi De is swell but controlling guy. George and Annie’s chemistry, as well as the fast-paced story and directing, help keep this drama buoyed high but I worry that once the charm wears off not much will be left remaining.

George and Annie look gorgeous in this drama and their chemistry is indeed as good as the promos indicated. They are really carrying the show not just in terms of screen time but mostly because none of the other characters are terribly interesting. The two families are cute enough, but the second male lead is a total douchebag and the second female lead is just alright. This story needs to beef up its supporting cast to ground the show in something more than just a love story between the OTP in order to not stretch itself too thin with likely 80 episodes to fill.

LN gets a huge break because the first 5 episodes are the whirlwind romance of Yi Ru and Shi De set in the gorgeous Philippines, evoking comparisons to Scent of a Woman, but without the actual dying from cancer bit. Because the drama starts off with all the good stuff, so to speak, it then needs to back track and allow the quickly married Yi Ru and Shi De to actually figure out what their relationship is going forward once they are back in the real world and she’s not going to die soon. It’s here that I worry the drama will rely on silly misunderstandings to keep them at a distance, but if the writing manages to remain believable then it’ll be fun watching them fall in love slowly this time and validate their initial feelings for each other. Check out the gorgeous opening and closing theme songs from the drama and if this drama is subbed I definitely recommend it as a frothy whipped dessert.

Opening Theme for Love, Now:

Ending Theme for Love, Now:


Charming Daily TW-drama Love, Now is a Huge Ratings Hit — 22 Comments

  1. Yeah, the OTP has great chemistry. it’s of course good as I keep on thinking about them and can’t wait for one episode after another. I thought it showing on q mon to fri. But it’s not, there is nothing today. So I guess it’s only mon-Thur.

  2. Omg, me too!!! I am obsessed. I have watched every episode right after it became available and I can’t get enough of them. This better stay good please!!! Definitely the best tw drama I have seen in awhile… I was really excited in the beginning of love forward and that one kicked me in the butt, so please don’t do that to me here.

    To be honest, in the last 3 episodes I have not liked Annie’s yi ru much, she really should have told him the truth straight up. Shi de, I like his controlled self but he kinda melts for her. However I guess we need to know why he has trust issues…maybe with daddy? I hope they get developed more cause I am not really liking yi ru at all.

    Of course, yen j’s songs are so catchy. I am going home to no power tomorrow and I keep thinking what am I going to do when I can’t watch love now on Monday lol when I should be concerned about the no heat instead. Anyhow, I am hooked for now but I hope it sticks through 80 episodes.. I know what happens with daily tw dramas, please drama gods!!! I do love the chemistry btw our leads.

    Love now, jia you!!!

    • No ep 8, it’s going to be Mon. Well 80 ep, it probably get borded at some points but will pick up again.
      LN so far so good. You know, if YR tells SD straight, then there won’t enough crabs (misunderstaning, so on & so forth) to make 80 ep drama.

  3. I’ve just watched ep 1.. why doesn’t both of the OTP looks like they lack of sleep.. from the first scene, I see that George Hu has severe eye bags and Annie’s under eyes, is that make up or dark circles?

  4. Yes, i am also so obsessed with this drama. I tried to find everything I could about this drama, about George Hu (since this is the first time I have interest in him despite his many other roles). for Annie, i have been her big fans since the Inborn Pair time. 🙂 And also, i have visited your site almost every chance I can connect to internet to see if you post something about Love, Now….. I am glad you did, Ms. Koala…..
    I always have good times reading to your writing…… Thanks…

  5. Yeah Ms Koala was waiting to see you write something about it. Especially since you got my attention with those previews.
    I think the IP pair are better written although Annie and George are insanely cute together. But you’re also right, they are not so well fleshed out and the 4 females in his family are driving me insane. They are not lovable at all.
    It got boring real quick when from ep 4 to 7 the 2 only had less than 10min screen time together. I don’t mind a long 80 episode drama but when you don’t even have the OTP together when the rest of the cast are boring it’s dreadful. The writer needs more likable side characters.
    George Hu is insanely cute, even cuter than Chris Wang.Chris Wang only works when he is with Annie. Those 2 in IP were a real winner.

  6. Just as a side note, that shower kiss was HOT!!!!

    I’m also checking out George’s other drama Summer Fever. It feels kinda weird watching them both at the same time. But George is great in both. I can’t decide which of his characters I like more.

  7. I feel so sorry I missed IP when it was airing, from what I’ve seen it looks really good! But it’s OK, ’cause LN is so cracklicious I don’t mind.

    I’m not seeing any discernible flaws really, must be true when they say love is blind.

  8. Really really wanna watch this but darn it, I watched the whole IP series without subs and just relied on recaps and it was frustrating because I really lOve the story. The preview for love, now was so hot and interesting, I wish someone would sub it so I can watch it.

  9. dear Koala
    1stly, thanks to you for introducing Annie Chen. Now, I totally root for her dramas. She’s got good looking George Hu with her this time. Only thing is supporting cast is REALLY not an ensemble like Inborn Pair where they have famous veteran grandma[don’t know her name]whom I adore to hold the fort. LN so far has not got that. Am not sure how they would be able to carry the show till 80 episodes, yes, like you said with perhaps, silly misunderstandings. Understand that it may be only 60 episodes, perhaps that is enough already, fingers crossed. Am just wondering what the writers will rely on to fill up the story till 60 episodes. Inborn Pair had a rock solid support cast. Here in LN, supporting male lead is kind of ok and supporting female lead[sister] is quite plain whereas IP had a bunch of good looking and talented actors whom I enjoyed. Just hope that the two leads will have enough cuteness to take it all the way. Good luck to LN. After all is said, am still shipping the show mainly cos of the two leads. Annie Chen is so adorable.

  10. i love this drama its really is highly recommended to lot of viewers out there.please let this drama finish to 80 ipesode.its not boring to watch annie chen and george wishes.

  11. I adore love, now taiwan tv show and I also like all the character but my favorite characters are Shide,Yiru and Grandma .Thanks guys your tv show is the N1 tv in my house . Love love …. Love now 🙂

  12. I can’t get enough of it ether ,I wash all the 70 episodes I wanna wash the 10 episodes left so badly, but Netflix have only the 70 episodes can you please help me team :-)love now ?


  13. I just watched Inborn Pair, Love Now and Love Around this year (2018) and I agree with you. I like Annie Chen the best in Inborn Pair specially when Chris Wu came into the scene. I like her comedic timing skills and she’s definitely a great dramatic actress. I have watched her other tv dramas too and I think she just brings out the best on whoever leading man she’s paired up with. Guys who I find not so cute turns out appealing once they’re in the scene with Annie. She has that charisma/charm, what I call the “it” factor. There are a lot of Asian shows to choose from in Netflix and I just start the 1st episode, lose interest and go back & rewatch shows of Annie Chen.

    • I just rewatched Inborn pair and love now… agreed inborn pair has better script than love now but i like the chemistry btw George n Annie better. Now moving on to love around!

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