Missing You Episode 8 Recap

Much as I’m finding enjoyment in Missing You for reasons unrelated to its quality writing or lack thereof, it’s truly frustrating to have the really obvious ham-handed narrative shoved in my face all the time. This drama feels like the writer is writing around her conclusion or tailoring things to fit her script. As opposed to an organic fluid approach where what happens flows with a sense of purpose. Initially that manufactured narrative manifested itself in the buckets of sad things heaped one on top of the other to the main characters. Now that the sadness and woe has been toned down, what’s happening is a terribly dumb rapist murder plot (let’s not forget ridiculous Nurse Hye Mi drowning plot) that is forcing the characters to have reasons to keep interacting. What’s keeping this thing grounded is in the conversation and interactions between the three leads. Jung Woo annoyed me immensely with his forcefulness in interacting with Soo Yeon, but redeemed himself with his conversation with Ah Reum and Eun Joo about Soo Yeon likely hating him and wanting nothing to do with him.

If he knows that, then he needs to back off and let HER decide what she wants to do. Soo Yeon was believably torn with all sorts of emotions coming whooshing back towards her, but I loved how she really expressed what Harry means to her. Forget the romantic love, he was the person who did not abandon her in her time of need. What hurts Soo Yeon is the moment Jung Woo left the warehouse, and it doesn’t matter that he later tried to help her or kept looking for her. What mattered is that in the split second he made a choice, it would forever stand between the both of them. Whereas Hyung Joon told Nurse Hye Mi that he wasn’t leaving without Soo Yeon and he used his smarts to get her to take care of them. That is what Soo Yeon remembers and what’s important to her now. Yes, she has lingering feelings and unresolved issues with Jung Woo, but at the end of the day, one guy left her at her moment of need while the other didn’t. Girl’s got every reason to stick with one over the other at this point.

Episode 8 recap:

Jung Woo suggests that he and Soo Yeon be secret lovers and pulls her closer to him. Dur, do not get handsy with her, not cool dude! She pushes him off and says to let go, this joke is too much. He tells her not to talk and then he forcibly takes her away by putting his arms around her shoulders. He tells her that he’s going crazy right now. Yes, imma go crazy on your ass if you don’t stop physically moving this girl around.

Hyung Joon stares at them leaving and finally gets anxious and gets out of the car to chase them but his leg hurts and he can’t move. He watches as Jung Woo drives Soo Yeon away. Hello? You have a car, Hyung Joon, use it.

Jung Woo drives while Soo Yeon asks where they are going? Hung Woo says to go to that restaurant needs to wait until nighttime when they can enjoy the view. He wonders what to do now during the day. She tells him to stop the car and he reminds her that she asked to be friends when she was in Seoul. Jung Woo says she picked a good friend, he’s been thinking of what to do with Soo Yeon for the last 14 years. Dinner, movie, amusement park. Soo Yeon looks out the window as he talks. He asks if it’s enough for her to turn her head, for her to get angry? He starts saying the same “let’s be friends” line and ends with Zoe.

Hyung Joon looks at his phone and then sees Secretary Nam and Jung Woo’s stepmother. Stepmother tells Secretary Nam about Harry and Zoe being a couple (and Harry is Zoe’s sponsor) and Secretary Nam makes the connection with Zoe is Lee Soo Yeon. If they can land either one, the other will come alone. She tells Secretary Nam to make it happen.

Jung Woo takes Soo Yeon to a restaurant he frequents and asks if he’s got the chops to be a secret lover. Soo Yeon orders very expensive wine that she claims suits him well. Soo Yeon asks if he is free tomorow, she needs to go to Hong Kong to buy a few things. Jung Woo says she’s exactly the type he likes.

Jung Woo grabs her hand and says that no matter if she goes to Hong Kong or anywhere else, he won’t let her go again. She tries to pull it back and tells him to let go repeatedly. Jung Woo says today they can eat, tomorrow they can shop, they can do anything they want together. He says they should go to the neighborhood playground to ride the swings.

Soo Yeon snatches her hand out of his and Jung Woo remembers how their bloody hands were joined before the rapist dragged Soo Yeon away. Soo Yeon slaps him for being impertinent and says she shouldn’t have come on to him in the first place. He laughs and says the slap felt good and this is enough for today. Jung Woo walks away to get the car and we see her hand shaking.

Soo Yeon gets in her car and speeds off. Stepmother arrives and warns Jung Woo not to show up near her store. Jung Woo shows her the pictures she sent to Soo Yeon and warns her to stay away from her. Stepmother thought Zoe would bring a lawyer and instead she went to a cop. Stepmother wonders what Jung Woo’s connection with Soo Yeon is.

Soo Yeon drives and thinks back to her meeting earlier with Jung Woo, as well as how young Jung Woo asked to be friends with the murderer’s daughter Lee Soo Yeon. Soo Yeon calls Hyung Joon and finds out he’s resting in bed because he was injured. She rushes home.

Jung Woo calls Soo Yeon and she doesn’t pick up. He gets a call from Hyung Joon, who is returning his call. Hyung Joon asks for an update on the autopsy of Nurse Hye Mi, which isn’t ready. Jung Woo asks for some time to meet but Hyung Joon says another time since he’s getting medical treatment due to his injured leg. Jung Woo asks to meet earlier otherwise he will feel even more apologetic towards Hyung Joon. You think? Coveting someone else’s fiancée is clearly not decent upstanding behavior.

Eun Joo is home and sees Ah Reum bringing over clothes for her oppa Jung Woo. Jung Woo comes home and Ah Reum teases that she’s here to check to see if the unni and the ahjumma are mistreating him.

Soo Yeon’s mom comes home and asks why he wanted to eat chicken soup, wondering if he’s not feeling well. He says his heart feels empty and wants to be nourished. The four of them sing and dance in the house.

Soo Yeon goes home and rushes to Hyung Joon’s room and finds him resting in bed. The doctor leaves and tells Soo Yeon that Hyung Joon’s leg is very weak right now and he’s not allowed to bike anymore.

Hyung Joon asks how the battle with Jung Woo’s stepmother went? She admits that she saw Jung Woo and that interrupted her. She was surprised that after so much time, he appears to still have lots of memories of Soo Yeon, which she chalks up to guilt. She asks if he wants to hear the truth and Hyung Joon of course, like that is how they always communicate. Sigh, so wonderful.

Soo Yeon says that initially she wanted to punish him but its causing her unhappiness because she hates remembering that she was the daughter of a murderer and hates remembering…… It took her so much to forget Lee Soo Yeon. If it wasn’t for Hyung Joon 14 years ago, she would have died after being abandoned. She wanted to tell Jung Woo that it’s too late now, but she thought about it and realized it’s not necessary. Now everyone has their own lives. She has confirmed once again that Lee Soo Yeon’s death is best for everyone.

She ask Hyung Joon “tell me I did well.” Hyung Joon reaches out his hand to give her emotional support and she puts her hand in his. Soo Yeon asks if the party can still go on with his injured foot. Hyung Joon says its for his clients so it needs to go on. Soo Yeon says that she’ll leave Seoul after the party and go wait for Hyung Joon. FINALLY! Someone in the drama acting in a productive way rather than moping and psychological self-flagellation.

Jung Woo, with clothes pins in his hair, is washing clothes at home. Ah Reum is spending the night and she tells Jung Woo to go home. Jung Woo asks Ah Reum as a woman to tell him how much Soo Yeon likely must hate him. Ah Reum says she doesn’t know but if it was were, she would want revenge. Because meeting Jung Woo changed her life and brought her such scars.

Jung Woo agrees and says he would do the same. But Ah Reum quickly says Jung Woo hasn’t been living well either all these years and if Soo Yeon knew she wouldn’t do it. Jung Woo says Soo Yeon should hate him and want to hit him and glare at him and refuse to acknowledge him. He mimics all the things Soo Yeon did to him and Ah Reum asks if her oppa has gone crazy. Eun Joo comes out and tells Ah Reum to go home since she’s so noisy.

Jung Woo and Eun Joo make plans to visit Detective Kim at the cemetery this weekend. Eun Joo tells Jung Woo that the woman isn’t Soo Yeon and he needs to stop seeing her. That is the best course for him.

Jung Woo is at the police station and asking about the investigation. His partner interrupts Jung Woo’s information gathering and Jung Woo uses his cajoling on him. He tells Jung Woo about the phone and Zoe. Jung Woo remembers now that Zoe said her phone was stolen. He runs into the cleaning ahjumma who pulls him aside to chat.

The rapist’s brother arrives at the police station and causes a ruckus when he sees Jung Woo. The police assure him that the murderer will be caught. The brother accuses Jung Woo but the police says Jung Woo has an alibi.

The brother suddenly suggests that it could be Lee Soo Yeon. Jung Woo is furious and says he is not allowed to say her name. If he says it one more time Jung Woo will arrest him. He vows that the pain inflicted on Soo Yeon, he will get it back a thousand fold.

Stepmother is home with evil Dad who ignores her during dinner. Why is Evil Dad wearing a hot pink track suit? WHY? And his pornstache? Yikes. The younger Secretary reports that the money withdrawal is still in progress. Dad asks for the whereabouts of Secretary Nam.

Secretary Nam is meeting with Hyung Joon, remarking that its hard to get into his vast mansion. Hyung Joon says the house that his mother used his life to exchange for him, of course he won’t let anyone in easily. Secretary Nam reveals he knows about Hyung Joon and Soo Yeon and wants a bribe to keep quiet. Hyung Joon says greed is always the motivation and tells Secretary Nam to bring him evil Dad’s secret account books first as a gesture of good faith.

Evil Dad calls Secretary Nam asking to arrange a meeting with Hyung Joon, for himself and his wife is also interested in meeting him. Hyung Joon says thing are getting more interesting and agrees.

Soo Yeon is shopping for Hyung Joon for the party when Jung Woo shows up and offers to try it on. Soo Yeon ignores him and continues shopping. Jung Woo wants to ask about her missing cellphone when she takes her new one out to snap pictures of the clothes and calls Harry to send him the pictures. Jung Woo can see how happy she is talking to him and looks down.

Soo Yeon picks out an outfit for Hyung Joon down to even the scarf, worried that he might catch a cold. Jung Woo leaves and Soo Yeon zones out a bit and when she turns around Jung Woo has left.

Soo Yeon angrily leaves the store and Jung Woo is outside asking to talk. She ignores him and then gets a text asking for 5 minutes. She sees Jung Woo following her in the car. Soo Yeon finally pulls over and Jung Woo teases her that even if they are secret lovers they shouldn’t meet in such secluded places. He asks where she lost her cellphone because he’s investigating.

Soo Yeon drives off and Jung Woo gets a text from Hyung Joon asking to meet. He follows Soo Yeon back home and they walk into the house together. Hyung Joon is on the second floor and notes that they walked in together. He asks Jung Woo to come up to talk.

Jung Woo asks Hyung Joon about the car accident and Hyung Joon confirms it happened. Jung Woo points out Soo Yeon’s excessive fear which Hyung Joon brushes off as her being scared of such things since childhood. He explains that they were in an accident before which is why his leg is inured. She was traumatized by it and shortly thereafter they were adopted.

Hyung Joon says it happened when they were 3 or 4 years old so he doesn’t remember. Jung Woo switches to personal matters and says Soo Yeon is very similar to a girl he knew. If she refuses to admit it there is a reason as well, because she’s still very angry at him. He knows she must hate him. Everything about Zoe is just like Soo Yeon.

Hyung Joon tells Jung Woo to get a DNA test then. He doesn’t mind. Soo Yeon walks up and says she’ll do it if Harry wants her to. She’ll do even more outrageous things for him, because he saved her. When she was small and in that car accident, it was Hyung Joon who saved her. She was catatonic and couldn’t feel anything. It was Hyung Joon who held her hand and made her wake up. He said “I am not leaving without her.”

Soo Yeon tells Jung Woo he might remember Soo Yeon’s voice but for her, she will never ever forget Hyung Joon’s voice from back then. Until the day she dies she won’t forget it. She asks if he’s waiting for Lee Soo Yeon still? If he’s still waiting and she doesn’t come, that means she’s discarded him. She offers to go right now for the DNA test.

Jung Woo stands up and says it’s not necessary. He’s waited 14 years and he can wait longer. He remembers everything about Soo Yeon, that it was 108 steps from her house to the street lamp. Even if she doesn’t come he will not give up. She’s wrong – waiting and she’s still not there isn’t because she doesn’t want to come, it means she’s still on her way. He ends the conversation and leaves with tears in his eyes.

Soo Yeon can’t believe he still remembers everything, while Hyung Joon looks concerned.

Jung Woo goes to the parking garage and keeps thinking whether Zoe is Soo Yeon. He hears the police officers discuss who has reason to hate the rapist and his partner suggests Lee Soo Yeon, who might still be alive.

They investigate further and find out the rapist used a cellphone from France.

Han Tae Joon and his secretary are waiting for Hyung Joon at a restaurant and he calls from home, where he is playing pool, and lies that he can’t make it due to a car accident. Evil Dad is annoyed and Hyung Joon just casually apologizes. Soo Yeon brings him a glass of juice and he shushes her.

Turns out the dry ice used to hurt the rapist was mailed to his house and addressed to him. But the sale record shows that it was purchased by Soo Yeon’s mom, which Jung Woo says must be a mistake.

When approached, Mom cries and tells the cops to arrest her. She’s wanted that guy dead many times. She’s worried about Jung Woo and says he’s like her son and if anything happened to him she won’t be able to live.

Jung Woo looks at the CCTV footage and sees a woman driving a car wearing a baseball cap, and it’s Soo Yeon. He starts to cry.

