The Cast of IRIS 2 Hit Up Budapest for Overseas Filming

Much as I’m keeping my expectations way low for IRIS 2, I can’t help but avidly follow along with its big-budgeted around-the-world filming. The cast and crew spent last month in Budapest, Hungary filming extensive action and spy sequences for the drama that garnered even coverage in the local media. I just know this drama will be so pretty to look at, especially with a cast of leads I love in Jang Hyuk, Lee Da Hae, and Lee Bum Soo, some sizzling veterans in Oh Yeon Soo and Kim Seung Woo along with Im Soo Hyung playing a baddie, and a bunch of young and able bodied idols such as Lee Joon of MBLAQ, Yoon Doo Joon of BEAST, and Kang Ji Young of Kara. Whenever I see Yoon Doo Joon I just want to giggle, his episode of I Live in Cheongdamdong was so funny I still chuckle when remembering scenes from it. I also read that Baek Sung Hyun is part of the cast but I don’t know if he is merely doing a cameo appearance. Look, as long as the story is less stupid than Athena: Goddess of War, I’m sure I can stick around for the pretty without feeling like I’m losing brain cells. Check out the new stills and BTS pictures from the cast filming in picturesque Budapest. I definitely think the production is putting its money where its mouth is when filming action sequences. I’m getting acclimated to Hyukie’s pageboy crew cut while Da Hae continues to look so pretty and glowing when she gets paired up with her now three-time co-star. Finally, it’s now a given that Lee Bum Soo will steal this show. The only question is by how much. He looks fantastic in character.


The Cast of IRIS 2 Hit Up Budapest for Overseas Filming — 10 Comments

  1. ,love the puzzled look on the guy onlooker, the one in dark brown jacket. If the pic were a manga page, he’ll have a big question drawn over his face..

  2. LDH …pretty and glowing??????????? Her face looks puffy like she’s been drinking all night! What is going on with her face? I don’t even recognize her anymore. What happened to the lively animated face of My Girl?

    • Yeah, her face has definitely changed a lot since her MG days. However, I do think that this look suits her current image better in terms of the kind of work she had been taking on, as opposed to the one she had earlier in her career. Sadly I liked her earlier face better.

  3. urgh…I officially hate the hair on the leading men..neither Jang Hyuk not Lee Bum Soo have never looked this unattractive to me…its bad when drama leads sport terrible idol do’s ala Full House Two but I hate it even more when they;re saddled with a look that just doesn’t suit them…*looks at Jang Dong Gun’s hairstylist for AGD*
    btw I saw the making teaser for this show ( ) and it all looks super exciting but I’m still not holding my breath as far as plot goes

  4. Oh noooo! I can’t believe Jang Hyuk was here in my town!!! Why am I the last one to know about this??? 🙁 I wish I have seen him to act in RL. Oh, poor me! 🙂

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