New Photoshoot with Yoo Seung Ho and Park Eun Bin as Operation Proposal Airs in Japan

I’m glad that Yoo Seung Ho got to play a romantic leading man in a more romcom-ish setting before taking on this darker role of Kang Hyung Joon in Missing You. I mentioned the male lead in MY coming off as bipolar with his mood swings and competency fluctuations, but Yoo Seung Ho’s character is written even more bipolar. It’s true he’s supposed to be revenge-driven and cold to everyone other than the woman he loves, but so far he’s super supportive one moment and borderline creepy the next. I blame it on the writer, and also on Yoo Seung Ho still not quite there yet in terms of having the onscreen heft to pull off this kind of role convincingly. He’s able do to loverboy just fine, as evidenced by his earlier scenes in MY with Yoon Eun Hye, but give the boy some pathos and scheming and I almost want to pet him and tell him to go back to villainy school for a few more years and then try again. Recently his earlier drama Operation Proposal with Park Eun Bin started airing in Japan, which is all sorts of funny since OP is a remake of the j-dorama Proposal Daisakusen with my Yamapi and Nagasawa Masami. I found ProDai repetitive and boring and Pi and Masami had little chemistry so there was nothing keeping the drama aloft. I hoped OP would do right by the concept of boy travels back in time repeatedly to try and confess his feelings for girl so as to not lose her to another man, but fails miserably each and every time. Sadly OP also puttered around and did nothing sparkling with the concept, instead throwing some makjang in just to add the Korean touch I guess. What worked in OP was the amazingly young and palpable chemistry between Yoo Seung Ho and Park Eun Bin and they recently were in Japan to promote the drama and did a new photo shoot over there. I think they are precious together and hope when they grow older they have a chance to do another drama together, hopefully one not written by a rabbit pecking at the typewriter. If anyone wants to see the best parts of OP, just watch the MV below.

Operation Proposal OTP MV:


New Photoshoot with Yoo Seung Ho and Park Eun Bin as Operation Proposal Airs in Japan — 10 Comments

  1. didn’t watch this remake or the japanese versionbut i think i will though it seems not to be so great the gorgeousness of yoo seung ho in these pictures is convincing enough !

  2. I did love operational proposal. Not for the OTP… I didn’t even care if they will end up together or not because for me OP is all about character growth. even in the small roles one the growth as a person. That element what kept me watching and surprisingly I end up love this drama and become one of my fav time traveling drama this year. I know this drama share it flaws but I end up loving it so much.

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