Hyung Joon is in his secret room, which had a framed picture of his mother and lots of files and the CCTV feed of the entire house. He takes off the necklace his mom gave him and he cries when thinking of how he escaped the dogs and seeing his mom locked up. He puts on the cross necklace and goes outside when he hears Soo Yeon calling him.

Hyung Joon walks out and Soo Yeon comes in with two pairs of shoes asking for Hyung Joon’s opinion. Hyung Joon wants to give her a present since today is her last day in Seoul.

He takes off his necklace and places it around her neck.

Hyung Joon then leans in to kiss her and Soo Yeon tenses a bit and allows it only to turn her head at the last moment.

Hyung Joon smiles and says its alright, he will wait for her any time.

The party begins and Han Tae Joon arrives and sees Hyung Joon’s back and the cane. Secretary says the man is younger than he expected. When Hyung Joon turns around, Evil Dad is shocked to see it was the kid on the bike who almost ran him over.

He notices that Hyung Joon’s leg is injured and walks over to greet him. The two men shake hands and Hyung Joon gives his name as Harry. This scene is so hilarious because this look on Hyung Joon makes him look like he’s 12 years old and playing pretend with his dad.

Hyung Joon sits down and Soo Yeon frets over his injured leg. He smirks and she asks why? Hyung Joon tells her to look to her left and she sees Han Tae Joon staring at them. She asks him who that man is, he makes her spine shiver? Hyung Joon asks if she wants him to go teach Evil Dad a lesson. This doesn’t bother her and when something does scare her she’ll tell him.

Jung Woo’s partner checks the phone records and says the last number dialed was to Hyung Joon’s house and learns that Hyung Joon took away the CCTV box. At the party, Evil Dad keeps staring at Hyung Joon and Zoe, and the camera keeps focusing on the key necklace she is wearing. Hyung Joon moves to take Zoe away when Jung Woo shows up.

Thoughts of Mine:

When I watch MY I find myself really noticing a lot of visual details at the expense of a story progression that tries my patience. I notice Yoon Eun Hye clothes and her every lipstick change. I notice Yoo Seung Ho’s watches and his shoes. I notice Yoochun’s make up bruises on his face. While the drama is admittedly still pretty to look at, having that be the first thing to engage my viewing interest is never a good thing. The rapist investigation is bordering on a farce, and the fact that a bajillion coincidences are about to tie it to Soo Yeon leaves me clucking already over why this drama can’t just be about her coming back to Korea and facing her demons once and for all. Not that she needs to, because I don’t believe getting over a shared trauma necessitates the participants to go through therapy together. It’s like saying the survivors of a plane crash need to get together and work through their issues. I would prefer the writer take out all the murders, deaths, revenge plots, and focus on healing the characters not through outlandish plot contrivances but through sincere interactions.

Once again the scenes in the hybrid Lee home really stole the episode. Jung Woo, Ah Reum, Eun Joo, and Soo Yeon’s mom together act like people and communicate like normal human beings. Once outside of that cocoon they are start acting wonky again, especially Jung Woo. I really disliked how forceful he was with Soo Yeon, and don’t get me started with the grabbing her shoulders to steer her off or grabbing her hand in the restaurant. What happened to no means no. I don’t care if he thinks she secretly wants it or even likes it, but he has no right to get all up in her personal space. Especially since she repeatedly voices her displeasure at it. I feel like Jung Woo has been living for 14 years over HIS guilt, and meeting Soo Yeon his first act is to do what HE wants, namely to see her and talk to her and push himself back into her life. Can’t he see that she appears just fine, with a rich fiancée and a fashion designer career. Yes, he can atone, but can’t he let her decide what she wants from him before pressing forward with what he wants to do?

I guess what really makes Hyung Joon-Soo Yeon work for me is their level of candid communication and trust with each other on their feelings (though he’s keeping the whole “imma avenging my mother” bit secret from her). It’s clear she’s not ready to get all intimate with him and that averted kiss is likely not the first time. But I don’t have a problem with that, because she is a rape victim and if she needs more time before getting romantical with Hyung Joon, then I appreciate that he gives it to her. What’s more telling is how comfortable she is with real intimate skinskip, the kind where she puts her legs on his and the full bodied hugs. Clearly she’s still scared of sexual intimacy, but she’s already got the emotional intimacy with Hyung Joon to ground her. I think this story really has potential on addressing issues of anger and resentment, but the execution is so far just weighing it all down while the actors try to raise it back up.

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Missing You Episode 8 Recap — 150 Comments

  1. Thanks for your recaps, Koala!

    I have to admit, I find myself fast forwarding all scenes except SY-HJ. They are srsly the only reason that I keep watching this ridiculous drama. I was quite annoyed with Jung Woo, and this is not a way for me to start rooting for the supposed OTP that still doesn’t quite make sense to me.

    My ship will sink but I’m going down with it. However, I’m probably going to cry buckets when Soo Yeon “leaves” Hyung Joon. Just watching him try to run to her and couldn’t because of his bum leg saddened me.

    • When he started to get anxious that really got me in the gut. He’s always so calm and cool but when it comes to Soo Yeon, its like she activates him to feeling mode when he’s had to be in control mode his entire life to survive and succeed until now.

      • I love the way YSH is acting his part in this drama. The thought that runs rampant, is when did he get so manyly and damn attractive? Clearly, I should be locked up for having some pedo thoughts, lol.

        Anyway, I digress. I really don’t understand the writer’s thoughts or which direction she’s going. I appreciate Yoochun’s acting in this drama but his character just didn’t grab me and now it’s just such a major turn off. Even though I felt really bad for him when HJ and SY were toying with him, I draw the line at manhandling and being too grabby. The stalker-like tendencies isn’t helping.

        Watching HJ leaning over to kiss her and her clear rejection, that look on that boy’s face completely killed me. I wonder if I have the willpower to keep watching train wreck that’s bound to happen.

  2. I am with Na Ra. What you said is all your own feeling and conjecture, which I guess this blog is about and I wholly disagree but I will say thank you for the recap. I would thank you for the pictures but you really only post nice pics of SY-HJ, which is disappointing. I think I will have to find another place to read recaps because I find myself getting angry reading yours all the time and that’s not the way I want to feel. Because although you don’t like it, the writing or where the story is heading (why pretell are you still watching then??) there are some drama fans out here that do like it. So annyoung (spelled wrong I’m sure)…

    • I did say from the outset that I was only recapping the Hyung Joon-Soo Yeon scenes from MY, though I ended up recapping more. But ultimately I’ve never led anyone to believe my recap would focus on Jung Woo. I write it for myself, and I want to read about and discuss HJ-SY.

      • I’m sorry for my harsh comment.

        If you only recapping the Hyung Joon-Soo Yeon scenes, why does the title go to Missing You Episode 8 recap? You should write Hyung Joon-Soo Yeon’s scene on Episode 8 recap or something. I remember when you wrote about Bu Bu Jing Xin recap, you clearly wrote a recap for specific scene.

      • @mimi: you’re right. This blogger should have titled this that way so that people who happen to bypass here won’t be misguided by her…

      • @mimi and @grace2 I agree with u. Her recap title is so misleading. She should have written HJ and SY scenes recap instead and shouldn’t have lured readers. No wonder her blog has bad reputation.

      • @mimi

        I don’t think you read my reply. I started off intending to write recaps of only HJ-SY scenes but I ended up recapping the entire episode. I recapped every scene. I don’t see the need to retitle my recap (setting aside my prerogative to title as I see fit) since that would be misleading.


        How did you end up bypassing my blog? Did you get lost on the way to somewhere? Was I merely a stop on your route and you were lured here? Please do share because I’m curious.

        @ hahaha

        I have a bad reputation? AWESOME! Please clarify what exactly you mean by “bad”.

        ——–> Am I infamous? Like Al Capone.

        ——–> Am I unreliable? Like Fox News.

        ——–> Am I terribly inept at what I do? Like Will Hung at singing (but then my sheer ineptitude makes me loveable).

        ——–> Am I cluelessly thinking I’m cool but I’m not? Like Rebecca Black. So maybe instead of writing I should have my parents bank me to produce my own single. I title it “I Don’t Really Miss Dramas on Tuesdays” or something like that.

        ——–> Am I living in my own world? Like Karl Rove on election night.

        ——–> Am I issuing decrees that my edicts cannot be challenged in the court of judicial opinion? Like Mohammed Morsi. Or at least until a new drama comes along, much like Egypt gets a new constitution.

        What kind of “bad” am I in the reputation department? There is an entire spectrum of bad reputations ranging from Hitler to Lindsay Lohan. Or you could mean “bad” in the “you naughty minx” sort of way, in which case I can say I never accidentally had a sex tape leaked so my reputation has not been sullied. 🙂

  3. Thank you for your recap…Koala…I have to concur with @Na Ra and Mellissa that I do not agree with your recap…
    I just finish watching it raw, and I was hoping to come here and make sense of it all since I don’t understand korean…
    Unfortunately, I couldn’t get pass the first few sentences, so much of your JW’s dislike too apparent…
    Of course it’s your blog and it’s your prerogative,…but I was just hoping for some objectivity at least in the recaps themselves, then your own thoughts later in the end…
    I guess I will have to wait for the subs, then come back here to participate in the discussion…Thanks anyways…I still love your blog.

    • Hi sogazelle.

      I don’t hate Jung Woo. I just don’t think he’s right for Soo Yeon. And I did hate all his very forceful actions towards Soo Yeon in this episode. I hate men who touch, grab, and move a woman without her explicit consent. He did that so much in the beginning of this episode I was truly stunned to see him behaving so inappropriately and really a huge turn off. It’s not romantic, he was behaving like a jackass. That was a big No No for me, and I would think as a woman we want to have the right to tell a guy to back off and give us personal space and don’t touch us unless we allow it.

      • Perhaps because from the start, you have already sided your feelings towards SY-HJ?? That’s why you feel extremely angry when JW did what he did to SY? Perhaps it won’t feel that bad it HJ played the “JW” character?

        Haha.. just my two cents ;p

      • I felt the same way. I love Micky, but I dont watch this drama for him. The stalking I kind of get, he is trying to keep himself in her life and doesn’t want to lose what might be his only chance to make things right with her, but the manhandling… that was out of character for JW whose a respected cop.

      • @ Tien. The JW character is badly written. Any wrist grab written in a drama has to evoke sexual tension. This one didn’t.

        JW is not an easy character to play. Infact it’s a more difficult character to play than HJ. HJ is the typical revenge-drama hero. YSH adds a little vulnerability to it, that’s all. JW has so much negetive baggage and he has to make the audience love him despite it.

        A really good actor might be able to play the character differently and set a different mood with his glances or his body language. And I’m not sure there are many actors who can do that.

        Veterans actors actually can ask for thier scenes rewritten. Yoo Ah In did that a lot in SKKS. This is probably why Geol-oh was loved so much.

  4. You know, I am hesitating watching this one because what I read about JW’s interaction with SY made my blood boil.
    I am curious if you think the writers:
    ➛ Don’t give a rat’s ass about SY’s PTSD and think that JW getting all controlling with her is just his way of showing love?
    ➱ We are going to see a JW who keeps doing these insensitive things to SY until she finally breaks down in front of him, terrorized, and he sees the error of his ways?
    ➨ They actually ARE showing us that JW is kinduv a selfish jerk who will never get his first love back?

    I did have high hopes that the childhood rape wasn’t just a makjang check-off, and that it would be developed intelligently and sensitively.

    I feel bad if these actors have to get through this script – working their tails off to tell a weak and eventually frustrating story.
    That is usually OK if we are dealing with a silly rom-com, and you can pass if off as light entertainment treated lightly. But when you are using such heavy plot points, there is a lot more at stake for the audience.
    I will probably watch this whole series, because of the actors, but I will probably complain the whole time.

    Is that OK?

    • I know! It’s insane that they are writing Jung Woo like his feelings matter more than hers. Hyung Joon backs off, Jung Woo just barrels forward. Hyung Joon always reaches out for her and allows her to come to him. Jung Woo grabs her. I FUCKING HATE THAT. I am sad the writer is going there with Jung Woo. I really like his desire to be a good person and make amends. I hate how he goes crazy around Soo Yeon and throws proper behavior out the window.

      He seriously acts like he doesn’t remember that she is a rape victim and he invades her personal and emotional space time and again. Even after she says to let go and leave her alone. He needs to give the girl space and not get all up in her grill all the time. Ugh. All he does all day long is mope about how much guilt he has. I wish he would just spend his days at home or in the police station where he doesn’t act like a moron and instead is a very cool guy that I can totally root for.

      • And what makes it really super creepy was that weird smile he had when he was holding the umbrella like, “I know you really like this.” Shudder…
        Makes me wanna wash my eyes…Yech!

        Not sure if there are groups who would protest this, but I guess if the ratings are not great, that shows people in SK are not comfortable with the story either.

      • I don’t get it either he should back-off and give her space due to the fact she has been violated in the worst way.

      • I’m a lurker that felt compelled to write a response.

        First of all, thanks for recapping this drama, it has helped a lot with my watching the drama before subs come out.

