Unconfirmed Mindblowing Spoilers for Episodes 19 and 20 of Nice Guy

Okay everyone, change into your Big Girl/Boy Pants, because this one needs a lot of fortitude to read. Purported spoilers for episode 19 and 20 of Nice Guy have come out on DC and I’ve translated them. I emphasize again that these are unconfirmed spoilers and not attached to either a long or short preview released by KBS. It sounds plausible though, picking up where episode 18 left off, and wrapping up the story with most of the loose ends tied up. How it wraps up might cause everyone’s high blood pressure to rise, and I’m actually torn as to whether I want these spoilers to be true or not. If these are indeed true, then I have to trust that Lee Kyung Hee has all the delicate details that will pepper these last two episodes to make it more than just what the narrative proposes will happen. From the very beginning, NG has been a drama better than what it set out to do, taking the simplest of narrative anchors (revenge, obsession, memories, mistrust, regret) and making it the more than the sum of its parts. It’s going to be roller coaster ride next week, regardless of whether these spoilers below are true or the finale is something completely different, because we’ve been slowly building up the tension and momentum for the last 18 episodes just waiting for a fitting conclusion to put a stamp on this melodrama that will surely go down as a new classic.

Spoilers for episode 19:

Eun Gi learns from Joon Ha that Jae Hee and lawyer Ahn was responsible for her father’s death and she is determined to seek revenge. On the other hand, Joon Ha finds Maru and tells him what he did not tell Eun Gi, that his father was responsible for her mother’s death. Joon Ha reveals that he is leaving Tae San Group and entrusts Eun Gi to Maru, asking Maru to take good care of Eun Gi. After the meeting Maru asks Eun Gi to meet at the park. After learning the truth about her father’s death from Joon Ha, and hearing that Maru wants to help her take down Jae Hee and lawyer Ahn, Eun Gi decides to trust Maru one more time. She is anticipating the meeting with Maru at the park. Maru, who is holding the envelope containing the evidence, runs into Jae Hee at the park. Han Jae Hee sobs and confesses all her wrongdoing and expresses her regret. She is planning to turn herself in to the police. Eun Gi witnesses Maru embracing a crying Jae Hee and is once again broken hearted by her decision to trust Maru yet again. She decides to let go of Maru once and for all. Lawyer Ahn finds out that Jae Hee is planning to give up Tae San and he sets his plan in motion to have Maru killed. As Maru heads home after parting with Jae Hee, he is stabbed by Jae Shik and collapses. Maru is rushed to the hospital….

Spoilers for episode 20:

Maru’s surgery has started. Eun Gi hears from Jae Gil and rushes to the hospital. Jae Hee also rushes to the hospital in tears. Maru’s surgery ends but he’s still in critical condition. The doctor says he can die at any moment. Jae Hee tells Eun Gi that the person Maru really loves is Eun Gi. When Eun Gi hears this, she is dumbstruck and berates herself for being locked in the prison of her memories which caused her to continually misunderstand Maru. Jae Hee learns that lawyer Ahn was behind the attempted murder of Maru and she goes to the police station and turns him in, along with herself for the Chairman’s death. They are both arrested. Maru still has not regained consciousness. Eun Gi sits beside Maru’s bedside everyday waiting for him to awaken. She tells herself that she will be patient, she will never get tired of waiting for him.

A few years later, Eun Gi is leading Tae San Group and the company is thriving. But when she goes home at night she just stands in front of the window in a daze. Maru has awakened but Eun Gi is not by his side. Eun Gi is scared of approaching Maru now. Because of her misunderstanding after she regained her memories, causing her to hate a man who loved her deeply, she does not have the courage to walk towards him. Jae Gil finds Eun Gi and asks her to help Maru regain his memory. Eun Gi gets up her courage and walks up to Maru’s house. She hears someone calling “Seo Eun Gi, Seo Eun Gi” and she sees Maru standing in front of the wall calling for her, with her name written on the wall but misspelled. With tears falling down her face, Eun Gi walk towards Maru just like he walked towards her when she had lost her memory. She writes her own name on the wall and Maru turns to her and smiles with tears falling down his face…..

