Jung So Min is a Beautiful Blushing Bride in Can We Get Married?

2012 has been Jung So Min‘s comeback year after bursting out of the gate in 2010 with two high profile dramas in Bad Guy and Playful Kiss. She took 2011 off from acting to go back to school and in her return to acting has been less high profile, taking on a role in the sitcom Standby followed by playing a bride-to-be in the cable drama Can We Get Married. I’ve heard great things about CWGM and it’s merely due to the lack of time that I haven’t checked this out yet despite being totally excited by it before it aired. Her co-star is the talented rising young actor Sung Joon, who I have yet another of his dramas that I need to go back and watch in Shut Up: Flower Boy Band. The pairing of exceedingly tall and lanky Sung Joon with the itsy bitsy teeny weeny Jung So Min has that visual kink in their height disparity that makes for great mind tricks. I’m sure the drama will switch it around so that she’s the one wearing the pants in their onscreen relationship. Seeing So Min in a wedding dress doesn’t just make me happy because she’s so gorgeous in it (though I’m not a fan of the dress which looks like she’s sporting a popcorn ceiling on her chest), it also brings back warm and fuzzy feelings from the Playful Kiss days since her character got married to her high school crush right when they started college. She’s grown up a lot since the PK days and I can’t wait to see her acting in more mature roles such as CWGM.


Jung So Min is a Beautiful Blushing Bride in Can We Get Married? — 24 Comments

  1. I love this drama even if sometimes I don’t get all the fuss in just a wedding. Blame it to cultural differences but sometimes I feel like I should just sign that marriage contract and be done with it. Anyway, the lead couple is cute and yes, the girl controls the relationship but I’m more interested in the Dambi-Kijoong love story. Sadly they don’t get much screentime like the rest of the couples.

    • Omg i’m super interested in kijoong and dongbi’s live story, but they barely get any screentime. Han groo is such a cutie, when she and jung somin are together i’m like whoaa what a pair of cuties ! I do quite love the drama as a whole and find the whole wedding hullabaloo amusing.

      • ME TOO! I am obsessed with them!
        Love that Jung So Min gets a more mature drama series and I like Sung Joon from Lie to Me!

      • That’s the exact couple that caught my attention in the first episode. However, I’ve been hesitant to continue watching because the main couple doesn’t attract me at all, and there’s also a lot of screen time dedicated to Jung So Min’s on-screen sister and aunt. I feel sorry for her sister’s relationship, and her aunt is loads of comic effect, but it detracts from the story I’m really interested in — Dong Bi and Ki Joong.

        Still wondering if I should continue, because I heard their screen time decreases as the series continues? (Though why it does completely eludes me, since it’s evident that theirs is by far the more interesting and chemistry-laden story.)

    • Omg, me too! The Dong-bi/Ki-Joong storyline is pretty much the reason I got invested in the drama at first. I’m glad the rest of the drama picked up since then but I wish they’d get more screen-time. I really like Han Groo, I wish her role was bigger :/

  2. No worries, she does get criticized for the dress by the people around her in the drama :–)

    I like this drama. It’s sometimes choppy and there are some unnecessary/random scenes… but it gives this “reality” feeling. So I don’t mind.
    I do get sometimes headache from the mothers’ talk and all their meddling with the main couple during the wedding preparations… on the other hand that’s also the beauty of this show – every character has flaws… and every character has moments when I can feel for him/her.

    @poy I’m also interested in the Dambi-Kijoong’s story.
    And I find the ex-boyfriend (lawyer Jun Sang Jin) pretty sexy, especially when he talks :–)

    • I don’t really like the lawyer ex the first time but he kinda grew on me. he looks so ‘lawyer-ly’, kekekeke… his character is the kind of Oppa you’d like to have in your life.. I’m glad both are finally on a good term (as of ep 10)

  3. I’m liking this show as well…though it’s not a kind of story I typically like. The over-arching interference of female elders makes me want to throw a shoe at my monitor.

    No one has the right to horse-whip (and thus burden) other people’s lives in the manner that this show presents. And frankly, everyone is actively doing just that to each other. guess that’s why it’s a Drama, eh?

    Yet somehow…I am actually caring about the characters. (well, except for the MAIN mom) whom I’d like to buy a ticket to oblivion. For the life of me, I can’t understand why EVERYONE doesn’t just pick up a fist and sock her one…right in the kisser ~ BAM.

    p.s. Sung Joon is a sexy,sexy beast. His voice alone is worth watching the show.

  4. @Dot at first I don’t like the lawyer because he looks sleazy but now I appreciate him especially now that he seems to be a the only voice of reason.

    The two mothers are very irritating. Their psychological wars are tiring for me. Lol.

    Dambi-Kijoong needs more screentime! Sometimes I wish they are the lead pair of the show.

    • I had exactly the same feelings – I didn’t like him at first and I thought he would be some annoying meddler… but now I love him. He is indeed a voice of reason… maybe that makes him so attractive? ;–)

      Yes! More time for DK duo!!

      • The way he speaks make him attractive. Like someone who knows what he is saying, therefore worthy of our trust. Lol. I don’t like Kijoong fiancee. She’s a b@&*ch.

  5. I’ve watched the first ep and fell in love with Sung Joon all over again. There’s just something about this guy that’s so sexy to me, might be his voice or the way he kisses his leading ladies. And I really like that Jung So Min is exploring more mature roles, too. Here’s to hoping that she will have a drama with Kim Soo Hyun, too.

    • SJ can be very attractive indeed… only not when he is changing cloths or taking shower…. those scenes just brake the spell for me :–)

  6. CWGM? is really one of the best shows airing. It’s a perfect blend of rom-com /melo / family drama with a feeling of documentary at times: The dialogues feel so REAL… The moms (1 in particular) are witches but even if you want to strangle them, you understand why they act the way they do: No real baddie in the story but conflicts of interest. The background of the characters is detailed and meaningful. All feels organic. I know a few writers who could learn of this drama but I won’t give names. *still fuming*.

  7. really want to watch this bc of sung joon. and koala, you’re not the only one who has to finish watching shut up flower boy band. i’m just watching too many dramas that i also need to finish right now. plus it doesn’t help that i’m now addicted to lakorns. sssiiiiigghhhhh, now i know how micheal keaton’s character in the movie “multiplicity” felt.

  8. I enjoy watching this drama. I like Jung So Min and the fast pace of this drama. The main couple love each other, but they don’t have money so they are being told what to do by their mothers. the second couple each come from wealthy family getting married for their parents’ sake, but the don’t love each other. They both love someone else that their family may find not fit for them status wise. So I am waiting to see how each of them going to solve their problems with their parents.

  9. I watched it solely to catch up on Jung Soo Min, then i recognise her leading man, Sung Jung. He is such a great kisser… the chemistry here is better than Playful Kiss. Kim Hyun Joong is such a bad kisser/actor … Ok don’t kill me .. you 1 million fans of his out there…

    It’s episode 10 now … fast pace enough … not much depth … entertaining

  10. You were right Koala! It’s the itsy bitsy girl who wears the pants in the relationship! XD

    I really like this drama. At first I didn’t like some characters, but now I love them all. CAN’T WAIT for the next episodes!

    Also, the hot makeouts are great!

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