        Second, I think that Jung Woo was still not 100% certain that SY was really SY in the beginning. He thinks she is, then he has some doubts after she says she’s not, then she does these things to make him think again, but then HJ and SY purposely tell him she’s not SY. Jung Woo may have approached her in the beginning a few times, but that’s because the person he was looking for for 14 long years shows up (or at least he thinks it’s her) and he wants to confirm if it’s her or not. But then she keeps deliberately acting like she’s not SY, but then comes to him saying to be secret friends and deliberately doing things that remind him of SY, and then approaches him again to further her “revenge” on him, and then SY and HJ “play” with him letting him stand out in the cold when SY herself asks JW to meet her. I think at that point, he seems to think it really is SY after seeing the video of the car accident, but he can’t make sense of the way she’s acting, the lies, the pushing and pulling, the facade HJ is also trying to play up, which adds to more questions. It’s not that he forgot about her rape incident, not at all, and I don’t get how people are getting that impression. I get the sense that when he talked with his sister about how SY would have acted, he wanted to see if it was possible that SY was really her and that the way she was acting made sense. Once she confirmed she would have been very angry, etc., he seemed to get it. It’s just all confusing. I mean, the girl that was raped and then disappeared all those years ago suddenly shows up and pretends she’s not who she is yet deliberately tries to do things that leaves little doubt she’s really her just to irk the person, but she and her “fiance” still keep up the facade she’s not her? How can’t JW find that confusing…

      • @Shiku, wish he did without the wrist-grabbing, but the taunting that SY and HJ were doing to JW was bad as well. Even if JW thinks he deserves hate (but really, he does not deserve the way they treated him), he has his limits to taking it. That’s why he threw back the taunting words of SY, the “be my friend” taunt, he seemed like he was giving it back. And she continues to give it to him as well (you free tomorrow?). It’s sad that they’re at the antagonistic stage with each other, and I know why SY is doing this to JW (she thought he abandoned her completely), but it still does not make it right. If we’re going to complain about JW, we can’t let SY and HJ off the hook for any of their wrongdoings as well. Heck, HJ has to find out he killed an innocent person and make amends to the girl he orphaned (who, btw, is such a wasted character now when she was a cool kid).

      • @lol HJ was trying to get away from a man he thought was working for his half-brother. Can you blame him for being weary after being unleashed dogs, seeing his mum die and being kidnapped for money. He was only 8 years old but he will pay for his mistake in due time.

        However, HJ was there when SY needed him. He didn’t leave her for dead unlike someone else. He found a way for both him and SY to survive.

        SY shouldn’t toy with JW but I don’t blame her. This was the guy she loved, the guy she tried to save without thinking of her personal safety, the guy who saw her be raped and the guy who left her alone with the beast who had raped her (the second time he left her when she needed him). She is entitled to feel angry and want to lash out. What JW has experienced pales miserably to what she had to go through and what she still has to go through for the rest of her life!

      • @Shiku, and JW was the one who saved HJ when he was caught in the fire (he busted the door open injuring himself to get him out). And yes, HJ helped SY. And yes, I know exactly why HJ “killed” the cop, but he still cannot get off scot free for that even if it was a “mistake”. And the first time JW ditched SY, that’s because he just learned her father was a murderer. He was in shock like SY knew he would be, she knew he would leave, what she didn’t expect was him to wise up and learn the error of his ways and befriend her again. The second time he left her he was shocked by what happened to her and afraid for his life, it was seriously all too intense, it was a split second bad decision he made to run for it, but my gosh, it was a human mistake that we should not punish JW for for his whole life. He thought they would kill him. HJ may have saved SY from the nurse killing her, but he knew the nurse needed him for the money and wouldn’t kill him, he even mentioned it to her. Totally different situations here. The whole blame goes to the darned rapist and the adults that started this whole thing. And we are not doing the comparing traumas thing to see how someone should be treated. Of course SY had it worse than JW, and as I said, I understand why SY is doing it, but again, it does not make it right how she and HJ are treating JW. Once SY finds out the truth, she will also think it wasn’t right. It’s from her comments, where she was kinda surprised that JW would remember so much about SY when she thought he had completely abandoned her not caring for her. It may seem I feel more badly about JW than SY or HJ, but that’s not the case. I can write a whole page about how SY and HJ were wronged in life and how pitiful they are, but this website is mostly talking about JW’s faults and not SY and HJ’s, so I thought I should defend JW here.

        We can agree to disagree. The fact is, all three leads are flawed, they all have done bad things, the actions of the adults have negatively affected all three of them, the adults should get what’s coming to them.

      • Where did I say HJ gets away scot-free? I clearly wrote he would still have to pay for that.

        JW wasn’t there for SY when it counted and HJ was, no matter how you try to rationalize it.

      • @Shiku, again, different situations. If HJ and SY were both kidnapped and the guys were going to kill them both with HJ knowing they will not keep him alive, I would not be surprised at all if HJ ran as well since he’s been running from the bad guys for a long time. But again, agree to disagree.

    • WHY U people overreacting like JW as well?

      Too be honest, JW interaction w/ SY wasn’t even extreme as y’all put it. I’ve seen worst when it comes to guy grabbing the girl & expecting us audience to think it’s “romantic.” In JW defense, he just found out Zoe might actually be SY & he was trying everything he can to have a conversation w/ her. Unfortunately, SY wasn’t having any of it & it was only logical (in JW mind) that he should use force then.

      The scenes after show that JW knew what he did wasn’t proper (per his conversation w/ his sister)& he did reflect on it. Also, he’s dealing the situation calmly knowing that SY has HJ now, because his follow up scenes were more towards the case that he’s working. Seriously, this boy can not get anymore human than this.

      SY & HJ are written as such perfect human being (despite being put in such horrible situation). They both should just return back to their own perfect little world while they still can.

      • Omo. Don’t be so emotional.

        The point is not the wrist grabbing. It is common in k-drama but how JW didn’t respect Zoe or if he believe even 50% she is SY to RESPECT her feelings and space as a WOMAN if not as a HUMAN. It is simple. No woman like to treated like that.

      • I dont think JW is treating SY that bad. As much as i love Yoo Seung Ho, i think HJ is relationship with SY is more like sister-brother relationship. HJ is her savior, friend and brother, but not a lover. But her curiosity towards JW is a affection. Although her mind is refusing to acknowledge, her heart is going towards JW.

    • LOL..stop it already..thats why we call this kind of thing a drama…all of u should be rational..sometimes i kind of agree with @lol, its not like JW wish to be apart with SY for 14 years and its not like JW didnt try to find SY when she’s missing..so just go with the flow..it doesnt matter if it JW or HJ, SY will end up with..lets watch together and cheer up.

      p/s : silent reader before and forgive my broken english

      • Your English is fine. And yes, I will take your advice and stop talking about this matter now. Though when you say “let’s watch together and cheer up”, it’s hard to be cheery about this drama, ha ha.

      • hehe..ikr..but like ahreum said..if SY knew JW not living well either SY wouldnt do the all the revenge things. So cheer up, we know where this drama are heading to. =)

    • I disagree with @ lol. As much as both SY and Harry taunting JW it is not much and they know when to STOP unlike JW. He pushed, again and again. Didn’t know the limit and when to give space. That irked me the most.

      I personally believe JW has believe it is 99% Zoe is Sy therefore he said, he will wait. But the force, stalking etc doesn’t help.

      Even if he 50% uncertain to put the possibility that she is SY he can’t treated SY like that. Forceful, being selfish about his feeling etc. She is a victim of rape and the memory of being abounded after that is very harsh reality therefore, he need to understand the situation more before talking about feelings, guilt, missing, loving etc.

      If he is still 15 years old, i can tolerate but he is grown up man now who should know how to RESPECT woman. Either it is Zoe, SY or other.

      Apart from that, without SY around him, JW is very reasonable, thought thick-head but smart man and acting like human. He know even how to respect woman when dealing other than SY.

      I think that is writing problem of the character and storyline execution.

    • Why you don’t give any comment when Soo Yeon did some insensitive things to Jung Woo on episode 7?

      On Ep 8, Jung Woo grab Soo Yeon’s shoulder. on ep 7, Soo Yeon grab Jung Woo’s wrist to write her number.
      On Ep 8, Jung Woo follow Soo Yeon to the boutique, on ep 7, Soo Yeon go to police station to meet Jung Woo, though Jung Woo already give a hint that he didn’t want to meet her (he didn’t write his phone number to Soo Yeon’ wrist)

      If you say Jung Woo is selfish, so you could say Soo Yeon is selfish too. Vice versa.

      And Soo Yeon initiated this first on episode 7, and she already said that to Hyung Joon that she wanted to torment Jung Woo.

      I agree with Ms.Koala said : It’s insane that they are writing Jung Woo like his feelings matter more than hers.

      So it’s also insane that they are writing Soo Yeon like her feeling matter more than his, on episode 7. Truthfully, I’m so happy when I see Soo Yeon tormented Jung Woo like that.

      Like everybody said, that every character here is flawed, so I think the writer want to show both character on equal way.

      That’s my two cents 🙂

  5. Usually i like the second quarter from a drama.which is started from ep 8 because the development of the OTP love story start from there.but now i getting anxious about ep 9 and the rest in this drama because i guess it’s time for SY-JW love story and SY will leave from HJ side :(.

  6. I usually disagree with Koala to the point I kinda hate her recap lol.

    I didn’t like her view on 49Days, didn’t get what’s so good with Lie to Me, and didn’t agree with her on Big story. Especially Big. I mean how could you snatch someone else women who is in coma because he saved your life!

    Anyway, in I Miss You, I agree with her wholeheartedly. People may have different opinions but it’s really difficult to root for JW. He is clearly a selfish jerk who didn’t care at SY feelings at all.

    I don’t get how come 14 years of ‘intimate’ relationship (not the long distance one like MQ) will lose to a abrupt first love story + rape memory.

    I just can’t help but to think JW as a creepy bastard with a couple of extra points above the rapist since both men force themselves on SY.

    • yeahh,,,
      about IMY,,i do agree with dear koala’s thoughts..
      i said many times in this blog,that i really really agree with this..
      well,,many different opinions,,many point of views,,those are okey for me..everyone has her/his right.. ^_^v

      i really dont like how jungwoo *well,insist maybe* to get in zoe’s new life again,,after they reunited with some 15yrs old memories with many scars within… it’s true that in the beginning zoe wanna torture him,, but then she knows she dont have so much power *yet* even harry knows that,,..but jungwoo doesn’t.. well,,maybe bcoz those feelings about longing n missing sooyeon really make him kinda blind n then acts like sweet old friend who dying of happiness to be reunited and does skinship with her with smiles freely… that’s kinda…well,,selfish..is the right words to describe that…

      just my opinion
      dear koala,,fighting!! ^_^b

    • Me too. I disagree almost everything of her recaps since it is very strong or negative but for the first time I agree. Lie To Me, Mary Stayed Out, Nice Guy, Big. Plus she dislike Arang which I love wholeheartedly.

      I Miss You still in my watch list. I never know what reason I watch since i didnt watch the child episodes. I started with ep 5 but it pull me in.

      Thanks koala

  7. thank you so much.. and i woke up earlier for this! hahaha.. it’s really something 😀

    i don’t care about the lead actor or else, i still hope Zoe will end up with Harry..


  8. first of all, thank you so much for taking the time to recap this ms. koala! It is much appreciated 🙂
    secondly, everyone is entitled to their own opinion about a drama… if you dont agree, nobody is forcing you to read this recap. although there are points that i agree and disagree with ms. koala, i find it extremely enlightening to see the episode from her point of view.
    cant wait for more recaps 🙂

  9. I haven’t watched this drama from the beginning so this is my opinion from reading the recaps but I can get why SY might still be drawn to JW.
    JW gives me a sense of warmth/compassion whereas HJ gives off this cold vibe, maybe because we don’t know what he is thinking most of the time.
    And yes it was rotten for JW to run away but I think that the fact that he decided to be SY’s friend when she was being shunned and bullied as a murder’s daughter is also a pretty big deal. Anyone who has experienced that kind of dynamic in school knows that takes GUTS. Yes HJ saved SY but he really didn’t have anything to lose. JW on the other hand threw away status and family for SY. At that age status among classmates means a lot.
    Maybe the age difference is still messing with me but I still just can’t see the chemistry between HJ and SY. The thought of them sleeping together seriously feels weird.
    I get the feeling that the writer might have wanted to write a more low-key story but the powers behind the drama insisted on makjang for ratings. Maybe King of Dramas is coloring my view.

    • @ Briana
      I agree with you on this. Even though it was wrong for JW to leave (but totally understandable considering the circumstances and he did go seek help), JW made the decision to befriend SY even when she was a total outcast at school. This action speaks volumes. It seems like people keep overlooking the fact that JW was indeed SY’s first and only friend in school. It’s true that HJ saved SY but like what Briana has said, he had nothing to lose.
      And yes, I think they went overboard with the lipstick lol. Very distracting indeed. Can even see it on HJ and JW, although not as bright.

      • me three… and i only comment on this one cuz it’s kinda light, well compared to all the JW-SY-HY commentaries. lols. 🙂 thank you koala sis for the great recaps, it brightens up my rather hectic and overloaded schedule and there seems no light at the end of the tunnel for this work… yet. 🙂 tho i won’t miss on making you new banners still. 🙂

      • @jomo, I don’t know what Korean cosmetics companies there are, but one of them should seriously market a “melodrama” lipstick, choosing from colors of intense pink or red. For those seeking a more subtle lipstick, “rom-com” (because I don’t remember rom-com characters wearing intense lip colors).

