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I watched two new drama episodes today, and how unbelievably good episode 6 of Cheongdamdong Alice was, conversely that is how dreadful episode 21 of Miss Rose was. Don’t get me wrong, I still love MR because of all that goodwill and stakes built up, but to preserve that affection I have to FF scenes and turn my brain off. I know how hard it is to write endings and take a story to a satisfying and logical conclusion. It’s easy to have a great idea, harder to execute, and hardest to make the entire product worthwhile. MR is pretty much DOA on anything not related to Si Yi and Cheng Kuan’s relationship, though all the outside influences conspiring and pressuring them to be apart gave me a raging case of shakes I was so angry today. What the fuck seems too mild to describe the sheer folly of what Vivian wants and how others around her keep indulging her. I like that Si Yi finally grew a backbone and at least tried to talk back to President Jiang instead of collapsing like a folding chair. I continue to think Cheng Kuan is too good for pretty much anyone around him, though Si Yi does love him dearly but she’s simply outmatched when it comes to fighting for her man. At least episode 22 promises us some boating that will go a long LONG way in satisfying all the pain this drama has put everyone through. At this point I’ll even take some random plot twist like Cheng Kuan knocks up Si Yi and then Vivian finally concedes defeat because no one will back her against Cheng Kuan’s baby momma. I doubt that’ll happen, but if I’m throwing stereotypical plot twists against the wall hoping it’ll stick, clearly I’m desperate. But the Cheng Kuan-Si Yi scenes in the preview look adorable and sexy sweet, just the way I like it. There is even yet another City Hall homage thrown in as well, which is clearly this drama’s way of placating an angry Koala and keeping me around for yet another episode. 

Preview for episode 21:

Sheng Jun: President Jiang held a press conference announcing your upcoming wedding with Vivian, clearly he’s trying to put you in a tough spot.

Cheng Kuan: You really want me marry me? I have an obligation to take care of you.

Vivian: You don’t need to pity me. Even without you by my side, I can still take care of myself. I don’t want to tie you to my side anymore. You can leave.

Si Yi: In order to be with me, he’s being called an ungrateful person by everyone. Even if he says he doesn’t care right now, but can I really be that selfish?

Cheng Kuan: As long as I’m with you I feel truly happy.

Si Yi: Such a simple happiness. Maybe I won’t ever have a chance to have it again.


Video Preview for Episode 22 of Miss Rose — 20 Comments

  1. Even though I really like SY and ck part that they are finally together and are having some super duper intimate organism scene, the script writers are weak in not showing us much on how CK’s going to clear out the corrupted GM and now even YC is more worse than the skunk GM. The writers put to much times on Vivian and dragging down SY. I’ll be more interested in seeing CK’ strong business professionalism.

    • “and now even YC is more worse than the skunk GM.” Oh Pearl, say it isn’t so. You know that I am not able to watch anything during finals. I have one more week. Grades are do this Sunday, and afterwards I will be free to watch. Are you telling me not to bother? Are you telling me that my darling YC has *gulp* joined the dark side?!?!?!?!

      • Oh, trotwood, I wish I didn’t have to say the worse parts about YC business ethic and integrity. But ep 20 & 21 show that he has dinner with the opponent GM. And when he is caused by Guang Xiang’s GM, he admits that he sold his LED invention to the opponent co. What even worse is that he convinces the GM to join him treating on Guang Xiang. He says he rather using GX’s resources and pocketing the money himself to give CK headaches, trouble and bad times.
        Now, I don’t know if the script writers going to give him a suprise combat by saying that it’s a trap that he & Ck create catch on the GM or not???? Will see in the next couple weeks.
        Sorry my dear Trotwood if I ruin your mood and that i may have hurt you on critizing YC part.

      • Why oh why do they do this? Was there a need? Okay, I know you are all thinking that my response is merely out of my YC love; but why, drama, make us love this character only to have him shift this way? I feel betrayed by the writers who have set up such potential for these characters and even set up a good conflict only to seem like they ignore the characters they have developed. We have all nearly given up on getting spunky SY back. And now this?!?!

        Does this seem consistent at all? If they had made them (CK and YC) much more immaturely confrontational initially, this turn would make sense. However, they have talked like men both in love with a woman that they both also respect. He also does not seem stupid; they have not written him to be a character who thinks that he can get SY on the rebound. Vivian has acted consistently crazy and selfish, so even though I think they could have given her more or at least better meat to chew on, the fact that she is chewing on everything in sight makes sense. But to have YC come back from the states with such maturity and grace, willing to take every hit from her family in silence, only to turn him into devious/backstabbing boy just doesn’t make sense. I think I will have to watch now just to be a faithful witness to the YC train wreck. This must be why he avoided me at the airport!

