Stellar Drama Go Go Go Wraps Up with a Satisfying Happy Ending

I’m used to the 2-episode a week format for K-dramas, and the even more painful 1-episode a week format for TW-dramas and J-doramas. But when it comes to C-dramas, I’ve been spoiled on the 5-episode a week format so much that watching 2-episodes a weekend of Drama Go Go Go has been so so so painful because the drama has been just that good. It’s a rom-com complete with all the romance tropes but done in a way that is self-deprecating and self-aware, not to mention with a sweet sincerity that belies the understanding that the tropes may have been stale and overused but the genesis of them all come from a place of dreams and hopes for romantic satisfaction. While it appeared the ending was headed for a reversal of fortune with Ruby Lin’s character Wang Ming Ming choosing not guy 1 or guy 2, but instead the super smexy older guy 3, in the end guy 1 Eason played by Jiro Wang pulled out the well-earned and oh-so-lovely win and won back the confidence and faith of his beloved Ming Ming that their celebrity-nobody younger guy-older woman love story could have a happy ending. I enjoyed every minute of DGGG, with the drama in turns funny, down-to-earth, softly romantic, and thoroughly well executed. All the characters were fleshed out and well integrated into the story and the journey was crafted with careful consideration and meaningful twists and turns. This is one drama I can safely recommend as totally worth watching and doesn’t miss a beat from beginning to end. DGGG is a triple win for the books! Continue reading

2012 Year End Drama Reviews: Something Fun for Everyone

Another year, another year end review. For me the year end review contextualizes the dramas watched on three levels – its own merits, how it stacks up against its compatriots, and how the year measures up against previous years. If … Continue reading