      • I notice it’s always the bad girls with darker red lipstick. If my screen isn’t broke LSY lipstick is  a very intense pink…so is the drama trying to tell us that she isn’t quite bad but not quite good either? *lol*

  10. thanks for the recap Captain!

    im with you on your views of the story. i just wished that SY allowed HJ to kiss her AND THEN pull back 😉

  11. I love your blog!!! I totally agree with you, in this drama I only focus on the scenes with HJ and SY. Please continue to recap missing you <3

  12. I am veryyyyyyyyyyyyy grateful for your recaps but I think you are over analyzing . Its OK with me I don’t care I sometime skip the analyzing part and focus on the recap but sometimes you analyze in a hidden way between the lines we are watching a drama with all its sadness it still a fairytail kinda story like nice guy with the genius in every field song jong ki . But dont mind as long as you recap analyze away. thnx

    • thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with your recaps I have more time for studying I shelved allot of dramas through you recaps for the holidays thanks again

  13. Thanks Koala for this recap.

    I have a friend who loved her boyfriend so deeply. Their love was so passionate that when they broke up, she looked into guys with the same character as him. They couldn’t forget each other, so even as they met someone else, eventually they went back to each other. However, they broke up again early this year, and few months later she got engaged with someone else. And now already married and happy together.

    What I want to say is, first love is unforgettable but not everyone end up marrying their first love. A passionate love, its good to have it. But sometimes a relationship with mutual understanding and trust, filled with love and compassion is better for a long term happiness. There’s a saying ‘Choose someone who loves you more than you love him’.

    Zoe is not comfortable to talk about her past so Harry just merely respect her wish. She’s still frightened and vividly remembers the rape incident, but I’m sure any victim who experience that will not be able to forget also. She hasn’t completely healed yet but she’s definitely slowly recovering. Now she’s able to move on with her life, live like normal people, feeling happy, be in a relationship and become a successful person, I think that’s all that matters. And its all thanks to Harry.

    Jungwoo abandoned her during her life-death situation and her mom once asked people to take her away and left her when she was beaten by her father, while I pity them, I understand SY not wanting to return back to that past. I hope everything can clears up so SY will know that those people do love her and have been searching for her but I still think HJ makes the best life partner for her. Too bad he also has that revenge matters in his hand, *sigh* everything is just so messed up. If only, he could let go of the revenge and live together with SY in France, but that will become another drama then haha

  14. I echo what everyone else said. I know some readers think that we are blind followers of Capt Koala 🙂 but we all do have different opinions on different shows. I respect all of Capt K’s posts as she writes with a lot of passion for those things that appeal to her. I like that, regardless of whether or not I got the same view while watching the same material. For the record, Big and NG did not register with me, but LTM and IMY, I am total agreement. Thank you Capt K for expressing what you were thinking about IMY, which is exactly what I was thinking.

    To me, Jung Woo sort of is this strange character when he’s around SY. I too thought he was really forceful around SY and I thought it was just a cultural thing. I see that a lot in dramas or maybe it’s just a drama thing. In any case, I feel like it’s more inexcusable for him b/c he knows she was a rape victim. Some of things, his expressions, did really creep me out a little. And it just doesn’t seem in line with the character that interacts with her mom or even the detective part of him.

    I still can’t see why SY would ever go back to JW. It just boggles my mind a bit. One thing is for sure, a lot more people are going to get hurt before this is all over.

  15. Thanks for the RECAP!!!

    I don’t think Zoe is doing things to purposefully hint to JW that she is LSY at least not so much with her movements. Now, her words on the other hand “secret friend” is another story. I think she moves and fidgets like LSY because well…she IS LSY lol. She even says to Harry how surprised she is that JW remembers so much. I think now it may be more purposefully done to hurt him, but in the beginning I don’t think she was conscious of it. Generally speaking, people are more aware of other people’s habits (putting pens in your mouth, always turning left when someone calls your name, doing the times tables to focus or calm your mind) more so than their own habits. Remember how surprised Young JW was to read about his own habits in LSY diary?
    I also don’t like how JW handled Zoe and though I can understand his frustration and impatience his feelings in the matter are truly irrelevant. But, I will say I do like how the writer has kept this trait consistent with his character. JW has a habit of reacting (often badly) first and then thinking and reviewing second. When he found out LSY was the child of a murder his first instinct was to ignore her and step away. After, some thought and inner turmoil he decided to be a bigger and better person. Soo Yeon already being generous of nature didn’t hold his faltering against him and accepted his friendship. When she was raped his first instinct was to run, so he did. After some thought and none too little guilt he tried to save/find her. After, manhandling her and using the yellow umbrella kind of like a weapon (whether that was his intention or not, to bring back an artifact of a bittersweet past and literally shove it in her is akin to striking her with a blunt object); he goes on to ask his sister how LSY would feel right now about him. Something he obviously didn’t consider when he approached her that morning. JW is a good guy, but impulsive. Just as he took his friend mistaking his father’s secretary for his father as a sign to return to Korea instead of just a…misunderstanding he often jumps the gun and allows his initial feelings to dictate his reactions.
    What I hope he will come to understand that this story isn’t (or shouldn’t just be about!) about his feelings or his dedication to LSY. Its about accepting the loss of who she was and facing that loss directly and moving past that to be a better person. She never let her life as a murder’s daughter change who she was as a person. She was always brave. She tried to save JW from bullies at school,HJ from a fire, her mother from angry neighbors, JW from kidnappers. I want to see her be brave enough to save herself and not just wallow in feelings of abandonment (even though I totally get why she would lol) I want to see her fight to take back her life as LSY and not let one person (whether it be the rapist or JW) or one awful experience ruin the rest of her life. I LOVE Harry and I love her with Harry, but she’ll never see him as anything, but the boy who stayed if she doesn’t let go of the one who didn’t.

    • @T

      I can understand his frustration and impatience his feelings in the matter are truly irrelevant. But, I will say I do like how the writer has kept this trait consistent with his character. JW has a habit of reacting (often badly) first and then thinking and reviewing second. ———-> I totally agree that his character personality has remained consistent. Therein begs the question – shouldn’t he have learned from the past and grown up now? Learned to put himself in her shoes? He did it later in his convo with Ah Reum, which showed he can see how she must feel. But earlier he just bulldozed her into getting into the car and taking her somewhere. So not cool in my book.

  16. I have many complaints with the writer but my top complaint is

    Why did she make JW act so aggressively with SY? Does she want to show us that he’s not a gentleman? He’s already low enough on the heroic scale, does she want us to really lose our respect for him completely? Because its true that SY did flirt with him, but once she said ‘get away from me’, a gentleman would head her word. Now, there are so many dramas in which the lead is in no way gentlemanly. Forced kisses, wrist grabbing, forced hugging, etc etc. But somehow that maybe kinda works in other dramas. Because in other dramas the hero doesn’t have to overcome the fact that he left SY (to possibly die) and ran away. So, here it just makes me cringe.

    I hated JW’s interactions with SY. but what I really hated even more is when he asked his sister how SY would behave. “She’ll be angry right? She’d tell me to get lost. right?” I hated it because it gave me the feeling that he’s congratulating himself on figuring out that SY would behave that way. This is a classic case of boys who fall in love with girls who don’t give a shit about them. “Hey, She looked at me like this. I know she loves me – but she’s too shy. So i’ll just show her how to accept me – physically.” or worse “She’s mine. So i can do what I want with her physically.” (Any kind of forced physical interaction is demeaning to a woman. Yes, even those small things like wrist grabs and force kisses ARE demeaning. I cannot imagine why the writer does not see this.) The writer might show that SY is affected by JW with her tears and her shock and all that. But no matter what , JW cannot, should not assume that he has a right over her.

    I don’t care that he spent 14 years pining over a girl for whatever reason. Just because he accepted her as a friend at the cost of having other possible friends does not make him hero – in SY’s eyes maybe, but not in mine. SY might have had such a low confidence level to think that the one person who accepts her is God, but JW doesn’t get to think that too.

    There have been many dramas where I loved the second lead more than the hero – but this is the first time that I want to kick the hero.

  17. I love your recaps and interpretations, agree or disagree, they are always well thought out. I        agree with most of what you said except when it comes to JW. If I never read the description of   this drama and just started watching it, I would believe that JW was one of the antagonist instead of the Hero. His pain and guilt are beautifully acted but all seem to stem from his selfishness.     Just like when he abandoned her on her own without trying to go to her he doesn’t seem all that interested in how she feels. Why is the first thought to push himself on her in that disgusting way and try to relieve his own guilt rather than to talk to her, see how she feels ,ask her what the hell happened and how did she end up as Zoe? 

    How am I supposed to buy Harry as the bad guy when he seems to be the only one who treats    her like her own person instead of like an inconvenient daughter, a piece of trash or some longstanding object of teenage affection? Which is basically how everyone else in this drama has treated her.  Is he a bit manipulative? Yep…but so is Zoe. It’s a very common trait among abused         children actually. However, Harry never forces her to do things, he actually listens and takes her feelings into consideration. Dude could kill a few people and still look more heroic than every male in this drama. As far as I am concerned the writer is failing at making JW a relatable hero and making Harry a villain. 

     I don’t buy the fact that Zoe sees Harry as a brother. Who touches their brother *that* much.

    • OMG, B! I think I might have a crush on you. I’m still on the fence about JW but damn if you didn’t articulate perfectly my worries about his character development in this drama.

      Why is the first thought to push himself on her in that disgusting way and try to relieve his own guilt rather than to talk to her, see how she feels ,ask her what the hell happened and how did she end up as Zoe? ———-> Yesyesyesyes! I don’t care if SY keeps insisting she’s not SY. He needs to have normal, non “I’m going crazy” conversations with her. Why isn’t the first thing he asked her “Are you doing well?” followed up with “Are you happy?” and ending with “I am so sorry.” And then let her decide how to react to him.

      Dude could kill a few people and still look more heroic than every male in this drama. As far as I am concerned the writer is failing at making JW a relatable hero and making Harry a villain ———-> Ahahahaha, I LOL’d so hard I almost cried. So true.

      I don’t buy the fact that Zoe sees Harry as a brother. Who touches their brother *that* much. ———-> I don’t know what drama everyone who keeps insisting its just a familiar love is watching, but I have a brother and if I even hugged him the way she hugged HJ the first time in Jeju, our mother would send us to therapy and start watching for incest clues.

      • Haha! Thank you, I love you and your blog so we are even

        “Why isn’t the first thing he asked her “Are you doing well?” followed up with “Are you happy?” and ending with “I’m am so sorry.” And then let her decide how to react to him.”

          Yes!! Why hasn’t he even apologized yet? If he is that sorry he should be begging forgiveness not dragging her all over the street.

        “I don’t know what drama everyone who keeps insisting its just a familiar love is watching, but I have a brother and if I even hugged him the way she hugged HJ the first time in Jeju, our mother would send us to therapy and start watching for incest clues.” 

        Totally agree, my brother and I would both be creeped. Not to mention my mother gave me  the ‘boys can have unexpected accidents’ lecture which guaranteed I would never touch him  in life. 

        I have a feeling that all that touching for zoe is her way of expressing intimacy.

      • Yes yes… me too – thank you all for putting that out in the open. I have a younger brother and seriously, he would, now a full grown adult, seriously still give me that “ewww” look if I hugged him like SY does to HJ, which I would not – as that’s reserved for the hubby.

  18. I don’t understand how anyone would honestly take JW’s behaviour to SY after he learnt her true identity just like that at face value without questioning why he’s acting like that in the first place.

    Does it make any sense that after 14 years of beating himself up over what he did when he was 15, waiting and searching for SY, and tirelessly pursing to catch the real criminals that he’s just gonna turn right around and act out of PURE SELFISH motive and behave forcefully to her once he found her just like that without ANY reason other than just because he thinks he has a chance romantically with her?

    C’mon you guys, I know 99% of the people here are rooting for SY/HJ but you can’t just hate on JW unreasonably.

    His act with SY is a FRONT. It’s not real, he’s acting. He took her cue when she decided to keep her false identity and let SY stay “dead”. He’s treating her as Zoe while knowing she’s really SY which is why he lets slip in is actions and words all these allusions to their past interactions when they were 15. Their both playing a game where their circling around each other and it hurts them BOTH. SY admits that although she started out in order to torment JW, she feels tormented as well. And what JW, in the end, wants most is for her to be brought justice.

    His true intentions were revealed most clearly at two points in this episode. The first was when he swore to the rapist’s brother that he was going to avenge him a 10,000 times for what he and his brother, and the person who masterminded her death did to SY. That’s pretty much his whole raison d’être right there. The second time was when he was in HJ’s house talking to him and SY. People, take note of JW’s response when SY tells him that she was willing to take a DNA test to back up her and HJ’s false backstory: he tells her that the DNA test isn’t necessary because he’s a detective and he could have gone with that option already if he wanted to earlier but he will instead continue to wait for SY to come back patiently, he’s waited all this time so he can wait longer if need be.

    SY tells JW that the “real” SY must have abandoned him (a barbed accusation which reflects her bitterness about 15 year old JW’s action) and JW replies,

    “I waited for 14 years but I will just wait more. There is a street light in front of Soo Yeon’s house. From there to home, it takes 280 steps. If we have been walking away from each other for 14 years, how many steps will it take to get back? You are wrong. If she doesn’t come even if I wait, that doesn’t mean that she abandoned me. That means that she is on her way.”

    He’s still holding on steadfastly to the hope that SY will come back -and by her own free will- to him and to her family. A poignant declaration to SY who, from her actions so far, has chosen to hide from and abandon her life and very identity, which she wished remain dead.

    It’s an interesting thing that her actions right now reflect JW’s 15 years ago. He abandoned her just as she is abandoning her life. His running away from her that night, parallels her present actions now where she is running away from her past.

    Also the theme of waiting is expressed very interestingly in the two men in SY’s life in different ways.

    HJ is waiting for SY to finally respond back in agreement to his desire to consumate their relationship. He’s been pushing for it in a passive-agressive way. HJ tells her that their bound to get married anyway so why not get married now instead of in their 40s or 50s? His stake in the bet that he and SY made over how long JW would wait for her at the river was SY’s hand in marriage. His desire for her is an elephant in the room and it hovers in the background in their interactions with each other. His waiting is a foil for JW’s.