My thoughts:

OH. MY. GOD. I will be patient and wait and see, wait and see….. If this is true then I know Lee Kyung Hee will make it work. If this is fan fiction then it is a damn good one and I remained completely freaked out how the drama will really end. Mu gut tells me this isn’t the ending, but then I’ll take it as a nice distraction while waiting for Wednesday to arrive.


Unconfirmed Mindblowing Spoilers for Episodes 19 and 20 of Nice Guy — 94 Comments

  1. Bloody hell. I was hoping it will end with the amnesia story. That is the best spoiler.
    And yeah leah- don’t laugh at me. Like I could hold out. Please please, let Maru live. I could live with this ending. Good luck with the episodes this week. See? Your heart can regenerate 🙂

  2. Omigod!! If this is what happens I will indeed name this drama of the year!!! I could see no way of getting past the hurt that these two broken people have gone through, but this sort of ‘sorts it out’ and like Ms Koala said, we will have to trust the writer to sort the little details in between but so far she has not failed us.
    Also at the end can we see them all happy with their kids and Maru and Eun ki being happy and loveydovy together?
    Thank you Ms Koala for this!!

  3. I LOVE THIS! If the drama didn’t end that way, this is what I’m taking with to the grave yard of Nice Guy! Thanks for the translation!! Love it love it!

  4. NO!!!!!!!! I don’t want him to end up with amnesia. Are you freaking kidding me? I haven’t been watching for this long just to get that type of an ending. Even if I knew it was predictable since the drama never addressed Maru’s condition, I want EG/MR babies, marriage, kisses!! (And I just realized it should be in the opposite order haha)

    • yeah, i hope amnesia story is not the ending.. i don’t like only 5 minutes happy ending, i want to see those things that you mention!! let’s pray for it 😀

  5. Somehow, Maru losing his memory at the end reminds of the Filipino movie “My Amnesia Girl” where the girl pretends to have amnesia and at the end, her boyfriend gets amnesia…
    Maybe that’s why I’m still interested but at the same time not as excited now since I’ve seen something like it…
    I still like the story though… But I hope that Jae Hee also confesses to murdering the man in the beginning of the drama. It seems like it has taken a back seat in the story. I know that Mary stopped thinking about that revenge for Eun Gi but I still want closure…

  6. I had to take a moment to compose myself before I wrote this, but I would be completely satisfied with this ending. I don’t think that a saccharine ending would work for this drama after all the pain and angst, but I’m happy that this is at least hinting at a happy ending.

  7. Awwwww….I love this! I really do. I imagined that the best way to end is for Maru to lose all of his memories of the past, start all over again. OMG Koala, I really really hope this will happen. I’m crying here. It’s PERFECT.

    P.S. Thank you so much! *hugs*

  8. OMG OMG… why is DC not working for me atm!? D: Argh, thank you, ockoala… now I can go to bed! Or maybe not!? Oh boy, so many thoughts!

  9. up to the stabbing and surgery part i can totally see this happening…. the rest I am doubtful but I as you have said, Ms. Koala, Lee Kyung Hee will make it work… hopefully…

  10. I pray to God that this happens with ju st a bit more at the end. Although just what is written here will be more than enough. Thank you Koala for the spoilers true or untrue they made me stop crying over ep 17& 18.

  11. hahhh Good Idea, he get stabbed and it forces him to go to hospital… I never think it will work that way.
    Though I’d prefer want him go to hospital with his own desire to life.

    about EK has to take care of him. that’s what i want to. Though I want JH also take apart to help him regain his memory back. Since he has done so many thing to her. Poor poor poor boy…

    • It is not possible for EK and JH to take care of Maru together. The woman who indirectly caused your father’s death. Can you stay side by side with her and take care of the man together? the man who has long history with this very same woman who happened to be your step mom? no. It is not possible.

