Miss Rose Episode 15 Recap

The simplest of happiness is yet another wonderful episode of Miss Rose. I feel like I’ve spent so much quality time with the two leads that they have become my friends. I laugh with them, I cry for them, I want to help them make it all work out. It’s not terribly complicated in the drama world of obstacles, but it feels realistic that people find themselves caught between work and life, between expectation and desire. I appreciate how slow and steady MR has taken this journey for the OTP, never using any one instance as a reason for why they are getting together, but instead a series of really small but meaningful understandings between them that they both appreciate for how special it is. For a man like Cheng Kuan that has a caring mother but no extended family, the warmth of the Luo house must feel like he’s in a little slice of Heaven. Its a place where people are silly, play tricks on each other out of the best of intentions, and always make him feel welcome. Unlike the world of Vivian and President Jiang, where he is something to be owned and kept, with Si Yi he is free to be himself and do as he pleases.

I loved Operation Make Cheng Kuan Spend the Night, which was almost like a farce especially because Cheng Kuan was so cognizant of it and still let it happen. Because the OTP was so happy in this episode, I know something serious is brewing on the horizon, and lo and behold Vivian starts a smart and calculated effort to worm her way back into Cheng Kuan’s good graces by transforming herself into the nicest princess in the East. I know Cheng Kuan doesn’t buy it, but he really is a genuine good guy who is all bark and no bite and he doesn’t have the heart to tell her to bugger off. I wouldn’t worry about Vivian so much if Si Yi were the type of woman who doesn’t fall for the guilt trip and refuses to allow others to tell her what is best for the man she loves. Unfortunately Si Yi does have that tendency and now I have to hope that by choosing to be with Cheng Kuan she is also changing the way he’s changed because of her. A love doesn’t have to be life changing, but sometimes one must indeed change a little bit to accommodate the presence of another person and all his baggage into a new world that can fit them together.

Screw 15 recap – Something fishy is going on?

The Luo family is at home just chilling. Dad is nervously wondering why his Si Yi isn’t home yet, Si Qi is posing for sexy pictures for Tom (who wonders if she’s only ever posed like this for him before?), and Mom is thrilled that Si Yi spends the night out if she wants to. Suddenly the sound of a motorcycle pulling up alerts everyone to Si Yi’s return. They rush to the window to peek out and everyone except for Dad rushes out (because Mom has forbidden him).

Si Yi gets off the bike and takes off her helmet, her hair tumbling down in a gorgeous swoosh. Cheng Kuan stares at her and quietly says she’s very beautiful with her hair flowing. He then amends that to admit that she’s very pretty every single day. They nervously wonder how to say goodbye after a wonderful date. Mom is secretly urging them to kiss from the sidelines where she is hiding. Before Si Yi can walk away, Cheng Kuan reaches out and grabs her back. Awwww.

Cheng Kuan leans in to kiss Si Yi when suddenly they break apart before their lips meet when they hear a noise. It’s the Three Stooges toppling over from their peeking perch on the stairs. Mom drags Cheng Kuan inside to have dinner with the family, whispering to Si Qi that it took so much to get Cheng Kuan into their house they cannot let him leave that easily.

During dinner, Cheng Kuan enjoys the meal with the family. Mom gets him a piece of meat which she describes as super tender, just like Luo Si Yi. That makes Cheng Kuan choke. When Dad asks where they went today, Cheng Kuan explains they wen sightseeing which immediately makes Si Qi gasp about how romantic it is. Cheng Kuan compliments Mom’s cooking so Mom quickly says Si Yi cooks even better, which SI Yi reluctantly admits is true. Mom shoots Si Qi a knowing look and Si Qi “accidentally” pours her tea on Cheng Kuan. When they are cleaning him up, Mom pours the rest of the tea on him. They tell him to change and stay the night, which causes Cheng Kuan, Si Yi, and Dad to go “HUH?” He declines since his clothes will dry when he rides the motorcycle.