    JW has been waiting for 14 years for SY to come back. He chooses to continue waiting even when he finally sees her again and even after he realized she chose to abandon her past life and identity. I’ve said before in my previous comments that I doubted that he holds much- if any hopes- at all for them to rekindle their romantic relationship and this episode didn’t change that perception. His longing for her is based on his thinking that he drove her away and he was responsible for what happened to her. His need to make amends to her and his sorrow towards her is why she has remained such a driving force for him to this day.

    • @ Sarah

      I know what Jung Woo needs. This is true —–> His need to make amends to her and his sorrow towards her but can you see why that is problematic?

      Why does he think she wants him to make amends to her? Why does he not accept what she says, that Lee Soo Yeon is not coming back. Why does he insist she’s still on her way, when she stands before him telling him in no uncertain terms that she will do anything for Harry and for as much as Jung Woo can’t forget Soo Yeon’s voice, that is how much she cannot forget Harry’s voice.

      Does that not strike you as Jung Woo imposing what he wants on Soo Yeon? I really am very upset with the writer for making him this way. I wanted him to be understanding and supportive of her new life, not try to make her admit she’s Lee Soo Yeon. I wanted her to slowly realize he’s been living in guilt and making amends in his own way, and to forgive him. Now I am starting to lose my sympathy for him. She’s the victim, he wronged her. He needs to back off and stop imposing what HE wants on her and ask her what SHE wants.

      • I disagree with your view that JW is imposing his will on SY. When did he forcefully confront her about her deception? He has never forced her to admit to being SY. He has never pushed her to do what she has not wanted. He’s only done what she initially wanted when she decided to keep him close to her in order to torture him. He played along with her game. Yes, he knows she hates him for what he did and he’s fully aware that she doesn’t want to face her past because it’s painful for her but don’t you think she deserves to be able to come to terms with what happened and for both of them to find resolution and justice?

        JW did run away and he did leave her behind but he had a choice that night between death and life and he made a very human one. He was a victim as well- that title does not belong to SY alone- and to say that his choice of self-preservation is entirely a black and white issue of him committing a sin against her and her being the victim of his choice is nonsense. In the that scenario where JW had to protect his life, he did a terrible thing, but because of the extenuating circumstances, applications of morality go out the window. Like a person acting out of self-defence who kilsl their attacker, what would normally be a morally wrong choice becomes acceptable because of the extreme situation.

        Now, what SY has done so far has been to run away and hide from the pain and try to bury it. This so has brought her little peace and her ability to function normally now hangs on a delicate balance where HJ is the only support. She lives a life where her very identity is nothing but a memorized story that she parrots out almost mechanically. She has no family and no friends. She cannot forget the past even though she’s lived as another person for the last 14 years. Do you think she’ll be able to be normal and happy in another 14 years continuing down the path she is on right now?

        At the very least, her interactions with JW, while painful (for both of them), forces her to face the problems that haunt her and confront the source of her pain. She has a chance at healing her wounds by dealing with these issues. It was even revealed that, to this day, she still thinks that no one went out to search for her after her disappearance (which explains her extreme attachement to HJ because this paints him as her sole saviour). This is a complete falsehood but it’s a major reason why she continues to hide behind her false identity and reject her true one. JW seeking to keep contact with her will hopefully bring them to a point where they are able to finally work out the issues they have with each other and clear up the all the lies and misunderstandings that have accumulated and built up for the last 14 years.

      • @Sarah

        I am quite the lurker here and I could care less whether SY ends up with JW or HJ. Personally, I think neither is right for her. JW is ridden with guilt about the traumatized experience they both have. At this point in time, I think JW’s obsession with SY is motivated more by guilt than by love. I am not saying that his current self doesn’t love her but that love is exacerbated by the guilt Jung woo continues to carry. If that incident never happen, there is a good chance that they both continue to move on being good friends but not lovers. What keeps the feelings strong is the overwhelming guilt. And for that, I really do feel for JW. He made a snap minute decision for self preservation, something that nobody could really blame him for at a young age. But that doesn’t make him the right romantic partner for her nor does it maker her the right romantic partner for him.

        Of course, neither do I think the relationship between SY and HJ is healthy. I personally think two lonely people doesn’t make happy company, it brings despair most of times. But the drama portray them finding sweet comfort in each other- to the point that I think is extremely unhealthy. She needs more than just one person in her life to help her move on. She actually need friends, family, and the whole shebang.Plus, a raging avenger never makes a good boyfriend.

        That being said, I agree with you that SY is running away instead of truly confronting her past. I think Jung Woo pushes her to do. My problem is not the fact that Jung woo is pushing her to confront her past, but more on the fact of how he is doing it. There is a way that the writer portrayed JW that makes the character seems like he is still a 15 year old boy pushing his feelings forth. Just as SY said, “he is still the same as he is at 15yrs old.” It is the way JW does it that makes me feel its all about his guilt and resolving his sadness rather than helping SY confront her past and moving on. That is the crux of my problem with how JW character is written.

        Sincerely, I want SY to confront her past just so she can gain a family, to know that her mother has also been looking for her, to know that ahjusshi died for her, to know that she was missed and loved just as Soo Yeon. That is something that HJ can not (and probably will not) do for her.

        Furthermore, I don’t think we can parallel JW’s decision to leave SY with her decision to let go of her past. If anything, SY, JW, and HJ has been haunted by their past and truly never let go. Which is why I think all three is really off better without each other.

        Just my two pence.

        P.S. What is it about YSH that makes people swoon so badly? Sure the boy is handsome and smoldering hot, but come ppl, he’s a baby!! A BABY!

    • @ Sarah…I’m definitely on your team…I’m one of the rare ones here who differently interpret JW’s actions toward SY…they are both in a game on their own…their own love game…And that was always the premise of the drama: hide and seek; push and pull and I find it fascinating…

      SY has been playing him like a ball: I need a friend; I want to see this and that place; be my secret friend; then when he decided to go along with her game, and add a little spice to it (i’m not talking about the wrist grabbing) missy wants to backoff because she’s no longer in control…hahaha…
      And suddenly when he takes her into her word, he becomes a stalker… come again?

      Of course he’s not going to believe her because he knows she’s been lying through her teeth…
      her refusal to admit she’s SY while he clearly knows she is; the lie Harry and her concocted about who they are…duhhh?…so of course he’s going along with it…girl, you wanna play?…then bring it on…but play like an adult, but don;t be scared if you get hurt…

      I don’t want to sound insensitive here, but is he supposed to treat her like a glass-doll? she’s putting the front that she’s confident and she can play, so let her play…

      The reason why she has not been able to get intimate with Harry is because she has not confronted her past, despite her “efforts” to erase LSY..

      So clearly, her interactions with JW, however people may interpret them will be the catalyst and liberation from her past… No trip to the psyche will help her…she NEEDS the confrontation with JW.

      Just as when people get amnesia ( hello…Nice Guy anyone??), they usually recover their memory through a shock. Clearly denying her past has not help her in the romance department with Harry…

      So as much as people dislike JW’s character, if SY/HJ shippers want them to have a chance in that department, in my opinion, they better wish for her to go through this phase of her life to have a future with Harry..

      At this stage, they could go back to France tomorrow, and zilt will change in their lives…aka no chances of little SY/HJ cuties.

      • @ sogazelle

        lol I’m still not used to this whole division between JW/SY shippers and HJ/SY shippers.. but thanks for your support. 😛

        A point I forgot to address about the whole wrist-grabbing issue which has riled a lot of people up who say that he’s not treating her with the proper respect she deserves as a woman and what have you: I think it’s moot point against JW. It really shouldn’t be taken as a mark against his character because the whole wrist-grabbing thing is a long overused and familiar trope that’s been in countless other K-dramas (Nice Guy for one) and really is more of a cultural thing than a sign that this particular character is a sexist, dominating “jackass”.

        It’s almost become predictable now to expect a backlash from viewers against the male characters that exhibit this behaviour every time the trope is used in a drama. You’d think by now, k-drama watchers would find it a non-issue and maybe targeting the character who used the trope is almost kinda pointless. Anyway, just my two-cents.

  19. After reading all the comments and Koala unni recap. I want to say thank you for recapping it. I have watch it raw and fast forward some part like some JW manhandle SY. To be honest, I was bored of that part in this episode. As it remind me that one part in Secret Garden where it seems that everyone got mad at that one part too. For me, I think JW, SY, HJ should solve all their issues and move on forward and so we can get to see who SY choose at the end. I hope they solve their issues on episode 9 and 10 and start the love triangle again in a sensible and mature way. However, I doubt it. Therefore, I am just gonna watch it raw again and fast forward some parts until it started to make sense again. In another note, I love the musics in this drama. Whoever choose the artists and the songs for this drama is fantastic. I also love the musics too in Nice Guy. Kudos to those who choose awesome artists and songs for ost. =)

  20. Gosh I liove me some Yoon Eun Hye!!! I just want this drama to be finsh so I can watch it in full. 🙁 The conversations that are going on is heating up, and I really dont have much to say. But Hyung Joon and Soo Yeon, Fighting!!! Kdramas never end how I want em to, so…..

  21. I just watched the episode and yes, I didn’t like JW grabbing SY but on the other hand, he knows she was playing him like a fool and he (childishly) decided to take a different tactic to get through to her. It didn’t work and I don’t think that kind of thing should work…

    I’m just getting into Kdramas and I’m not really sure on the culture but grabbing a women in a forceful way when they don’t like it is not something I would personally do. I do not condone it.

    With all of that said, I still can not root for HJ and SY. Their relationship is about as unhealthy as JW and SY’s is. if not more so. They live in this pretend world and the only time they confront things is when they’re apart. Neither grow as a person.. they just stay in a protected shell. It’s great that HJ lets SY make her own decisions and I’m not saying he should force her to confront things like the rape to be upset but she needs help in a way so that any trauma that happens doesn’t make her freak out.

    When JW showed up at the store, SY ignored him, he went outside and SY looked like she was gonna burst into tears.. She has deep abandonment issues. I almost wish the show would focus on that and forget the love triangle. These three are messed up and as much as I want JW and SY together, the healing needs to be done or it’s just not gonna work on any level.

    It’s actually making hate the drama in an odd way…it’s hard to explain but the goal should be to make these people whole, then explore love… not the other way around and not by JW killing himself LOL That just will add more trauma to SY

    • @ Matt…Thank you for your thoughts…It’s refreshing to have a man’s point of view…the wrist-grabbing was a definite no-no…but clearly the protective approach of Harry, although it has been beneficial for her survival has clearly failed to cure her from her innermost trauma that defines her as a woman…
      That’s where I think JW’s confrontational behavior comes in…In a sense, she needs a trauma to heal her trauma…most people might disagree here, but clearly the other alternative has not worked for her…so I guess JW will be the bad guy who will put her through that, but in the end, she will to get her salvation, and a chance to life a full life.

      And I think the writer is doing a fabulous job contrasting the characters of the two men in her life and how they each fit into it (one hurts her, but that hurt forces her to confront her past which will liberates her; the other, she can run to when she’s hurt and he can soothe her), and it’s a combination of these two elements that will make her whole again.

    • I so SO agree with your comment.
      I wish this drama could be about healing instead of revenge and romance. At this point I don’t feel like SY truly loves HJ as a mature adult and vice versa. They are just acting as each other’s security blanket.

  22. True!! I wish the drama addresses the issue of characters’ healing process even more.

    Anyway I found myself withdrawing from this drama. I don’t want to see to any more of the lame storyline and the villains’ evil schemes..

  23. I can never bring myself to like harry because he is the one who caused the death of the nice detective. yes he is nice to su yeon but he is a bad person in general. it’s sad we don’t have other recaps to read besides this biased recap

      • Actually there are about four other websites that’s also recapping this drama and all are YC/JW bias. I personally love this website because its the only one where I could read different views. It is a pity how this website isnt list down on the thread at soompi, I suspect its because the bias love to JW

  24. Whoaaaa… I haven’t watched the drama…
    Well, I only read the recaps, and I’m kinda wondering what makes this drama succeeded in starting “long” hot spicy discussion.. Not only here but also in some other blog.

    *back to reader mode again*

  25. Indeed, this is a very subjective recap. Oh well, it’s your blog.

    Also i find it funny that in JW way of handling SY, some here make it so big to the point of making him the bad guy here. I admit I didnt like it but then it’s clear that he had reflected on it when he’s having a convo with her sister. Well, I guess all the eyes are on JW supposed as wrong moves.

    Anyhow, this drama keeps getting more interesting. Still, thanks for the recap.

  26. hmmm I didn’t expect such a strong reaction towards typical kdrama wristgrabs. In ways JW is almost sure she’s SY, yet if she’s SY she’s quite comfy with all thecome-hithering, flirting and toying with him last ep, initiating skinship, grabbing his hand writing numbers down so forth, I can’t see how he can know this will be traumatizing her. Not saying I like the wristgrab, but I’ll never go as far as fucking hating a quite innocent/ignorant mistake on the hotheaded cop who is one ball of mess himself.

    • I think I’m so bothered because it’s Jung Woo-Soo Yeon having all these interactions. She can mind-screw him all she wants, at the end of the day he wronged her and she did nothing wrong to him. His wrong is made all the worse knowing that she risked her life to follow the kidnappers and try to rescue him, which is how she got placed in danger in the first place. I completely pity young JW and don’t think he did anything wrong, per se, as saving oneself is not inherently a wrong decision. But vis-a-vis what SY did for him, he looks like a coward for running away even more.