  2. Sigh yeah I agree, the dragging out of the storyline is annoying. The Vivian schemes are so repetitive. I doubt it, but I really hope she’s ready to “give up” as the promo for next ep indicates.

    XK and SJ are an adorable side to SY-CK. I rather they get more screentime than Vivian and her dad’s endless repetition.

    The SY-CK scenes in the preview look super good though. Hehe.

  3. I already dropped MR when Rose’s ex boyfriend appeared. I knew they are going to drag out the story. Taiwanese dramas are infamous for that.

  4. The progression bar on youtube videos enables us to rapidly scroll through the whole thing in mere secods. That’s how I’ve been “watching” MR lately including yesterday’s ep. And honestly the only interesting scene was… the preview for next time with the OTP sharing sexual intimacy as an advanced stage in their relationship. Otherwise Si Yi’s repetitive doubts, her weakness and all strings pulled to tie CK to Vivian had me roll my eyes too many times. Plus her family has vanished from our screens and YC seems to quite unethical so I now have looked forward to Monday evenings instead. King of dramas, I heart you (for now so please do not disappoint us).

    • I know the quality of the story of MR has gone down south and been dragged. I admit that I’m a bit disappointed and lost some interests. But I still like it and watch it all the way through in every single episode. There are episodes that I rewatched multiple times and some I just watched once and move on like the past 3-4 ep. Hehehe…

  5. I agree with pearl,although I was disappointed to see the last few episode , I feel the drama is still interesting than the other dramas, somehow.I love it when I saw footage of the review next episode, when CK SY and their love is so strong rope, but it is unfortunate SY began to falter again cause she seemed the reason CK to lose everything he had. suchhhhh this moment.did SY understood what isthis all that ” more daring again” it? I think the author after this would seem SY will receive some money from Vivian father and then they break up again. CK just the way it mightonly be on leave , thinking SY prefer money than be at him side. Again poor and sorry for my CK….omg.
    not yet finished with Vivian and office problems….omg see my CK face continuous no smile and happy. I hoped I was there huhuhuhuuu….
    by the way,when in the cafe , I was scared when I saw the face of YC. It felt like YC gentle stream suddenly became sadistic way, sory sorry Trotwood , but why he can turned hero bow , whether the softness just sham only? pitty for him.

    • Pearl, already warned me since I have not been able to watch. I have a feeling I will be wearing a black arm band when marathoning the last episodes, in memory of the YC that was.

      • Trotwood, no rush, just finish grading your exam, please be leaned to your students I know most of them study very hard, as I was used to be a student too.

      • Okay, call me crazy, but I will be watching ti all, too, with great hope. After all, I just remembered that there was a picture of SY with YC at the airport. Why would she send him off at the airport if he turns totally evil?!?!?! Right? Right? I am so NOT grasping at straws.

  6. KIiiikkkk hahahaha, I pray that trotwood after the test is completed, change the image YC with Sheng Jun maybe. I see he’s also adorable , cute, sweet, nice,warmly too. The OG in the drama he also became a good friend Roy Qiu.I really hope the scene intimacy on board soon materialize. I hope the writers don’t negate this scene. Pity for sick Vivian. Only TingAi pro she is.People like Ting Ai couldn’t change the nature of the original, his cunning, vengeful, envious.if not the words from Ting Ai, maybe Vivian also not get getting crazy thoughts.
    I am now concerned with SY, which last, SY got a call from YC. I wonder why it is so open within SY and YC?
    It may increasingly make YC do thing that sucks. OooWWWW Trotwood after all of this, is your love of the YC still deep ocean?

    • Yes. I will hold out hope until the very end. I want to hear the explanation of everything from his lips. Okay, sometimes I do have trouble concentrating when he is talking, but still I will focus. Call me desperate if you want. I like to think of it as loyalty.

  7. I will go and watch these eps, so I can say I did.
    It seems like the writers had a strong start, and prolly know where they are headed, but in the middle their game plan reads:
    “And now, just make sh^t up.”

  8. Hi! I love A Koala’s Playground! I have Miss Rose to thank for leading me to this awesome blog. I love how I can finally understand things about Asian dramas that otherwise would’ve been written in something other than English.

    Now onto MR related things. I’ve always loves Megan Lai for some reason so she’s mainly the reason I got hooked to it. But since seeing Roy Qiu, I’ve since developed an interest for him as well. Anyway, I have a question: should I still bother to watch episodes 20 and 21 or do you guys suggest that I just skip to episode 22?


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