Written and Video Preview for Episode 20 of Miss Rose

Poor Puff Guo, playing such an unlikeable character as Vivian in Miss Rose. Did she and Tia Li do a rock-paper-scissors to decide who got to be Xiao Ke and who was left being Vivian? Or did Tia say she paid her dues playing Kai Er in Office Girls and this time she gets to be loved by the audiences while Puff does a turn as the hateful villainess? Either way, both of them ought to be happy the drama filming ending just as the Dreamgirls are releasing a new album this month. They got Bolin Chen to star in a webisode MV (he plays a bartender) and only the previews have been released and I can’t wait to watch the entire thing. One good thing about Puff and Tia’s performances in MR is that I’ve grown to appreciate Puff for a great performance that is so easy to hate her, and Tia also changed my impression of her finally from otaku goddess to sweet young thing.

Back to Puff playing Vivian, she is becoming increasingly desperate and deranged as far as I’m concerned, actually getting Ting Ai to help her stage the rescue-Cheng-Kuan car accident in order to feign blindness. This storyline is so absurd I have no words, other than it looks like Xiao Ke will glom on fast and it’ll get resolved shortly. I’m hoping President Jiang will realize his daughter is a psycho and send her abroad before she really hurts herself, and others, in her inexplicable attempts to keep Cheng Kuan. I also read the latest diary entry for Si Yi as provided by the production and it sheds a lot of light on her hesitation in the face of Cheng Kuan’s adorable and melting marriage proposal. She’s still not my type of heroine, but I understand how her personality and past has led her to this point. I’m just hoping she can break free from her fears and hold onto her man.

Written preview for episode 20:

Si Yi tightly holds the ring and decides to play the happiness concerto with Cheng Kuan. But in the blink of an eye, the distance of an intersection becomes an obstacle the two cannot cross. Vivian goes blind and when President Jiang’s angry slap lands on Cheng Kuan’s face, it hurts in Si Yi’s heart. They want to be together, but can they endure the forces around them tearing them apart?

Cheng Kuan, between the office and the hospital, finds himself burning the candle on both ends. Si Yi takes a leave of absence to take care of Vivian. How will Vivian try to defeat her rival and win this round? What did Xiao Ke see that leads her to say that Vivian is only pretending to be blind? Sheng Jun gets up his courage to confess, what does he have planned for Xiao Ke to touch her hear? And seeing this all is Yi Chun and the higher ups!?

Preview for episode 20:

Si Yi’s latest diary entry:

I want to be your Mrs. Gao.

I’ve been proposed to. My dream man, asked me to marry him. I….hesitated. Six years ago, another man proposed to me. That man….I’ve known for a long time. That man…..I trusted very much. That time…..we were madly in love. That time….I really wanted to marry him, but…. He left. He broke off the engagement. I was tossed aside.

Now, another man has proposed to me. This man…..I haven’t known for very long. This man…..I don’t know very well yet. This time…..we like each other a lot. This time……should I marry him just like that?

Even though time together doesn’t equal depth of love, and a long romance doesn’t guarantee happiness. But…..a fast marriage, can that lead to a lifetime of happiness? Xiao Ke and Si Qi is right, I need to be braver. The most important thing is whether or not I love him. Time together, the past, none of that should be part of my consideration. Nothing and no one can keep me from pursuing my happiness.

Dream Girls Preview for New Album Diary of Lament – the group got Bolin Chen to star in a webisode MV for their latest album. Smart move, ladies!

Tia’s preview

Puff’s preview:


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  1. I know. I know. You guys probably think I do nothing but stalk this site for Yi Chum *ahem* Miss Rose news. But I do all sorts of other things. I chaperoned a trip to New York City last week. I met with all sorts of students about their final projects. I observed student teachers. But . . . yet . . . Oh Miss Rose. You sucked me into your world when I swore that I would not get sucked into a drama again during the regular semester. I fell in love with SY’s family and friends (even old betraying friends) and became a huge fan of Roy Qui. But now you are really breaking my heart. A fake accident? Bribing doctors? Vivian has really gone cray cray on us in a farcical turn of events. Will somebody get her the help that she needs? Now that we know the show has finished filming, we can only hope that the writers got the help that they needed, but I am not holding out much hope for that. I have been so busy with work that I am only on episode 18, so I may just wait until the semester is over and marathon the ending (fast forwarding through the “we should break up for your sake” parts-rewinding everything Yi Chun). But I will still relish the time I have left with my Miss Rose groupies.

    • Wow! Ms. Trotwood, I didn’t know that teaching profession is this busy, thanks god that I didn’t choose this profession. But hey, teaching has a lot holidays, and many breaks ( winter break, spring break, & summer break).

      • No break for the weary, Pearl. During my breaks, I need to do research and grant writing. Professors get promoted based on the grants we pull in and the research we are doing. I am trying to get funding to study in South Korea in the next two years or at least for my sabbatical. This is how I, sometimes, justify watching Korean drama–to practice my language skills. So you see, I cannot even make an argument that Miss Rose is helping me in any way but seeing YC, GK, and SJ on my screen. Instead of watching, I need to memorize 100 new vocabulary words and formal past tense for 40 verbs for my Korean class next week in addition to helping students prepare for presentations and final exams. Whew. And you wonder why I was loving the warm and fuzzy in Miss Rose. I needed the joy without the angst found in some other shows I could be watching.

    • Nahah we don’t THINK that you stalk this playground mostly for Miss Rose, we just KNOW that Yi Chun is the sole reason. Ha Ha. ♥

  2. Oust!!! That was really hurt. I’m so so sorry babe, Roy. Oh! Lord, help me! Roy endures the slap, But the pain really radiates deep into my bones and my heart is broken seeing CK in tears. Huhuhu…

  3. Well, how about thinking this way? Because of YC, CK, & SJ, 1.5 hours break time to watch them in q Sunday to reward yourself, the hardwork in weekday is totally acceptable.

  4. I didn’t realize this til I rewatched “In Time With You” that Puff was Chen Bo Lin’s younger sister in that drama.

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