  12. oh my, my heart literally skips a beat while reading it, I thought Maru will die.. if this will be the ending, Im okay with it.. Nice Guy is such great drama, full of symmetry, and roller coaster of emotions.. Can I congratulate the whole staff and artist, for indeed. A Job well done!! my heart is at peace right now. giggling for happpinesss :))

  13. It’s just sad… Maru did everything for love and he gets an amnesia in the end?… the heck.I really hope LKH can do better than that. She builds up a tragic story for these poor souls then would have a tragic ending like that.. err ..since it’s unofficial I still trust LKH to surprise me for the ending 😛
    *sorry if i have a different opinion for the amnesia ending*

  14. Doggoneit! If that being the case, it looks like she’s going to go all the way to the character parallel between EunGi and Maru. I guess, this is our “hopeful ending” my LKH.

    I’m gonna process everything after the last two episodes. I’m going trust LKH to tie all the major loose ends without comprising her tightly woven narrative.

    • Edited to Add: Meant to say “I guess this is our “hopeful ending” BY LKH.

      I don’t know about this amnesiac thingie. I’m still on the fence.

  15. hoping for this ending will be come true..eun gee and ma roo i will always admired therm..damn..!this drama is so beautiful i really like it..please let ma roo and eun gee be together forever… im waiting!

  16. OMG.. your right Ms. Koala, this is a totally mind blowing finale.. I wish that this is how the story will end. And if it so, I will give applause to LKH for a job well done.

  17. this is what all ppl waiting for, a happy ending moment.
    hope it will come true or maybe an ending that similar like this.
    you make my sunday better ms.koala 🙂
    I always curious abt what will happen.

    will always check an update in ur blog ^^

  18. I shouldnt have read this but couldn’t help myself. I don’t like the time jump bit altho I could live with this ending too I guess

  19. “OH. MY. GOD. I will be patient and wait and see, wait and see….. If this is true then I know Lee Kyung Hee will make it work. If this is fan fiction then it is a damn good one, and I remained completely freaked out how the drama will really end.”

    exactly my thought koala sis! exactly!

    i would love LKH forever if she gives us this ending. alive maru is going to make my day next week. and seriously, my heart is thumping when i was reading the post title. drama! what have you done to me?!

    btw sorry i wasn’t able to prep new headers for last weeks epi, i was on a seminar.

  20. I hope this is not fan fiction.
    If this is really ending of the drama, then this is the best drama of the year!! But please give us more EunMa lovely scenes.

    Otherwise, I will never watch Kdrama which scripted by LKH!! (evil’s mind)

    • If this is fanfiction and the actual episodes are different, I have decided said writer of the fanfiction is better than the actual writer of the drama. This ending is pretty darn perfect, in my opinion.

  21. Those are purely speculations.

    The only spoiler we’ve had on DC for next week was SJK & MCW filming in the park last Friday, but that’s only because it took place in plain view in the middle of the afternoon. There hasn’t been any other “leak” to-date.

  22. I actually love this ending (if it’s true), apart from Joon Ha disappearing because no… No no no. I disapprove.

    I love that it’s JAE HEE telling EG that MR does truly love her. It’s what I’ve wanted for a while, and I’m glad she gets a chance to redeem herself. I’ve disliked JH’s actions for most of the drama, but I’ve never been able to hate her, just pitied how desperate she was.

    I’m sad MR supposedly loses his memory, but I knew that would most likely happen if he didn’t die. I really do hope it ends this way; it’s bittersweet, which is what this whole drama has been. I keep remembering MR’s voice-over at the end of episode 12 on their date. He said that when he looks at EG, he often sees himself, and they are much alike. And with this ending EG will see herself in MR *cries*

  23. Woah yeah holy holy, ths is a great ending. Very2 good, but won’t it be nicer if we get sth else for the ending as a surprise from kyunghee-nim. otherwise I’m totally cool with this ending and I trust pd-nim to make it real with beautiful cinematography <3

  24. maybe I’m just too naive. Because I felt like Ma Ru is the only options and the reason EK can forgive and see JH in different angle, and the reason JH’s redemption. I’m too naive to always believe, maybe it’s hard to forgive someone sincerely, especially when that person has ruin your life. But it doesn’t mean we couldn’t.
    Besides, I’m so sad for ES, he has to lost a mother figured for awhile in his childhood days.

