The Swordsman with Wallace Huo Releases Official Posters and Trailer

It’s saying something that I put the poster for Chen Qiao En’s character from the upcoming Yu Zheng drama adaptation of the novel Xiao Ao Jiang Hu (Smiling Proud Wanderer) to top this post. After wrapping filming during the Summer, the official posters and first trailer is out for The Swordsman starring Wallace Huo as Linghu Chong, Yuan Shan Shan as Ren Ying Ying, Han Dong as Tian Buo Guang, Chen Xiao as Lin Ping Zi, Yang Rong as Yue Ling Shan, and a completely revisionist Chen Qiao En as Dong Fan Bu Bai. I’ve been waiting for the trailer since I love this novel so much, but sadly it’s as terrible as I expected coming from Yu Zheng’s hands. To be honest, it looks pretty but the trailer is really badly cut so that its a series of scenes with no context, and everything whizzes by so unless one is familiar with the story and characters, it becomes a garbled mess of confusion. Not to mention I spit up blood when I got to this scene: Linghu Chong holds Ren Ying Ying on their wedding night and she asks if he’s ever loved her, and he appears to answer “I will never forget Ms Dong Fang.” Seriously?! What the fuck, Yu Zheng? You are really going there, throwing in a love line between the wuxia world’s most awesome hero and the transsexual Lord Voldemort-esque baddie of this novel? Imma go lay down now. The only positive is that Chen Qiao En looks stunningly gorgeous in this drama while Wallace is angsting like his life depends on it. Check out the seriously fugly posters below and be prepared to take some Advil after watching the chipmunks-on-speed version of the trailer. 

Trailer for The Swordsman:


The Swordsman with Wallace Huo Releases Official Posters and Trailer — 10 Comments

  1. There is artistic license, and then there is complete madness. Safe to say that I will be skipping this one (and drooling over Lan Ling Wang which has so far been so. very. tantalizing.) Which is a pity, because if not for that unfortunate… relationship (I’m not calling it a loveline, ever, I would have watched for the amazing amounts of pretty, especially Wallace Huo and Chen Qiao En (was she dubbed over though? that scream did not sound like hers).

    If only. *sobs* For now I stick to my precious novel *goes off to re-read*

  2. Oh yikes! Looks like a hot mess! I loved watching wuxia serials growing up but all the recent ones have been so painful to watch, don’t think I’ll b watching this one! And WTH happened to Yuan Shan Shan, she looks sooooo odd! > n <

  3. The posters look very final fantasy-esque. Fake and cheap. While I loved what the movie did with Briggette Lin’s DFBB, I seriously doubt the sanity of the producers to include her/him as LWC’s love interest. That makes RYY pretty redundant.

  4. I like Wallace and Chen Qiao En but I think I’m going to pass this also…. My hope is still on Lan Lin Wang. I’m dying to watch it….how come there’s no update to that show???

  5. I think the line about not forgetting Ms Dong Fang is made by Yang Lian Ting. He seemed to appear for a split second in the trailer. Or not.. That’s seriously messed up!

  6. omg! I could not even finished the teaser–not even halfway. Feeling sick to my stomach. dam! going to have to take advil like you mentioned! sheit, next time, I will not watch. LOL :p

  7. The posters look pretty. Wallace Hou is probably the most handsome Linghu Chong ever but The Smiling Proud Waderer is not on my top list of favourite Wuxia (that would be the Condors Trilogy) the reason is I hate how Linghu Chong meekly accepts Ren Ying Ying while still in love with his little sister. I find that offensive to Ren Ying Ying’s character which is trully awesome. I’m talking about Anita Yuen’s Ren Ying Ying here. Her Ren Ying Ying steals the show. So, you would understand how ‘“I will never forget Ms Dong Fang” sentence in their wedding night would be a major offense to me. HATE! HATE! HATE!

  8. I was kinda looking forward to this but after hearing all the changes and love quadrupilet, triangle whatever I might just pass. Very much looking forward to King of LanLing and DaMoYao more…..

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