Wu Zun and Eddie Peng Model Gucci with Designer Frida Giannini

Is it me or has Wu Zun stumbled upon the fountain of youth? He was the oldest of the Fahrenheit boys and is nearing his mid-thirties but he still looks exactly the same as when he debuted (but more handsome with the maturity). Now that he’s left idol singing and dramas behind, Zun has been in China focusing on making movies that aren’t necessarily all that good but is definitely a better way to mask his limited acting skills. For the December issue of Men’s Uno magazine, noted clothes horses Eddie Peng and Wu Zun did a photo spread with Gucci head designer Frida Giannini wearing, of course, clothes from Gucci’s Winter 2012 collection. I may not be particularly fond of Eddie but he’s a damn fine actor and his acting career continues to grow hotter with each successive project. Both he and Wu Zun wear the clothes from Gucci superbly and really add their own unique fashion sense to them, though I wish the photos didn’t look like they were shot in what looks like a bourgeois low rent hotel room. Up next for Eddie is playing Huo Qu Bing in the upcoming Da Mo Yao drama adaptation with Liu Shi Shi and Hu Ge, as well as a role in the coming period movie Taichi. As for Zun, he’s got the completed period movie Saving General Yang coming out next year, as well as a part in the upcoming J-dorama adaptation of the detective mystery manga Kindaichi Case Files, co-starring Kawaguchi Haruna and Ryosuke Yamada.


Wu Zun and Eddie Peng Model Gucci with Designer Frida Giannini — 10 Comments

  1. kindaichi case files? i hope they do it justice, and i dare to be excited. what are the chances that of the few mangas i do read, he acts in two of them?

  2. Wu Zun resembles Lee Hom here in these pics. Haven’t seen any of Eddie Peng’s works but man, that stare of his especially in the cover and the one sitting on the table? is (almost) doing what TOP does to everyone.

  3. I don’t care about Wu Zun’s acting at all haha. He’s the only one that my mind completely refuses to criticize, he’s just so perfectly hot that nothing else matters. After all, his Romantic Princess is the drama that drew me in this whole tw/c/k drama thing,I will have a soft spot for him forever! 🙂

    And OMG, I thought that Saving General Yang must have been released already… it’d better be good if they’re taking so much time to finish and release it.

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