    And JH doesn’t has to leave with EK and MR. Just taking apart to help MR. That’s all.

  25. ohmigod. more amnesia and parallels? lol i’m not even that surprised. i just need them to heal together and put behind this vicious cycle of hatred.

  26. oh MY GOD !!!!!
    its really sad!
    but i have to try to positive thinking of this, :'(
    but atleast, its better if Maru doesnt death.
    be amnesia namja is a good one too .
    so that, Maru and EunGie shouldn’t parting again

  27. I wonder what will happen to eun seok. He can actually spin off a whole new story, nice boy, the revenge of his mother. He be believes that eungi and Maru cause his mother to be in jail and thus wants to get tae San back. Hahahahahaha. 😛 it would be pretty interesting to watch.

  28. It’s a great ending, yet I prefer the one without amnesia.
    Actually I’ve had a foreboding of HE since ep 16.
    It’d be much better if he can recover and live his dream as a doctor. Am I too greedy???

    • actually, I much prefer the ending where the cause post surgery is not amnesia, let alone he has to face the same case like EK, including he has lost his ability? He even mispelled EK’s name. criessss.
      I want he can fulfil his own dream, be a doctor to help people and happy with choco and JG, never mind if he won’t end up with one of both woman. Both woman actually participated almost ruin his whole life. In real life i don’t think i can. But in drama land, anything can happen though,

    • I think this is the best ending we could hope for. Losing his memory isn’t a bad thing. It’s not as if they have so many great memories to build from. A lot of their memories were created from lies and manipulation. This way they have a blank slate to begin again. And hopefully, KM won’t remember his shameful past as a swindler and gigolo and the years in jail. This ending makes the most sense given the style and tone of this writer… a little corny if he does end up at the wall writing her name, but not surprising either. All the clues have been placed for these spoilers to be true. We know JS is planning something that’s been instigated by Ahn. Jae Hee is wavering…JH’s conscience is bothering him. MR’s hematoma surgery has a likelihood of memory loss. So it all adds up. You could think the spoilers wrap up too neatly because of it, but then again… it could all be true!

  29. I think I am on the minority here. This is the corniest ending ever. If NG somehow escaped the trajectory of a makjang for the majority of its run, this ending is the most makjangist that will be thrown by NG.

    The thing is, Maru doesn’t need amnesia like Eun Gi because he doesn’t have a scarred childhood. Eun Gi’s amnesia was at least a poignant one because she’s the character who really needs a full blown rewind. That makes her amnesia necessary not only to give Maru a second chance to experience love and be expressive about it. But it has something to do with Eun Gi’s real experience of childhood – somewhat.

    I hope the symbolism of the throwing of a rewinding clock means Maru will own up to his lost innocence and just move on. He will forever be scarred. He is no longer the same person. But what he became for the past 7 years is something he decided to own up to and grow out of.

    • Not just the ending btw but the whole development in that last 2 episodes. Not a huge fan of the idea at all.

      But I believe of course, this is a make believe one. Now that during the last episodes we only get spoilers a day before the actual showing, this is the fastest release of what’s going to be shown so far…and so detailed that is.

    • There’s a good chance most of this, if not all, won’t happen. It’s pure speculation. I don’t NECESSARILY think it’s corny though; it’d be corny if they lived happily ever after and had nine kids. But I get your point completely…EG was more of a victim because of the way she was raised, while MR was a victim to the consequences of many dumb choices he made that shaped him to be the man he is now. However, there seem to be many parallels between EG and MR so I wouldn’t completely rule out the amnesia. Who knows, maybe MR really will bite the dust (but I hope not).

      • I just believe that it is better to offer a new perspective on growing out of someone’s mistakes. Is the only possibility for second chance is amnesia? I hope not. And it will kind of overkill the amnesia route in this series if they’ll use it again.

