Ruby Lin and Jiro Wang Sizzle in Photo Shoot Promoting Drama Go Go Go

Man, being totally caught up on Drama Go Go Go totally sucks sucks sucks (btw, this triplicate thingie is addicting and I can’t stop doing it anytime I write about DGGG so my apologies to grammar sticklers out there). I finished this past weekend’s episodes 7-8 and my mood was stuck somewhere between anxious and satisfied. The pace of the drama continues to knock my socks off with that perfect blend of breezy and earnest, which leaves me desperately wanting more. At this point the OTP have gotten together and how it happened was wonderfully heartfelt and I found myself cheering out loud for the leads to experience both romance and professional success. I had no doubt Eason wouldn’t be written off the show, though the inside riffs on making him comatose, bringing him back for a last hurrah, then killing him off only to have him resurrect in a miracle had me ROFL.

What’s making me so anxious is the understanding that Eason and Ming Ming are going to face many obstacles that comes with him becoming a big star and her being this mousy scriptwriter. I’m also looking forward to the bromance between Eason and Shao Tian, though part of me wished that Shao Tian would actually admit that he likes Ming Ming and throw his hat into the ring. This little brother protectiveness he’s got going does hit all my happy spots. During the drama filming Ruby Lin and Jiro Wang did a photo shoot together that should have alterted me to their impending fantastic chemistry. Sadly I was still totally meh on Ruby back then so now I’m coming around to appreciating it at last. While Jiro is, looks, and acts younger than Ruby in the drama, what makes their relationship work is how emotionally candid and brave they are with each other. This is one gloriously unexpected home run pairing.


Ruby Lin and Jiro Wang Sizzle in Photo Shoot Promoting Drama Go Go Go — 23 Comments

  1. Watching DGGG “live” is like the opposite of water torture.
    The subs drip drip drip drip so s_l_o_w_l_y.

    I watch the eps raw, and appreciate what I see and feel.
    Then I watch at 27% subbed and understand some cool dialogue and go “Aww!”
    Then it climbs all the way up to 67% and I’m like “THIS IS AWESOME!”
    Eventually it will be 100%, and I will re re re re watch.

    Eason and Ming Ming together are a heart-tugging sweeeeet couple that make me smile ear to ear. You know how there are those montages where the OTP goes on a date, or sits on the lr floor drinking champagne, and you can SEE the chemistry between the pair? You can see he is really having fun with her and vice versa?

    What impressed me about that interaction was the BTS show a different dynamic. Not that they don’t get along, because they do. But the age difference puts in that respect boundary, and therefore a little bit of distance. Also how serious Ruby is, how businesslike. She’s a smart one, and I can totally see her as a producer.

    • Must say, that I LOVE the two subbers on the viki DGGG team.
      Can I send them flowers or coffee or caramel candy apples for their work?
      It’s a big job to tackle almost all alone.

      • Thank you for this news, Jomo. The pictures were drawing me in, but (as I have said before) I CANNOT start a new drama before the semester is over. Your news about this show only having two subbers (poor things; I want to send them a gift and I am not even watching the show!) makes it easier to stay away until I have finished all grading, committee work, and grant proposals.

  2. Oh whoa, I actually saw this magazine when I was in Taiwan, and was really weirded out by the “Ruby Lin x Jiro Wang” headline, lol. In any case, just may be checking out DGGG after finals, so thanks for sharing about it! n_n

  3. Forgot to say I like how the photog on this shoot, and the director in DGGG has Jiro use his hands.
    So much of the character’s confidence, and therefore sexiness, is displayed in small gestures.
    Plus, I think he has nice hands. 🙂

  4. thank you for the article, ms. koala!

    i actually saw the interview for this photo shoot sometime in the summer. it’s now fully subbed on Viki, if anyone wants to see!

    unfortunately, i haven’t started watching the drama yet. :'( gonna hold off until winter break!

  5. I saw the episode on Happy Camp where the cast came on the show to promote it.. you can see the total bromance there.. a bit? hahaha. anyways, i thought it was interesting when one of the hosts asked Ruby which guy she feels comfortable working with out of the three (Jiro, Lin Geng Xin and Zhang Lun Shuo), and she just walked up to jiro and stood right next to him..

    It would be super cute if they started dating.. this photo shoot oozes of chemistry and hotness! 😀

  6. Yay for Jiro on my computer screen. TW-dramas were how I first got addicted to Asian dramas. Back in 2007, I think my second TW-drama was ISWAK, which Jiro was adorkable in. He’s one of my favorite TW drama actors. I even tried to get into Fahrenheit for a while, haha.

  7. Thru his MVs, I had the feeling that Jiro Wang was an “unrequited kisser”. The boy had so many scenes when he initiated the skinship with little to no response to his ardor in his previous works. He had such a sweet charm back in ISWAK2. There I find his hairdo so weirdo. Either it’s too puffy or too flat. And the makeup is so heavy.
    I somehow relate to Ming Ming’s dilemma over the 3 men courting her, all in a different age range. Whom would I choose in her shoes? I don’t know.

    On a sidenote, Mrs Koala, have you heard the news of your I-lub-you’s recent confession that Lee Jia was secretly married to Seo Tai Ji as she admitted so to him while on their trip to France? Reminds me of the heated arguments the scandal brought onto your playground back then. I just KNEW he knew. Unlike many netizens, I won’t be judgmental on both their behaviors. I just feel sorry for both of them that their romantic involvement with each other couldn’t make it through. And that they both overused PS afterwards. 🙁

    • Just to clarify the timeline here,
      “Lee Jia was secretly married to and divorced in 2006 from Seo Tai Ji as she admitted so to him while on their trip to France”

      Want to make sure it’s clear he wasn’t dating a married woman at the time.
      And you are right, it is so so sad.

  8. Love seeing any news on Jiro. The guy went from two years without much projects to three dramas and a solo album in one year. He’s on fire right now and I couldn’t be happier for him. Jiro embodies something that I love with all my heart–the good guy wins. He’s such an honest and hard working and kind person you just see pitfalls for him miles ahead. But somehow, after everything, after Fahrenehit’s disaster with Chun and disbanding, after his agency goes wacko on him, and all the development hell he’s had with contracts and his solo album, I’m just really, really happy to see his fans sticking around and making him still red hot after two years of absence. It just gives you such a warm feeling to know that even in the showbiz industry, hard work and honesty is still appreciated and rewarded. Not everything can be gained by sweet talk and manipulation.

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