      And if we take their back history, the fact that he confronts her, invades her personal space, touches her without her consent, all of that is really offensive to me. He does it because of what he feels, without regard to what she wants/feels/needs.

      I feel like throughout this drama JW’s character keeps thinking about HIS mistake and HIS guilt and HIS atonement. But only in that conversation with Ah Reum did I get a glimpse that he put himself in Soo Yeon’s shoes and considered how she might be feeling today and what she might want.

      I don’t think he did anything egregious but I was disappointed that the writer chose to write him as so hotheaded and not really all that introspective. But at least its consistent – he acts before he thinks.

      I wish he would have thought first about why SY could be acting that way with him before confronting her and then thinking about it. As a hero, I’m not terribly taken with his behavior and personality.

      This is not in any way saying I like Hyung Joon’s personality or his manipulative tendencies. I’m merely saying JW’s actions towards SY in the beginning of episode 8 really rubbed me the wrong way. Especially when he physically put his arms around her and steered her towards his car and she looks very uncomfortable. I don’t care that he thinks she’s SY, which actually makes it worse actually since he of all people knows she’s a rape victim. The fact that she hate-flirted with him before doesn’t give him the right to make physical contact without her consent at that specific instance. Just because a girl came on to a guy earlier doesn’t give him right later to be physically close if she then says no. This is not the world of “I know she doesn’t mind/she wants it”.

      I like JW when he’s with Mom and family and his cop buddies. He’s thoughtful and has a sense of humor and is really sweet. JW with SY is just a self-absorbed idiot.

      • Hi, I’m new here. I’m usually over on Dramabeans but they’re not recapping so here I am. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

        Anyway, I wanted to go ahead and cosign on this reply. I agree with most of what Koala said previously.

        While I have always hated the KDrama Wrist-Grab, I just chalk the entire experience as cultural differences and move on. But this time did feel more offensive because Jung Woo knows/suspects Zoe is a rape survivor as you said. I think the thing that bothered me most was that the whole scene smacked of the “No means Yes” mentality that pervades Rape Culture. While I know South Korean culture is different from mine, I can’t help but view that entire Forced Dinner moment through this lens. Then he says straight to her something like, “I don’t know if you really mean what you say or if you’re lying.” and then decides she doesn’t really mean ‘no’ and drags her off to dinner.

        I was especially uncomfortable after seeing Zoe’s shaking frame/hands when she breaks her composure and smacks Jung Woo across the face. I know they’re going to spin it like it’s her overwhelming love-feelings bubbling up but it just felt wrong to me. She looked like she was on the verge of being triggered again just like when she was in the car and saw her rapist.

        I’m really angry at this drama for presenting me with a relationship like Harry and Zoe’s. One where they listen to each other and share their thoughts with each other. Where she’s incredibly upset and he just holds her hand when she asks. Where he doesn’t protest when one day she says she wants to stay in Korea and the next that she wants to go back to France. When she comes back from a what he knows is a rendezvous with her first love and doesn’t yell at her but asks if she’s ok after her trauma triggered flashback. When she fearfully rejects a kiss and he backs the fuck off immediately and says he can wait however long she wants. Where he continuously supports her financially and emotionally no matter what she does or says.

        Is Harry kind of shady, especially with his secret revenge mission? Yes. Is Harry kind of manipulative? Yes, but not nearly as much as everyone keeps saying and not only with Zoe. (I honestly think, considering his childhood, he has learned to use wile and guile to protect himself and so is a tad manipulative always.) Are Harry and Zoe dangerously codependent? Yes. They could fix that shit with steady therapy and making some other friends. Problem solved.

        It makes me so mad that the writer is going to try and tell me that Harry and Zoe’s relationship is less pure/real/loving than the one where the guy drags her around by her wrist and forces her into cars. Where she’s clearly upset and busy and he just railroads over her protests and makes her have dinner with him. Where he randomly shows up to where she’s shopping or walking and insists on talking at her even though she is in the middle of something else. Even when he first suspected who she might be, the thing he does after 14 years apart is forcefully grab her shoulders and scream in her face to say his name? WTF?! No. That’s not passion, that’s creepy as hell and a definite Deal Breaker.

        And it pisses me off that he’s like that with her when he knows she’s a rape survivor who clearly hasn’t fully healed from her experience from when she was 15. I mean, it’s like the writer gave all the characteristics of an abusive douchebag to Jung Woo and expected me to like him cuz of teen first love and his crippling guilt. I’m sorry, drama, but I don’t give a flying fuck about his guilt driven and selfish man-pain in comparison to Zoe’s real tangible pain.

        I honestly wouldn’t mind if Harry and Zoe don’t become more romantically involved because it is very true their relationship is too dependent on each other. They need time apart and with others before they can really think about romance. But their relationship is not nearly as cockamamie as this farcical first love connection between Jung Woo and Zoe, right now. I generally liked Jung Woo but unless he gets his act together and starts worrying about Zoe’s well-being more than his man-pain, I can’t really even support him as an individual character for a while.

        PS. I use their Western names because they are the characters’ preferred names at the moment. They were forged through blood, tears, and pain. The moment they no longer need an alias as a shield, is the only moment I stop using them.

        PPS. I adore Yoo Seung Ho but know that I am also a Cassie and adore Yoochun as well. But no amount of fan love will make me ignore behavior I deem unacceptable in a character regardless of who’s playing him/her. If Harry and Jung Woo had each other’s personalities, I’d be chewing out Harry in this post just as much.

      • @ravens_nest. I loved this line “I’m sorry, drama, but I don’t give a flying fuck about his guilt driven and selfish man-pain in comparison to Zoe’s real tangible pain.”

        In that one line you’ve summed up exactly why I’m so disappointed with episode 8. The first meeting of JW and Sy was so crucial to how we percieve the JW/SY pair and the writer botched it up.

  27. I love this blog eventhough sometimes I don’t agree with Ockoala’s choices or opinion I like the emotional wrappings.
    I’m no Yoo-chun shipper so Ockoala’s choice of YSH-YEH
    pairing works great for me. Now since I felt hanged and left to dry with that kissing scene ,I will revisit my YSH intense kisses in OP in youtube.

  28. i’m not even getting started on the HJ/JW battle and who is the most respectable man for SY…thay both have wronged her in unspeakable ways, HJ by killing Det, making her believe she was alone in the world if not for him and making her think that she’s the one with issues about the past when i’m sure he is the one who manipulated his way into coming bak to Seoul to start revenge on HTJ when Zoe is begging to go back to France..and JW by letting her in the warehouse with HER RAPIST, and even before, he had rejected her.
    I’d say the difference between the two is JW is trying to make amends because he thinks he has to DISERVE Zoe’s affection and approval while HJ keeps shoving her the fact that he’s the only one for her, that they both not going anywhere because there’s nowhere else to go, and that’s why he can act so rash with her, dismissing her when he’s on the phone and leaving her alone in a country she doesn’t know. He takes her for granted and knows exactly wht to say when she starts to wonder if maybe there isn’t something waiting for her that is not HJ…

    So far, I think Zoe is the best written and acted character in here. I knew YEH was perfect for it. She has this way of ressembling young SY while being and behaving like Zoe. She’s now two persons in one body and that’s something very frightening, even more so that HJ who is intending to rule the world by stomping his cane on the floor or JW who has made a profession of getting beaten up. I noticed YEH has a very tight control of micro-experssions in this drama, when she goes from smile to panic in one second. In the scene here she tells JW that Harry is the one who was there for her made two things for me:
    – it makes me think that the drama won’t end well. when she says that she can’t forget Harry ‘s voice when he saved her and thus until her death, it made me think that she will indeed die.
    – i was under the impression that she wasn’t talking only to JW but also to the the lingering parts of SY in her. I get the sense that she’s the most uncomfortable when HJ AND JW are beside her. it makes it more difficult for her to stay in control since they are two different parts of her life. she seems to be adressing JW as the ast her, saying SY is not coming back both in his life and the body envellope that lives under the name of Zoe.

    YC has totally embraced the role of JW it’s creeping me.
    thanks a lot for the recaps (must be so tirng that it always turn to a shipping battle haha)

  29. Lol she is totally overacting and showing her bias. She has never been and trying to be fair anyway. The whole capping for only SY-HJ things is obvious. I don’t really think she really understand the character of HJW, or the relationship between LSY and HJW.

  30. Thank you for the awesome recap! Probably the only fair recap where I don’t have to end up reading all the JW bias – not that I am against his character but its the fact that his fans are simply all over him being in love when he’s just feeling guilty over the fact he left SY and never look back!

    for the record, to people who wants harry to end up with ahreum of all people, please stop because I’d rather see him alone or even six ft under than him being all lovey with a girl who wears too much hot pink and fur!

      • A few people, mostly in soompi wants harry to end up with ahreum – which I find disgusting since they as you say are uncle and niece. Apparently its mentioned in her profile (which im still hunting down for) that she will be involved with harry though romantically is unsure, still I am disgusted at how people could even think of shipping them

    • Hyun Joon and Ah Reum? Where did that come from? Ah Reum has a crush on Jung Woo, her oppa.

      This is the character description for Ah Reum. In no place does it mention Hyung Joon.

      Han Ah Reum (22 years) – College Student (Finance major)

      Gentle on the outside, steely on the inside. Immature yet kind, but silently stubborn. Like a little old person inside. Thinks of her Jung Woo oppa as the desert, and herself as the oasis in that desert. If he wasn’t her real oppa, she would definitely fall in love with him. Knowing that Jung Woo oppa will be looking for that Soo Yeon woman even on his deathbed, she feels very jealous. She wants to meet a man like Jung Woo oppa and fall in love and marry him. But now matter how much she longs for it, she doesn’t meet a man like that, so she feels very depressed.

      • Oho thank you for the profile! I really wanted to see it since Ive been pissed after eps6 when I read that they said her description includes HJ! To answer your question, I seriously have no idea where the thought came from, why would anyone even want to think of shipping them? Its creeping me out with the fanart, it feels sort of like wanting her to marry her dad!

  31. OMG I totally agree if this drama change and be about a cold man who only knows how to love his woman I’m on board! I love Harry and Zoe relationship it what makes the drama feel good.

  32. Thanks for the recap, though I have to respectively disagree with most of your views.

    I read all the comments with great interest, I can only say that everyone is entitled to view the drama in whatever ways. Probably how each of us feel about the 3 leads, are shared by personal biases or personal experiences or just personal perception of the situations depicted in the drama. There is no right or wrong to any opinion so there is no need to criticise or defend. And please, this is Koala’s blog, she can write whatever she wants.

    Is it to the writer’s credit or discredit that characters of the leads are written such that viewers are so polarised?

    • Agree2, its interesting to see that this drama is able to cause such intense shipping war.. but i guess controversy is a way to stir up interest and get people to watch the drama.

      Melodramas with plotholes and too much dramas are usually not my thing, but IMY recaps are keeping me interested to come back every week. IMY will be on my watch list for now, but i think i will just read your recaps Koala!

      I didnt agree with you on LTM and BIG , but nonetheless I love your blog – lots of insightful and passionate reviews about dramas! hahaha.. fighting!

      • I think the shipping war is way more interesting than the drama itself. lol. That’s why I keep going back to Ms. Koala’s recap because it is so interesting to read the different opinions of people watching the same drama.

        I mean, they watch the same scenes and formed different opinions with it. As simple as a look or one action (e.g the wrist grab) is entitled to a thousand different opinions.

        As for me, I go to the sinking ship that is YSH and YEH.

  33. Just love your blog everyone has they say,opinion and Ockoala you blog do what is you..I almost read all your recaps..but I did not touch on Big maybe because I am not that fond of LMJ and GW..but I just love YEH…I am drawn to missing you because of your blog..and I am a person who love how actors make me happy on their acting, make me want for more but I find HJ is an antagonist that I fell in love with..The writer hasn’t made him bad yet…and to compare with PSY in NG..I hate her from the start…MY story may not be that good but I just love the actors,they convince me of their characters…so I am watching this drama regardless everyone opinion because MY entertains me even its a sad Melo…JW I can feel for him ,he is angry,desperate and guilty but he doesn’t want to make the 1st move to say he is sorry but he did mention he was happy that Zoe slapped him because he deserves it for abandoning SY 14 yrs ago.but I can say the supporting actors..SY mum,and even the detectives are doing their part well enough..thanks again can’t wait for next episode..

  34. I usually disagree with ur thoughts koala, but not with episode 8. I appreciate that u continue recapping IMY and not stating ur thoughts to ur fave characters – Zoe and Harry.

    However, i disagree on one commenter who said that JWs character is badly written… : ) I believe that the storyline of IMY is written and inspired by JWs character.

    • Bearing in mind, that I might be losing something of the essence of the JW character due to cultural differences, I’d like to clarify my comments on why I think JW is badly written

      First, I don’t blame JW for running away instead of saving SY. That was a very human choice. Not a very heroic one of course, but still understandable. I could have rooted for him if this was his only mistake.

      But in episode 8, he decides to be aggressive towards SY when he realizes who she is. That’s where I think the writer went wrong.

      For a person riddled with guilt over his actions, the first thing he does is try to impose himself on SY in an aggressive way? (I’m sure you agree that him grabbing her wrist over the table was aggressive, his invading her space under the umbrella and his expression during that whole conversation was not exactly showing remorse for his past actions)

      This is the reason why I believe the character was written badly. A person so guilt ridden would not act the way JW did unless somewhere in his mind, he does not believe he was wrong in leaving her behind. Saying that he wants her to accept her past is speculation (A more reasonable way is to tell her to go to a psychiatrist). Saying that “she started it” or “She shouldn’t have flirted with him in the first place/She got what she deserved” is even worse (I’m sure I don’t need to explain why). Truly good guys do not behave that way irrespective of how a girl behave towards them. Again – badly written character. Is he a good guy, or not?