      • I’m TOTALLY not disagreeing with you. I personally would love if MR decided to get the surgery regardless of whether he ends up with EG because I hate seeing anyone just give up on life (yes, even in a show lol). I would love if he’d forgive himself and move on and have his own dreams while earning EG’s trust back. I just feel like they don’t even have time for that if they wanted to.

      • Hahaha. Then it will be the first time that an extension could have been a better option. I’ve been mulling over that idea after the episodes last week that it could have been better if they opted for adding 2 more episodes.

      • I was completely against an extension but now I agree, I think extending it might have created a chance to make well-written endings for all characters (at least give a girl to Joon Ha, gosh, don’t make him just fall off the face of the earth) while keeping up the great pace they’ve maintained. The last two episodes were good, but not too much happened. I feel like they might rush these last two episodes, but the pace so far has been quite good so I’m hoping for the best lol

  30. The moment Eun-Ki got amnesia and Maru started taking care of her an ending like the unconfirmed spoiler seemed a good way to go.

    Amnesia is like a baptismal river that washes all the patient’s sin away.

    Don’t like the seemingly long time lag.

  31. You know I kind of liking the ending. I mean I hope Maru doesn’t die and stuff but I was also expecting marriage and etc. (Jae-gil or Choco telling her there’s a ring in Maru’s drawer, goes in it, hold it, cry, and hold on to it till he recovers. I don’t know.)

    I hope some of these spoilers are true.

  32. A better twist is that when Ma Ru wakes up he forgets everything that happened with EG and only remember the memories with JH before she betrayed him…. That would be more angst!!!

  33. this unconfirmed spoiler is actually plausible. we have seen scenarios being repeated with a certain twist in this drama and it had been said that maru might have an amnesia if he gets the surgery. it’s therefore implied that it will be eun gi’s turn to help him maru and show him the depth of her love,another parallelism… i love how the scenes and lines were played out in the entire drama and i think that this is one of the best i have seen in a long time.

  34. you know what? If my choice is between Maru dying and losing his memories. I’ll have this any day as long as it makes sense along the way. And this way, Maru will be protected for ONCE in his life. It will be a nice closing.

  35. You know what? I would be fine with this ending if it comes to fruition. Maru has spent this whole drama taking care of people and and holding the world of guilt. Maybe him losing his memory will clean the slate a little and allow them to really start again. Its an open ending for sure, but it would be an open ending that would make sense.

  36. WTH?! and what a lame ending for the writer to set that possible fate for Maru… i would like to thinks that its not the end of it all for this drama. Imagine,

    Maru got stabbed… and survived the surgery?

    Then, Maru on getting amnesia too?

    How about his head injury prob? Was that resolved?

    I will not jump or praise the writer yet… based on the previews shown… im expecting more from NG writer on how this drama will bid its goodbye…

    • The premise is he gets stabbed and goes to the hospital that way they are forced to operate on his hematoma too. He did not lose his memory because of stab wound… =_=

      I would take this ending anytime as opposed to death.

  37. ohhemm!!I cant wait in wednesday,I wish this will happen.I will ready my towel to wipe out my tears.oh my Kang Ma ru ;’:’-( I love u :-))

  38. I still think someone or “a lot of someone” will die. It doesn’t make sense that a drama so dark the whole time would get a somewhat happy ending, and all the main characters alive still qualifies for a happy ending for me.

    I think if Kang Maru won’t die, he’ll at least end up paralyzed or like a “vegetable”. Oh well, can’t wait to watch how the writer will end this drama.

  39. I don’t think this spoiler will be come true. I guess something big will happen more than this. This drama can make something out of everybody’s mind. Because Maru is a nice guy that never appears in the world. Will se…

  40. I’m glad no one died .But ,Maru can’t have amnesia .I want them to have a really happy ending .Not this type of ending It will be great if the ending is when both of them can show their love towards each other .Hurmm .I hope this is not the real ending:'(

  41. This can’t be the ending .They should have a happy ending because they have go through many challenges before this .Oh ,this can’t be the ending !