Mom and Si Qi have managed to deflate his tire to continue their plan to keep him for the night. Cheng Kuan says he’ll take a taxi home which is when Mom grabs Si Qi’s bottle of tea and pours it all over his back, leaving him no choice but to stay the night. I swear that was so funny I almost died. Cheng Kuan’s reaction was so pitch perfect when he cringed and just accepted it.

Inside the house, Si Yi is about to put Cheng Kuan on the sofa when Mom says he can’t sleep there because there is a cockroach and spider infestation. Si Yi suggests putting him in Si Qi’s room but Si Qi claims its late and she’s sleeping there tonight. She pushes him to sleep in Si Yi’s room. Dad looks horrified but keeps quiet. Si Yi is 30 years old! I agree with Mom, those two need some nudging!

Cheng Kuan changes into a red Hello Kitty sleep shirt with plaid pants and sheepishly walks out. He asks whose outfit this is and is told that it’s Tom’s.

Mom brings out fruit for the family in the living room and then heads off to bring some to Si Yi’s room. Dad asks if his wife and youngest daughter purposely poured tea on Cheng Kuan and the two ladies deny it vociferously. Si Yi reminds Mom to check on their “progress”.

Inside Si Yi’s room, Cheng Kuan looks at a picture of Si Yi today that he took on his phone and giggles over it. He says she looks like an alien manga character. Si Yi puts her book down and goes over to sit on the bed and look at the picture, agreeing that she looks just like it. Cheng Kuan suddenly asks her to stop calling him Deputy General Manager. She agrees and then asks him not to get annoyed with her family’s crazy antics. He agrees and then asks her if he can kiss her. Si Yi nods and Cheng Kuan leans in for a kiss, only to be interrupted by Mom bringing fruit.

Si Yi and Cheng Kuan enjoy the oranges on the bed when suddenly Cheng Kuan swoops in for a kiss. Dad worries about letting those two sleep in the same room and Mom decides to go bring them more blankets. Dad asks SI Qi if she’s ever seen such an indecent mother before? Mom peeks at them from the stairs and witnesses this kiss. She happily leaves the blankets on the stairs and leaves.

Mom heads back out to the living room to inform the family that kissage has been achieved. Si Qi and Tom are thrilled while Dad downs his entire drink in one gulp. Mom makes a hilarious kissing motion with her hands and then does the victory dance.

Cheng Kuan worries that he can’t sleep well in someone else’s bed and then he promptly passes out. Si Yi sits next to him and admires his profile as he sleeps.

The next morning Si Yi and Cheng Kuan wake up and greet each other. During breakfast, Mom asks Cheng Kuan if he likes kids and how many he wants to have? Cheng Kuan says he likes kids so much he volunteers at the orphanage. They youngsters all decide to go volunteer there today.

Si Qi and Tom watch Si Yi and Cheng Kuan playing with the kids and enjoying the day together.

VIvian goes to visit Cheng Kuan’s mom and brings a nice gift. Mom is very sorry that Cheng Kuan hurt such a nice girl like Vivian. During this time, Mom suddenly grabs her chest and admits to having a high blood pressure problem that she controls with medication. Unfortunately the medicine all looks the same and she’s always worried about taking the wrong ones. After she leaves to get some water, Vivian looks at all the pills.

Later that night, Cheng Kuan sits at home looking at pictures of Si Yi taken at the orphanage today and smiles to himself. Sheng Jun catches him and wonders if Cheng Kuan secretly looks at pictures of Si Yi many times a day, to which Cheng Kuan nods his head. Sheng Jun asks if Cheng Kuan is going to work tomorrow? Cheng Kuan claims he’s still on vacation so Sheng Jun drops the news that the new Product Design Leader Tang Yi Chun is showing up at work tomorrow as a full time employee.

Si Yi is giggling into the mirror and Xiao Ke teases her for being all out-of-it after being kissed by Cheng Kuan. Si Yi instead asks Xiao Ke about Sheng Jun but Xiao Ke says she’s in no mood to think about that these days. Si Yi understands that Xiao Ke hasn’t totally moved on. Xiao Ke admits that seeing Si Yi and Cheng Kuan so happy affects her, so if she spends more time with them she’ll stop being so depressed. Si Yi tells Xiao Ke that Sheng Jun is a good guy and appears to really like her. Xiao Ke should give Sheng Jun a chance.