      The story is definitely inspired by JW – but the writer didn’t put much thought into making him lovable. Hopefully in the next episode she will show him in a better light where he will protect her or something.

  35. Thanks Ockoala for your recap. I either have to love it or hate it because you are so opinionated, but you sure have created a heated discussion.

    I really do not blame JW for leaving that warehouse. Good gracious he was a 15 year old, who was beat up to a pulp with broken ribs and all. He sees his best friend beaten and raped too. I only wish that before he left her, he at least told her that he was going to go for help and was coming back because that was EXACTLY what he did. The first chance he got he called his father and the detective, and begged and pleaded for someone to rescue her. He tried relentlessly, but he was shut down and locked up by his father. He left his home and put his trust in others. He became a police officer not only because of guilt, but also because he did not and have not given up searching for her because he know she is alive, and that in heart he abandoned her at that moment in time, but he did not really abandon her as he was leaving to get help to save her.

    Lets imagine that he did stay and tried to drag SY out of the warehouse. He and SY would not be alive AT ALL, they both would have been captured, and killed because that was the plan. No matter which way I play it out, it would be impossible for them as badly beaten and emotionally shocked to get away from the two grown criminals. When JW left, the criminals tracked JW down with the car, both of them running after him (2 against 1), and they were very, very close. Let’s imagine that same scene with JW and now add SY in her condition. You know and I know that they would have never escaped. In fact, JW saved SY by distracting the criminals and making them focus on him therefore spoiling their plot. They did not get the money and both were captured in the end.

    Unfortunately, that one act 14 years ago, leaving without looking back… that one acts condemns him regardless of the years of him looking, searching and dedicating himself as a law biding officer, adopting her mother and the detectives daughter as his own family. I feel sad for him and I am rooting that his efforts put things right. Are we saying that he cannot be forgiven? Is he condemned for the rest of his life because he left without looking back, but searched for hours, days, weeks and years for her?

    Regarding HJ. I re-watched the episode when he put the coke can under the brakes. I said to myself, if he really did not want the detective or JW father to follow him then he should have put the coke can under the accelerator.

    Blocking the brake does absolutely NOTHING to prevent someone from following them, but it sure is the thing to do if you want to kill the person, and as young as he is everyone knows how a brake operates, it allows the car to stop. So HJ had a choice to put the coke can under the accelerator or the brake and he chose the one that would injure or kill a person.

    SY needs to come from under her blanket (HJ), the life she is living is not real, she needs to confront her demons that is the only true path to healing. Once healed she will be emotionally grounded and will be able to live a honest life and have a real relationship with whichever man she chooses. In my opinion… none of them because they all need some kind of therapy to get past their childhood traumas.

    • Hi Curlyjewel,

      I don’t blame JW for leaving SY at that warehouse. I would be rather taken aback if anyone did. He was a kid, he was scared, he chose to run away. But the problem is that he didn’t run away with the intention of getting help, what drove him to run was fear. He was scared, period. He admitted it himself in episode 4 – he is so guilty and angry with himself because he did choose to save himself over staying and likely dying with Soo Yeon together. The fact that he tried to get help after he ran away does not change the impetus for why he ran away in the first place. He understands that and that is why he lives in such guilt. I actually think he needs to get over the guilt and go beg Soo Yeon’s forgiveness and they need to let it go and move on. Soo Yeon has a life now, and so does he.

      I totally agree on SY confronting her past, and also agree that the three of them probably should not be having romantic relationships at this point.

      • It’s here, that your view of JW’s decision to abandon SY, Koala, is what I cannot agree with. That split second decision young JW made to save his life but at the the cost of leaving SY behind is viewed in such a way that it’s treated as an unforgivable transgression that will forever be a barrier between JW and SY.

        The drama presents to us here an interesting question, can a person commit such a terrible sin against another person that no matter what the circumstances where at that point and the reasons behind that act, that that person never be free of that sin? You say that at the end of the day, he wronged her and she did nothing to wrong him so fundamentally they cannot be together.

        If the actions committed by a person are viewed as an irremovable mark on their soul that can never be forgotten then what’s the point in setting out to try and atone oneself for their sin or even ask for forgiveness from the person they wronged? Forgiveness, in the truest sense of the word, entails complete disregard of the sin and that it be wiped off forever and forgotten as if the sin was never committed in the first place.

        The whole premise of this drama is this issue between JW and SY and how they will deal with it and solve it. But if JW’s act of abandonment is always going to be an impediment to their relationship because of how people see his decision in such unforgiving light then of course they won’t agree with where the story will probably go: the reunion of JW and SY.

        Btw, I just also want to thank you as well for your recaps which provide a place for discussion with other Missing You viewers. I’ve disagreed with you on more than a few points about the drama but I’m really grateful that I have been able to be a part of such lively debates. It elevates the experience of simply watching the drama to actively thinking deeper into the issues it presents and that just makes it even more enjoyable.

      • You’re welcome, Sarah. It’s a pleasure reading your thoughtful, articulate counterpoints. Definitely food for thought and much appreciated.

      • @Sarah

        can i request your comments on Soompi

        You should start blogging
        Most well thought out comment in this thread by far.

      • @Sarah, To a 15 year old SY that’s a huge impediment and its the second time he did it. When he ran out he was saving himself then he felt guilty and decided to look for help.

        Even if he stayed with her, there would still be a barrier between them; she got raped and he was there. This has destroyed marriages that have a stronger basis than the week old first love depicted here. Consciously or subconsciously, she would always blame him, he was the guy, he is supposed to protect her (even though he was a boy).

  36. It seems to me people keep forgetting how HJ manipulated SY into coming with him. He was very good at convincing her that JW abandoned her. Plus she forgot all about her mother EJ and Det. Kim. I can see her passing on her mother, but Det. Kim and EJ really opened there hearts and home to her and she hasn’t even acted like she wants to see them at all.
    Why does everyone seems to think that HJ and SY’s relationship is more solid and meaningful than the one she had with JW? Why because of the 14yrs they spent together? That relationship is so totally unbalanced and unhealthy it’s just weird in my opinion. There is a false sense of security in that relationship and a lot of false truths too. There wasn’t any healing either. If this relationship is “real” it a least should be healthy and healing for them both, but they are still fractured. HJ has the upper hand in his relationship with SY and uses guilt to get SY back in line. Like in the episode when he tapped the cane, what is she a freaking dog or something. That was totally irksome.
    I really don’t care for SY or HJ at the moment. It was totally uncalled for the way SY strung JW along. I get that she’s angry but if your so in love with Harry move on with him and heal. To me it shows that she still cares for JW no matter what she tells HJ.
    At this point I want JW to let go of SY ask her forgiveness and move on to a healthy and happy life.
    Just my two cents.

    Thanks Ms. Koala for your recaps!!! I don’t know how you do it! :-0

    • @ Lettle, your point about the can caught my attention…
      people negatively view JW’s wristgrabbing…but yes…what about HJ’s habit of hitting the can to get SY’s attention?…
      I find it totally disrespectful…especially at the end of this episode…She was nicely engaged in a conversation with another lady…then bam bam bam!! and right away, like a dog, she was on alert…duhhh???
      it’s not as though he cannot use his mouth to address her if he needs her…No… he uses the can, and that too in front of people…Even JW’s dad was surprised…talk about the poor girl being royally disrespected and controlled.
      Deep inside, she probably does not thing much of herself…and thus would not see that behavior in that light.
      Some rape victims often carry these feelings of unworthiness within them…and I sense that it is the case for her.

      It was also the opening credit to HJ in the drama at the fashion show…the moment she heard the can tapping, she dropped everything, and started frantically looking everywhere, under the tables etc, and everyone around her looking at her like some nutcase…
      How is that for a balanced relationship?…I would rather say the girl is controlled

      • I think SY already had that way of minimizing herself when she was a wangta at school because of her father. Even when the neighbours came to threaten her mother she would just kneel in front of them, without arguing. I feel like it’s a trait that she always had and was just emphasized by the rape and JW’s escape at the very moment she needed his help.
        It’s just that HJ was always smart and he knows how to use people’s trait to his purpose…

      • I tend to agree to an extent. She was a victim from the very beginning suffering her father’s abuse, her classmate’s abuse, neighbors… She has this stoic mentality that lets her take in everything and accept it. Without flaring up or going on a vendetta spree. Yet it doesn’t defeat her spirit.

        So I think that horrifying, near death experience definitely left her severely scarred. Especially because she went there out of her own will to “save” JW however nonsensical that choice was, because it would be clear to anyone that a little girl has no super powers to save anyone from these men.

        So I am not understanding her – what did she expect him to do? Not run? I think he made the right decision to run for help, the only plausible and reasonable one. It was implied that he will run for help. Given the circumstances that took place afterwards it was clear that the probability of him finding her were very slim. I think she is blaming him for what happened to her, she doesn’t want to blame herself, but deep down she realizes that this is not right, hence her mixed emotions. At the same time she has this loyalty for the younger guy that is a bit too much – he saved her, but he reciprocated because she saved him before.
        So either the writer is a bit confused, or I don’t know what’s happening.
        And yes, JW’s portrayal when he is around SY is totally out of character, inconsistent and completely doesn’t make sense.

  37. I don’t understand why some think that HJ convinced SY that JW had abandoned her. How would HJ (the child) know that JW was looking for SY, when all the signs pointed to the clear fact that JW had indeed abandoned SY in her deepest time of need. When JW ran out of that shed for the first few minutes, he wasn’t running to get help, he definitely was running out of fear. Then somewhere along the way he came back to his senses was running to save himself and get help for SY. But his initial action was indeed him abandoning SY.

    Second the newspaper article and the fact that when HJ and the nurse came across her she was indeed wondering alone (injured and traumatized), HJ simply stated those facts to her as they appeared, because he wanted to save her.

    HJ who was a traumatized 11 year old, stood up to crazy nurse and used the money to make her agree to take SY with them. Say what you want about HJ, but he is the one who took care of SY for 14 years. Without HJ in her life, she would have most probably either ended up dead or insane. That is why I agree with you Koala that the relationship that they’re trying to push between SY and JW seems contrived (especially because the link they have is only a friends with a crush on each other phase and a traumatizing event).

    I like JW but after reading this recap I must agree that JW seems like he is only thinking of himself and his feelings. He doesn’t care that SY is in a relationship with someone else, he’s still going after her. That’s why I want HJ to step it up as well. I love the fact that HJ seems much calmer than JW and smarter.

    I want to see how those characters will heal, and try to make it after all they have been through (even though that foreshadowing doesn’t bode well, mostly for JW). I also continue to hope that HJ/SY will be together in the end, because I am firmly on that ship. But I also want JW to be able to move on as well and find happiness.

  38. Between…does anyone believe that she’s the killer of the rapist? I really don’t want her to be…but all the clues point to her…any thoughts?

    • My thoughts from the very beginning when we see the woman at the rapist door is that the “so called” woman was wearing a wig, and that it was someone disguising them self as a woman. Who do we know who was dressed as a girl for a good portion of the first couple of episodes?…..

  39. Dear Koala,
    this is a very well written and a very thorough and objective review. I admire your writing and I agree with everything you said. I think most of the readers here seem to be huge Micki fans and take things the wrong way.

    Also, a blog is about writing the things you like to write, so if people don’t like something they should simply leave, not leave rude comments.

    I personally think you are great.Keep up the good work:)

    • Mine is on the cleaning lady. The bandanges on her wrist are suspicious. Maybe she touched the dry ice and it hurt her, maybe. SY was wearing a pair of gloves, but she was so traumatized when she first saw the rapist i don’t think she could do anything. Plus there was that evidence of the murderer wearing shoes too big for her size. The cleaning lady might wear some leftover shoes(like when she ate leftover food) Motive? She liked HJW so much she’s do anything for him. Ok, now it might sound crazy but then again i couldn’t properly put the cleaning lady somewhere in the narrative..

      • My thoughts exactly!! Why would such a prominant actress play the role of someone so unnecessary to the narrative? And she tries to help JW through the investigation – just too suspicious.

  40. thanks Koala for the recaps!
    Not a fan of melo but I really like YEH and wanted to see her in this genre so I’ve been watching (being addicted more like it) IMY.
    Right now, I really don’t care who gets LSY, I really just want the writer to give her peace and healing at the end. I also wpuldn’t mind if her character gets developed more, just like how HJW’s character (interaction with family, officemates, etc) as well as when he is by himself on the swing, is being given so much emphasis.
    I guess it’s because I’m a girl and I emphatize more with the female lead, but also because c’mon, out of everyone, she had the worst life. Everything else that HJW suffered, (living in guilt and casting his dad off) doesn’t come close to what LSY suffered. This is why I can’t understand some people who said the are mad at LSY for ‘torturing’ HJW or not contacting her mom (her mom was portrayed as a bad mom earlier on so who can blame her for just trying to forget everything?).
    Yes, for LSY to heal, she should forgive but the thing is, no one’s ever said sorry to her as far as I know.. I think that in HJW’s guilt, he is trying to force himself to LSY (this is what irritates me, it seems to be all about HJW, his pain, his guilt, whatever!). Which is why right now KHJ is winning it for me coz he is being patient with LSY. And believe me, I don’t have a bias on KHJ (can’t even remember who is playing him and have never heard of him before).
    I guess I have to accept that IMY is about HJW and not really about HJW and LSY’s love..
    PS. I hope the writer would stop heaving more insane pain on LSY, esp not the murder! She’s already been too much!

