Joseph Chang is Sexy in Ermenegildo Zegna for the Golden Horse Awards

The Golden Horse Awards, Taiwan’s Oscars, was held last week and there were some upsets as well as some expected victories. I didn’t watch most of the movies nominated since I barely have time for dramas much less movies. One of Taiwan’s most acclaimed movies of 2012 was Gf*Bf (Chinese title Girlfriend, Boyfriend) starring Gwui Lun Mei, Joseph Chang, and Rhydian Vaughn. The film was nominated for best film but lost, while the two leads were both nominated in the best acting categories but only Gwui Lun Mei won Best Actress while Joseph Chang lost out on Best Actor to Lau Ching Wan, which is kinda like losing to Robert DeNiro so nothing to cry about. The movie was a coming-of-age tale set in the ’80s Taiwan towards the end of the period of martial law surrounding three high school best friends. Gwui Lun Mei is in love with Joseph, who is gay and in love with Rhydian. Since she can’t have Joseph, Gwui Lun Mei ends up dating Rhydian, who breaks her heart and leaves Joseph picking up the pieces of a friendship torn asunder and destroyed by growing up and becoming jaded. The movie was brilliant.

Seeing Joseph sporting an Ermenegildo Zegna tuxedo on the red carpet did sent my heart rate soaring, and he’s been a spokesperson for the brand these past few years in Taiwan. While I admittedly have a super soft spot for very pretty boys (Shin, Yoo Seung Ho), I do know when a sexy as all hell real man’s man is before me and Joseph fits the description to a T. While I want him to keep doing movies and getting the critical acclaim he so deserves (he really is the most talented and versatile Taiwanese actor of his generation), I’m sad he’s not on my small screen more. Seeing him be all hot and swoonworthy led me to rewatching scenes from Drunken to Love You. Song Jie Xiu still remains, hands down, THE BEST male lead in any TW-drama ever. Below I’ve linked to what I consider one of the best airport scenes in any drama, plus a wonderful ending montage of the OTP being so wonderful together you’ll want to just sigh and rewatch it over and over. My love for DTLY has grown over time as all the imperfections have melted away leaving only the great memories.

Epic Airport Scene in Episode 17 of DTLY (English-subbed):

DTLY last episode sweet moments montage:


Joseph Chang is Sexy in Ermenegildo Zegna for the Golden Horse Awards — 21 Comments

    • I agree! As much as I love Joseph, I’ve always enjoy and follow Sean’s movies and IT IS about time Sean wins a Best Actor award!

      Like Tony Yang missing Golden Bell, I think being nominated at the Golden Horse is already a very big encouragement and acknowledgement!

      To be honest, I just saw GF*BF last night and I didn’t think either Joseph or Gwui’s performance were award winning~ =P
      BTW: anyone know what the blank letter in the movie means!?

  1. You made my cry with those videos. Rainie and Joseph were perfect together. DTLY is one of my favorite Taiwanese dramas along with Sunny Happiness.

  2. Ah, airport scene – the staple romcom reunion spot! Although now that I’m grown and have seen a million of them, I wonder if they rarely use this mundane modern device to find their better half: CELL PHONE! It’s in your pocket. Use it.

  3. That is one good looking man!!! I just finished DTLY and while I started it because I love Rainie Yang ( I want to her when I grow up) I continue watching it because of him. Once his charecter decided he was in love with Rainie he never gave up.

    • ah, sorry! i just realized that i basically said the same thing as the comment above me! well, just restating the fact, i guess πŸ˜‰

  4. Oh yeah, I haven’t seen Joseph Chang since DTLY. Hum… I kind of miss him now since you mentioned, Ms. Koala. Thanks! Any news on when or if he is going another drama coming up? Keep us posted!

    • Really, were we separated at birth, Pearl?!?! Another thing we have in common (along with all the other women with sense): our love for Joseph Chang.

      • Haha!! We were born in the central of the universe; you were picked by the East (Atlantic ocean) & I was picked by the West (pacific ocean). J/k… Actually DTLY was 1st TW drama since after I finished school. Guess what? I watched from reading posts here, so I decided to give DTLY a try to see watch so good about this drama. Plus I wanted to get rid of my addiction of “LTM” as back then I was so so so dawn crazy of “LTM” which was my 1st KR drama. Hehehe…

  5. Had I believed in the concept of reincarnation, I would probably have wanted to be an Ermenegildo Zegna suit in my next life. Rawrrr.

  6. *Fanning myself* trying to type. *fanning myself* trying to type. Drunken to Love You will always have a place in my heart because that is the show that lead me into the Koala universe. The OTP in it are still my favorite drama OTP. I love the way they fall in love, and Joe Chang makes even every cliche (like the airport scene) genuine. I have rewatched that scene and episode ten (“I have decided to fall in love with you and make you fall in love with me”) countless times. I actually have it bookmarked for “those days” when nothing seems to be going right. Any time a character can make his own mother turn into a puddle of goo listening to him confess to a girl, you know he is workin’ it!

  7. ne, Koala, have you watch drama version of The Legend of Speed before? (I don’t recommend it, since Rainie’s acting was horrible to the nth degree there)

    But I remember Joseph, him in a race suit = DROOL BUCKET NEEDED.

  8. yay! my song jie xiu! i missed him my screen too! i missed DTLY – one of my fave T-dramas evah… (thanks to some helpful koala bear πŸ™‚ )

    right on the dot about Joseph Chang looking so male. ooooooooozing with testosterone!

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