Cheng Kuan is trying to send Si Yi a good night text message but he keeps retyping it. Vivian arrives outside his house and leaves a package outside his door with a late night snack and his favorite race car driving DVD. She sends him a text about the care package and tells him to enjoy before leaving.

Si Yi is at work and runs into Yi Chun in the hallway. He greets her and asks for her help going forward at work. Cheng Kuan arrives and Sheng Jun asks if he’s here because he’s worried that his precious rose might be plucked by someone else?

During the management meeting, Cheng Kuan and Sheng Jun walk in and the GM snarks that he’s back early from his long vacation, asking if he’s here to resign? Cheng Kuan announces that they can appeal the government bid results so he’s cancelled his long vacation and is back to work hard with everyone. The GM looks pissed while Si Yi welcomes him back and everyone claps.

Ting Ai announces that Tang Yi Chun has also joined the company today and then assigns Si Yi to be Yi Chun’s executive assistant and Cheng Kuan isn’t happy about it, asking when the Director of Sales is in charge of HR decisions. The GM says that he thought Cheng Kuan was leaving so handed off his Luo Si Yi to Yi Chun to help him get up to speed with the company. Cheng Kuan lets it go.

Yi Chun delivers a presentation on the new LED product he has developed which is a wand that helps reduce wrinkles. He hilariously tells Ting Ai that it would be perfect for her. LOL. The team is discussing how to market this product when Vivian arrives and announces that she can be the model for this new product. Neither Si Yi nor Cheng Kuan look terribly happy about this.

Vivian and Cheng Kuan head to his office to discuss this and she claims to be doing this for the company and because she still cares about Cheng Kuan. She asks if he liked the late night snack and the DVD. Cheng Kuan doesn’t answer her. Vivian asks that he not treat her like a stranger. Even if their engagement is cancelled, she still wants to spend time with him in a different way. He is happy that she’s changed for the better but he doesn’t want her to do for him. A relationship cannot be forced. Vivian says she’s not forcing herself, she’s just learning to see things from a different point of view. She wants to show him that people can change.

Si Yi sits at her desk and nervously peeks at Cheng Kuan’s door. Sheng Jun sits down across from her and drops a tower of files to block her view. She worries that if she can’t see Cheng Kuan’s door she won’t know when he needs her. Miao Jin reminds Si Yi that she is now Yi Chun’s executive assistant.

Vivian asks if its a good idea for her to be the spokesperson for the new LED wand. Cheng Kuan hopes that she’s not doing this for him. Vivian says its not, her dad invested heavily in Guang Qiang and she wants to do something for him so he’s not that stressed. She asks if Cheng Kuan hasn’t noticed that her dad has a lot more white hairs lately.

Sheng Jun goes to deliver files to Cheng Kuan and bumps into Vivian outside his door. Sheng Jun freaks out and starts to apologize when Vivian smiles and tells him not to worry since it was her fault. Sheng Jun asks Cheng Kuan if Vivian really just apologized to him? Cheng Kuan claims not to know why Vivian’s suddenly behaving so out of character.

Ting Ai helps Vivian get ready for a photo shoot for the new product. Vivian claims that it will be easy to get rid of Luo Si Yi, she’s just a screw that can be plucked away.

The team head to a supply store to check out their LED product displays. In front of a display case, Cheng Kuan stops Si Yi and gets really close to reach out and pluck a stray hair from her eyelashes. He puts it on her hand and reminds her with a smile to make a wish. Si Yi makes a wish and right when she is about to blow on it Yi Chun walks over asking for her assistance.

Yi Chun asks for Si Yi’s walk around looking at other displays. Si Yi looks at the display but Yi Chun just looks at her. Cheng Kuan walks by with Sheng Jun and immediately stops when he sees Si Yi and Yi Chun standing close to each other. Sheng Jun wonders if all Cheng Kuan thinks about is Si Yi? No wonder Cheng Kuan is so out of it lately.

