Alice Ke and Kun Da Confirm Relationship After Co-starring in Gong Hay Fat Choy

I saw this one coming a mile away once Gong Hay Fat Choy‘s plotline took a sharp turn left midway through its run. After months of media speculation and gossip, former GHFC co-stars Alice Ke and Kun Da have pretty much confirmed they are dating. At last week’s SETTV end of the year drama awards, Kun Da was asked about his relationship with Alice offscreen and he said they are very happy. Apple Daily also photographed them together leaving from his place and spending the entire day together before returning home. I’m happy for them but obviously the rumor mills are pointing fingers at Alice as the Xiao San in why Kun Da and Ivy Chen broke up this Summer after dating for many years. Ivy has confirmed that she was the one who asked to take a break and she was taken aback at him agreeing and then it ended just like that. While Alice and Ivy have very different onscreen personas, in real life they are both the low key, funny, tomboyish type. In GHFC, Alice and Kun Da played good friends who have known each other for years, and in the first half of the drama her character dated Patrick Li‘s character while Kun Da’s character harbored a long standing unrequited crush on her. Then the story switched and she broke up with Patrick and someone fell for the guy who was always around and she never once thought of romantically. I figured then that the rumors of their growing RL affection for each other must be true because narratively it didn’t make any sense to me. Since her debut in 2009, Alice has been linked with TW-actors like Lawrence Ko and Edison Wang so she’s no stranger to the six degrees of separation in the small industry. Wishing this new couple the best and hope it works out!


Alice Ke and Kun Da Confirm Relationship After Co-starring in Gong Hay Fat Choy — 19 Comments

  1. I don’t get how Alice Ke is the bad “guy” here? He is a grown-up and could have said no but he chose to throw away his lasting relationship with Ivy Chen to start something else instead. How the heck would she trust him and not fear him cheating on her or dumping her since well that’s precisely what he has done? *puzzled*

    • I’m confused. How did Kun Da cheat on or dump Ivy? I wrote above that Ivy broke up with him this Summer and he agreed. Later when she wanted to get back together he said no. They’ve been breaking up and getting back together for the better part of 3 years, it’s a pretty bad cycle for both. I think they both need to move on. Definitely agree that Alice isn’t a bad guy no matter how one looks at the situation.

      • I was the one confused here. I did not know anything about Ivy Chen and Kun Da’s personal lives and had thought that he had met Alice while being in a relationship with the former. Thank you for your explanation. 🙂

      • No problem! Just wanted to clarify. TW-media loves to stir up trouble when there is none. Ivy and Kun Da broke up when he started filming GHFC and she asked for it, so its really clear there was no 3rd party.

      • Uh-oh. Some guys treat their current gf badly, or not as good as they treated them before so that the poor girl with have no choice but to ask for a break up, thinking that it’d be a wake up call for the guy. My guy friends use this ‘trick’ all the time since this way, they will not look like they dumped the girl and be the bad party.

  2. Maybe Ivy thought to give him time (again) for him to get his feelings together….. But it back fire. He took off. She now has to make sure she takes care of her self, take time for herself and look beautiful!!!! SOOO no one can say “ohh poor Ivy”! Instead “Damn…. She looks hot”!!! And she can say…. “Okay.. Next” 😀

  3. LOLOL no wonder Alice ended up with Kun Da in Gung Hay Fat Choy! I was rooting for Patrick’s character, too, at least in the… seven or eight episodes I watched before I got bored of the series. Oh well, hope Alice and Kun Da are happy together. n_n

    • They’re really happy. What’s hard is having one half of a famous couple move on quickly, while the other one remains single. But Ivy is awesome, there are tons of guys after her, I hope she picks well next.

      • I’ve gotta say, I LOVE how open TW stars are with dating, as compared to Korean stars. It’s nice to be able to see actors have relatively normal dating lives, breakups included, instead of having their sexuality shrouded in a veil of secrecy. I get so emotionally invested in these actors, it’s great to be able to root for their happiness offscreen as well as on.

      • And interestingly, I couldn’t care less who’s pairing off in Hollywood. Outside of Amy Poehler and Will Arnett, I don’t think I’ve ever been emotionally invested in an American couple to the point where I’ve been happy or sad for them.

  4. Well what goes around comes around…. Their relationship won’t last long either. What he did to Ivy, he will do to Alice too. and what Alice did to that relationship, someone else will come along and be the other woman. Lol. He is a jerk and she is a _ _ _ _ _. Oh well, hope they have fun with each other while it lasts.

    • Um…who did what now? As ockoala said, “Ivy and Kun Da broke up when he started filming GHFC and she asked for it, so its really clear there was no 3rd party.”

      • I have no idea where Kay is coming from. But Ivy is one of my fave TW-actresses (after B&W) and I love her honestly.

        This is what she said to the media after she asked Kun Da for a break up.


        “Chen Yi Han (Ivy) said ‘I don’t regret it, but I do feel like I was too hurtful. When breaking up I didn’t take into consideration his feelings. I should have cared a bit more about how the other person would feel. The breakup wasn’t cool enough. I thought we felt the same way. I merely brought up breaking up as a turning point, who knew he didn’t see it the same way.”

  5. Eh I was wondering why Ivy was kissing some stranger in her weibo. I wasn’t aware that she and Kun Da broke up already. Good for him I guess.

  6. I guess everyone want the relationship to last…but sometimes someone have to move on if thing is not smooth..all the best for KunDa and Alice..and Ivy is I think she don’t have to wait long..for Mr.Right to come along..I guess being on the spot light doesn’t help at all..but hope all the best for Ivy…Thanks ockoala for keeping me update about Ivy I love her in Skip Beat.

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