  42. we want a happy ending, for sure. but pls. spare us with another amnesia suffering character…that’s a little bit too much to take. NG has been incredible since the start,but with this ending…can the writer explore some other scenario? (if this is true)

  43. Once again Miss K … If this is the ending which I’m not sure it really is … I think the writer is pretty savvy and knows how to really wrap this up … Not a tragic ending but not an entirely happen ending … kind of middle ground … I do believe that for Maru to come to terms with all that has happen to him and what he has done is unrealistic … at this point the only way to start over is memory loss … so that he can have a chance at a new life … Jae Hee coming to turns with EG being the love a maru’s life … big shocker …. Wow … did not see that coming … kodoes !!!Jae Hee turning both herself and Lawyer Ahn in is mind boggling because it would be that she is really ready to face retribution for all she has done… The end where he is writing on the wall I believe is a good signature piece by the writer … It’s a nice throw pillow … so we can reminisce … and build our new … hopes on the new Kang Maru … as if he were reborn or BORN AGAIN … Ingenious … Remember in Arang the Magistrate …(The Rebirth in a different form) A definite future without the burdens of the past … Yeah …

  44. My only thought is that this ending is no doubt the real ending, it was so logical in every way, and it also represents Lee Kyung Hee’s purpose of creating a circle in Maru/EunGi relationship

  45. sorry but if NG ends that way, i will curse LKH to the depths of hell. i have seen a movie that ended like that and i wasn’t too thrilled about it. nooo. please… make a more moving final two episodes LKH!!!

  46. Thanks alot for the spoiler… you makes me can breath longer to wait for this wednesday..
    this kind of ending is quite good for the dramas, at least they don’t die…hahahha

    • Think about it this way … From the ashes a Phoenix will rise … the memory lose is the ashes and after the ashes the Phoenix will rise … It is in its simplest form a rebirth … without the headache of unnecessary explanations and a chance to begin again … without baggage … Once trust is broken … it is really hard to get it back … it’s like a mirror shatters … no matter how you piece it back together the image is never going to be flawless… so the memory lose is a way of Maru moving on and clearing the slate so that he could start a fresh … It breaks the cycle of the Old Maru and ushers in a New Maru … So it works in this case

  47. Miss K I think this is it …I really hate to make comparisons … but I think that nice guy gave me that great feeling whilst watching it … excited, angry , sad , ecstatic,frustrated, heart broken, elation, touched … it drove me crazy … Just like The Great Doctor Faith … and in the Final Episode.. I had really great expectations … And in the end of the Great Doctor Hope I was floored … mouth gaping wide open … teary eyed .. elated … relieved and happy beyond words … they director brought me to a point of jumping out into an abyss and when I though I was going to hit rock bottom.. they catapult me back to the starting point … Time stopped for a microsecond and I felt truly consumed with gratitude that a series that went on so long and drained me emotional was so gratifying … So to I felt the same way watching Nice Guy … the actors are all phenomenal … they brought their own individual characters to life … There was a lot of chemistry and cohesion between actors and the role playing … All I want is a fitting end to a beautiful touching story … So I’m hoping Mrs K that I’m not left feeling like I wasted countless hours on a movie that left me numb and regretful …

  48. Losing his memory fits with the watch moving time backward. His memories are wiped clean, time reverses (for both MR and EG with their amnesia; they both get “clean” memory slates) and JH goes to jail where she should have rightfully gone in the 1st place. I want Jae Gil and Choco to get married. But I do predict there will be a forward time lapse. I am truly torn on how this should end; there is the ending I want, and then there is the logical ending.

  49. OMO, i don’t wannt this amnesia thing… i want babieeeees, like she said one episode! (sorry for my english, its not my first language)

  50. So, SPOILER ALERT kinda, In episode 19…. the spoiler isn’t true. It ends nothing like the above spoiler. I don’t think that the spoiler for episode 20 is very likely either. :/ Which is sadening because I could have lived with that ending! She better not kill off my Maru! 🙁

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