The K-stars of King Kong Entertainment Lend a Smile for the Polar Bears

Talk about a rather hard hitting display of star power for a cause that I’m not so sure is all that pressing. Don’t get me wrong, the world is filled with countless areas in need of aid and I’m always happy to see stars lend their fame to make a positive and tangible impact on societal needs. With that said, the stars of entertainment agency King King Entertainment just released a collective photo spread wearing jeans and a white t-shirt and each holding an adorably fluffy polar bear. The agency’s famous and rising Korean stars are all lending their beaming faces to the Save the Polar Bear campaign, with all proceeds from the purchase of said polar bear donated to the cause. Polar bears are in fact slowly heading towards extinction as the warming of the earth continues to erode their natural habitat geographical area and also kill off their food supply. I for one am all for the preservation of species, especially since the extinction of one only heralds the steady march towards the extinction of all. With that said, I’m not sure there isn’t a more pressing cause for the agency to take up, especially on a more micro level. Too bad I’m not in Korea otherwise I’d totally buy one of those cute things. One thing I love when reading about KK stars doing stuff together is that they always seem happy and getting along. This is one agency that has its act together, especially when it comes to having a great public image. A bunch of stars I love belong to this agency, including Kim Sun Ah, Sung Yuri, Kim Bum, Park Min Young, Lee Dong Wook, Kwang Soo. just to name a few. These pictures are all so adorable, and so in time for this Winter season. I can’t decide if I like the super giant one Honey Lee has or the teeny tiny one Jang Hee Jin is snuggling with. 


The K-stars of King Kong Entertainment Lend a Smile for the Polar Bears — 12 Comments

  1. Indeed saving the polar bears in this manner seems quite a useless case. Instead the gorilla company should promote environmental awareness. Little strokes fell great oaks.

    That close-up shot on Kim Bum’s face has suddenly me say “wut, wut, wut”! Bummie too got a nose job with that line on his left side unless it’s make-up? *sigh*

  2. Polar bears appear to most visibly symbolize the consequences of global warming – what better way to raise awareness than confronting people with the impending extinction of white cuddly teddybears (though polar bears are far from being teddybears of course)?
    There will always be more pressing matters “especially on a more micro level”, but if everyone cared of their own countries before even thinking about anythinge else, nothing will ever be done about global problems..

    • What she said. The only way to save the polar bears (and eventually, most other species including our own- is there really a more pressing cause than that?) is to raise the kind of awareness about climate change that catalyzes real changes in the way we’re living. Unfortunately, I see this as more of a “look how cute and caring we are” publicity stunt. If KKE were to say that they wanted to lead the way by doing things like getting involved in the campaign to divest from fossil fuel companies, or committing to significantly reducing their meat consumption, then I would be impressed.

  3. I still think KSH going to KK company was because she was or is dating LDW.

    I heard rumors that actors do change companies out of blue to their boyfriend/girlfriend companies to make it easy to date and see each other.

    And since LDW and KSH flirted like crazy on their me2days I still think that is true lol blind ship fan…

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