Xiao Ke arrives bearing drinks and Sheng Jun hurries over to help her like an eager puppy. Si Yi and Cheng Kuan are happy to see them getting closer.

The team, along with Xiao Ke, sit down to have a drink break. Suddenly Vivian and Ting Ai show up bearing drinks for the team as well. She specifically hands Cheng Kuan the kind of tea he likes and says that they’ve dated for so long how can she not know what he likes. Xiao Ke whispers to Si Yi to not act like a serving girl anytime Vivian shows up. Xiao Ke wants to leave because Ting Ai is here as well but Si Yi stops her.

Vivian offers to take everyone out to a fancy steak house for dinner. Xiao Ke is about to leave when Cheng Kuan says he’ll treat tonight and specifically invites Xiao Ke. He prods Sheng Jun and he also tells her to come. Xiao Ke looks Ting Ai and says she has no appetite. Vivian specially invites Xiao Ke along and with Cheng Kuan and Sheng Jun also pushing her, Xiao Ke agrees. As everyone is leaving, Xiao Ke wonders why Vivian is so nice today. Something fishy must be going on?

Vivian toasts everyone during dinner. After Si Yi takes a drink, Cheng Kuan leans over and asks if she likes her wine. He smiles when she says its very good. Xiao Ke doesn’t know what to order and Cheng Kuan tells her to order anything and Sheng Jun will help her finish it. Ting Ai hears this and makes a sultry face towards Sheng Jun. He winks at her and when she thinks he’s flirting back, he suddenly sticks out his tongue at her.

During dinner, Vivian makes it clear that she knows how Cheng Kuan likes his steak, indicating how close she is with him. Si Yi is uncomfortable and unsure of what to order, so Yi Chun steps in and orders her favorite meal for her.

A reporter happens to be dining there and asks Cheng Kuan and Vivian to pose for a picture. Vivian gets Cheng Kuan to agree, and during the picture the reporter urges them to get closer. Everyone stares awkwardly as they take the picture. Xiao Ke whispers to Sheng Jun, wondering if this is normal for VIvian? Sheng Jun shakes his head and says no.

As Si Yi is leaving the restaurant after dinner with Sheng Jun and Xiao Ke, Yi Chun pulls up and gets out of his car, clearly intending to take her home. Suddenly Cheng Kuan pulls up in his car and gets out, smiling warmly at Si Yi. The two men eye each other.

Before Si Yi can pick a ride, Vivian shows up and says she’ll take Si Yi home and go pick up her dry cleaning. Si Yi reluctantly gets in Vivian’s car. She exchanges a look with Cheng Kuan before getting in.

After the car pulls away, Sheng Jun and Xiao Ke are staring at this scene with their jaw open. Sheng Jun says “oh my god” and I’m sure we’re all in accordance there. After Si Yi leaves with Vivian, Cheng Kuan turns and stares at Yi Chun. Oooh, bring it on, boys!


Miss Rose Episode 15 Recap — 10 Comments

  1. Wooooof. That last picture looks like it’s about to go down! Great recap! I’m always excited when I read NG and then get to see MR recaps after. I can’t stand Vivian. How long is this drama? I want SY and CK to be happy forever and get rid of YC and Vivian and Ting Ai. I don’t want any sad times for the OTP.

  2. Thank you for the recap.Even the recap made me laugh all over again. I remember watching it and was giggling so much it wasn’t really adult behaviour.
    When Mummy Luo poured the drink literally down his jacket, I just lost it, I laughed and laughed.
    Oh man ep 15 was a hoot.

  3. I ceel bad for Yi Chun because I don’t think he’s relevaby anymore. Especially wince he’s a good guy so I don’t think he’s going force himself into their relationship like vivian is doing. But he also doesn’t hide that he still loves Si Yi. Hmmm.
    I am a little concern about what troubles mom’s sickness will bring to the couple.

