IRIS 2 Releases First Official Stills and Teaser

Hhhmmm, this is interesting. Not as bad as I worried it might be, though experience reminds me that stylized execution does not guarantee a decent story in K-drama. The first official stills and a teaser trailer has been released for IRIS 2 starring Jang Hyuk, Lee Da Hae, Lee Bum Soo, Im Soo Hyang, Oh Yoon Soo, Kim Seung Woo, and a bunch of newbie idols that look good wearing black and carrying a gun. I feel like this drama has continued franchise potential since the casting equivalents are the same from IRIS to Athena: Goddess of War to the now IRIS 2. Pick leading man and lady, convince a leading man to play the dark baddie, find a sexy older actor or actress, and round out with interchangeable idols with hot bodies. I honestly have no problem with this formula since it’s a moneymaker, except every time Tae Won Entertainment has to go cast actors I love and make me watch it. This time around, the person who stole the show in the teaser is Lee Bum Soo. I’m loving how kickass he looks already, showing a riveting intensity and manly sex appeal. I’ve no doubt Jang Hyuk and Lee Da Hae will hold down the fort as the protagonists nicely, but this franchise has a reputation for the bad guys to steal the show and this time looks no different. IRIS 2 continues filming in Eastern Europe before moving back to Korea, so imma expecting location shoot porn if the price to pay is a dumb as bricks story. Check out more stills and the cast at the script reading below. Hyukie’s crew cut has grown on me, and Da Hae’s hairstyle is glorious on her. With this being the third pairing between them, they will have done a melodrama, a sageuk, and now a thriller together. They need to do a rom-com next and that will have spanned all the major genres in K-dramas.


Teaser for IRIS 2:


IRIS 2 Releases First Official Stills and Teaser — 23 Comments

  1. I have wondered this before, but is there any heat during these script readings? Everyone is always bundled up. Script reading picture after script reading picture.

    • It’s kinduv a catch-22, um, or an Ouroboros worm, somebody’s cat?

      People wear their cool clothes, including various hats and leather, to look cool, so that brings the temperature in the room down.
      (Scientific fact: I checked.)
      Thus requiring everyone else to dress warmly, I mean, coolly…ummmm… you know what I mean.

  2. The Hyuk-Hae combo does nothing for me. It just reintegrates how much this franchise would benefit from not tackling romance. The first two dramas would have been much better if not for that major flaw. Absolutely agree on Bumsoo!! Only reason I’m tuning in. Plus a lottle Yoon-soo and Seung-woo?! Yea, I have to give the courtesy. If there was a diff leading lady I’d have more hope, but oh well, it’s par for the course at this point.

  3. This looks interesting. My only hope is that this time around the story is more fluid and makes more sense.

    Lee Bum Soo the bad guy? Hella to the yeah! I was hoping he would be a good guy, but honestly I’ll take him bad or good and maybe both.

  4. Janghyuk is the man. This man can make even bad writing dramas look good with his overflowing charisma. Definitely checking this one out. Seong Woo Ajusshi is back. I thought he got shot by Kim Seon Yeon last time I checked, or maybe he survived.
    Honestly, I hope this will be good or even better than the first Iris (I did not enjoy Athena, it wasn’t the acting, it was just bad writing. I got confuse halfway through the serie).

  5. What is IRIS without TK1?

    I would have rather Kim Tae Hee come back and continue where we left off rather than a total recast.

    I’m just going to watch this just because I enjoyed IRIS.

  6. “They need to do a rom-com next and that will have spanned all the major genres in K-dramas.”

    Please no. -_- I don’t want to see these two pair up again. Ever.

  7. Seriously, Taewon should’ve just given Kim So Yeon her own show in the series, her Sunhwa was my favorite character and has such an interesting potential story line.
    Regardless, I’ll probably check it out for jang hyuk.

  8. I never got into Iris and I doubt I will be watching this. I do like the cast except for some reason LDH never got to me. Her acting always seems distant, lifeless as if she is trying to emote something but never really gets it right unless just standing around and looking pretty.

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