  41. This drama is still entertaining. But it has become a mystery drama rather than melodrama. The drama has failed to develop Suyeon’s character. Absolute failure. Suyeon is a character who was raped, left behind, and betrayed. Yet, it is is to hate her. Why? Because lack of depth. Drama has abandoned her character development. While the viewers should feel pity towards all three characters, it is Suyeon that’s the focus of the most difficult obstacle and problem. Viewers must love Jungwoo and Hyunjoon for their charisma, pain, and good looks. But viewers must be able to relate to Suyeon’s pain and sufferings. Total failure. Intensity felt up to episode 6 is gone. This is now a mystery drama that belongs on a cable station. It is fun, entertaining but no melodrama.

    • This is also evident from the replies on this post. Most are willing to discuss Jungwoo and Hyungjoon’s pain and suffering. Yet the character that needs the most pity in order for the drama to succeed is not mentioned for her pain. Instead people point out what’s up with her? Why is she treating Jungwoo that way. This is total failure. If the production wanted something like this, it didn’t have to include a rape scene. Story is so weak it’s laughable.

    • Rule of thumb in melodrama.

      Melodrama fails when viewers can’t relate to the central female character.
      Most viewers are women. This drama is just few good looking guys fighting now.

      • I agree with you that SY should be more developed as a female lead, and I also feel the same about HJ. It seems that they’re focusing too much on JW, when the main focus should have been on SY because she is the main victim. I also agree that we should be seeing the story through SY’s eyes, not JW’s eyes.

        The one who suffered the most is SY, followed by HJ, and last is JW. Yet it seems that this drama is focusing too much on JW’s guilt/pain, and not enough on the other two leads who have great chemistry and so much potential for depth and dimension in their characters.

        But I’m still giving this show a few more episodes to see what will happen.

    • By the way Suyeon isn’t just a rape victim but a child who was raped. Any pity for her? No, right? Still comes off strange in the way she treats Jungwoo right? I agree. That’s why it’s a failure of a drama and production.

  42. Hi Koala as usual you recapped as you please –that’s sincerity to me. Reading blogs is my way of understanding (sub anyone?). Picking up some diverse nuances of the story along the way are truly bonus points.
    Just some points;
    1. HJW – his character written as aggressive to antagonists (rapist, brother kidnapper, criminals in general) while sweet and protective of protagonists (LSY mom, EJ, Ahrum, cleaning lady –gosh prolly all women of all ages out there) is decidedly reacting confused in front of the “missed lady LSY”. Why not? He must have expected her to welcome him running into his protective arms and be happy as a bee but NOOOO who is this woman trying to torment? Why is this woman rejecting me when all women out there like me around? So It can’t be helped but to react differently.
    2. HE just wants her to REACT to him now (who cares if she is raped – I saw it but I did not do it –in fact I even ran away out of fear since I was only 15 years old then But am and adult now I am here to protect you so better accept my strong arms and not let go of my hands (WOW just WOW) he just made himself to be superman to her all of a sudden when he was not able to do anything 14 years ago.
    3. All the fuzz made that he has been waiting for 14 years in agony to find her were all baloney. That shows how incompetent he is as a Detective. He waited for the rapist to come out of prison to get information about LSY yet he assaulted him inside prison three days before he is released? Is that his way of making him confess to her whereabouts? He could have done that earlier on a regular basis to inflict fear in the rapist mind earlier on.
    4. LSY aka JOY aka ZOE – NEVER BLAME THE RAPE VICTIM that we learned as an adage in Ethics Classes (at least in mine). Focus should be in the healing process but even that could take a lifetime under the best therapist and would need a confrontation with her past (whys, people of interest, how’s) and her present (relations, friends, support) and possible future. To get where is now (career success in some degree and emotional adaptation – shown a relaxed, confident & happy self now with Harry) she must have done extensive therapy but she still needs to confront the ghost of the past to really let go. Then she can move to her future whether it’s Jung Woo or Harry.
    5. KHJ aka HARRY- the boy who grew u fast by virtue of circumstances. No need to re-discuss what he and LSY went through – everybody here had their say. It’s not human not to think or even devise a plan and to even executive any form of revenge to people who wronged him and his family (both parents died suspiciously under the care of his half brother) so even if he has the money – he needs to appease his sense of justice (who says it has to be fair?)
    6. We can over think and play out every possible best scenarios we had in mind with all these interesting character s and actors playing them to satisfy our curiosity but at the end of the day SCRIPT AND SCREEN WRITERS AND THE pdS WILL DECIDE WHICH ONE WILL PLAY OUT IN THE END.
    Me thinks I’ll wait for the final version and enjoy reading all your interesting “plays here” and in other blogs. IF ANYTHING this IMY piques people sensibilities the hard/wrong and easy/like way.

  43. Don’t lynch me, but doesn’t LSY look like she’s suffering from the Stockholm syndrome? I mean yeah HJ saved her and all, but he’s in cahoot with that creepy nurse (who took LSY after she found her on the street and didn’t even drop her at the police station, that’s what LSY understands maybe) Maybe LSY’s trauma of being kidnapped, raped, abandoned, clouded her judgement then, but after 14 years? She doesn’t question why she wasn’t returned to her mother or why HJ doesn’t care of her background? And the Westermarck effect also don’t apply to HJ-SY when they’ve practically been living like siblings? I’m getting dizzier…

  44. hmmm … setting aside the melodrama, one thing i’m also wondering and sooo looking forward for is the the kissing scene of Yoochun & Eun Hye in I Miss You, looking back in Kdrama history, will it matched up with those – hot/sweet/luscious/passionate/sexy kissing encounters of Eun Hye in Princess Hour or Coffee Prince or that of Lie to Me? — hmmm, i really wonder — hope that the emotional intensity running through the OTP will transcend to my most awaited record breaking kissing scene of all times! oh puhleeasses don’t let us down! he he he! Fighting!

  45. Hello there, newbie here. Your analysis can be acceptable, however, I am not accepting the relationship of Harry and Zoe, well maybe at this point, but I think the best thing to do is to face reality. Face your fear and confront the person, relish your hate and resentment of his reappearing in your life. Then, see if that would help realized who do you really love. Our life consists of truthfulness and mistakes, and thereafter, forgiveness. How would you feel at peace when the demon inside still lingers in your brain, might as well take it out from your mind and chest. I feel that SW and Zoe should get back together so they will discover to themselves if they are really meant to be, if not, then they can move on without hurting their feelings. I would like to see Jw and Zoe get back together because they are perfect match for me, this is their love story inspite of the dark past. Thanks to the space, that is all I would like to say.

  46. Does people forget that Han Jung Woo is a detective..
    He stop his action when she slap him… I know that it’s bad because we know that this is the real LSY and she is a rape victim so his acts will trigger something in her. But as convince as he is, there’s no solid proof to show that she is the REAL LSY. He only rely on his guts while her acting shows differently. So he treat her like he treat his case. Like how he purposely anger his step mother in order to gain bits of information from her. I don’t like him taking her wrist too, but it’s a game. And when LSY really called it off (by slapping him), he stop his action.

    About the stalker game.. I see it as LSY expect him to leave her after she ignore him.. And yet, when he do this, she is saddened by the fact that he backing off.. And at this point, he already know she is LSY and act accordingly to her benefit. So he follow her and shows up to ensure her that he is not going anywhere..
    I think most people here only see JW as the threat to SY/JH relationships so the sentiment grows to more negative side to his aggressive move.

    BTW, I think the cleaning ladies is the murderer.. I am taking a bet that she is actually Harry mother. And I love how JW interact with So Yeon mother. Their relationship is a dysfunctional one too, but it works and it was genuine.

  47. @ravens_nest: “he knows she’s a rape survivor who clearly hasn’t fully healed from her experience from when she was 15”

    Just wanted to point out that he has no way of knowing if she hasn’t fully healed from her experience. As far as he knows, she’s lived 14 years in a foreign country, is engaged to a man, and lives with that man. Of course, intimacy issues do arise from rape, but he saw no indication of that. She was very comfortable grabbing his hand to write her number (which took her forever! lol), and he’s seen her touch YJ multiple times. If he has realized that she’s not fully healed, it was when he saw the CCTV of the accident and that was after the wrist-grabbing incident.

    I was also put-off by that scene and JW’s subsequent forcefulness, but I was just as put off by SY’s desire to torture JW. Not to equalize their actions, but they both messed up and they both came to that realization. I think that’s what’s most important here. JW could see how SY might be feeling after talking to Ah Reum, and SY realized that she didn’t want to play a game with JW’s mind after having a bad reaction.

    The wrist-grabbing incident doesn’t make me see JW as a bad guy. If anything, I feel even more sorry for him. SY had a terrible thing happen to her but she was somehow able to pretend to move on and not have to deal with the people who caused her pain for 14 years. JW has had to do that (although his trauma isn’t worse than SY); he’s had to deal with the death of the man he looked up to, the loss of his family, the inability to escape from his past, and the fact that someone who caused so much grief gets out of jail (and dies without revealing the truth). And when the opportunity to get some closure comes along, it’s understandable that he doesn’t think straight. It’s human.

    A hero IMO isn’t some perfect being who never makes mistakes or hurts people. Those don’t exist and dramas who show guys like this make me want to hurl. JW being angry one second and joking the next make me feel for him. He’s just as unstable as SY is. He mentions several times that he’s going crazy and he acts like it. Even his partner was scared of him in that scene in the parking deck. His mind is as fragmented as SY’s. So when he does something a ‘hero’ wouldn’t do, I accept it. Because he isn’t a hero, he’s a 15 year old boy in a 29 year old man’s body, trying not to lose the only chance at sanity he has. To me, the only way he can regain his sanity is to find SY and bring justice to her.

    It may seem selfish but I appreciate the honesty the writer brings to his character. I like seeing his flaws and his qualities. Both remind me that he’s just a guy who has been placed in a terrible situation and is trying to find his way past it. He made the choice to find SY, and while I think it’s ridiculous for him to shoulder that responsibility since most of what happened was out of his control, he’s attempting to hold on to that responsibility.

    Whenever I watch the scenes with him and SY’s mom, I wonder how things were for them after Detective Kim died. JW had just renounced his family, begged the police to help him find SY and was only 15. True, they became a family but how difficult must it have been to do that? There was no detective to help him, and there were two other people, who were still grieving, to take care of. Just like SY, he wouldn’t have had the chance to be a kid, to grieve for his loss, to even understand or accept what had happened. That much grief in one household is devastating. That kind of situation seems surreal to me and the fact that he came out even semi-normal is a surprise.

    I’m not sure I want him with SY, though I would rather have SY/JW than SY/HJ, but I want him to get closure regardless. And I get that many want him to get past his guilt and act according to SY’s best interests, but her best interests IMO would be acceptance of her past. He may not be acting with that in mind but the conclusion will be the same. Plus it seems to me that it’s useless for JW to help SY with her demons when he has demons of his own. How helpful could he really be to her if he’s so mentally and emotionally unstable?

    I know this seems unnecessary and long-winded but I got the feeling that many on this blog are dissecting HJ’s actions and trying to see things from his POV while leaving JW with the ‘hero’s don’t act like that’ explanation. Neither are heroes in the context of this drama and both are written as flawed human beings (as of now), a great feat for the writer.

    • I understand what you’re saying and how living in Jung Woo’s situation (his family, his mentor, etc.) would affect him and make him unhinged. It’s why I haven’t really disliked HIM per se, just the drama’s insistence on focusing more on his pain rather than giving equal time to Zoe.

      Even though I personally like Harry more, I still did not hate Jung Woo. This is actually the first episode that I honestly didn’t like him. The wrist grab and forced dinner happened AFTER he saw her being triggered by her rapist in the car. In fact, he watched her become terrified upon seeing her rapist, remembered the time he watched her be raped, realized his suspicions were correct that she’s Soo Yeon, then immediately went to her and forcibly put her in his car without her consent. So, no, he gets no pass from me even if the wrist grab weren’t inherently rude and disrespectful to Zoe’s personhood. Even if you may think the person is really recovered from his or her rape, you should never try to take his or her autonomy away or railroad over his or her personal will. It is wrong for everyone but also for rape survivors. Period.

      I enjoy the writer’s honesty with his character too like when he ran away when they were in school and then again later when they were kidnapped because that felt like very real reactions to those situations. However, it doesn’t change the fact that he is not a good person because of his 14 year obsession but is being presented by the drama like he is a long suffering hero who should get the girl because of his 14 year devotion to a memory.

      I don’t usually mind an anti-hero like Jung Woo but I fear that the writer is not going to handle his development from anti-hero to hero correctly. S/he seems to be relying too much on their first love memories and his crippling guilt as justification for everything he does. The drama is not exposing how his guilt is selfish and his choices were wrong. The music cues and directing seem to be indicating how his guilt is a manifestation of love and should be the thing I sympathize with and forgive him for instead of an honest apology and an attempt to do better by Zoe.

      I just need the writer to address the fact that his behavior towards her is incredibly inappropriate and damaging to her but alas I do not think I will get such a thing. When he learns to put her pain as higher than his own, then I’ll change my thoughts about him and go back to liking his character. As it is I can only like him when he’s not around or thinking about Zoe.

  48. whoa everyone is so opinionated (its good if your adult about it).. i like your recaps cause i use it to understand crazy business stuff in dramas.. even though they are subtitled sometimes the business stuff gets confusing.. also im so confused on whether Harry is Jung Woo’s brother from another mother or if he is Jung Woo’s grandfathers son….. yea anyway.. whether you like Harry (i hate him but i also dislike SY also .. maybe because i dislike Yoon Eun Hye as an actress idk) or you like Jung Woo.. who cares.. K dramas are suppose to tear your emotions apart.. thats why they exist..

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