    On a relative note, did you watch Love, Now? Omg George Hu is so cute now! Must be the diet, since Ive always liked him but didn’t find him all that attractive to me. And his character is so perfect and sweet, its unreal.
    Also the fact that we have The Misunderstanding so early on in the drama is a bit of a turn off. Sorry, I distress.

  4. i have a feeling vivian did something to the mom’s meds and when the mom is sick, vivian will probably act all caring and take care of her. Then the mom will tell CK to marry vivian. Hope the producers don’t do that, or maybe the mom is smart and knew vivian was the one that changed her meds and tells CK to watch out for the witch lol!

  5. Thanks for the recap, as ck1Oz said, just reading it made me laugh all over again.
    I LOVE how silly everyone was, and extra points to Sheng Jun for the wink/mehrang to cheer up XK, and the O MY GOD.

    Can we watch Operation Couple Nudge every week? I was DYING as the ridiculousness level kept rising and rising. I think I experienced JOY – my heart was floating!!
    And those almost kisses and real kisses – Ahhhh – perfect.
    How do they do it so beautifully and effectively when you’ve seen it before and you know it’s coming? Whatever they do, I LIKE IT. ♥ ❤ ♥

    So very very very afraid of Vivian’s scheming “looks at all the pills.”
    Ut-oh! Are we going to see a revert to form that includes attempted murder on the part of Princess Selfish? She couldn’t possibly switch out the drugs so that CK comes running home to find Vivian Nightingale save the day, could she?

    Very happy the preview shows a fired up SY yelling at Viv. Good job, girl. We need your feisty back.

  6. I LOVED this episode. I cannot tell you guys how much I love Si Yi’s family. I laughed through the entire opening from the peaking through the window through all the tea accidents. I kept thinking to myself, “how many bottles of tea do they have? If I buy a case will I, too, get Chen Kuan to stay at mys house overnight?”

    I also love the bromance between Shen Jung and Chen Kuan–how he keeps elbowing him to get him to support his endeavors to ask XK to dinner. I love how CK finally admits that he looks at pictures of SY every day. I love how SY and CK look so happy not just when they are together but when they see SJ and XK together.

    Was I wrong, but it looked to me like Ting Ai arranged for that reporter to be there.

  7. Thanks for the recap 🙂

    To be honest, the ending really frustrated me. I mean there is being nice and there is being a noble idiot, but then there is also just being plain spineless! maybe I’m being a bit harsh but I don’t understand what is so difficult about Si Yi standing up for her relationship. There are three choices, your boyfriend, your ex boyfriend and then your boyfriend’s ex girlfriend… seriously! I got really frustrated on behalf of Cheng Quan. He is the one giving up stuff, compromising, changing things just so he has a life he can fit her into and she can’t do something as simple as just get in his car!

    thee really is such a thing as being too nice for your own good.

    • If this being harsh then I must have been down right evil because my sister and I was like WTF! Get in your man CAR! Every episode SY is really starting to get on my last nerves with her insecurities and stupidity what SY lack is not money, great background or education she lack self worth! Growing up in a family where you are loved behind reason would leave a normal person with a very high self esteem of one self. You are told from the day of birth that you beautiful, smart, kind and worth of the loves from the GOD! By great parents who opinion is all that should matter but yet this girl and I mean girl let this woman and Vivian is a woman make it seem like she lacking. I can tolerance lack of education but I have zero tolerance for no common sense! She should have told Vivian she riding with her man and they talk about work at work! She is really starting to annoy me, to the point that I’m starting to feel that if you look at the complete picture Vivian is the better match for CK. Vivian is confident! She knows her worth and don’t let no one take away her pride. I love those qualities in a woman, too bad Vivian use them to demean other but it better then SY at the moment! Also they need to start wrapping this up, TW writer don’t have the capable to keep going, they start to add Sh_ _ that not necessary it going to be like “Fated to Love you that drama was good drama but should have end at episode 20.

  8. Hi Are you not recapping Miss Rose anymore? its on episode 18 but I don’t see any other recaps please let me know? I honestly like your recaps and it helps me fill in the gaps thanks for your hard work and please let me know if you will continue to recap?

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